Woyanne incited violence: Two shot at Ethiopia church site – BBC

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Ethiopian police have shot and killed two people who were helping to build a Christian church at a site which is also claimed by Muslims, officials say. (more…)

Ethiopian police have shot and killed two people who were helping to build a Christian church at a site which is also claimed by Muslims, officials say.

Violence broke out when police tried to stop the construction in Dessie, 250km (155 miles) north-east of Addis Ababa.

The police say they were responding to an attack on them by the Christians, but campaign groups say the police ambushed the workers.

The population of Dessie is about two-thirds Christian, one-third Muslim.

Information Minister Bereket Simon told reporters that the Christians had “stormed the place” and tried to continue building the church “unlawfully”.

“Unfortunately three lives have been claimed. Two of them were killed by bullets, one of them fell off a cliff,” he said.

Several other people were also hurt in the violence.

  1. zemed
    | #1

    rest and peace in heaven for our christina brothers and sisters

  2. muhamed
    | #2


  3. Abetugetahoye
    | #3

    It is very sad. For how long is this killing continue. What are we waiting for. May their soul rest in peace.

  4. Mehari Berhe
    | #4

    I was hit by a sudden feeling of sadness when I read the news of the theft of the Ark of the covenant by the Israeli commnados. It means Ethiopia has its invaluable heritage and treasure for which the future generations will hold the current one accountable. There is no doubt that the ethnofascist Meles Zenawi has a role in this crime againt Ethiopia. Ethiopia has never had a fascistic regime determined to sell off every treasure and even the country itself to make money.I think it was wise when an Ethiopian professor likened the TPLF to cancer cells which are going to kill the patient. The ethnofascists are like the cancer cells who are going to kill Ethiopia and must be removed by any means possible before they destroy the country. Thus, the longer Meles Zenawi and his thugs stay in power, the more will be the damage they inflict on the country.
    Release Birtukan Midekssathe herione of democracy and freedom and all other political prisoners in Ethiopia.

  5. game plan!
    | #5

    This is a an attempt by the LOQMATS poleticians trying to set
    one against the other. If, they are hoping that we are getting
    fooled – no! they are fooling themselves! This is obvious!
    Trying to manipulate what they expect will be the out come, people
    are not ediots, the nation is fade up with their manipulation!
    But, they will fall by this very means! The police is a witness and
    and a recorder of all this crime! watch! time will reveal it all!

  6. ayeun
    | #6

    God is with his people all the time. thos who were killed by woyyanne police will be blessed by God. They didn’t die for nothing.

  7. from ethiopia
    | #7

    i think there is a growing problem in ethiopia from relegious extremism and this is from both sides and i am an orthodx and i think the orthodoses are relly the one exasperating this thing. u guys there u cant see that but here u can feel that anyways lebonawen yesten lela men elalehu

  8. andelenatu
    | #8

    the disperate TPLF continue to unleash its atrocities against the ethiopian people.the recent killing by tplf in wollo is the coninuation of tplf brutality in its final days,may god rest their soul in peace those who are killed while building a church in wollo.down with the brutal tplf mafia killer groups in ethiopia

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