Africa parliament says Ethiopia to fail in Somalia.

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JOHANNESBURG, May 10 (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s efforts to stabilise Somalia are unlikely to succeed and African countries should live up to their promises to send peacekeepers there, a continental advisory body said on Thursday. (more…)

JOHANNESBURG, May 10 (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s efforts to stabilise Somalia are unlikely to succeed and African countries should live up to their promises to send peacekeepers there, a continental advisory body said on Thursday.PAP) also said in a report that Ethiopian military support for Somali government forces against Islamist insurgents was “doomed to failure”.

Backed by Ethiopian troops, tanks and warplanes, Somali forces ousted rival Islamist leaders in January and are trying to secure the capital after a surge of bloody fighting.

Fighting between Ethiopian-backed government forces and insurgents has killed at least 1,300 people since February. Just days ago, it declared victory, but is still wary of guerrilla-style attacks.

The PAP only advises the African Union (AU) and has no decision-making powers.

But its conflict resolution committee’s recommendation that Ethiopian troops should withdraw from Somalia drew strong criticism from Ethiopian delegates to a session in Johannesburg.

“There seems to be great variance with what the report said and what is happening on the ground,” said Ahmed Hassen, an Ethiopian member of the parliament.

The interim Somali government, set up in 2004, is determined to restore central rule to the Horn of Africa country for the first time since warlords toppled dictator Siad Barre in 1991.

The PAP report suggested the transitional government and its Ethiopian allies were trying to use the issue of Islamic insurgents to gain U.S. backing.

“The Islamic Courts issue was always largely deployed by Ethiopian and the Transitional Federal Government as a way of winning U.S. approval,” it said.

“This was the way in which Somalia’s domestic power struggles could be internationalised”.

PAP criticised the AU for not delivering on promises to send peacekeeping forces to Somalia. So far only Uganda has sent a 1,500-man contingency that began patrolling Mogadishu in recent days after a lull in fighting.

“At present, it is apparent to everyone that for all the labelling the current deployment is a Ugandan rather than an AU mission, and there is no sign of command or control being exercised from the AU,” the report said.

  1. fish
    | #1

    This a clear indication, the war aginest the somalian ppls is not supported by any african countries leaders except those of the american pupet Meles and Museviny. All african countries decline their support to the US backed somali transitional government.Those primitive woyanes don’t have any plocy of their own and they jsut do what eve they are told by Bush for blood money.

    Shame on Woyane

    | #2

    wegenochie endiet senebetachu?….ye Woyane Somalia wust ejun masgebatu ye buzuwochachinin Ethiopian yasazene kistet new yeneberew,Meles Zenawi ye Bush “ye ghedel Mamito” honew eskemeche endemizelku Eghzihar new yemiyawkew…….PAN-AFRICA PARLIAMENt yesetewin meglecha EU beyegiziew eyedegageme eyegeletse yalewin ye WOYANIEN talka gebinet be SOMALIA eyesemanina eyanebebin new……Wegenochie Woyane min akim alewina ke Somalia yemiwetaw?….gietochu wuta eskilut tiezaz yitebika enji!!

  3. nahomi
    | #3

    all you tow are not an ethiopian ok you now what woyane is you two dont now what is woyane
    woyane is an ethiopian no one help him on somilai this all about all cud onlf olf uic shabia is suporting thos and try to be the bigst miltary in the rigin but ethiopia is the bigst we show is alread and if you are suporting thos group we ask alreed to come one in one dont go here and there ok
    good luke

  4. kassahun
    | #4

    the twisting prime minister of ethiopia is ready to open fier aginst the eritrian government and that will help the melse zenawee government to bend over the action that is taken by most of the parlament democratics in washengton and the presedent gorge bushe will regect the paper and taking in to the floor isnt he wonderful liyer and disioin bender he you guyes dont west your time saying invation somaliya keniya ertria if it is nessery melse is redye to invade the God kingdom keeeee see you

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