Woyanne’s State Minister for Communication Affairs, Ermias Legesse defects – AFP

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ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – Ethiopia’s state minister for communication affairs has refused to return home from the United Sates after an official visit, a top government official told AFP Wednesday. (more…)

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – Ethiopia’s state minister for communication affairs has refused to return home from the United Sates after an official visit, a top government official told AFP Wednesday.

Ermias Legesse was issued with an 11-day visa and left for the US in the second week of June, but has not returned.

“He didn’t report back, but there is nothing political in that,” said the official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“He has chosen to stay there. It seems he has dreamt about going to the US,” he added. “Sometimes strange things happen.”

Ermias, who is in his thirties, was appointed to the position earlier this year.

The US embassy in Addis Ababa declined to comment on the matter, but a diplomatic source said Ermias “has not been reachable for several days.”

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    What the hell is he doing there he must go back and take his share of the woyane last supper. I actually do not like the guy especially on his view of judging people before the court! Or he might grabbed his nominal share and won’a do something in the US that of course include working for woyanes too.
    I will come to the US soon but do not like to see you there Man!

  2. andelenatu
    | #2

    others also sholud be encouraged to do so to excepose the brutal undemocratic fasciest state in ethiopia.others should follow this mans example and join the opposition to leave the tribalist ethnisist barberic regime of melesse zenawi and his mafia group in ethiopia.it is the right decision for what ever reason to leave naked TPLF NOW.

  3. ማይክ
    | #3

    KKKK Weyu…..

  4. Wende
    | #4

    It was expected.If most weyane minsters get chance to live Ethiopia they didn’t return home.Real weyane leaders still are interseted stay on trone.If Ermias didn’t back home we expect manythings from him.He have to explaine his and his boss(Birket Simon) and others mission and how to make fabricated charges and press relase against innocent like General Tefera mamo and others.So if he stay here he can speak his and his freinds mess.Other wise he is also one of bucher groups member and he will face charges like Kelbesa Nego in US.He define thire illegal mission agins ethiopians.

  5. Kume
    | #5

    I heard this idiot on VOA just 3 months ago he said Bulcha Demeksa is a criminal because he commented on G7 Cud eta that Bulcha didn’t beleive the alligation until it proved by indpendent source.
    today he didn’t want to go back this is laughable. Why he opened his Big mouth if he didn’t like woyane?

  6. Girmay Senay
    | #6

    His departure of defection does not bring any change as the vocal diaspora expect because Ermias is from the South. He is replaceable
    and things can go on as usual.

  7. Mekdela
    | #7

    Minimizing the enemy the road to victory

    Despite his past mistakes we should encourage all Woyane official to defect and denounce the core enemy of Ethiopia namely TPLF.

    Political is the art of envisioning beyond the enemy line, we may not like this individual for what he has done or said in the past however, the fact that he took the courage to defect should signal the trembling infrastructure of TPLF tyranny and we should encourage all parliamentary and Woyane officials to denounce and defect the regime soon before it’s too late.

  8. ይሁን
    | #8

    That is good, next will be Sibhat Nega, Did he go back yet?

  9. Ethio boy
    | #9

    I was the first person to angry at this guy interview with VOA few months ago. But,I now realized that,he did everything just for servival.
    So,we have to support him. We have to understand that,what would be happened on him,If he weren’t responed for VOA like that at that time.
    Any ways,I would like to encourage and give him a moral support.God job brother!!!
    Please guys,show him your support.He is not Meles or Bereket who ate the flash of Ethiopian kid in 2005.

  10. Oh! Ethiopia.
    | #10

    An Ethiopian should be free to resign from his position and travel to any country he wants. In the political climate prevailing in Ethiopia, such basic human rights are unknown, and they get press attention when they happen in a different way.
    The guy might have thought that things are smooth and easy here. Or he might have been frustrated at his work for a number of reasons. Whatever is the reason, he has the right to do what he thought was right for him.
    I am surprised that any person who worked for the Government of Ethiopia is condemned, because people forget that the graetest employer in Ethiopia is the Government. I think we should look at politics in a broader sense, and we should not condemn every one who might have worked with the Government.
    In Ethiopia there is no such a thing as resigning and living in peace, because Government have always believed that people are with them or against them. In such a situation, it is the suystem not individuals who should be condemned.

  11. Assta B. Gettu
    | #11

    We don’t need any Woyanne servants to come to the United States with the stolen money from the Ethiopian tax payers. We want them to stay there in Ethiopia till the judgment day. We will then decide who will be qualified to come to the United States or who will go to the Qaliti Jail.

    I was thinking when Meles was in Rome for few days, the army at home will over throw him as the bodyguard tried to overthrow Emperor Haile Selassie while he was visiting South America. But in those days the bodyguards understood each other because they all speak Amharic, a unifying language to overthrow or to support a regime; however, today’s Ethiopian army, I think, is composed of different ethnic groups with different languages: the Amhara soldiers do not understand what the Tigrean soldiers say, and the Tigrean soldiers do not understand what the Oromo soldiers are saying. If these soldiers do not understand or trust each other, then Meles Seitanawi can stay more than one week in any country without fear that his army of the Babel would overthrow him. What a lucky guy!

  12. HelenGirma
    | #12

    we will get all weyane one by one.

  13. mateos
    | #13

    In my humble and honest opinion the primary evil in Addis is Bereket and I hope Mr. Elias will speak up sooner than later. Bereket Simon evil intetion and dreams for this beautiful country and people will be felt for so many generations to come. He is the master of all the lies while his prime mistress is a naturally made begger and killer. I strongly believe Bereket and the rest of the weyane mafia family will be captured before they flee Ethiopia to their hideouts; and I hope they do not enjoy a penny out of the millions of dollars that they stashed around the world. I will pray for the people of Ethiopia and the entire horn of Africa so we can live side by side as brothers and sisters; instead as enemies!

  14. Fayyis
    | #14

    The main good question to be asked is not what he did in the past, but what he will do in the futer! Is he ready to expose the fascists and contribute to the freedom and democracy movement?

  15. Sami
    | #15

    We all know Weyanne will fall eventually. It takes stupid Tigrea to think weyanne is going to be there forever. The more weyanne servants leave their post and expose weyanne, the sooner weyanne goes down. Actually, I would like to encourage and advise all ministers and officials to leave weyanne for the United States. I am sure most of them dream to do that for long time. Now is the right time to do it. The reason is the Obama administration sees weyanne as evil and oppressive regime. That makes the officials explanation to stay in United States makes it easily acceptable.

    | #16

    I agree with “Mekdela”
    for sure there are a lot AKA “EPRDF members” who may not agree with the deliberate destruction of Ethiopia their mother land too! The problem is they are under iron fist of TPLF’s security, “AGAZI”,”FEDERAL” etc. that they have no chance of escaping but keep them selves and the rest of the family safe. For sure many have been forced even to commit crimes. It is like our beloved singer “Tedy Afro” sang “Eyanebu eskista lemdual tikeshaye”, so we have to encourage such people, even at the verge of fall down of the brutal tyranny. They came from the near circle of the atrocious TPLF and so they could have delivered important secrets. That doesn’t mean if one committed sever and evident crime against Ethiopians could escape unpunished! At the same time they have to admit their wealth stashed from the poor Ethiopian masses they unlawfully earned by the help of criminal TPLF’s blessing. Some days they have to give back to the lawful owner which is the Ethiopian people!

  17. elis
    | #17

    This guy may know a lot of secret.If possible opposition should milk him.

  18. Anonymous
    | #18

    i was in ethiopia afew months ago also i had friends who have been working for woyane .i asked them why they are workig for such dictateres
    woyane goverment,they answered me ‘we do no have chice if we oppose them they gone send us prisen’.many woyane leaders working for woyane without any interst ,like state minster who refused to return backhome.however i say good job. we aer beside you.

  19. fish
    | #19

    If they need to to prison that is sacrifice they have to pay when the call comes to save human life. It is a lame reason to kill or be come a means to the killing of innocent citizens. This kind of defection away from the ignorant woyanes is the right thing to rather than continuing harassing and killing like the others who are still working for woyane e.g Lidetu and a like. However justice will be done and those who defect woyane will be rewarded accordingly but will face justice there is no doubt about that.

  20. የወያኔ ጠላት
    | #20

    ፍርድን ሳይቀበሉ መሸሽ ተገቢ አይደለምና ተመለስ በሉት ይህን ሌባ አሁኑኑ ::

  21. Assta B. Gettu
    | #21

    My dear Fayyis,

    I could not find the word “futer” in the dictionary. Can you, please help me?

    Why don’t you take a spelling lesson somewhere before you post your comment on this forum? You are exposing your ignorance to the whole world, and I’m tired of editing your filthy comment.

  22. Günther
    | #22

    Ethiopian should have strech out their hands to God!An less other wise the calamities becoming worst and worst!God bless Ethiopia!!

  23. girma
    | #23

    Good riddance. It is good that feeble minded people like this loser leave Ethiopia one by one.

    | #24

    Free our Hero Birtukan Mekkissa, i don’t care about this idot Ermias the slave.

  25. Anonymous
    | #25

    It is not surprising to see people like Ermias are defecting. To begin with, assignment to ministerial posistions and other key posts of government are not based on merit and profession, rather ethinicity, favoritism/nepotism, corruption, family connection and loyality to meles administration. This is a clear indication of the failure and weakness of the dictator political regime and meles administration.

  26. Anonymous
    | #26

    ወያነ አጠፋን እኮ ጎበዝ!ይህ ደግም ሰርቆ ነው ያመለጠው!!!!!

  27. Anonymous
    | #27

    ለምን ለመፍረድ ትቸኩላለህ ወገን? አድሉን ሰጡትና የሚለውን አንስማ

  28. so os lat
    | #28

    ይሄ ሰውዬ ይመርመር የሰራው ቢኖር እንጂ ለሕዝብ ቢያስብ ኖሮ ቀድሞ ይወጣና የመንግስትን ሤራ ያጋልጥ ነበር::አሁን ወይም የስረቀው ይኖራል ወይም የወያኔ ጊዜው ስለደረስ አስቀድሞ መሸሹ ነው::ታምራት ላይኔንም ጨምሮ መላክ ነው:: ከሕዝቡ ጋር ሆነው እንድሕዝብ ችግሩን ይቅመሱት::እኔን የሚገርመኝ የጴንጤ እምነት ተከታዮች ምን ዓይነት ፍጥረቶች ናቸው? ሕዝብን የገደለና የበደለ እንደ ታምራት ላይኔ ላለ ሌባ መድረክ ሰጥተው እንዲያለቅስብን የፈቀዱትና አብረውም ያለቀሱት ለምን ይሆን የምታውቁ አስረዱኝ እባካችሁ::

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