An Open letter to President Barack Obama – by Teodros Kiros PH.D

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No condition is permanent is a famous south African statement that captures the Human condition. Indeed, all human actions, particularly the once which are in our sphere of control remain forever. Everything we do is subject to time, and time is not a permanent category. I pointout out this to you Mr. Obama, because your historic campaign anchored itself on the idea of change, and the gullible world was taken in by your eloquent speech that sent messages to tyrants across the world that the theme of change applies most poignantly to regimes which are terrorizing their citizens with the threat that if they challenge the policies imposed on them by force, and the threat of force that they would rot in prison, and this is precisely what the current Ethiopian Prime Minister, who also fooled the Ethiopian people with the promise of change eighteen years ago, has now given his back on the emancipatory theme of change and is busily imprisoning the icons of change and the architects of a future Ethiopia guided by the organizing principle of Classical Ethiopianity, ready and willing to overthrow Fascistic Ethnocentricity.

Dear President, the Ethiopian people whom you charmed with your eloquence, and your deep hate of racism, are counting on you to help them of leaders who are imprisoning their singers, and potential leaders. I appeal to you to send your experts to visit Ethiopia and examine the condition of the population that is burning in the crucible of poverty, while previous revolutionaries are legally looting the wealth of the country and planning their retirement at European capitals and international institutions seeking prominent positions.

Dear President Obama, the Ethiopian people want regime change now. They are now determined to resort to armed struggle to bring about that change. Please speak sense to the current leaders to get out of the way peacefully, and allow the people who know the most to map out a new feature. Do not let your considerable intelligence be distracted by the belief that only the current regime could curtail terrorism. That is a simply a lie. A new regime by the people and for the people can and will also work as an ally of your regime and join forces to contain genuine terrorism side by side with you.

Be the first American president to be the champion of human rights and take the lead of removing tyrants who eat their own children.

I appeal to you to take this letter seriously and reconcile your dream of “we can” by empowering the Ethiopian people to also say “ we can” and bring a new Ethiopian regime committed to humanity first, Ethiopianity second, and respect of languages, third.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    I am so surprised to read a letter addressed to a president with no formally addressing it to him”

    To President ….

    I do not know if I am mistaken. But, I was shocked.

  2. Fayyis
    | #2

    Aite T. Kiros,
    both “Ethiopianity” and “Ethnocentricity” you mentioned are extreme concepts, which bring no solution to the troubled Horn. The panacea is the middle way aka “Federality/Unionity” of the nations in the empire/horn. Crying for “Ethiopianity” aka Ethiopian unity disrigarding the LIBERTY of nations is not a way forward. Oromos now a days know why you and your likes cry about “Ethiopianity”. Enjoy it here:

    The two imprtant factors I hitherto read as a reason why Abeshas cry for Unity and Oromos want Liberty are the following. For Amharas it is about both language advantage and lucrative business. For Tegarus it is mainly about lucrative unity.

    I) Language:
    “………. Only Abeshas tend to oppose the well accepted and respected Language Based Federation (LBF) aka “ethnic” federalism. It is not the will of Oromo nation and others’ except Amhara’s to advocate for Geography Based Federation (GBF), the euphemy for getting rid of Oromia. Specially Amharas do it, for they know the advantage they get based on the fact that Amharinya being the working language of the federation.

    Just stop and think other wise: let’s say Afaan Oromo is the working language of the federation instead of Amharinya. Do you know who will favour Geography Based federation? It will be Oromos, not Amharas! What I wanted to tell you here is that every nation favours what is to its advantage. Now in reality Geography Based Federation (GBF) is more
    advantegious for Amharas. It favours Amharanization of ohters in to the melting pot, Amharinya speakers. I being Oromo now favour Language Based Federation (LBF)for it serves our interest.

    But if you people agree to accept Afaan Oromo instead of Amharinya as a federal language, I will be the best advocator of geography based federation. Mind you I am not talking about making both Afaan Oromo and Amharinya a working language of the federation as G-7 and co try to make us believe. With this maneuver Amharas want that Amharinya be the working language of also Oromia and other regions, which they do not have now! I am telling you that, let’s limit Amharinya in only Amhara region and make Afaan Oromo the only NATIONAL language of Ethiopia. It meanse the future Oromonization of others, instead of Amharanization. I am sure Amharas will be the supporter of language based federalism, while I as Oromo will be the best advocator for geography based federalism!! To test Amharas, whether they unconditionally cry for Unitarist Ethiopia let’s demote Amharinya to local language and promote Afaan Oromo to federal language!”

    II) Lucrative:
    “……….What ever we preach, be it unity, self-determination or independence, primarily it is for the sake of economical benefit!! Unity, self-determination and independence per se are not the highest moral goods. They are the meanses to the END, to what ever is good in
    general and to the economical gain in particular for those who preach them respectively. To comprehend this, it would be good to look at the following interesting and simple analogy.

    Let’s assume a personified Tigray does have only 10 Birr, Amara 100 and Oromia 1000. Now these three persons try to agree on the way how to live together. There are three options:

    1) They can live under the condition that one robing the others if he has pistol (power).

    2) All live together united in which they use commonly and share equally what they do have in common (1110 birr: each taking 370).

    3) They live separated and each using his own possesion (Tigray uses his 10 Birr, Amara his 100 and Oromia his 1000).

    Any way, who do you think tends to robe the others, who do you think advertises unity and who do you think wants separate life? No question the person Tigray if he has pistol in his hand robes the other two, who do have more than what he does have. The person Amhara preaches unity, because he knows he gets more (which is 370 instead of his only 100) if
    unity is successfull. The person Oromia tries to resist both to hinder the lose he suffers (which is totally 630 Birr: 360 to Tigrai and 270 to Amara). So he rejects unity and struggles against roberry. He knows how much he looses!

    So we now can see why Tegarus came with gun and loot what ever they can from Amhara, Oromia and other national areas. We also understand why Amaras untiredly cry for unity, as if unity per se is an absolute moral virtue. It is not the unity what is important for them, but the “270 (370 – 100) birr” they gain if they live in unity with Oromia and other rich areas. That explains their schizophrenic charachter in which they on one side persistently “request” that Tegarus better declare their independence and go to their “dry land”, whereas on other side they persistently cry against the possible “secession” of Oromia. Tegarus’ motto towards Oromia is “becebexa wede asharo texega” and that of Amaras’ is “cibix qolo yizeh wede asharo texega!!” They came to us with their meager resource and consume massively our abandont resource (asharo). That is why, it is understandable if Oromos reject the
    Abesha type of unity in which the grand children of Minilik and Yohanes rule the whole corner of Oromia and consume the whole “asharo” of Oromo people. Only fool Oromos accept such unity and tolerate such robbery.”

  3. koster
    | #3

    I have been following the American politics at least for the last thirty years. As long as they keep on siding “friendly tyrants” like Meles and Mobutu there will no peace in this world. Fighting state terrorism will save the American Government billions of dollars and hundreds if not thousands of American lives.

    Please do not try to negate Newton’s law which states “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. What is going now in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Congo is the “fruit” of years of bad American politics.

    Before the American government was supporting archaic monarchs and dictators and now is supporting new breed of African dictators like Meles, Museveni and Kagami.

    Enough is enough – please say no to state terrorism

  4. Gizew
    | #4

    I understood the ideas of Fayyis.U are using ur freedom of expression.This is really appreciable. But I want to ask one question to u. As u know different tribes of ethiopians had been moving from north to south and as well from south to north.Suppose,if we are going to separate, how we can share the lands with equity that will not bring further war between us. Imagine if u are not sharing the land genuily the oromos will lose not only the 670(as u propose) but also their remainings.Actually the other tribes also lose all what they have.

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    what a waste stop complaining if you want real change go back to Ethiopia and help the people by doing something that has substance. You cry like a baby be a real men and an Ethiopian and go struggle with the people instead of writing this to sound smart!!!!!!

  6. Finfine
    | #6

    Fayyis, i’m surprised of your primitive analysis………i don’t want to discuss issues one by one but think like a person in the 21st century.Know how the world is working!!!!

  7. Assta B. Gettu
    | #7

    Dear Aite T. Kiros,

    You have been dreaming since your childhood to see in your time the complete demise of your masters and creators – the Amhara people with their indispensible cultures, language, and religion upon which the existence of Ethiopia in the middle of multitude of Islamists depends.

    Continue hallucinating because you are free to live forever on just hallucinosis, but you will never be free, and your language remains as the only language of the Gallas; it will never supersede the national language – Amharic, the language of the Ethiopian Queens and Kings, and, most of all, it has been the language of Ethiopian gentle men and well-cultured Ethiopian ladies as well as of the common people.

    After all, who are you to take the history of Ethiopia back to the dark ages? You should know Amharic is the history of Ethiopia, and most of Ethiopian books are written in Amharic language, not in Galligna. Did you get it?

  8. Fayyis
    | #8

    Finfinne and Assta b. Gettu,
    I know that I openned an opportunity for Weyane cadres like you, who do run like a rabid dog in forums to sow a discord between Amharas and Oromos! I just wrote the article so that Amharas come to their sense and accept “ethnic” federation, not to denounce them. Regarding your likes, the Dedebit graduates, I know how to deal with. Fart and shit as much as you can, Oromo liberation is moving slowly, but surely to its goal and you will certainly leave Finfinne palace and be back to Dedebit. Till then fill your belly with Oromia’s meat and milk, before it will be too late!!!

  9. D-Solomon
    | #9

    Aite fayyis
    Which area of Ethiopia do you think belongs to orommya ? I hope you donot claim all the areas that oromos pass by or made a business transactions with their negbouring Ethnics as oromo lands.And I guranty you they are not Either claim that they are oromos or Speaks oromigna

  10. habtamu
    | #10

    Please,Please and Please get organized yourself and fight your enemy instead of asking someone else to fight your enemy. I just don’t get it there are people asking foreigners to help us. If we get our ass organized and unite to fight our enemy, they will come to us asking us for help. Do u know why they are freind w/Meles because he is doing their job. GET IT.

  11. SELAM
    | #11

    I am not by any means a politician but here I find a double standards.

    Oromos are, will and have been one single majority in Ethiopia, then for the sake of Ethiopian Unity accept the language of the majority the
    Afaan Oromo as a working language. Then The country have come to grasp its true path to freedom, otherwise the more we cry for change, we step backward to stone ages of Tewodros.. minelik which both were outlaws in their true character and deeds.

  12. Assta B. Gettu
    | #12

    Dear Fayyis,

    Didn’t you hear the news that Finfinne died long time ago and was buried somewhere at the Sudan border, and after Menelik II officially announced its death to the whole world, no one came to attend its ordinary funeral service? Immediately after its burial service was over, Addis Ababa was born, and this blooming and shining city of ours will live forever; it will never be replaced by unchristian pagan name – Finfinne. By the way, you are lucky you are still alive and did not go to oblivion with your Finfinne, your East Jerusalem. You dream like the Palestinians who always want East Jerusalem to be their capital city, but it will never be, and that is the reality. They don’t even have a unified government: they are in disarray like your movement, and they are looking on Obama to solve their problems as you are looking to the Amhara people for some help to get you out of Meles regime. It is a fact; you cannot do it by your self unless you cooperate with the Amhara people, but first you must respect their culture, their religion, their language and never disparage them if you want to succeed.

    The Amhara people have never lost their God-given senses; in fact, it is you who have lost your reasoning when you try to change the name of Addis Ababa to the forgotten old name – Finfinne – as you are attempting to replace Amharic with Galligna. Tell me what is the advantage of changing an internationally well-known name – Addis Ababa – and the national language – Amharic?

    We already know your movement has a hidden agenda to deracinate the Amhara race as your article suggests, and your failed movement is trying to create division by belittling the mighty Amhara people instead of writing an article that unifies all Ethiopian tribes to defeat the Woyanne government.

    As far as you think you are inferior people, you will never achieve your goal to be superior to the Amhara people.

    Be careful about diction: fart, shit, dedebit: using such words shows you are short of descent English vocabulary.

    Be sure to pay your taxes on time so that I should continuously eat meat and drink milk until the next generation and the generation after that, which means forever and ever. The problem is I am in USA, not in Addis Ababa.

    I just finished commenting on the Ethiopian Muslims on the; you may find some interesting discussions under the title: “Three killed as Ethiopian Police stop Church construction” (AFP). If you have time, go and read the discussion.

    Good night! Long live the Oromo movement!

  13. Anbese
    | #13

    Teodros! God Bless you, You had writen the right open Letter to President Barack obama. I agree with you 100%.

  14. Fayyis
    | #14

    Assta B. Gettu,
    I can read your frustration and bitterness regarding Oromos. Are people sleepless in Meqele? Go and cheat your AKIST by being camouflaged as Amhara. I know you are one of the rabid dogs aka Weyane cadre just farting, shiting and vomiting out of despair. You like it or not you are a dying force in the empire. Just enjoy the following to comprehend what I mean. Here is the way how OLF killed TPLF in Ethiopian political history:

    Short sighted Weyanes who are good at winning battles, but can never win the war, think that TPLF is killing OLF by persecuting and massacring Oromos who do support OLF. These measures of Weyane gave OLF more mass support of Oromos, which it didn’t have till 1991.

    But interesting is that OLF killed not supporters of TPLF, but took away the existence of TPLF in Ethiopia in a long run. OLF did this by taking two very important measures:

    - in 1992 OLF denied TPLF the legitimacy Weyane needed in Oromia. With this TPLF became the eternal enemy of Oromo people. Fool Weyane could have made OLF its partner and enjoy Oromos’ support, but it formed OPDO and made itsself alien to Oromos.

    - in 2006 OLF formed AFD together with Amhara parties like CUD and with that it took away the very important instrument Weyane used to rule over Ethiopians: designating Amharas as centeralists and Oromos as separatists so that Amharas and Oromos fight each other instead of struggling against fascist Weyane. Now this instrument is dead and Weyane is under attack from coordinated Amhara and Oromo forces!!

    Surely take it only 1 year or as long as 10 years, Weyane will die away like Isepa of derg!! After loosing power, Weyane will be remembered in Ethiopia as fascists like Naizis are now remembered in Germany!! The coming Tigaru generation will distance its self from Weyane and will be ashamed of this Weyane`s history just like Germans are doing now!!!

    Otherwise enjoy your illusion about Finfinne, Oromia, Oromo people and Oromo liberation movement. I don’t dare to take it away from you, it is the way for your political and psychological survival till your demise at the end!!

  15. Assta B. Gettu
    | #15

    Dear Fayyis,

    How wrong you are that you speculate I’m from Mekelle, the shining city of Meles Seitanawi.

    You are still using a frustrated person’s vocabulary such as “fart” and “shit.” I told you yesterday to avoid using vulgar language that brings you no satisfaction whatsoever. This shows me your organization has failed to teach you how to express yourself in descent languages.

    What I want to hear from you is phrases such as “Woyanne is under attack from coordinated Amhara and Oromo forces.” Are you also joining the Ginbot 7 movement? It will be very helpful to put all political opposition parties together and fight Woyanne from all directions and confuse him until he surrenders power to the legitimate person, perhaps to Birtukan Mideksa or (don’t know) to someone who does not believe in ethnicity or in secession. To tell you the truth the Oromo movement is dubbed as a secessionist movement, and I can see from your insistence that the name of Addis Ababa will be changed to Finfinne without giving me any adequate reason. I’m a strong believer in unity, which is strength; I don’t like to see every Ethiopian province declare its independence: then we will have the fate of Yugoslavia. I hope we will not come to that because we have very educated and talented Ethiopian leaders all over the world; they can use their talent to save Ethiopia from another dictatorship. The problem is the United States is still powering money to the Woyanne government; even though Meles is promising that he will leave office voluntarily, but there is no guarantee that he will do.

    In the mean time we have to pray hard that the Almighty God may give us a leader whom he loves, and a leader who wants to serve his country rather than to be served.

    Good bye!

  16. Kulfo
    | #16

    Why some Ethiopian scholars are addicted to writing “PhD” to their name? Is it to add “authority” to the things they are writing? Aren’t they confident of their article? Or do they think, the “PhD” add credibility?

    Susan Rice, former State Secretary, is a well known professor at Princeton University. However, she never has tried her PhD as a spice for articles.

    Then what is the problem with most of our scholars?

  17. Fayyis
    | #17

    Assta B. Gettu,
    good to read you being deflated from your self agrandizing rhetoric. The vulgar words I used were directed against your behaviour. When you come down to earth and try to discuss issues, no such words will be used by me. Other wise you better differentiate me from the well respected Oromo organization you seem to fear and hate to death. You like it or not this organization will be the one which will realize Finfinne be Finfinne not stay to be Addis Abeba as you seem to wish.

    using PHD is actually Ok. It is not as bad as wrting proffesion as title (Ingineur X, judge Y…etc). Abeshas are such title maniacs to use their proffesion as titles!

  18. Assta B. Gettu
    | #18

    Dear Fayyis,

    Welcome back to a sincere and immaculate political discussion – a discussion untainted with flattery and conceit.

    I can see you are making a tremendous progress by avoiding those profane words you accustomed to use when you write to me.

    In addition to your progress, I have one advice to give you, i.e. never use a big word such as “agrandizing” that you cannot even spell it correctly and you cannot find such word in any English dictionary.

    A good and smart politician is a person who does not embarrass both his supporters and his opponents even if his foes denigrate his/her name with many untold stories.

    Assuming I was your enemy, you irritated me by calling me “shit” and by telling me to “tart.” When you see I am a kind of down-to-earth person, you try to avoid those insulting words you employed against me. This action of yours tells me that you like only those who like your ideas but hate those who denounce them.

    I want you to be a candid politician and above all a spiritual person who follows Jesus’ words: “If you love those who love you, what reward will you get?” (Matthew 5:46)

    Okay, you are determined to change Addis Ababa to Finfinne, are you also resolved to alter Ethiopia’s name to Oromia, and why?

    Finally I want you to follow my advice: Love both your supporters and your opponents; had you followed long time ago this simple principle, the principle of Christ Jesus, you would be by now in power with your Finfinne as your capital city.

    Have a great time with those who hate you and with those who love you!

  19. Fayyis
    | #19

    Assta B. Gettu,
    still you think BIG of your self, a typical ignorantly arrogant Northerner. You think you know better than I do and you want to “teach” me and “advice” me. Who are you to do that? Why don’t you learn and take advice? My profane words brought you down to earth, but still you want to be taller than I am. Come down again and sit at the same level to me, or same level to the Oromos you seem to despice and hate.

    Regarding the spelling writing in forums, I am not used to edit 3000x as you do. I just type and your nifxaam mind should dicern what I wanted to say. Just look what you wrote above: “tart”. Do you find this word in dictionary? But I know what you wanted to write. Again you still need to be deflated. Don’t forget arrogance is the symptom of ignorance, you do seem to have both.

    Last but not least, I would like to share you my opinion that mixing politics with religion is a sign of hypocrisy. You want to preach what you don’t practice. Your behaviour here on forums is diametrically opposite to that of christianity. So you better stop quoting the holy book just to instrumentalize it to your human aspiration.

    Regarding Finfinne and Oromia you have swallowed till now a lot of small bitter pills, and I am sure you will also swallow the coming BIG bitter pill aka seeing Sovereign Oromia in a United State of Africa, of course Finfinne being the capital of both Africa and Oromia. Just have this in your mind, take it 1 or 10 or 100 years Oromia and your Abyssina/Ethiopia will be neighbour countries just as Eritrea and Ethiopia today are. You may say ZERAF ZERAF this can only happen on my dead body, but you used to sing the same concerning Eritrea and you didn’t avoid it!! To experience all, IDME YISXIH!

  20. Mike
    | #20

    Those of u who commented above (except Feyyis)- You’re all sick people! Ethiopia needs fresh minds! Your entire set of mind and ideology needs to be destroyed!

  21. SELAM
    | #21

    Ethiopia’s political problem is always the problems of power hording minority. Its genocidal centeral machinery vs majority’s struggle for self determination, freedom from coeheretions, shear attempt to forceful assimmilate majority in the name of unity and national severeignity as scheme of common goal.

    The above politic and its implimentations have brought what we see, today as the endless conflicts that brought us unending misery, nepotisms, lootings of resources from majority ethenics to enrich few minority tribal actors such as Meles Zenaw and et al.

    To remedy such injustices, comprehensive change for Ethiopia is urgent needs. Majority ethenics must come together to settle their bitter pils by taking democratic changes that encompass all.

    Ethiopians can not afford more misery.

    Afaan Oromo in Oromia, Amharic in Amhara regeon, yet English as national Official language need to be explore. This may set the beginning stage for our youth to have opportunities in global markets.

    Thinking broader may save this country from disintigrations into many small countries, sooner or later.

    joro yalew yisma.

  22. Assta B. Gettu
    | #22

    Dear Fayyis,

    To aspire for something greater is a wisdom, and if I dream for something better, nobler than, and superior to yours, my dream is still valid and important, but I am not used to dream for something evil, something that I cannot achieve.

    Day in and day out you have been dreaming a bad dream – unachievable dream – to secede from the land of your masters, Ethiopia, and your dream to liberate yourself is not a bad one as such because you have felt the pain of being subjugated for such a long time under the Kingdom of the powerful Amharas.

    If you abhor the Amharas and tremble before them whenever you see or meet them, why do you badly need their cooperation or their blessings to go to war with you to topple down the Woyanne government?

    Simply, your agenda tells me you are using the Amhara for your own self-centered motives not for the advantage of the Amharas. I’m sure those bright minded Amharas, except the foolish ones, know your malicious scheme – to declare your independence.

    The Eritreans fought hard for almost 30 years to get their independence, and they new how to fight because their country had been under the Turks, the British, and under the Italians, so they knew the art of war, but you have never been under any foreign power but under the Amhara Kingdom; therefore you don’t know how to fight because you have never been trained for that like the Amharas; of course you have been trained to be subservient to the Amhara Kingdom, and no one will take away your servitude from you. I will attest you are very qualified for that, and you will never be without a job as far as you know your job – to serve your masters respectfully and honestly.

    As I told you before, I will tell you again that cession will never happen, but continue fighting and destroy your own people until no one is left in the land of the Gallas. When your land is empty, the Amhara will use Mengistu Haile Mariam’s plan: bring some Northerners and settle them there; since all Oromos are liquidated, no one is going to oppose the new settlers. I’m sure they will enjoy that fertile land of yours with all its milk, honey, and meat. My friend, gnaw your teeth and remain sulky in your closed hut with your cattle and goats for a while.

    I have advised you many times to use descent language, and as a result of my effortless advice, I don’t see you are using your favorite words, “shit” and “fart.” It is a great accomplishment on my part, and I hope you will adhere to my advice.

    You wrote: “You think you know better than I do and you want to ‘teach’ me and ‘advise’ me. Who are you to do that?” I’m Assta B. Gettu, a very concerned person about any other person who carelessly blenders and incur immeasurable disasters. If you don’t need correction, then edit your paper and post it on time.

    You told me not to mix the word of God with politics. You are mistaken. I can teach the word of God at any occasions, at any time, convenient or inconvenient, at the Amhara wedding or at the Galla’s funeral (2nd Timothy 4:2).

    For your information, the word “tart” can be found in the English dictionary if you know your ABCDs, but the words “agrandizing”and “nifxaam” cannot be found. It is your fault, not mine.

    The main problem with you is you don’t care about editing what you have scribbled on the paper, because, you say, you don’t have time to correct your spelling mistakes, your vulgar language, your mechanics, and your writing styles. From now on, I will stop editing your carelessly written paper.

    Do you think this forum is for careless writers, for careless spellers, and for those who use obscene language like you? I don’t think so. I have many good Oromo friends around me, and they are laughing at your writing style and diction.

    To tell you the fact, you are a hard-headed person who does not want any advice and who does not want to hear the word of God. Didn’t the Pentecostal Church send some of its members to your village to teach you the word of God? I’m certain it did, but you told them: “I’m on bed now; come another time.” Another time? There is no another time for the word of God. That Ethiopian eunuch, sitting in his chariot, didn’t say to Philip the Evangelist “another time.” He was baptized immediately by the Evangelist on the same day.

    I have done my best to advice you, but I have concluded you are the exact person Solomon was talking about: “A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed–without remedy.” (Proverbs 29:1)

    So, repent for abusing the English language; repent for insulting the man of God, and repent for planning to secede from Ethiopia, the land of your ancestors.

    Have a good day, son of Aba Jifar!

  23. Fayyis
    | #23

    Aite, A.B. Gettu,
    you farted, shited and vomited as much as you can!! You just showed your true nature. No more political correctness and no more hiding your self behind word of God. This is your true nature. I am happy for bringing you to this point. Other wise don’t think you fool any one by being camouflaged as Amhara attacking “Galla”. You are one of the Qimaalams (don’t try to find this in your dictionary)from Dedebit. You like it or not, Oromia shall be free from you anbexaas and you will be back to qulqwaal-leqema, instead of continuing to fill your big belly with Oromia’s meat, coffee and milk. Unfortunately your children will have no chance to BEG in Amharai and Oromia in the future, leave alone to brag as you try to do here. Other wise I do have no time to respond to all your stinky verbal QIZEN (again don’t search this in your dictionary)!

  24. Free Bertukan
    | #24

    Isaias has truly succeeded in giving us a life-time puzzle of “zeregnanet”. We are operating on his agenda by promoting ethno-liguistic divisions of Ethiopia. If Ethiopia wants to catch up with the rest of the world or even East African community, it has to adopt English as its official language. Amharic and Oromo and all others will continue to exist as lingua-franca and cultural and teritorial languages.

    As for the natural resources, there has to be an equitable way of sharing and utilizing it. But, the most imporant issue is that we must accept each other on equal basis as human beings. Unity (of man) is a universal moral value upon which the world operates. Without this value we would have been doomed. Think about it. America accepted us human beings. The more we stay in this country, the more American we will be.

    Most of the problems we face in Ethiopia are survival issues our northern compatriates, Amhara and Tigre. Understandably, much of their land is unproductive. People have always migrated from north to south, not the other way, looking for food, land and opportunities. So, think big, outside of your cage. You will be free Ethiopian. Talking of freedom, Bertukan is not a criminal. She is truthful and our President, Mr. Obama and his administration should pressure Meles to free her.

  25. Mamo
    | #25

    @Free Bertukan
    Why don’t you ask Obama to free you from your slave mentality first.i bet you are one of those people who run to mama America and have no regard to their country, otherwise you don’t even think to say your country to adopt english as its official language.
    As you said the more you stay in mama America,the more American you will please stay where you are and pretend to be American where they need you to clean their street,house and their the way don’t worry about Ms.Bertukan(next time put Ms. as you put Mr.for Obama when you mention Ms.bertukan.oh my God i forget that your are American.)there are true Ethiopians who are fighting for her freedom beyond your slave imagination.
    PS.sorry about my english it is my forth language and again who cares when you have a beautiful language is called Amharic.

  26. Assta B. Gettu
    | #26

    Dear Fayyis,

    It deeply saddens me you are gone back to your trite words after I have spent a considerable time advising you never use words such as “fart, shit, vomit, Qimalam, Dedebit, QIZEN” and so on. You have used them again because you have a limited English vocabulary, and you can’t express your thoughts without using such outdated words, and I’m sure you are going to utilize them many times, without thinking how useless and powerless such hackneyed words are.

    I thought you have come out clean, and now you have smeared your body with muddy water. I Know it is mea culpa for giving you the pearls – my precious advices- to use, and when I gave you them freely, I knew I was breaking the Scriptural words that say: “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.” (Matthew 7:6) If I were near you, you might have torn me into fragments, but I’m glad I am far away from you, a wild beast still in the jungle. You have, if not physically, at least spiritually done just that because you are in your state of nature, and your naïveté in that sense will make you free from being condemned because you are still growing up both physically and perhaps spiritually too.

    Your excessive use of obnoxious or objectionable words will not reveal my true humble nature, which is mostly gentleness, but they, on the other hand, can tell me who you are i.e., a haphazard or rowdy, careless, indifferent, anti-Amhara, bigot or narcissist, stifled or pompous with a cerebral disorder.

    You can easily find those new words I have given you in the English dictionary, not in the mthihafe Kulkulu; if not, give me a call, and I can help you.

    You wrote: “You like it or not, Oromia shall be free from you….” That means you recognize you are under my control and that I’m your master. It makes me jubilant you have understood the reality. You still believe though that Oromia will rule the Amhara one day.

    There is one saying in the Amhara culture if you know Amharic since you scorn it: “Kevero (fox) yeberie qulla yiwedkilignal bila berewin sitiketel walech.”

    A fox, expecting that the genital of the ox may drop down, follows the ox all day long.

    The fox here is you, the Oromo. The genital of the ox is the power of the Amhara. As the fox follows the ox expecting the genital of the ox may drop down, you are always expecting that the Amhara power one day will collapse, and then you will assume power, but like the fox, at the end of the day you will go home empty handed.

    Don’t be a quitter though; be rather a fighter! Mali Gofta!

  27. Fayyis
    | #27

    Aite A.B. Gettu,
    are you still farting, shiting and vomiting? No cure from your dieses? Leaving all your other oral Qizen for you, let me respond only to one point! You still pretend to be Amhara and try to sow a discord between Amharas and Oromos. Yes we Oromos are unfortunately now under your Weyane power and we do suffer from your looting and under your lording. Opposite to your assertion, Amharas now a days share the same fate to Oromos, that is why the two oppressed BIG nations are coming to send you to your demise and back to Dedebit for Qulquwal-leqema. I do assure you that in few years you will have no chance to enjoy Amhara’s Injera, Gurage’s Kitfo and Oromo’s meat and milk. You will be the same qimaalam you were before 1991. Don’t assume that the two BIG nations will fall again in to your trap and fight each other to your benefit so that you stay in Finfinne palace. Regarding Oromia, enjoy your illusion, you like it or not, slowly but surely it will be free from the hungry heyenas aka you Weyanes!!

  28. Fayyis
    | #28

    Aite T Kiros and Aite A.B Gettu,
    stop crying for the UNITARIST Ethiopianity and work for Sovereign States of Amharai, Tigrai and Oromia….etc in a United States of Africa. Enjoy it here:

    Oromo’s End Goal (KAAYYOO) is Sovereign State of Oromia in a United State of Africa;

    When we want to look at Oromo’s history, we just need to consider and ask the question: “who wrote it?”. Abesha Debteras who used to tell us that we came out of River? Some Oromo nationalists who tell us that we are from Mada Walabu and we have been colonized by Abyssinians? Some “modern” historians like prof. Shamsadin who do write that we are related to Meroe of north Sudan, and the name Ethiopia actually belongs to Oromos, not to Abeshas?…etc. Did Oromos “migrate” from south towards north or were we pushed from north (Meroe) towards south? I personally would like to leave history to historians.

    But I am not too naive not to recognize that we Oromos were and are the indigenous people in the Horn of Africa, who were pushed by christian Europeans and moslem Arabs as well Turks from different directions and squeezed to our present national area. Additionally, we being originally Waaqeffataas, we tried to resist the BIG religions and we preserved our selves as Oromos our current geographical region. Let me raise certain questions: are the christanized and semetized Amharas and Tigarus biological Oromos or are they other cushitic nations like Agew? Are the islamized i.e arabanized Afars and Somalis also biological Oromos? I do ask these questions for there are certain historians who do consider Oromo as a stem for almost all other cushitic nations in the Horn.

    Unfortunately all the above groups narrate their version of the past Oromo history in order to instrumentzalize it to justify their version of future Oromo destiny, i.e what they wish and want to achieve for Oromos in the future:

    - Abesha Debteras narrate that we Oromos are the new comers (immigrants) from some where (Madagascar, River…etc) just to justify their theory that most parts of Oromia originally belonged to Abyssina, so that it is legitinmate to have the future unity of the IMIYE at the cost of Oromo liberation.

    - Pro Walabumma (pro independent) Oromia fronts of Oromo people narrate that Oromia was not part of Abyssinia, but became the colony of Abysinian rulers in the end of 19th century , so that it would be legitimate to fight against the colonialism and to separate Oromia from Abyssinia/Ethiopia.

    - Those who do argue with “post-modern facts” that Oromo is the stem for even Tigarus and Somalis, who are culturally semetized biological Oromos, try to tell us that we are cushitic nations including the semetized ones like Tigrai, Amhara, Gurage, Silxe, Argoba and Harari are originally Oromos or Agews. With this theory, they want to suggest that Horn of Africa is Cushland, to whose unity Oromos should dedicate our selves.

    As far as I am concerned, I do believe that the third version is a most probable truth. But considering the development of the various nations in to speaking different languages, I would like to accept that all language groups do deserve their national autonomy in the future Union of all cush people in the Horn.

    Other very important factors to be given attention in Oromo history are its Gadaa system (indigenous democracy) and its Waaqeffanna religion, which is the preserved representative of all African religions (monotheistic belief in one God). Gadaa system must be modernized and used in the areas it will be accepted as a home grown African version of democracy, instead of importing the non-functional westrn democracy, which usually is difficult to be excercised in Africa. Reviving Waagqeffanna in Oromia meanse a rennaisance of African religion asserting its self against the three major imposed religions aka Christianity, Islam and Judaisim, who used to demonize African religion as the work of Satan.

    This way or that way, the reality on the ground now is that Oromos are under the yoke of national occupation/colonization/oppression. We Oromos are struggling now to free our selves from such slavery. Our spiritual organization (Dhaaba) aka OLF, the mindset we all Bilisummaa loving Oromos do have, is moving in every level to realize our emancipation. I think this liberation spirit moves now at three levels:

    - at the level of the governing party OPDO to keep the status quo of a limited cultural autonomy i.e to hinder the back ward move to the status we were in till 1991, the time there were no Oromia as a state, no use of Afaan Oromo in Oromia, no limiterd cultural right which we do have now…..etc.

    - at the level of OFU (Oromo Federalists Union) in MEDREK, the opposition movement which tries to achieve a genuine autonomy for Oromia in federal Ethiopia, Oromia as the national state being liberated from the current Weyane looting and lording.

    - at the level of OLF proper to lead us to self-determination, be it per ballot or per bullet. I do include all rebel Oromo organizations organized under ULFO to be part and parcel of this level of Oromo liberation movement.

    Leaving the study of our history to historians, we need to agree on our future destiny. Our destiny is to be determined by the liberation movement from status quo to freedom of Oromo people and to sovereignity of Oromo land. We need to determine our fate and be Abbaa-biyyaa (owner) in our land. To this END, we need to discern our own wish from the wish of our colonizers. We know that Abeshas want that we unconditionally accept their mantra about UNITY of the empire. This is the precondition they always put even to forge an alliance with Oromo political organizations against the fascist Weyane. But we Oromos should clearly articulate that our desire is to foster our national self-determination which can result to autonomous Oromia with in the Union of nations in the empire as well in the Horn or to independent Oromia with out the aspired union. There will be no compromise on our self-determination which is the key to our destiny.

    To forge our End Kaayyoo, we need to synchronize it with the international and continental developments. Now it is historical fact that Africa is developing gradually towards a federal arranglement aka United State of Africa. Oromos’ Kaayyoo then can only be to foster a State of Oromia in a United States of Africa, Finfinne being the capital of both Africa and Oromia. We hope that Abeshas come to their sense and accept this endeavour so that we will have Tigrai state, Amharai state, Ogadenia state, Oromia state….etc in a United States of Africa. At the time Abeshas accept this common Kayyoo, then all of us can be partners to foster it for common benefit. It is the acceptance of this common goal which may help to promote the needed alliance of pro-democracy Abesha forces like G-7 with the pro-liberty Oromo fronts like OLF against the current fascistic regime in the empire

    No question, the optimal Karaa (way) to the above Kaayyoo is the very much desired unity (Tokkummaa) of Oromo people and of the Oromo political organizations for liberation (Bilisummaa). The current main obstacle on the way to our goal is Weyane. To get rid of this fascistic looting force, the following factors are necessary as chronoligically put, based on their importance:

    - 1st, we need Tokkummaa of all Oromo organizations for Bilisummaa of Oromo people.

    - 2nd, we can forge an alliance with all oppressed nations (excluding the dominant Abyssinians) who can move with us till our END.

    - 3rd, we can have an alliance with Abesha democratic forces (of course not with dictatorial forces like AEUP and EPRP), who at least respect the freedom of Oromo people, even though they do oppose our effort to establish the sovereignity of Oromo land. The dictatorial Abesha forces accept and respect neither freedom of Oromo people nor sovereignitiy of Oromo land.

    We can move with the pro-democracy Abesha froces a half way to our goal. To be clear, this half way can be a United States of Ethiopia (genuine Language Based Federation (LBF) of Ethiopia). A culturally, economically and politically federated nations in Ethiopia can be a precursor for the genuine integration of all African nations. This seems to be the goal of all politicians who forged MEDREK at home. We hope that we will have similar TIBIBIR in diaspora for such common goal and common good. So I would like to reccommend USE (United Statesd of Ethiopia) as a common denominator for the Unity forces of Abesha like G-7 and the Liberty forces of Oromo like OLF also as a uniting mechanism against the common enemy aka the fascist Weyane. Then it wouldn’t be necessary to disintegrate the already integrated nations of the empire in order to foster the sovereign Oromia state in the future United States of Africa. The modern and enlightened elites of Amharas, Tigarus, Ogadenis, Afars, Gurages, Welayitas, Hadiyas, Kambatas, Kafas, Sidamas, Oromos, Gambellas, Benishanguls….etc can come together and transform the status quo of the empire through building United States of Ethiopia as a very good base for the United States of Africa.

  29. Assta B. Gettu
    | #29

    My dear Fayyis,

    Avoid using the following words: farting, shiting (should be spelled shitting), vomit, and Qizen. I know these are your favorite words. You cannot write a single sentence or go home without them. You are stuck with them until you die. I hope it will be very soon, so that Oromia could do some cleaning of the dung you had left behind, and until that happens, I’m unwilling to visit your profaned Oromia and collect the taxes.

    Why it has taken you so long to post your scribbled comment full of dirty words that you have learned from the unmannered Oromo mother. She has done a lousy job for raising you without teaching you what to say and how to say it when you are talking with a gentle person like Mr. Assta B. Gettu, the only master you ever have on this earth.

    As a pagan, you can say any thing you want, and that is what heathens and pagans do, and Oromos are not better than heathens and pagans.

    You said “the two nations, Amhara and Oromos….”

    I know only one nation, and that is the mighty Amhara nation, and Oromia is under this nation because it cannot function by itself as it is still practicing paganism and does not know how to express itself in a descent Amharic language, the queen of all the languages in Ethiopia.

    When Woyanne goes, then the worst, lunatic Oromos will be in power, and your worst nightmare begins because you have never been in power before. Who do you think tormenting the Oromo people now? It is your own Oromo authorities allied with Azeb Mesifin, Meles, and Aba Paulos who are making you urinate on your pants. And when more ruthless Oromos hold important positions, the first people to be victims of such heartless people will be the Oromos themselves. Therefore, it is much better for you to stay under the Amhara Kingdom.

    In the mean time, I’m looking for a wealthy person to trade you, but I don’t think you will bring me a substantial income at this time because you are illiterate and lazy, so I have to wait and train you in everything for the highest price.

    Be sure to lock your door before you go to sleep; I don’t want anyone to come and take my property. If some one comes and kidnap you in the middle of night and take you somewhere and put you in a factory to work for him for 24 hours, then I will be sad because I will have no one left to work for me.

    Have fun, offspring of Oromia!

  30. Assta B. Gettu
    | #30

    Dear Fayyis,

    Thank you for avoiding those meaningless words and, instead, giving me a good information about the ancient, indigent, warriors, gregarious, democratic, and friendly people of the Oromoota.

    The Oromoota have been the backbones of the rest of the country because they occupy the best fertile land than any other country in Africa. The gold is theirs; the coffee is theirs; the mineral water is theirs; the variety of crops is theirs, and everything they and Ethiopia need is there but modern technology. No wonder why the Amharas don’t want to let them go their own ways – to form their own powerful kingdom because economically Ethiopia cannot exist without Oromoota.

    Historically, as you said, there are various theories as to where the Oromoota came from; my Amharic teacher told me long time ago when I was very young that the Oromoota came from Asia to Madagascar and from there they migrated north, east, and south.

    I don’t think this theory is true because the Oromoota are everywhere, and there is no place in Africa where one could not find any person who does not look like one of the Oromoota: the Somalis, the Sudanese, the Amharas, and the Tigreans have the same features like the Oromoota. Therefore, the Oromoota are the ancient Cushitic people ever existed in Ethiopia, and it is fair to say that the ancient ancestors of the Ethiopian people are the Oromoota – the genuine Cushitic people.

    No doubt, later on, the Semitic race – the Arabs or the Jews – came to the land of the Cushitic people – the Oromoota – and started pushing away the indigenous people: some to Somalia, some to Sudan, and others to Kenya. I can go on and on telling the origins of the Oromoota, but I will conclude that the Oromoota didn’t come from anywhere; they were there since the time of Lucy or Dinknesh.

    In the information you posted you think United States of Africa is achievable: Germamie, Mengistu Newai, Kwame Nkrumah, and recently Muammar Al-Qaddafi tried to form a United States of Africa, its headquarter, perhaps in Addis Ababa, but they all failed. How do you think it is achievable? First we have to get rid of our continent’s dictators, such as Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), Al-Bashir of Sudan, Mubarak of Egypt and many others; however, the formation of the United States of Ethiopia is achievable, each state having its own sovereignty and its own capital city under a federal government just like the United States of America. We will have a federal supreme court, a federal army, a federal bank, and one common language either Amharic or English, and one federal capital city – Addis Ababa. I know you don’t agree with the name Addis Ababa, but everything is negotiable in a democratic system of government.

    In the heart of my hearts, this is my dream, and I hope it is yours too.

  31. Fayyis
    | #31

    I actually posted a short reply full of the words you “love” and you used to read from me. The moderator deleted the post. Now your last post is reconcilliatory, so that I also try to be fair. Thanks for coming at the END to the reality and started to respect Oromos as they deserve it. There are a lot of points, on which we can only agree to disagree, but we should never stop to talk to each other! Yes USEthiopia can be achievable in near future, but our END goal must be USAfrica, what ever it costs and take it as long as it needs!!

  32. Fayyis
    | #32

    Just observing your change of mind regarding Oromos, I would like that you read also the following opinion. Enjoy it!!


    Fellow Oromos,
    don’t consider the following idea as blasphemy or disrespect to our respective Gods aka Jehova of Christianity, Alah of Islam and Waaqayyoo of Amanti-Oromo. I just wanted to share with you what I hitherto read and then pondered on further. It is about what purpose we do serve in our daily life both cognitively and behaviourally, as individuals or as a nation. Be it that we do think and walk at political, religious or private level, we do try to serve certain purose in life. In order to identify that purpose, we only need to be conscious about it, reflect on it and ask our selves: whom do we privately or collectively serve in our endeavors? Do we serve our own intentionally chosen purpose or that of the others’? What purpose do we need to serve? Fortunately the hitherto cummulative knowledges and wisdoms of different societies in general and that of Oromo society in particular tell us what we ought to serve: the purpose which is GOOD for us as an individual and/or as a collective. This good purpose is given a sacred name and it seems to be what people call GOD. As a proof for this assertion, we can look at an example written in the Bible of christians, that states : “God is my Objective”! Is this to be understood also as: “my Objective is God”? Can we say that our personal or political Agenda/Cause/Aim/Goal/End/Plan/Interest/Purpose/Objective …..etc is our God, whom we ought to serve?

    To comprehend this “philosophical” complex, it is no where clearly written other than in Afaan Oromo. Surprisingly the words Kaayyoo and Waaqayyoo in our language do have the same meaning. As we will read it below, the short word KA is the name given by our ancestors to God and the word Ayyoo is of course the name given to a mother, who does wish all good things for her children and does plan and try to fulfill it. KA is defined as her objective which is good for her children. It is the “Goodness” for her children. So KA-Ayyoo is the God ( good objective of Ayyoo to her beloved children). The term Waaqayyo is the short form of Waan-KA-ayyoo (the issue of the mother’s God or the issue of her good Objective to her children). So we can see that the good END, we have to serve, can be called Kaayyoo (KA-ayyoo) or Waaqayyoo (Waan-KA-ayyoo). So God is simply to be defined as the good END we choose to serve.

    Let’s ask our selves as an individual or as a nation:
    ” which Kaayyoo/Waaqayoo/Agenda…. are we serving? As far as our Oromo nation is concerend, the Kaayyoo/Waaqayoo we need to serve is Bilisummaa Uummata Oromoo (freedom of Oromo people) and Walabummaa Biyyaa Oromoo (sovereignity of Oromoland). Then we can ask our selves whether the names Alah, Jehovah, God, Igzi’abiher, Waaqayyoo…etc refer to the same God. Isn’t Alah the name given to Arab’s Agenda…? Jehovah to that of Israelis? God to that of English people, Igzi’abiher to that of Amharas? And of course Waaqayyoo being the Agenda… or Kaayyoo of Oromos?!

    To comprehend the whole issue regarding KA (the name given to Agenda….. i.e the name given to God, read the following intersting article: story of Irrecha. Surprisingly we do discover that KA is God/Kayyoo/Goal, whereas Gadaa (KA-aadaa) is the way (Karaa) to the God/Kayyoo/Goal. Simply put Gadaa is the Karaa to Kaayyoo. It is interesting to observe that the Qalluu institution, which deals with Waan-KA-ayyoo (Waaqayyoo) is responsible for setting Oromos collective Kayyoo/Agenda….., so that it is a moral institution and Gadaa institution is responsible for forging the right Karaa to the Kaayyoo, so it is legal institution. We Oromos do choose and walk on certain Karaa to our Kaayyoo, be it individually (privately) or collectively (politically or religiously). So my question to my fellow Oromos as collective is, which God are we serving? The God/Kayyoo of Abeshas, that of Israelis, of Arabs…etc or the God/Waa-Qayyoo of Oromos? Enjoy the following very good mythology, speaking a lot of truth about Oromo and our KA:

    “The story of Irrecha
    - the celebration of the first harvest of the Ethiopian Spring in September – is a story told by the late Poet Laureate Blattten Geta Tsegaye G/Medhin (Oromo poet who wrote mainly in Amharinyaa):

    ….12,000 years ago, Asra the God of sun and of sky, God of Cush Pharao, begotten Sete the older son, Ora the younger son and a daughter named as Asis (Atete or Adbar). The older Sete killed his younger brother Ora and Asis (Atete or Adbar) planted a tree (Odaa) for the memorial of her deceased brother Ora at the bank of Nile in Egypt where the murder had taken place and she requested her father who was the God of Sun to make peace among the families of Sete and Ora. Then rain has come and the tree (Odaa) got grown. It symbolized that the peace has taken place. Later, at the Stone Age, the tree that had been planted for the memorial of the killed, Ora was substituted by statue of stone that was erected 8000 years ago.

    The festival for the Ora statue has been celebrated in September of every year when Nile flows full in Nubia and in black Egypt. In Ethiopia during the Axumite and pre-Axumite period a great festival has been held around the statue that was planted by Asis (Atete or Adbar) for the memorial of Ora, the son of sun’s God, who risen up from death (Ora Omo or Or-omo) for the purpose of celebrating the peace made between the two brothers. Then after the memorial was the great herald performed in thanking the God of sun and of sky with Chibo.

    The Eyo KA Abebaye (the traditional and popular song performed at Demera events and new year in Ethiopia) has been started being performed since then. “KA” is the first name of God. The name of God that our Cush Fathers have inherited to us before the old period of Christianity and Islam is “KA”. Since then, therefore, especially the Oromo, Gurage and the Southern people of Ethiopia have been calling God as “Waka or Waaqa”. When we sing Eyoka or Eyoha in New Year, we do prais “KA”, the God.

    “Gadaa” or KA Aada” is the law or rule of God. “Gadaa” (KA Aada) is the festival by which the laws and orders of God are executed. Japan, China and India have now reached to their current civilization through making the basic traditions and cultures they received from their forefathers (Hindu, Shinto and Mahiberata) be kept, even at the time they were receiving Islam, Christianity, and other ideologies, especially Democracy and other free believes. They are not here through undermining the culture and tradition of their forefathers.

    Culture is the collection of many Chibos or Demeras. “Irrecha” or “Irresa” one of the part and parcel of Gadaa (KA Aadaa) system is the corner stone of and the turning point to the new year for which Asis (Atete or Adbar) has put up the dead body of her brother, Ora who was killed by his older brother (like Abel of Bible) from the place where he died at the river bank of Nile and planted a statue”.

    The Oromo people of beautifull Ethiopia believe in one God since time memorial. Their religion is called “Waaqeffannaa” which means believing in one God that is the creator of the whole universe. Irrecha means a celebration where people get together and perform their prayers and thanks giving to God.

    Waaqeffanna, the faith being in the Gadaa system is a religious ceremony that is free from any thing. The fathers of Oromo religion and the people, keeping fresh grass and flowers, perform their prayers and thank their God going to mountains, to sea or to river bank.

    They move to the top of mountains or bank of seas or rivers not to worship the mountains or rivers and seas. Rather to distract themselves from any noise and to worship their God (Waaqa) with concentration. And they go to sea and rivers because they believe that green is holy, water is life and the places are peaceful where the spirit of God is found.

    In the Oromo culture, the rainy season is considered as the symbol of darkness. At the beginning of September, the darkness is gone, rivers run shallower and cleaner, and the mud is gone. As sunshine rules the land, the Oromo people of Ethiopia go out to celebrate this great natural cycle with the spirit of worshiping God (Waaqa)”.

  33. Assta B. Gettu
    | #33

    Dear Fayyis,

    You have posted an educational document that I have to examine and study it very carefully before I share it with my friends. Thank you for posting such valuable information.

    I hope Oromoota’s Kaayyoo will be realized during this coming election, if not now, next time.

    It doesn’t bother me how many different names we give to God, because from time to time, names change and the language too. For Example, God told Moses that his (God’s) name is “I AM WHO I AM.” (Exodus 3:14) So, we can call God WAKA or EMANUEL – all the same.

    By the way, are you telling me when Addis Ababa is changed to Finfinne, we have also to change the Amhara God’s name Egziabher to Oromoota’s God’s name WAKA? I really don’t care.

    Have a good day!

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