TPLF Plc. – Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely By Azmera Tesfaye

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This is a glimpse into the inner workings of the TPLF Plc. (more…)

This is a glimpse into the inner workings of the TPLF Plc. – how the machinery has increasingly evolved into a business empire, corrupted by the convenience of power; lubricated by the decadent slogan that this is our historic moment to prosper and the reckless greed that breeds more insatiable and bottomless want. What is sad is that the TPLF Plc. Is engaged in entrenching itself as the next class of Ethiopian capitalist at the catastrophic expense of the poor Ethiopian people in a manner only a colonial conqueror sabotages its subject’s wellbeing and wealth.

Aside from the addictive nature of corruption, the bottom-line for TPLF’s brazen exploitation emanates from two mistaken beliefs: firstly, now that the Amhara system had been dismantled now is our time and we shall make use of this opportune historic moment to lay the economic and political foundations that would transform us as Ethiopia’s future POWER brokers. The other self-serving excuse is that “We have been working hard to fight and come to power and what makes exploiting a country that has been (3000) years poor such a big deal.

To show how the TPLF Plc’s embezzlement is so pervasive, aggressive, and heartless, we would delve into an ongoing corrupt incident that perpetrated by Meles Zenawi, Azeb Mesfin and Tedros Adhanom and other major TPLF Plc players.

The incident occurred in the Ministry of Health, which is, supposedly, the keeper of the sick, the poor, and the disabled. The Ministry under Minister Tedros Adhanom is a place where the TPLF Plc’s money machine works with its savage teeth. As the ministry is the receiver and coordinator of a large (confounding) amount of money in foreign aid and assistance, the money involved is of high interest to TPLF Plc’s Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s strongman.

For instance, the aid money supplied by the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) was $48 million for FY 2004, $83.7 million for FY2005, $123 million for FY2006, $241.8 million for FY2007and $354.5 million for FY2008. This smooth flow of money is just the tip of the iceberg, compared to what Ethiopia gets in aid money from other programs such as the ones sponsored by Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria ($1,107,164,389) and another millions of dollars from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC.

So when the funds and pharmaceutical and health equipment from these sources became even greater by the year, the TPLF Plc. was not short of ideas on how to exploit these funds that are beyond scrutiny. As these funds were mostly related to health related issues, when the money that was being supplied by Global Fund, PEPFAR and CDC (and a host of other donors) became unmanageably huge, the first step to do was to create an agency as an offshoot of the TPLF Plc business empire that would be awarded unsupervised contracts to advance the business interests of TPLF Plc. Hence, what came to the scene was PLCU Plc. (Private Laboratory Consortium Unit), which is a key part of the business empire run by the TPLF plc’s Dejena/EFFORT conglomerate.

Hence, what was surprising was not that the company was formed under the TPLF Plc, but the owners (board members) were none other than the wife of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, the wife of Minister of Health Tedros Adhanom, the wife of the Head of the Drug Administration and Control Agency (DACA) Hailesilasse Bihone and Mr. Markos Teklu, CEO of PLCU Plc. This company, just like the hundreds of other Dejena/EFFORT companies run by TPLF Plc, are favored with slingshot outsourcing/awarding (without bidding) of government projects and contracts with no transparent competition by citizens. (Aside from this corrupt exercise of political clout by the TPLF Plc, the companies are favored in terms of using the broader political and administrative machinery for garnering credits from government banks, easy access to customs’ clearance and shady and covert tax and account holding away from the public scrutiny.)

The critical action that shades light on how, at the immoral cost of the Ethiopian people, Meles and the TPLF Plc milk aid money for the narrow interests of the Dejena/EFFORT conglomerate is the manner of how the regime uses its absolute power to corrupt public funds absolutely. After the usual drama of aid being given and ferenjis shacking hands with high officials who cutting ribbons, the real job would be schemed in the offices of the TPLF Plc. For instance, in 2006, after the CDC gave health, pharmaceutical, laboratory and medical and technology equipment in aid, the PLCU Plc. run amok to swindle these materials. This was what happened. On this occasion it is the officials named above who give the PLCU the green light to control and/or sell those aid materials. Hence, PLCU Plc, of course was awarded the contract to handle the materials. Over a course of some period, the CDC materials that PLCU was supposed to bring for the Ministry of Health and the regional/Kilil Health Bureaus vanish. Yes, vanish into thin air. Imagine – these are millions of DOLLARS worth of state-of-the-art pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical and technological equipment. These equipment were reportedly sold in Ethiopia and throughout East Africa – that is, after PLCU Plc was equipped with these embezzled wealth and transformed into the only pharmaceutical and laboratory giant. Now the PLCU Plc. is one of the major components of the Dejena/EFFORT conglomerate.

After these public wealth was embezzled and siphoned by TPLF Plc’s top officials by way of one of its companies –the PLCU Plc – a scapegoat had to be fabricated. What comes next is everybody’s guess. If you have absolute power and control all components of the three branches of government both at the federal and in all the state levels (absolute power), you are not short of ways and means. Hence, the federal police apparently opened a file to “investigate” a huge fictional “robbery” of the warehouse of the Ministry of Health, to cover up for the embezzlement. In a country that is administered by a strongman and not by independent strong institutions, you can definitely get your way out – whatever crime you commit – as there is no accountability and transparency.

What struck us most was when, at one point, the sell of these equipment created a buzz in the country and a TPLF Plc. official inside the Ministry of Health sought to put a temporary hold to the swindling, it was Prime Minister Meles himself who gave orders that they should be left alone with their scheme of enriching TPLF’s conglomerate.

By the same token, most also agree that the “independent” HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office, which was run by a national secretariat was pushed into the Ministry of Health as the money was better handled under ministry run by Tedros Adhanom. Similar issues of corruption are also occurring in DACA and PHRAMID that has become a hallmark of the TPLF Plc.

This instance of how TPLF companies get their capital and how aggressively they work for swindling and siphoning money shades light on the creation of, in Sebhat Nega’s admission, the biggest and the richest business empire in the history of Ethiopia – Dejena/EFFORT conglomerate.

This exposition is the tip of the iceberg and the purpose is to let the public know what is being done with the aid money that is being received in its name. Even if we the writers are classic “beneficiaries” of the present system, we have found it essential to expose this as a moral calling as well as with the firm belief that any system that is built on a rusting foundation is doomed to end when people come to know more about its hidden activities. This exposition also makes clear the reason behind the shrilling and insistent noise behind the demand for aid and the tact of not outlining sensible land and economic policies that would significantly improve the lives of Ethiopians. It also answers the reason for weakening the NGO realm and to condition aid money to flow through the government instead of directly to the people or through NGO’s.

The corruption and tyranny President Obama talked about are these kinds of reckless and greedy acts of the strongmen of our country. Our people have the right to know the truth and advance their thoughts based on these facts in order to fasten the solutions.

  1. Helina
    | #1

    These great day is comeing ! Soon very soon ,these flesh eater and tinn killer ,will brought to court on the face of the world .

  2. ali
    | #2

    weyane has always been corrupt.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    እሳት ካየው ምንለየው እናንተስ ምንትለያላችሁ በሃገር ስም ትነግዳላችሁ ምን የሻለ ነገር አሳሁ የባሰ በህዝብመቀለድ ና መነገድ እንጅ,ለላ ምን ሰራችሁ መለሰ መለሰ ከምትሉ ለምን ለተራበ ወገን የበኩላችሁን አትሰሩም እናንተ የሃገር ጠላት ናችሁ

  4. Ethiopia rise
    | #4

    This will stop. Gun will do it. And democracy will bring accountability to our country and these parasites will be rot in prison for good. Rise Ethiopia Rise .

  5. እመበት ሞገሰ
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  6. Azeb Buna
    | #6

    Very informative and salute the writer. Can anyone translate this piece and post it with the permission of the writer ? This information has to be shared with the millions of Ethiopians whose suffering is now the source of wealth of the TPLF controlled Ministry of Health who is billed as the next prime minister/looter of Ethiopia.

  7. Teodros
    | #7

    The picture says it all! The hoodlum Melex Killil ZeRawi will face Justice!

  8. Sami
    | #8

    Well, it is good that Ato Azmera come up with detailed information about how the weyanne corruption machine works in one specific area. I don’t think any Ethiopian is surprise by that. The next step would be letting the donor countries and organizations know how weyanne has been using their money, and they will do something about it. Actually, one of the good things that I heard Obama saying is that he ordered the annual state department Human Right Report to include Corruption report as well. So from next year on, the whole world will see not only the human rights abuses in Ethiopia, they will also see how corrupt Meles is. That would give him hard time to go around and beg as usual.

  9. mateos
    | #9

    I just can not believe Ethiopia and Ethiopians are represented by these fealthy looking ugly couple. Just look at their picture for a few seconds! I’m not a mind reader but by just looking at this portrait what I see is a couple of criminals running and hiding from the law. My fellow Ethiopian the good days are coming where Abebe/Legesse/Melesse, Azebe, Siyoume, Berekete and other weyane gangsters will be COLLECTED one by one from their hide outs just like Saddam and face the Ethiopian people. Let their agazi herds body guards hold their guns as high as possible but at the end of the day GOD IS ON THE SIDE OF THE INNOCENT ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE and these evils will be serving time in the prisons they built.

  10. game plan!
    | #10

    The recent promotion of Dr. Adhanom i blieve as a result of the inner
    working of the corruption from the donor organization and the governemt.
    In a short period of time, weyane has perfected the art of maffia character in an international standard. The promotion of loyal criminal from one post to the other is what we see in documentaries related to CIA smuggling of cocaine – and the cover up of 9/11 investigation. here we are the loqmats poleticians from tegray bulding themselves as if their is no end in sight, why? because of the international crime connection!
    According to Sebhat in the VOA interview- they want to be the future invisible rulers, like in the H. G wells and Burtrand Russell, the British beasts- they want to be OLOGARCHY!
    FOx, phelosophy of these corrupters of the plant is man-as-a-heard, but, they like in the greece legends GODs, no exajuration!
    I don’t expect the west to come to our help, WE HAVE TO CHANGE IT FOR THE
    may God have marcy!

  11. Mama Ethiopia
    | #11

    weyane TPLF has always been corrupt & thug organization. learn about TPLF, that EPLF also opposed the TPLF manifesto for independence on the grounds that Tigrai was an inegral part of Ethiopia and there was no justification for secession from Ethiopia. At this time, the EPLF was reluctant to support separatist movements in Ethiopia, not just as a matter of princople but for various other motives as well… [more excerpts will be posted later

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    sewu yatawu sewun newu wey Beritukann newu wegen Beritukann kehon mebertati alebrti

  13. ሃሜተናው
    | #13

    ከቻርልስ ተለር በሃላ ሃይግ እንገናግን አውረው መለስ

  14. one day
    | #14

    one day i will make a change,, and that day will come soon.

    Hailu Sweden!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. so os lat
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    The combnation of the photo is looking nice,the dream will be very soon

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