Deceitful Master: The Truth about Ethiopia´s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi – Zekarias Ezra

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Dictatorship has been, and continues to be, the hallmark of political reality in Ethiopia. (more…)

Dictatorship has been, and continues to be, the hallmark of political reality in Ethiopia. Masses clamor for democracy, or some form of representational government, but assorted potentates and dictators in control at the top make sure that a system based on popular support never emerges while still preaching and professing democracy and holding sham elections. That was what we witnessed in the 2005 election and it seems we are poised to witness again.

Read the recent piece by Andrew Cawthorne in which he reported what Meles has said “The party is in the process of dialogue, and sooner or later it will make its decision, and that will be it, …adding he was unlikely to act without EPRDF blessing. We have a large leadership pool, any one of whom could take the mantle”.

Did you notice for Meles it is a foregone conclusion that either he or one of his buddies and no one else will be the leader of Ethiopia notwithstanding the 2010 election? Everybody pretty much expects this to be the case. In fact Andrew reported, “Diplomats expect the EPRDF to win the 2010 election, and for one of Meles’ senior Cabinet members to take over.”

These tyrannical rulers, besides ruling now, want to perpetuate their stranglehold on the populace even after their ´death´ by putting their sycophant heirs on the seat from where political and economic power is exercised. Building a ruling dynasty for the successors to continue the savagery of their masters is a perverse form of immortality Meles and Co., are actively seeking in Ethiopia now. What might the roughly 80 million people want in their leaders even did not cross Meles´s and his cohorts mind? Journalists kept asking him “will you step down?” on every turn. And, Meles kept answering “may be or may be not. The party will decide.” Why should the party decide? The Ethiopian people care less who will be the leader of EPRDF. Meles and his friends can decide that day long. But when it comes to the question who replaces this tyrant? The decision must be made by the Ethiopian people. There should not be ifs and buts on this question.

Yet, all over the media the question of succession is being discussed to death but in a shameful manner. Some would say Ato A or Ato B or Ato C should succeed him and others would say no competent person can be found et cetera. What a disgrace to the nation? What about the voice of Ethiopians? Ok, the dictators have a stake on who should succeed Meles but why do the rest of us trumpeting this sham instead of exposing it for what it is? Meles and his cohorts are busy grooming another dictator in Meles’s image to continue their stranglehold.

Once tyranny is established in a nation, how does it perpetuate itself? It perpetuates itself by no other means but by grooming a similar breed. This is not new. It has been so since time immemorial. Let us use Biblical references for a foundation to find the answer to this question. In John 8:44 Jesus says, “You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” In John 10:10a Jesus tells us, “The thief comes not, but for to steal, to kill and to destroy.

The first tyrant was the devil. The Lord Jesus Christ tells us his tactics as stated above. First, the devil is “a murderer.” He steals kills and destroys. Next, the devil is “a liar.” Have not Ethiopia witnessed this in the last 18 years? Murders (nearly 200 were killed in 2005), and lies after lies (while millions are drowning in abject poverty Meles unashamedly asserts that the economy of the country is growing at 10% annually).

Meles and his friends tacitly and at times explicitly encourage public bickering on the basis of race and language; they censor anyone who disagreed with them and most of the times just throw them in jail. They have destroyed national values by ridiculing patriotism and honesty. All these are but diabolical works.

When you see an organization or government doing the things listed above, you are looking at a system that rules by the brute force of a tyrant. The only way tyranny can perpetuate itself is to constantly keep the people in a state of confusion with a well organized war against their unity and that is exactly what Meles is doing.

Sooner or later God would bring judgment and Ethiopia will be free of such a horrible yoke.

  1. Lema
    | #1

    unless this hateful, narrow minded individual and his partners in crime disapper, there will be no peace or development in Ethiopia.

    One thing Ethiopians learned from Zenawi and his hateful policy is hate. No Ethiopian had such feeling until TPLF came and started treating Tigriens differently. They divided the people in race and made us all enemies to each other.

    May God Save Ethiopia.

  2. mateos
    | #2

    In life it is ok to be optimistic and when TPLF/EPRDF entered Addis I was so optimistic that a new ERA IN HORN OF AFRICA HAD STARTED. Boyyy I was so wrong! Not in a million years would I have thought this ugly midget and his british bull dod looking boss, Bereket, would create these much hatred and animosity amongst the greatest Ethiopian communities. If that was not enough their slave mentality have led the unnecessary blood shed in Somalia and Eritrea. Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia have gone through many good and bad leaders but NOT LIKE THESE MONSTERS WHO ENJOYS DEATH, TORRUTE, AND IMPRISONMENT OF INNOCENT PEOPLE. In my opinion Abebe/Melese/Legesse , his boss Bereket, and the entire weyane mafia family are a ticking bomb for the entire Ethiopia and sooner than later must be put in the prisons they built before their aiga jungle dream is achieved: A DREAM TO DISTROY ETHIOPIA WITH-IN AND OUT!

  3. Tesfaye
    | #3

    We’ve already established he is a tyrant I don’t think anyone who follows Ethiopian politics can claim otherwise. From now on, any article that posted should only provide suggestions to how Ethiopians can oust the tribal junta and set up a democratic government. From now on anyone who wastes their time writing about the corruption of Meles or EPRDF should realize they are stating the obvious and that everyone is aware.

    Abugida please only post articles that contain pragmatic or idealistic approach to removing woyanne and bring back order in Ethiopia.

  4. ሕብረት
    | #4

    የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ተደፈርክ!!!!!

    ጨቅዋኝ ገዢህ; መለስ ዜናዊ; በግንቦት 2002 ዓ/ም ምርጫ ታከናውናለህ ይልሀል:: በሌላ በኩል; ወደድክም ጠላህም; ማን አንደሚያሸንፍ በቅድሚያ ይነግርሀል!! ያንተ ምርጫ ቅንጣትም ያህል ዋጋ የለውም ማለት ነው:: ንቆሀል!!

    መቼ ነው ስድቡ የሚበቃህ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! መቼ ነው የምትነሳው?!!!!!!

  5. andelenatu
    | #5

    the tplf manage to decit the world by presenting it self and promising a change in ethiopia,in reality the TPLF leade melesse zenawi and his group for the last 18 years unleash their atrocities against the ethiopian people .YES tplf woyanes are lyers decitful and killers.

  6. weyaneKiller
    | #6

    Deceit has always been weyane politics
    weyane #1 undemocatric government in africa. A minority 3 million tigrain rulling 90 million ethiopian.
    Gemechu, gurmu ,aha! are tigrain. weyane carde. we know you. you are here to confuse ethiopian. we will come after you.

  7. Sami
    | #7

    The question is why bother with elections? The peopole should abstain that is their vote. The right to elect or not is theirs. By staying home or going to church/mosque for a day of prayer people could oppose the sham elections that are really a waste of time and emotion. Refuse to vote. One will see who the HODAM’s are for sure, and they will spend a day of peace and prayer with their creator.

  8. ali
    | #8

    tplf woyanes are lyers decitful and killers.
    weyane TPLF we will get you soon. judgement is comming soon.

  9. Mama Ethiopia
    | #9

    Meles monkey agazzi leader his father is satan. weyane TPLF agazzi has always been evil. wake up ethiopian. weyane TPLF has always been corrupt & thug organization. learn about TPLF, that EPLF also opposed the TPLF manifesto for independence on the grounds that Tigrai was an inegral part of Ethiopia and there was no justification for secession from Ethiopia. At this time, the EPLF was reluctant to support separatist movements in Ethiopia, not just as a matter of princople but for various other motives as well… [more excerpts will be posted later

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