Rebel Somali leaders urge rebellion against Zenawi’s army.

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ASMARA May 8, 2007 – Renegade Somali leaders Tuesday urged all Somalis to “rise together” against Ethiopian forces, accusing the Somali interim government of being a puppet of Addis Ababa and betraying the country. (more…)

ASMARA May 8, 2007 – Renegade Somali leaders Tuesday urged all Somalis to “rise together” against Ethiopian forces, accusing the Somali interim government of being a puppet of Addis Ababa and betraying the country.Top Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, former parliament speaker Sheikh Sharif Hassan Aden, and Hussein Aidid, the country’s deputy premier, said that Somalis should put aside internal quarrels to unite against Ethiopia.

“We call upon all Somali nationals everywhere to forgive and forget their past differences caused by 17 years of civil strife, and rise together against the Ethiopian occupation,” they said in a statement released in Asmara.

We “demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Ethiopian invading forces from all Somali territory,” it added.

Ethiopian forces have been battling Islamist fighters and clan militia since the beginning of the year when they backed Somali government soldiers to oust the Islamist movement from the capital and south and central Somalia.

The latest surge of deadly clashes abated at the end of last month.

The leaders dismissed the legitimacy of the interim government, claiming that it was guilty, along with Ethiopia, of war crimes including “genocide, maiming, raping, [and] systematic destruction of civilian dwellings.”

They also repeated their desire for a broad-based reconciliation conference to forge a national unity government.

The Somali government is planning to hold a reconciliation conference June 16 – subject to availability of funds – but says that leaders of the Islamist Courts Union can only take part as representatives of their clans, not of their movement.

Somalia has been without an effective government since the 1991 ouster of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre sparked a bloody power struggle that has defied numerous attempts to restore stability.

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    As this Somali leaders said the solution for somalia is not solved by Zenawi ,it kan be solved when all Somalia become united and outstead this blood tristy Ethiopian militery from their owen countery. You somali if you expect peace from Zenawi that is simple dream . They reaso why war lord Zenawi has been in your countrey is becouse of he would not like to see strong somali in the region becouse of he,s owen interest in Somalia ,please stand up hand in hand hit him back from your country

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    First of all somali they never solve there problem
    they fight each other for long time . now they try to tell us they gonne solve there problem that is bull sheet . it is so funny they will not be peacefor the next century that is good for us .

  3. nahomi
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    kabato frist of all you are not an ethiopian ok
    and you donot know nothing about our pm ok just pls keep quit ok kikikikiki

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    nahomi if u ar supporting weyanes lader u have no brain ad u are weyane can u keep quite and drink innocent ethiopian younges blood like ur pm

  5. fish
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    A proxy-colony is a colony of indirect subjection or, “indirect rule”? by an imperialist power through a native proxy “banda”? government created by it, at no cost to the American, British or French tax-payer This is one chapter of our study on proxy-colonialism which we argue is the prevailing system in many parts of Africa today.

    From ethiolion.

  6. fish
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    But tigree are the typical liveng examples who kill their neighbours for nothing just becasue of greed and ignorance


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    Hey guys I want you to listen to this and forward your opinion but you woyanes i already know your opinion, you are so pridictable therefore you are not invited(e.g Nahome, tariku,,geremew)

  8. Eden
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    you need a holy water frp ABBA !!
    you are geting mad over there.

    wish you a fast recover

  9. nahomi
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    this is all about cud onlf olf and thay call tham salf aginst party this all dont no what is
    multy party thay dont no how to become aginst pary and rember if you are an ethiopian we all have to figth for the ethiopia that is what i can see now good bay.
    SAMORA by the way i am not a woyan
    but i am an ethiopian

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    These people are going to dislike you including
    the web page owner for the simple reason
    that you are speaking against the home
    grown three suckers namely OLF,ONLY and
    CUD(Confused,Useless and Desprate),but
    I admire you for speaking the truth Sunshine of Ethiopia

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