Boeing gets $1.3 bln order from Ethiopian – Reuters (SEATTLE)

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Boeing Co (BA.N) announced one of its largest plane orders of the year on Tuesday as African carrier Ethiopian Airlines [ETHA.UL] agreed to buy five twin-aisle 777s worth $1.3 billion at list prices. (more…)

Boeing Co (BA.N) announced one of its largest plane orders of the year on Tuesday as African carrier Ethiopian Airlines [ETHA.UL] agreed to buy five twin-aisle 777s worth $1.3 billion at list prices.

The deal marks a high spot in a difficult year for Boeing and rival Airbus, a unit of EADS (EAD.PA), as struggling airlines hold onto cash and defer or cancel many of the planes they already have on order.

As of July 21, Boeing had 106 plane orders on its books for 2009, but also 89 cancellations, leaving a total of only 17 net orders for the year.

In 2006 — the peak of a three-year plane-buying boom — Boeing notched 1,413 net plane orders.

Ethiopian Airlines, which operates a Boeing-only fleet, will be the first African carrier to operate the 777-200 LR (long range) planes.

The aircraft will be fitted with engines made by General Electric Co (GE.N). (Reporting by Bill Rigby; Editing by Tim Dobbyn)

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    amazing people dont have nothing to eat agazi is purchaing $1.3 bln Airplane .This is capitalizm agazi style

  2. muza
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    Good job ethiopia

  3. Guest
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    Ethiopian airlines seems to operate a succesful business in such difficult time, that is good news. But I doubt if this order is a business decision or political decision. The first impression a ‘$1.3bn’ purchase order creates is the country’s economy is performing well (that may be a benefit in itself worthy of the investement). It is very ironic that our airline is one of the very few succesful airliners in the World whereas every other thing is at the bottom of the list. or is it just keeping appearances???????????

  4. hoy
    | #4

    Don’t link EAL with woyane. Just thank Haileslasie who fought hard for its establishment of EAL. Had it been with the wish of woyane, EAL had transfered its center to mekele long ago. Thank the brave past and present ethiopians who fought for its success. If woyane didn’t loot it every time, EAL could have achieved so many success stories more than this.

  5. Amare
    | #5

    What are you talking about Gudnew,

    Ethiopian Air Lines is te property of the Etiopian people. It has been there since the time of Haile Silasie and it has always been run by professionals, maintaining its institutional freedom. Its spectacular success at a time when all the big air liners in the world go bankrupt is the result of the hrd work of its international class staff and management.

    I have a fierce opposition towards Woyane, but we have to know the difference between Woyane and our country. I assume you would have blamed Woyane if the report was that our airline has gone bankrupt. And now that you hear it is making huge profits and expanding…. Well as for me this is good news. GO on ETHIOPIAN.

  6. Hailu
    | #6

    I fully support Amare comment as ex Ethiopian Airlines employee. We have to see separately woyane from Ethiopian Airlines. I wish the best for EAL .

  7. alula
    | #7

    guys wake up. ethiopia is broke. not even america arlines can afford 1.2 billion plane order. weyane has invested 35 million media PR. false news. call your family in addis ethiopia is about to collapse. no water,no food, no electricity. all the land except tigray sold to investors.

  8. alazar
    | #8

    weyane propganda. ethiopia has no money. It is credit. How in the hell will ethiopia buy 1.4 billion plane, when ethiopia can’t not afford genrator to light a city as big as addis. weyane propeganda wake up. call your families in addis. ask them if thier is a light service in addia. addis has no light. back to stone age under weyane.
    Ethiopia has been under sieged by weyane TPLF for the last 18 years. if we ethiopian don’t wake up. it will contune and our people will suffer.
    The looser between ethiopian-eritrea coopeartion is the tigrain people. Isayas of eritrea believe united sudan & united ethiopia, not ethnic based politics like weyane TPLF. you only have to listen to the interview he gave to Elias of ethiopian review.

    make your judgement.

    weyane fear is that ethiopian will work with eritrean government. that is weyane worest fear.
    Medrek party is a wayne extension, the core economic & military power is tplf, tigrain 1st citzen and other second. yeap. seya, and gebru asert is another coin of TPLF. They(seya&Gebru) are more loyal to tigrain people than ethiopia. real ethiopian oppostion are G7,OLF,ONLF,EPPF & TPDM. other in addis are power hungery of seat.

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