Would Meles Zenawi truly depart, as he has promised, or would he become the grey eminence of Ethiopian politics? – By Genet Mersha, Part IV

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“Africa doesn’t need strongmen, it needs strong institutions” –President Barack Obama (more…)

“Africa doesn’t need strongmen, it needs strong institutions” –President Barack Obama

This fourth and final instalment under this title has two things in mind. In that sense, this article could be considered a two-part piece. First, is the conclusion whether Prime Minister Meles Zenawi would quit, as he has promised, and the likely direction he would tilt. The overall idea of the second part is to show in what shape he leaves the country, especially the economy. He has endeavoured to make it the main source of his legitimacy that public opinion has denied him. Click here to read more

  1. gone
    | #1

    ክትባቴን ተከትበህ

    ህዋሳትህ እንዳይሠራ፣

    በቅኝቴ ስትዘምር

    በልክፍቴ ስታጉዋራ

    ካልደፈርከኝ በአንድነት

    ዘረኛነቴን እያወገዝክ

    በጎጠኝነት ካመለክ

    ሕመሜን በሽታዬን

    ቁስሌን ካልነካህማ

    በቡድን ተከፋፍለህ

    በጎሣ ከጠበብክማ፣

    እልሃለሁ ምን ታመጣ

    የቁም በድን አፈ ጮሌ

    ተግባረቢስ ባልንጣ፣

    የሰው ውራጅ ውሾ! ውሾ!

    በራስ ሀገር

    ችሎ! ችሎ! ችሎ ማደር።


    ከተገበርክ አንድነትን

    ተክህኖህ ወኔ ለብሶ

    ተግባር ሰንቀህ ለወገንህ

    የሀገር ጉዳት ካንተ ብሶ፣

    ግንባር ለግንባር ስትጋፈጥ

    በኢትዮጵያዊ ቆራጥነት

    ውስጤን ሰንጥቀህ ገብተህ

    ገመናዬን ስትገላልጥ፣

    ወይኔ ያኔ የውርደቴ

    የወያኔ ምፅዓተ ሞቴ።

    አለዚያማ ምን ገዶኝ!

    ስታር ባክስ ተኮልኩለህ

    አውጫጭኝ በመቀመጥህ፣

    ምን ተግዴ ለሰልፉማ

    ተንሸራሸር ተንጎማለል

    ተሞላቀቅ በከተማ።

    ጧፍ መታደግ ተስኖህ

    ስለፅልመት መተረክህ፣

    እኔንስ ምን ሊጎዳኝ

    አንተንስ የት ሊያደርስህ።

    ይልቅ እንደልምድህ!

    ለጥይቴ ግንባር ስጠኝ

    እግሮችህን ለእግረሙቄ

    እጆችህን ለካቴና

    ንዋይህን ለስንቄ፣

    መንበርህን ለሹሞቼ

    ስብዕናህን ተመፅውቼ፣

    እኖር ዘንድ ለዛሬ

    ተባበረኝ እንደሥልጡን!

    ዲያስፖራ አባ ወሬ።

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    Dear Genet,
    I always enjoy reading your article. I am also amazed with the way you keep your composure when you write about a person such as MZ. Many of the things you have tried to prove to the reader by going deep and out of your way tells me how you try to be dispassionate about the things you write about. I am sorry that The TPLF:s do not make your life easier. Now a days they do what they want in the open. BTW many of the points you have stated do not require statistical analysis, the malady of Ethiopia’s economy is in such state it has clinically manifested all of its symptoms in glaring fashion so anyone who doesn’t know even what the word economics means can see it. Finally I hope MZ will heed to your appeal to set a term limit, which I doubt he will. Come may/September, we will know that he will be in arat kilo for at least another 5 years.

  3. andelenatu
    | #3

    wethere the TPLF leader melesse zenawi likes it or not he will depart yes he will with disgrace.The ethiopian people will remove him this brutal dictator and he will face justice in ethiopia.

  4. Ayele
    | #4

    what the heck ! why are we killing time discussing why and how Meles zenawi is going to end his term or not.It doese’nt matter whether he is out of office or not.Its not even a point someone should ponder about.Because nothing is gonna change if he stays on power or not.The same kind of TPLF game will unfold with a different face.He is just a part of the gang and can be replaced by one of his robotic minds surrounding him so that he can play his game at the back door.period.

  5. Bedane Seboka
    | #5

    The writer is a typical TPLF apologist and beneficiary.

  6. seyoum
    | #6

    In reference to the post above. Who will force him to depart? The US? The UN? the ballot box?…LOL. As long as we wait until someone else liberates the country it will stay in the grip of Meles.
    The sooner we take pragmatic action the sooner Meles exiles, the sooner we have a chance to set up a democratic system.

    Obviously the struggle will not be easy but then again struggle for freedom has never been easy. As the Americans say “No Guts No Glory”

  7. Martha Gutema
    | #7

    I have read the previous postings of Genet Mersha and have found her pro-weyanne standings on many of the issues she has raised. What Genet and other symaptizers of ethnofascism has got to know is that Ethiopians are not interested in Meles Zenawi`s resignation at all. The ethnofascist Meles Zenawi is committing atrocities ranging from ethnic cleansing to genocide and Ethiopians are demanding justice. This pro-weyanne propaganda of economic growth and infrastructure expansion in the country can not cover up the atrociities of the ethnofascist Meles Zenawi and distract ethiopians from their legal and justifiable demand for justice. While we are proud of female Ethiopians such as Brtukan Mideksa who is paying tremendous sacrifices in pursuit of democacy, freedom and justice, it is depressing to have a woman like Genet who is articulating in her own subtle ways to cedit and promote the ethnofascist Meles Zenawi. When crediting the ethnofascist Meles Zenawi, Genet and other pro-weyanne propagandists deliberately avoid mentioning the tens of billions of dollars the west are pouring into the ethnofascist regime. Genet and Co. should know that Ethiopians are determined to get rid of ethnofascism and no amount of sexed up statistical growth figures can deter them from pursuing their just cause. The ethnofascist Meles Zenawi must release the herione Birtukan and all other prisoners of conscience.

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