Somalia’s neighbours seek right to intervene – ADDIS ABABA (AFP)

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Somalia’s neighbours on Friday sought to remove obstacles to a possible intervention to support the ailing government in Mogadishu during a regional summit in Addis Ababa.

The six-member Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) held talks in the Ethiopian capital to reiterate its support for the transitional federal government (TFG) led by Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

“There is … a need to facilitate conditions that will make it possible for the neighbouring countries to avail their support to the TFG more effectively and in a more helpful way,” Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin said.

The mandate of the African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM) as defined by the United Nations Security Council stipulates that neighbouring nations cannot contribute to the force.

Sharif, a young Islamist leader, was elected in January following a UN-sponsored reconciliation process and seen by the international community as the best chance of ending Somalia’s 18-year-old civil conflict.

His administration however has so far failed to assert its authority on the country, even losing grounds to a fierce insurgency led by the hardline Al Qaeda-inspired Shebab armed group and the more political Hezb al-Islam.

Clinging to power by its fingernails, Sharif’s TFG has appealed for foreign military intervention to fend off insurgents.

IGAD’s special envoy to Somalia, Kipruto arap Kirwa, argued that the UN resolution should be amended to authorise countries such as Kenya and Djibouti to send troops and beef up the 4,300 Burundians and Ugandans already deployed.

“The UN by continuing to have this resolution in place is indirectly supporting the terrorists as it is not taking bold measures to address challenges facing the TFG,” he said.

Djibouti has already pledged a full battalion of 450 soldiers to be deployed as soon as the UN resolution is modified.

Djibouti “has promised a battalion of 450 men for AMISOM as soon as the restrictions in the mandate preventing neighbouring countries from contributing are lifted,” the small coastal state’s foreign minister, Mahmoud Ali Youssouf, told AFP.

When the AU peacekeeping force was created in 2007, member states had pledged a total of 8,000 troops.

  1. muhamed
    | #1

    DJIBOUTI , KENYA, UGANDA, ETHIOPIA HAVE NO A MORAL GROUND TO BRING A PEACE OR TO HELP SOMALIA. WHY B/C FIRST YOU MUST SOLVE YOUR INTERNAL PROBLEM. YOU DID NOT DID INSIDE YOUR OWEN CANTRY BUT TO SERV FORIGN POWERS YOU ASKED TO GO TO SOMALIA. WHAT A FULISHE LEADER ARE YOU? where is democracy in your cauntry first to talk about other! where is justis in your owen cantry firste to talk about others! but to serv as a selev you asked your masters to interfer! it is a joke and loughble thing. what AMISON meanse? it is a serevant for its master. i can not give any mining b/c it is the reyality. insted of going to fight the ppl of somalia give it a chance for negotiontions and bring them to the table. ethiopian weyane and kenya need to divaid somaliance for thire owen interest only not somalias as a sovergine cuntry. this is the reyality. the ERITREAN GEVERNEMENT OLSO ASKED ONLY NEGOSIONTION THE ONLY WAY TO SOLV IT NOT BY FORCE SAID AGAIN AND AGAIN. SOMALIAN PROBLEM SOLVE BY SOMALIAN ONLY.

  2. Zeberga
    | #2

    Hmm … muhamed , Learn english first before you start writing rubbish.

  3. Gabose
    | #3

    Civil war, by definition, is a messy, senseless, and costly business. It is a neighbour killing his next door neighbour, a supposedly friend killing a friend, a relative killing other relatives.

    It is the best interest of the neighbouring countries to stay as far away as they can and watch it from the safe distance of their border.

    Ethiopia the so-called military powerhouse of the Horn went in with the diplomatic cover; and military, financial and intelligence support from the USA. It stayed there for two long and painful years only to be humiliated and chased out from Somalia after massacring more Somalis and taking significant casualties of its own. What an ill-advised enterprise it was!.
    It is worth noting that the hapless 4,300 Ugandans and Brundians are holed in their base and are struggling to defend themselves and few blocks of the Mogadishu city including the presidential palace. Nothing more.

    Therefore, one has to wonder what tiny Djibouti’s battalion of 450 men and whatever number of Kenyan military, who are not particularly known of military might, can achieve.

    Although civil war is not a Somali phenomenon and is not unique to them, it is nevertheless their problem and it is upto them to come to their sense and solve it. Others should not involve themselves into it unless and until the war spills over to their countries.

  4. yikerbelen
    | #4

    Weyane’s foreign minister ffor years and Bereket’s donkey seyum mesfin said ” somalians asked for neighbours intervention” They may ask some assistance from their neighbours, but not from you. You were in somalia for two years as a peace makers , but UN has found that your un educated generals were purchasing weapons for Islamice court fighters.. the is a sham of the new centry. Now Obama’s admn said to your dictatorial and un elected repressive regime , including you, you are not welcome in somalia any more.Because the era of idiots in white house is over.The new era begins, mesfin , if your pittybull spies did not tell you, i tell you now. Obama said openly that he is not going to have any ally with criminals and corrupted gangisters in the name of war on terror. He has promised that his will allow his admn tohave any ally with those who do not stand for their national interst and with those who have identity crisis, because if they do not stand and protect their national interst ,they are vissionless,moralless,corrupted and they do not have sense of humanity[ they are not from human's being kingdom].

  5. weyaneKiller
    | #5

    weyane #1 undemocatric government in africa. A minority 3 million tigrain rulling 90 million ethiopian.
    Gemechu, gurmu ,aha! are tigrain. weyane carde. we know you. you are here to confuse ethiopian. we will come after you.

  6. muhamed
    | #6

    zeberga : i know you are one of weyane. ki ki kiiiiiii

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