An Open letter to President Barack Obama – by Teodros Kiros PH.D

July 9th, 2009 Print Print Email Email

No condition is permanent is a famous south African statement that captures the Human condition. Indeed, all human actions, particularly the once which are in our sphere of control remain forever. Everything we do is subject to time, and time is not a permanent category. I pointout out this to you Mr. Obama, because your historic campaign anchored itself on the idea of change, and the gullible world was taken in by your eloquent speech that sent messages to tyrants across the world that the theme of change applies most poignantly to regimes which are terrorizing their citizens with the threat that if they challenge the policies imposed on them by force, and the threat of force that they would rot in prison, and this is precisely what the current Ethiopian Prime Minister, who also fooled the Ethiopian people with the promise of change eighteen years ago, has now given his back on the emancipatory theme of change and is busily imprisoning the icons of change and the architects of a future Ethiopia guided by the organizing principle of Classical Ethiopianity, ready and willing to overthrow Fascistic Ethnocentricity.

Dear President, the Ethiopian people whom you charmed with your eloquence, and your deep hate of racism, are counting on you to help them of leaders who are imprisoning their singers, and potential leaders. I appeal to you to send your experts to visit Ethiopia and examine the condition of the population that is burning in the crucible of poverty, while previous revolutionaries are legally looting the wealth of the country and planning their retirement at European capitals and international institutions seeking prominent positions.

Dear President Obama, the Ethiopian people want regime change now. They are now determined to resort to armed struggle to bring about that change. Please speak sense to the current leaders to get out of the way peacefully, and allow the people who know the most to map out a new feature. Do not let your considerable intelligence be distracted by the belief that only the current regime could curtail terrorism. That is a simply a lie. A new regime by the people and for the people can and will also work as an ally of your regime and join forces to contain genuine terrorism side by side with you.

Be the first American president to be the champion of human rights and take the lead of removing tyrants who eat their own children.

I appeal to you to take this letter seriously and reconcile your dream of “we can” by empowering the Ethiopian people to also say “ we can” and bring a new Ethiopian regime committed to humanity first, Ethiopianity second, and respect of languages, third.

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