Woyanne suspends 42 NGOs as hunger worsens – By Argaw Ashine, Daily Nation Correspondent

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Ethiopian authorities have suspended the operations of 42 non-governmental organisations allegedly involved in activities that are “out of their mandate” in the Southern region of the country. (more…)

Ethiopian authorities have suspended the operations of 42 non-governmental organisations allegedly involved in activities that are “out of their mandate” in the Southern region of the country.

Ethiopia’s Southern regional state justice office chief Mr Yilma Meresa told this writer that those NGOs were out to interrupt the peace and development of the region.

Mr Yilma refused to disclose the name of the suspended organisations. However, he hinted that most of them were local NGOs.

The Nation has learnt that international humanitarian organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and two local gender rights organisations are among the suspended NGOs.

The Ethiopian government moved to revoke the licence of the NGOs following accusation of their alleged involvement in reporting human right abuses in the rural areas.

Ethiopian government publicly accused some NGOs of supplying “inaccurate” information to the United States’ State Department, which was published in March 2009.

Food aid

Meanwhile, United Nations humanitarian office in Ethiopia has warned that the number of people who need food aid in Ethiopia will increase to 6.2 million unless more food aid can be secured.

The recent number of people requiring food aid has been 4.9 million and now the country needs additional 390,000 metric tonnes of emergency food aid for the coming three months.

Ethiopia leads the region by registering an average 10 per cent annual economic growth, has been avowed to end hunger but has achieved less success.

Landlocked Ethiopia is also facing port congestion at port Djibouti which delays the flow of food aid to the country.

Recently, World Food Program (WFP) urged Ethiopian authorities to prioritise the transport of food aid rather than agricultural fertilizer, which is equally important for the second most populous African nation at 85.2 million (UN, 2008).

According to WFP, Ethiopia government agreed to prioritise transporting food aid and allocate more berths for ships to offload available food aid at port Djibouti.

  1. andelenatu
    | #1

    thie is typical characterstic of a ditator state.By suspending humanterian organizations from ethiopia the tribalist killer group in ethiopia are showing the whole world how ruthless thugs they are.It seems time is running out on WOYANE TPLF LEADER melesse zenawi and his mafia group who are there since1991.victory to the ethiopian people

  2. ምሰራቅ መንበሩ
    | #2

    ብስራት መንበሩ ደረጀ


  3. mateos
    | #3

    If there is any Ethiopian or in that nature Somalian, Sudan’s, Eritrean, Djoubitian, and Kenyan did not know the devils of the horn of Africa they are sitting unconfortably in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. These devils still exist because, 1- the agazi herds who are taught to kill so to protect their prime devil need their empty belly to be fed with innocent Ethiopian flesh, 2- the NGO’s who milk their constituences tax money in the name of SAVE THE CHILDREN IN ETHIOPIA, 3- all the diplomats who are molesting innocent Ethiopian children under the guidance of weyane mafia family, 4- all the paedophiles who are abusing innocent Ethiopian boys and girls as, “visitors, tourist, vacationers”, and others. The dirtiest and evilish act to the weyane mafia families had not been revealed yet; I believe the worst is yet to come but slowly and surely started. 1st- it was the slaughtering of innocent 153,000 Ethiopians to boost the empty ego of the air heads weyane leadership, 2d- it was the slaughtering of all Ethiopians during the 2005 so called election, 3rd- the continued slaughtering of Ethiopians and Somalians. Weyane mafia family must be brought to the court of law of Ethiopia now or the Tigryans and their associates will face the uncertain revelation after the weyane mafia family. The time is now because these irresponsible thugs are thirst for more bloodshed!

  4. Sami
    | #4

    Weyanne is intensifying its fight against the whole world. Now, it is not just the Ethiopian people that are against weyanne. It is the whole world. NGOs are watching what Weyannes are doing to the Ethiopian people, and Weyanne doesn’t like that…Well, what are you going to do Weyannes? Invade the whole world? Go a head and do it. After all you are golden people. Aren’t you? Bunch of ideates from ugly place called Tigray.

  5. Peace
    | #5

    The reason they are suspending them is so that the NGOs will not witness any human right violations during the election and report to the world. That is why.

  6. ማለዳ
    | #6

    ሰላም ለናኒተ የመደባችሁ አዲስ ተሳታፊ ለመሆ እፈልጋለሁ

  7. ማለዳ
    | #7

    ከ ስዊዘርላንድ

  8. ማለዳ
    | #8

    መደባችሁን በታም ነው የውደድኩት በርቱ

  9. ማለዳ
    | #9

    መች ይሁን ወደ አገራችን የምንመለሰው

  10. selam
    | #10

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  11. Dinka
    | #11

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  12. wako
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  13. sead
    | #13

    The looks like monkey. He make me sick. death to weyane
    college of southern nevada

  14. Peace
    | #14

    Hey everyone,

    Did you see Meles’ ear? What does that remind you of? Yes, the ear of a devil. OMG that is scary!

  15. Dinka
    | #15

    Aye…. Aya Wako(yabeyen wode emye).It actually is the other way around,if Meles is done you know the next one is the perpertrators like you.If you are scared to kill this monster do not worry I understand.derowenem…..

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