The Mentally Challenged Members of Woyanne’s parliament adopt strict anti-terrorism bill – ADDIS ABABA (AFP)

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Ethiopia’s parliament on Tuesday adopted a new anti-terrorism bill despite criticism by rights groups that the legislation violates civil liberties. (more…)

Ethiopia’s parliament on Tuesday adopted a new anti-terrorism bill despite criticism by rights groups that the legislation violates civil liberties.

The law, proposed last year after a string of bomb attacks in the capital, comprises 38 sections and paves the way for arrests and searches without court warrants.

The legislation championed by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was voted for by 286 lawmakers in Ethiopia’s 547-seat parliament, 91 against and one abstention, an AFP correspondent reported.

“Whosoever writes, edits, prints, publishes, publicises, disseminates, shows, makes to be heard any promotional statements encouraging… terrorist acts is punishable with rigorous imprisonment from 10 to 20 years,” it says.

Several opposition members, while insisting they were committed to the fight against terrorism, also criticised the law for being prone to abuse by security forces.

“The law itself terrorises citizens. We are strictly against it,” former president and now opposition MP, Negaso Gidada, told AFP.

Last week, the US-based Human Rights Watch said the law broadly defined terrorism, risked muzzling political speach and encouraging unfair trials.

The law is also meant to counter the activities of some separatist groups, who have been blamed by Addis Ababa for carrying out “terror attacks” throughout the Horn of Africa nation.

In recent months, Ethiopia’s parliament has passed a series of laws tightening up on the activities of non-governmental organisations, associations and the local media, while most political opponents are in prison or living in exile.

Elections are due in June 2010, five years after disputed polls led to the death of nearly 200 people.

  1. andelenatu
    | #1

    that is what you excepect to see from a failed state,Ethiopia today is one of the failed state in the world under one party tribalist sadistic brutal TIGRE PEOPLE LIBERATION FRONT.There is no parliment as such they are a bunch of TPLF GROUP DISGISED AS people representative.For Ethiopians that is TPLF RULE it is not The Ethiopian people law,so wethere they call it law or what ever it is irrelevant the ethiopian people will stand against it and will never accepet TPLF TRIBALIST LAW

  2. ደስታ
    | #2

    ሆሆ!!!!ጸረ-ሽብር ….ማን ሆነ እና ነው አሸባሪ??? እራሱ ወያነ አይደለም እንደ ቀንደኛ ቁጥር አንድ አሸባሪ!!!
    ጉድ ….”ጅብ በማያቁት ሃገር ሂዶ ቁርበት አንጥፉልኝ አለ” ይባል ይለ…

  3. ይሁን
    | #3

    What were you expecting? The robots are programed to show hands when ordered and they did. The so called members of parliament are programed robot the only difference is they run on food, lots of it.

  4. mateos
    | #4

    Melese/Abebe/Legesse and his boss Bereket Simon are doing everything to stay alive within Ethiopia. Whatever law they write, whatever force they use, whatever verdict they come up with, and however they try to copy-cat other countries terror law are meant to protect Meles and his boss Bereket- – IT IS THE ULTIMATE RIGHT TO SHOOT BY THEIR BODYGUARDS. I hope the people of Ethiopia overcome over the rulers of the aiga-jungle and take charge of their own country.

  5. muhamed
    | #5

    Meles adopted this low to control the chaer. he need to set or control all peaceful dimonstriation after election. becuse he need to froud the election and to say i am a winner and if the ppl go to dimonstreat he need to say they are terrerist and to put all party movement in prison. we are not fulish ppl. we know befor this. i do not know why other party silent! why only talk talk talk only do it something. no one to pay a price for ethiopian ppl? it is sad thing. pls solve our problem all anti meles party pls. we are under a dictator and he need to lead us over 25 years. why he laugh over our land and ppl of Ethiopia? meles is a puppet he serv others and for Tigiray not ethiopia. pls pls pls solve our live from dictator.

  6. babu
    | #6

    Now the law is passed and lets see how they are going to use it. The law is another attempt to restrict the right of the citizens as enshrined in the constitution. We have still fresh memories the recently enected NGO and Media laws. We seem to go back to the days of communists rule when an innocent criticism of the leaders is construed as an offence and many landed into the prisons.
    They seem to have put a lot of confidence in their security and military brass to protect them and enforce their terrorism act. We will see many people from the ruling party ending up in prison by various fabricated lies, especially those from oromo and the South as well as some Amhara groups.
    If good meaning people are not raising their voices now, when are they going to? this equally applies to thos in the EPRDFE.
    This law has so many flaws and it is going to be an instrument for the council of ministers to use it to their private objectives…

  7. tsehaye..
    | #7

    freiheit zu brtucke dimaikse…eins tags meles wärdest du in brtuckens fuss treten in gefangens.

  8. አንበሴ
    | #8

    እናንት ፋሽስት ጨካኝ የትግሬ ዘረኛ ስብስብ ባለስልጣኖች! ራሳችሁ አሸባሪዎች: ራሳችሁ ቀማኞች: ራሳችሁ ዘራፊዎች ሆናችሁና የዚህን ምስኪን ድሃ ህዝብ ከጉሮሮው ነጥቃችሁ በየአውሮፓና በተለያዩ ሃገራት ያሸሻችሁት ገንዘብ አንሷችሁ: እንደገና ደግሞ አሸባሪና አምባገነነናዊ አዋጅ እያረቀቃችሁ ታውጃላችሁ:: ምስኪኑ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ግን በቃኝ ብሎ ከልባቸው ቆርጠው ትግሉን እያፋፋሙ ካሉት ወገኖቹ ከግንቦት 7 የአንድነት የነጻነትና የዲሞክራሲ ንቅናቄ ጋር በመሰለፍ ፋሽስትና ዘረኛው የትግሬ ወያኔ ቡድን ያወጀውን አሸባሪ አዋጅ ከምንም ሳይቆጥር ለነጻነቱ እየታገለ ይገኛል::
    እርስዎስ? ሌሎች ኢትዮጵያውያን በሚያደርጉት መስዋእትነት ብቻ ድል ይጠብቃሉ? ወይስ በሚችሉት ለሃገርዎ ለራስዎ ለወገንዎ አንድነት ነጻነትና የዲሞክራሲ መብት በገንዘብዎ በጉልበትዎ ወይም በእውቀትዎ እያገዙ ነው? ኢትዮጵያ ሃገርዎና ወገኖችዎ ከፋሽስቱ ዘረኛ የወያኔ አደጋ ለመዳን እንተባበር ይላሉ::
    ድል ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ!!!

  9. ተምሳሌት
    | #9

    ይች ናት ጨዋታ;;

  10. Informing ….
    | #10

    one way or another is relating to this topic.

    Among the developing countries including all African nations Ethiopia gets the lowest aid per capita and the worst publicity thanks to BBC and English journalists. The largest aid comes from USA through USAID that is interfering with the country fundamental issues including implementing family planning in selected region(s). In this case the Amhara region. They are feeding on a daily bases the beautiful Habesha women unknown birth control pills in her empty stomach and innocent brain, to stop her from having more naturally beautiful habesha children that would replace the future generation.

    They are doing this with evil poison in their head affecting particularly the Amharas that are 95% Christians. They are not doing this in other regions. The hodams/fool/stupid/criminals so called Amharas that are cooperating with the woyane/foriegners conspiracy related to it are the first to blame. They are in the health sector and in the woyane political arena representing the Amharas this way. Even the so called oppositions are doing nothing about it when only the Amharas are became targets this way which is the worst and unexpected danger ever faced these naturally beautiful group people. .

    So, we don’t need so called aid coming to us this way. Egypt is getting from USA 2 billion dollars every years without any condition attaches with it.

    If I get a chance, I will destroy all those hodam so called Amharas affecting the Amhara women by being part of the so called family planning implementing with selective region, we know it is pure hate/political and dangerous. It must come with in not from abroad. It is worst than any form of war coming from outside as well as inside.
    The good and smart people must do something about it now. It is a very serious issue. The lazy, stupid, hodams and with more countless bad and negative names sitting in Bahir Dar to implement the evils policies are committing tremendous crimes against the Amharas this way too. If the family planning is a must issue, it must be implemented all over the country. It must be the nation issue. Not selectively because of political/hate reasons.

  11. Mikias
    | #11

    What do you except from weyane goverment?

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