Human Souls Still Unequal in the Eyes of the Western Media – By Belayneh Abate

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Although some disagree, general consensus (at least among Plato, Berkeley, Locke, Kant, and other contemporary idealistic thinkers) asserts that a human being is composed of flesh and soul. (more…)

Although some disagree, general consensus (at least among Plato, Berkeley, Locke, Kant, and other contemporary idealistic thinkers) asserts that a human being is composed of flesh and soul. As we can observe, the flesh has a certain look, color, odor, taste, feel and other measurable dimensions. Soul, on the other hand, is a life- force with no quantifiable physical characters. How on the earth, then, the western media identifies and selectively recounts certain dead souls while it disregards others?

As any regular news paper readers or TV watchers might have noticed, Iran was one of the major headlines this past month, not only for the core media outlets such as New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, USA Today, CNN, BBC, MSBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox news, and other international networks but also for local papers and TV stations.

Documenting innocent peoples’ sufferings and reporting the dead souls accurately is a fair and praiseworthy journalism. However; was it only in Iran that election were rigged; innocent citizens were murdered and imprisoned? How are Iranian souls different, for example, from Africans’?

Besides Earth, Mars and other planets understand that no more than five African countries are ruled by the elected leaders. The rest are asphyxiating under toxic and smoky rules of despots who are directly and indirectly supported by powerful western nations. As a consequence of spurious elections (conducted to dupe donor nations), people are frequently subjected to massacre, torture, imprisonment and any other types of horrendous inhumane conditions. What proportion of these crimes in Africa capture the headlines of the western media? Regrettably the answer is almost none. The case of Ethiopia elaborates more how the western media is biased significantly towards human soul.

An election which involved more than 90% of registered voters was terribly ripped off in 2005 in the presence of the observers from European Union and the Carter Center. Consequently, at least 193 citizens were murdered; hundreds of people were injured and disabled; and still other tens of thousands were jailed according to the inquiry commission which was established to calm down international critics. [*, **] In fact, human rights activists undoubtedly believe the actual number of victims was far more than what was reported.

Among the dead, there was a mother who was shot in front of her life- long husband and children for requesting an explanation why her children’s father was forced to get into prison. Dismayed by these kinds of cruelty, Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians marched and shed tears in front of Capitol Hill, the Major American, European and Australian cities to request the foremost powers of the world to stop standing with the assassins. Furthermore, they rallied by the offices of CNN, BBC, Washington Post , New York Times and other media outlets carrying the pictures of the dead and disabled to raise public awareness about the crimes committed against humanity. Did these justice seekers get the western media’s attention? The answer unfortunately is Nope!!

Centuries ago, prominent scholars like John Locke, Thomas Hobbs and others underlined the importance of one’s right to live in liberty enjoying the fruits of happiness. I assume these great historical men meant that all living souls are equal and deserve to live freely guzzling the juice of contentment. With the same token, I believe dead souls are equal and they should, at least, be regarded and reported equally.

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