Indeed some of us have short memory – By temelkatch

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As much as I would like to avoid local media especially government media, I couldn’t get away from the recent, as Ethio-Zagol said it, “Lidetu’s third nonsense”?. (more…)

As much as I would like to avoid local media especially government media, I couldn’t get away from the recent, as Ethio-Zagol said it, “Lidetu’s third nonsense”?.

I hear Lidetu and his “deqe-mezmur”? Mushe were given a large amount of airtime in the worthless government media with their recent “attention please, I am still alive”? click, “the third alternative”? which I am sure you already laughed about. Listen to Lidetu here lose his temper on VOA. Forward to the 26th minute.
Listen to Kihdetu’s flip flops

It’s not really funny but it tells me how far a human can just turn up side down with such so little period of time. I am glad I couldn’t witness the so predictable stupidity of these guys but neither could I just ignore what I hear/read about it. From an insane mind of one, I guess the only explanation for this “new”?, yet another stupidity move is that he (Lidetu) just runs out of money he collected from the Ethiopian people in the good old times. I can’t say he’s not getting any fund otherwise but just not as much as he hoped to may be. This was just an official request to the ruling party to including him in its payroll. He said “we are facing severe financial problems, as you know parties depend on the contributions of their members, but now we will start to negotiate party financing with the government”?. My God, why can’t he just ask for party membership under the EPRDF umbrella as ANDM, OPDO”¦ ? I mean he’s not asking to represent opposition as he claims to anymore. He just said it loud that he wants to be one of those he claimed for sometime as murderers. In his interview sometime in July 2005 to The Reporter, Lidetu said

and now he is telling us “members of the opposition refused to take seats in Parliament and to take over the Addis Ababa City Administration. Not only did we curb the passion for change that had grown in the public, but also took the democratization process back significantly”?. Leaving aside the fact of the two statements, did that come out from a same person? Indeed some of us have short memory. I still remember how many cried when he wrote this letter at the eve of the June massacre and trying to get him out “safe”? from his office and wonder what would he must be feeling comparing the then and now of himself (atleast the Lidetu he showed then and now to the public).

The very question I ask myself which I never got answer to is “was he really this same person he is now and was acting all along or did he change somewhere along the way?”?

If yes to the earlier, I have no word but applaud him for such incapable capability as a human being. Again if yes to the later, is it really possible? Either ways, this should be a lesson to us. A lesson to our struggle. What’s happening back home let me saw what’s going on in diaspora. I never wanted to raise this issue but I’m just drugged in subconsciously after I saw this statement by KNA at the same moment I heard about Lidetu’s recent move. Do the already ousted, not elected, so called KNA really know what they are doing? Are they really doing what they are supposed to do or are blinded with ego and power? Frankly, I have stopped visiting the rubbish of their website long just like I did with local government media in Ethiopia.

I got this email which I kept without posting, hoping there was still room for a resolution and not to interfere. I am posting it now not only to show what the writer has to say but also to tell him he is wrong. He is wrong because of the naivety we all had there’s still a room for reconciliation. The Shaleqa (Yoseph) gang is showing us sign there’s no way it’s up to the struggle for Ethiopians’ freedom. It wouldn’t be long till we will have a chance to see “the third alternative”? scene of this group. A little analogy of Lidetu and the Shaleqa gang;

Many praised Lidetu for his “long struggle”? as an opposition and really saw what he was doing giving him a big respect. Some in the Shaleqa group are big human right activists for Ethiopia for long and many looked at them as their heroes and had big respect for them.

Lidetu gave an interview with Ethiopian Review claiming the “National Unity Government”? proposal was not kinijit’s idea but Dr. Birhanu’s. The Shaleqa gang posted so many press releases claiming the proposal having a new international leadership did not come from qaliti but Andargache’s and Berhane’s idea.

When kinijit was in its way of unity and couldn’t get the power he craved for, Lidetu started dividing the party especially those in the UEDP-Medhin. When the Shaleqa gang know the public found out the idea of formation of KIL was really from qaliti and some couldn’t get the power they craved for, they started dividing the diaspora.

When Lidetu runs out of everything and got bankrupt, he refused to give the official stamp which was needed for the unified kinijit application to the election board as if it is his personal property. When the Shaleqa gang runs out of everything, they registered kinijit’s emblem, logo, name and all that at the Department as if it is their personal property.

Lidetu was busy dividing the party and doing all kind of things while our leaders were trying hard to see democracy comes to the Ethiopian people and avoiding all kinds of conflicts. The Shaleqa gang is busy writing/campaigning against those who are working hard to get our leaders out of prison and join the struggle in Ethiopia that they almost forgot why they are there in the first place and do not have a single thing to mention what they are doing to the struggle and freedom our leaders in prison.

Well, if you have a good look at the sequence things happened/are happening back home and in disapora by these two traitors respectively, like I said, it wouldn’t be long till we have our “third alternative”? diaspora version.

Let’s wake up (if we are still sleeping) and go forward. I wish I never had to say anything about this issue which I am really really tired of and so must be you. It was not really something to talk about. It is something we all see and make our judgment. But the recent “trademark”? issue was something I wanted to ignore and go on just like “the third alternative”? stupidity which I couldn’t.

  1. yismola
    | #1

    Ato/W/ro Temelkatch: I have read your comment. Do you read your article before posting. What a stupide politics are you traying to tell us?
    Any party can change his stragle strategies when ever necessary. You guys who are living in abroud have nothing to contribute in the stragles of ethiopians.Please leave Ethiopia for Ethiopians(Who are in the country which can understand the heartbeat of its people).
    You guys neither doing nor making others to do are not allowed to tell us how to stragle.

  2. | #2

    Dear yismola may be you are one of the weyane suporters. That is why you started your comments by inselting. Lidetu is one of yhe banda;s as the Meles father and his colleuges done during the Italian Invation Ethiopia.
    We the people of Ethiopia vote for the opossition party to get our liberty.But the weyane’s and lidutu dinied the people and our votes wwere rigged.So we put meles and Lidetu as the same person.They are liers and Killers.Do you anderstand?

  3. Wubit
    | #3

    GOD bless you Temelkach, it is reallly time for all of us to show the offensive NO NO NO to the egoist stubborns before they further inculcate their toxic venoms … we really had enough with them. KIL is humble and civilized in all its way the past year to keep quite, respect them, but now anything less than campaign, petitions and lawsuit against their deeds would be counted as harmiing the struggle. I very much liked your analogy, keep on tell on the face … if a dumb goes worst, we cannot help it.

  4. ET_hagere
    | #4

    Dear temelkatch,

    Well said my dear. I have nothing to add, but applaud you.

    Dil Le Ethiopia Hizb!!

  5. | #5

    I got a chance to hear lidetu after the may 2005 election. He is a moron and likes to braged about everything and we will see in the future that justice will be justified.
    The TPLF gang group is not going to save lidetu and Ethiopia will prevail.

  6. Mesfin
    | #6

    Lidetu is one self centered slave. He represents only his belly. Unfortunately, there are quite a few people with the same kind of character. That explains why we are so poor and behind in every thing from the rest of the world. Our (Ethiopians) struggle should start from our personal characters. We need to be rational, objective and consistent. When you think of Lidetu, you can see that he misses those characters. That explains why he act the way he does. In my opinion, Lidetu accept the notion that he is a slave. He got what he deserves. Now, if we the majority Ethiopians, needs vibrant democracy, united and strong Ethiopia, we need to act like the people who deserve those qualities. Rational thinking, objectivity and constancy are the way to go.

  7. Mussa Ghedi
    | #7

    ‘…steal a kingdom, you are a prince and steal a nickel, you are a thief’. This adage is more than three thausand years old also one could easily relate it to contemporary global also Ethiopia’s situations. Carrier politicians are very mobile, chameleonic by nature and rely mostly on rethoric and oratorial ability to manuver the masses with the ultimate goal of assuming power. Intelectuals, on the other hand, prefer to play politics based on principles. Most of the time intelectuals are concerned for the welfare of their peoples and the integrity and soveriegnity of their nations. Though very hard, that is, I believe where we should make the distinction and try hard not to be manuovered by the sweet words of carrier politicians, they are canibals.
    So who should we trust one might ask, my advise is never take any politician for her/his words,try to read between the lines, spend enough time digging the track record of the main players before you decide either to allay or symphatise with any of them.

    Allah bless

  8. fish
    | #8

    This the very good analysis. Throw more of like this deep and prescie articles. Thanks.


  9. Amanu
    | #9

    Lidetu is power hungry freak just like the crime minister..the only diffrence is Kihedtu does not have a life long experience as Prof. Shewakena describes it “…on killing fields, and on power postion manipulating distorting the truth”. Kehdetu is forgoton by Ethiopian peole, except waiting his day in court…just like the crime minister.

    As there rest of Woyanes and Agazis Agazi are all over the ciber world…they are really worried…God is surelly but slowly will bring its judgment…so is on Woyanes who are primitive and selfish whose only interest is selfishness and “our turn to rule”…I guess I have to agree with Eritreans who assoicate Woyanes to extreme infriority complex…hope there will be medicine for that…

  10. Jommo
    | #10

    since we are looking the real but masked
    personality of Meles in Lidetu, we shouldn’t
    give as such attention b/c this is what
    EPRDF and its bandits are all about.

  11. Mengesha
    | #11

    Who was behind the stealing of the famous ‘Afro Aygeba Lalibela cross’ that ended up in Amsterdam for $100,000 and later returned by the Interpole to the priests of Lalibela?
    Don’t ask me.
    You better ask Lidetu and his cousine.

  12. CALEB
    | #12

    Lidetu has been dead since the 2005 election,he is still talking because his ‘edir’
    may be weak.

  13. Bantia
    | #13

    Ok,Liedtu is one of the stupid in the world.He is afterall “tera negadia new” Yesalbage gemela asemechena akefafaye so execpting some thing from him is fullishness ok.Lidetu ayalew eyalachu minew gobez esu keftegna bota lay endale banasawukew.Let us stop to talk with him,if a person that is brave please kill him enatunena ehe dedebe lejj.

  14. | #14

    may 5/2007
    Hi Lidetu How are doing?Had I been yours I would killed myself but since you are so stupid you want to live longer.In realty you will disapear very will see.

  15. Yohannes
    | #15

    Dear Temelkachu,

    Your introduction was a bit interesting but then you put your feet in the mud of squabbling KIL, KNA #1 & 2 and then your comment becomes boring.

    But I believe you are a genunily concerned person.

    I closely followed the internal conflict of the KNA & KIL for almost one year. The problem is how to grab or maintain power at KIL/KNA and humilate your opponents. The three figures by the name: Yoseph (Shaleqa), Mewa and Tsigie are the root cause of the problem.

    From your comment above you sided with the KIL & KNA #2 and specifically blame Yoseph for the conflict. If you go to the other camp (Yoseph’s supporters) – will specifically blame Tsigie and Mewa for the conflict. That is why we have a hard time solbing the problem. And all the 3 figures mentioned above will not resign voluntirly for the interest of the movement because they are selifish and stubborn.

    I believe the best solution would be for the reconilation to start with out the 3 selfish figures. Let us just get rid off them as they are not above the cause.

  16. Ananya
    | #16

    what I understand from different articles I read so far is that, you people in active particiaption in one way or another to the politics are not ready to chalenge ideas. Leave Lidetu alone and chalenge his “The Third Way” idea. Why don’t you show us analytically that the so called “The Third Way” doesn’t work? Let Lidetu personally rip what he sow… Why all the articles are orchestrated to drive out Meles from office… don’t you ever heard of the saying….”Gebeyhu bimot teteka Balcha;…..”

    A wise man prays..” Oh God don’t take away your wisdom from me….”

    May God Bless our mind!

  17. Nahom Teshale
    | #17

    Why should we be interested in thinking about what the political system of a good society might look like? There are two main reasons. First, because you needs to know where you want to end up if you want to know which path to take. Every political activist chooses strategy and tactics based on whether or not they bring us closer to our goal. Second, we need to show people that an alternative is possible.

    I believe that Mr. Lidetu is strongly seeking for power as EPRDF cadres do. As we might agree upon, in our mother land, Ethiopia, surprisingly it seems that anyone who can’t afford possibly create political organization with out any political ground, political vision and strategy just for the reason of receiving monthly pament of 2000 birr in the parliament. I strongly believe that Lidetu couldn’t clearly understand What values do we want for our political system. Please, Lidetu kindly I like to request you to respect Ethiopian people, having clear vision and knowledge.

    For Ato Lidetu: ” Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary”?

  18. Kemal Tufa
    | #18

    Would you please get rid of Lidetu’s picture from this website. It makes me upset whenever I seet it.

  19. Gebremariam
    | #19

    Please read what Addis Fortune said about Lidetu’s “Third Way” ….

    UEDP-Mehdin to Begin “˜Third Way’

    UEDP-Mehdin announced, at a press conference held on Friday, April 27, 2007, that it would be changing its current modus operandi from blind opposition to a “˜third way’.

    The Party stated that this new system of working would appreciate the ruling coalition, EPRDF, when it accomplished positive feats and denounce it when it was involved in negative ones.

    Following the May 2005 national elections, UEDP has experienced a political bankruptcy that is a result of a negative outlook that was developed by the voting public.

    In the past 17 months, the Party has been trying to ease the tensions with the public as well as to solve internal conflicts that had practically spilt the Party in two. In its latest announcement, UEDP is attempting to use a political mannerism that is new to the nation and that can be a middle ground for the incumbent and opposition parties alike.

    “The Party is trying to amend the mistakes that it has made during its years of struggle and to further strengthen its strong points,”? said the statement presented on Friday. “We wish to continue as an opposition party in Ethiopian politics and have chosen this path to do it.”?

    UEDP attributes its choice to Ethiopian political history, which shows a trend of opposition wanting to destroy or remove all traces of incumbents.

    “Force has been viewed in Ethiopian political history as the only and final solution,”? said the Party. “We wish to change this trend by finding an alternate route.”?

    Following this very trend, members of the opposition refused to take seats in Parliament and to take over the Addis Abeba City Administration. Not only did we curb the passion for change that had grown in the public, but also took the democratisation process back significantly, said the statement.

    UEDP-Mehdin was established in 1990 and had 36,000 members prior to the national elections.

    Lidetu Ayalew, president of the party told Fortune that the figure had seen decreases as a result of the upheaval that resulted after the elections.

    “We are facing severe financial problems, as you know parties depend on the contributions of their members, but now we will start to negotiate party financing with the government”? said Lidetu. “The 21,000 Br that we need a month, simply to cover salaries and operational costs, is sometimes difficult to come by.”?

    A member of UEDP told Fortune that the new system being implemented sounded ideal.

    “But to actually implement it, we have to increase the financial capacity of the Party,”? said the member.

    Beyene Petros (PhD), president of United Ethiopian Democratic Front (UEDF), told Fortune that the new system being implemented by UEDP is misleading.

    “Appreciating when something is done well and criticising when it is not is not something that you adopt, but is a system that is an integral part of any well functioning political party, and this includes the ruling coalition,”? said Beyene.

    To come out with such an announcement was nothing short of stating that UEDP was a subsidiary and avid follower of the EPRDF, according to him.

    The real third way was to have the incumbent change the things that required those criticism,s this was the real victory of the opposition, said Beyene.

    Bereket Simone, public relations advisor to the Prime Minister with the portfolio of minister, told Fortune this decision and path were a long time coming.

    “The UEDP’s move is a positive one on the path to democracy, but it has come too late,”? said Bereket.



  20. Utopia
    | #20

    “ I said, it wouldn’t be long till we have our “third alternative”? diaspora version”
    The “fourth” one could be filtering out all the confusion out of Kinijit. (Neutral council)

    The “fifth” one will be screening out dividers, ANTI ETHIOPIAN ELEMENTS,Internal compromise, agreement, defining each side etc and hoprfully progress).

    The “sixth” one will become ONE again and that is when all claim the original diaspora’s logo that was initiated in December 2005 and stand together again.

    It seems KNA2 could be targeting may be the younger generation, KNA1 has a great significance and steadiness as well. They could compliment each other as ONE, BUT DISTINCTLY SORT OUT THEIR DIFFERENCES AND COMMONGROUND.

    KNA2 should rename itself. vs.KNA will also determine the out come as legal responsiblity is imlicated.

    The “leaders in Kinijit” have a big role in this…Then again in the midst of trial and all developing international news on National Security, the cards could be played with the times.

  21. Gudi Sedi
    | #21

    I am a little beat confused with this 3rd way. Probably this may work for civil soiceities as Berhane mewa said or for free press. But for a political party what should be worring is the failurity of the ruling partiy. This is what we observe in any poltical systems in the world. So can Mr Lidetu tell us the source of this idea with some experiences. Or he is the patent owner like EPRDF for Ethinic based poletics.

    Let God Bless our conuntry

  22. Tariku
    | #22


    The only man who stands for what he believes not what the good for nothing DIASPORA wanted him to do, you loosers didn’t even VOTED on the last election.

    Lidetu is in Ethiopia, in the parlament where decisions are made everyday that have a direct impact on the country, look where you loosers are….million miles away, no wonder why woyane didn’t wanna have ENKA SELAMTA with you guys because it’s no use.

    BEKA ENANTEN YALSEMA HULA WOYANE, HODAM NEW??? Leave politics to the politicians, Lidetu has been in the game for the past decade, where were you loosers??? DERSO LAGER TEKORKUARI.

  23. fish
    | #23

    Tariku your primitiveness showing every time you open your stinking mouth and it doesen’t give any sence every thing that you spit. Imagine if you shit like this what those premitive who arein power will do? I guess it is obvious jailing and killing. Now woyane clearly understand that Ethiopians want them to go at any coast therfore they have started to hide behinde bandas like Lidetu. Ethiopian ppls are more concious and know every thing going on, the main problem is America it is a big and powerfull enemy to fight in short time and help you to exist, finacialy,fighting our ppls Psychologicaly and even military and intelegence that is the only reason that you tigree are in power desepit of your barbarism an igronace.


  24. Tariku
    | #24




    SILTAN NEW YELEM!!!!!!!!


  25. CALEB
    | #25

    What an “educated” guy..

  26. fish
    | #26


    You are Parrot. ” Yeminager woff”

    “They echo what they are told
    Parrots don’t have brain.”

  27. Tariku
    | #27


    AHUNIM SIDEB BITCHA…… the sign of loosers…. you guys left no stone un turned to discredit woyane yet you and your types are reduced to TERA SIDEB, woyanes are still having it their way and exposed you loosers infront of the world, the MANO ASNEKANEW game is for you now. BE SIDEB ENA BE TERA ALUBALTA MENGIST YEMIWODEK BIHON NORO, WOYANE ESKAHUN TEKEBRO NEBER…..

    You are even lucky that you have my attention, and about the Parrot thing, ANTE DEDEB every animal has a brain but i doubt if you have one…..come to think of it…you sound like ERITREAN,,,,,I bet your name is FISAHAYE……KKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!.


  28. fish
    | #28

    Tariku Who told you this one parott are echoing i know.


  29. fish
    | #29

    This is for you Parrot so you may echo it to your likes.

    “An Interrupted prayer”
    Rome, June 15 1938
    “Romans hurrying to lunch today saw a negro, presumably an Abyssinian, praying before the large gilt Lion of Judah which now reposes at the foot of the monument in honour of the 500 Italians who were killed at the battle of Dogali…
    “A crowd gathered, and when an army officer attempted to prevent the negro from continuing his devotions, the latter produced a scimitar from his clothing and slashed at him, inflicting a serious wound. A butcher’s boy who intervened was also slashed, whereupon two soldiers fired four shots at the negro and put him out of action, but not before he had wounded the soldiers”.
    The hero of the incident, who lived on to learn of the liberation of Ethiopia in 1941 and of the Allied occupation of Italy in 1943-4, but died in his land of captivity before the restoration of the Lion of Judah statue, was a young Eritrean, Zerai Deress, a former post-office clerk, then in his early twenties. During one of the many fascist demonstrations in Rome, his obituary in the Ethiopian Herald states, Zerai, [standing] by the Lion of Judah statue “bowed down to pray. Naturally all the spectators were distracted from the main purpose of the display and the humble Ethiopian became the pivot of their attention. A Fascist officer went over to him and asked him to get up and end his prayer. Not wishing to be disturbed Zerai continued his bowing posture. Rougher measures were applied by the officer.
    “In religious anger his sword was unsheathed and in a rage somewhat similar to the divine fury induced by the priestess Apollo, he fell on the would-be mockers of his country’s national symbol and killed them, uttering the words, ‘The Lion of Judah is avenged!’. Animated by this passion and burning with enthusiasm to protect the emblem of his country, he gave no quarter until he was run down by a motor cycle and arrested”.
    A somewhat more dramatic account of the incident, the exact details of which are in the nature of things almost impossible to establish, was given a few years alter by an Eritrean writer, Alazar Tesafa Michael, who relates that “when Zerai saw the national symbol of his country displayed as a trophy of the conqueror, he sank down in grief, tears streaming from his eyes. Then he rose up, hastened to the Museo Coloniale, possessed himself of a sword which was on show there. Returning to the statue of the Lion he prostrated himself before it.
    “Leaping to his feet as he unsheathed his sword, he then rushed into the midst of the thousands of Fascists who had assembled for the celebration. He took his stand by the monument erected to the Italians who were killed at Dogali… Wielding the sword he killed five Italians and wounded many more before they dare lay their hands on him. Then he paused and shouted out, in Italian:
    “Long live Tafari! (i.e. the Emperor Haile Sellassie). Long live the Lion of Judah!
    Down with Italy! Raise up and exalt Ethiopia!
    Down with the King of Italy! Down with Mussolini!”.
    “Zerai”, Alazar Tesfa Michel concludes, “was shot by two railway station police in the Piazza Esedra, and fell near the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, still holding his sword. He was retained in prison till after the Italian defeat, and died there during the Allied occupation of Italy, in July 1945, at 29 years of age”.
    [In view of the manifest discrepancies between the above accounts readers are referred to the recent reprint by his nephew Alem Tesfazion of the book Zerai Deres: Note RP, March 2005]

  30. fish
    | #30

    Shaw me one history of Agames good did to mother Ethiopia except treason (bandanet) but the Eritrean ppls not the government are more close brothers in behaviour and bravary to us than you primitive tigray.I guess they are in the same situation like us a greedy but better than you gangs are in power, beside that Eritreans are better citzens of ethiopia than you.


  31. Kidanu
    | #31

    Dear Ethiopians outside Ethiopia,

    please stand together and help us we Ethiopians at home. Don’t listen or reply for those people like Tariku who likes enjoying by the killing of their brothers and sisters provided that they get money. Banda is not now for Ethiopia. We had many bandas while we were under Iltalian occupation. An objective person with normal mind cannot supprort EPRDF who dance ath Sheraton Addis after killing its own people.

  32. TATEK
    | #32

    Lidetu is the living alternativ wether you like it or not.

  33. Mesfin
    | #33

    I know very little about politics. I hardly understand the main objectives of most political parties that are out there. I don’t really know what they stand for and what they actually do. I know I have to read more and study. However, with my little understand of the current situation, I can confidently say Lidetu is a disgraceful creature who should be ashamed of what he is doing right now. I read few things about what he said prior to the election, even right after the election he sounded one heck of a hero but then he turned out to be some useless piece of garbage(excuse my anger). I think he is a deal done. He is purely Weyane. We shouldn’t really waste our breath on him.

    I would like to be the subject of this comment. Since I don’t really see the point of focusing on some lunatic Hodam.

    I am a typical habesha in so many ways. I am proud, emotional, knows very little but speaks with so much arrogance and passion. I am not here to criticize myself or my fellow Ethiopians . I believe I am here with a better solution. We are not good at coming up with new ideas but we are good at criticizing on what is being put out there. Before I say anything, I want you to know, unlike many of me, I have a solution to my concern and worries which I am about to let you know.

    These are some of the things that I am worried about.
    First of all, Weyane Has to go, period. That should be the objective of all political parties or Ethiopians out there. I think that is the most important thing we all should be focusing on. Even if I knew very little about all the political parties that are out there, I supported AFD. In my mind, all I wanted to benefit from that was, the unity and strength which would eventually help us get rid of Meles and his regime. Now though, I have some doubt that AFD will accomplish what we all wanted given what happened few days ago in Ogaden.

    Secondly, After getting rid of Weyane, I am not too confident on any party that can takeover and lead us to victory in all fronts. As we all know, we are not only fighting Poverty, HIV AIDS and ignorance, We are also fighting, the west and their interest. So why I am not confident on Kinijit because I think the party has old people who are about to die before even implementing any sort of plan to help us successed in the struggle. I think Kinjit as a party is like a seniors citizen building. However, I can’t deny the fact that they are wise, smart and well educated. I can’t also deny that I am one of the kinjit supporters who believed in a so called democracy. I supported them because they are a little better than any other party that is out there. I know there are some young people in the party but the majority are old folks who recently retired.. They have lived in the west for many years. In my understanding many of them are retires from the west. How can they help us win the war in all these different fronts. I leave the answer to you. I know some of you might get angry and react negatively to my comment but don’t worry. I understand your position. After all I am one of you so I wouldn’t mind if you react in any way.

    Finally, I am very concerned about the people who live abroad including myself. I think we like to indulge in Ethiopian politics with out clear understanding of what is happening there. Most of you are probably better educated than I am. I don’t have any college or university degree. I might not be as productive as you if I return but I know I can still play some role in achieving the ultimate goal. You on the other hand could make a huge difference if you return. I think if you love your country truly, You wouldn’t live in the West more than 6 years. I don’t think I would stay that long.I don’t like how we think of ourselves. I don’t like how selfish we are. I think we Ethiopians who live abroad should decided to join the war now or else stay on the sideline. I don’t think our contribution as being somewhere else is that significant. We are too critical on everything. Unless we are down there fighting, we shouldn’t really be getting involved. Yea, the people who live outside of the country makes me worry but I have a solution.

    YES,I decided to come up with something else. I have already told you that I know very little about politics but that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything. I am so passionate about my country. I want to see peace, prosperity and happiness in my homeland. I want to see my people be successful in every way of their lives. I dream of that all the time.

    I am young and energetic so I decided to establish a new generation political party. A party that is not associated to any ethnic groups, unlike may of them out there, a party that is full of young people who can make differences in their life as well in other people life, a party that is not associated to any religious groups meaning everyone is welcome including mormons. A party that will stand for the people, Unlike Hodame OLFs and so on. A party that will give the people their freedom and peace. A party that will struggle and die for unity and love. A party that is not associated to any Western countries in any way. A party that has its own unique political system that would make sense to the people of Ethiopia. A party that doesn’t support a copy and paste of a so called Democracy or socialism. A party, that will change the generation. A party that will bring a change that could last for good. Yes, I think we are capable of doing that. I think the young people of Ethiopia have the power to bring a lasting change.

    I think we young people should engage in politics more often. I have created my own sort of movement. What I lack now is some support and a bit of wisdom. I think experience and knowledge will definitely give me the edge to be more wiser but for now, with my determination, passion and desire I want to start this party as soon as possible. I can’t not start anything without you. You are the one who will be an ideal leader of such a great party. I want to know your opinion and what we should do as young folks before some old people destroy our country.

    Ethiopia shall be free. I promise, I will die for my country without any hesitation.

    Free the young leaders!

  34. addidas
    | #34

    for my test Mr. Lidetu is more democrat and more committed to work for Democracy and eradication of poverty.

    bravo LIDETU .

  35. fish
    | #35

    ewenetim addisas le krilla malifia bicha

  36. Blata
    | #36

    banch of denkoros why don’t you keep your mouth shut why do you use this cutting age technology as a media of nonsens , always talk about hatrate, war and killing, don’t forget we are on a 21st century where the europians are planing to go and setle on another planet.

  37. Aman
    | #37


    Please, please remove kidetu’s foto from your respected site. He doesn’t desrve it, at all.
    As if he is alive you gave him a space. Plitically he is dead long …ago. Please, either remove it or replace it with something that represents kehadi…


  38. Eden
    | #38

    Lidetu is for me the smartest, brave and voungared democrat that country has ever seen.
    He looks sexy . I love him.
    Go on Lidetu tell them how to practice democracy.
    God bless you.
    in L O V E for P E A C E


  39. fish
    | #39

    Eden no need to tell us ” Bedenb tatibesh ena tatinesh Mehed new”


  40. | #40

    good luck

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