UK based Ethiopian Worldwide TV (EWT) Collapses and Folds – By Global Newswire

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UK based Ethiopian Worldwide Television (EWT) owned by Ethiopian business man ENDALE BEYENE an accountant has folded and stopped broadcasting in the UK, the station which once had offices in Perivale, Middlesex England has been of the air for a considerable amount of time and officials at UK companies house have now announced plans to strike the company of the UK companies register for failing to submit statutory accounts that were due on 26th December 2008.

In addition Cherea Accounting firm also run and managed by ENDALE BEYENE is facing the same striking off procedure.

Ethiopian Worldwide Television (EWT) claimed to broadcast both television and radio programmes, designed to appeal to all ages. Founded in 2004, the London based privately owned broadcasting company sought to promote Ethiopia and enhance economic and social growth in the country, as well as keeping Ethiopians in the Diaspora informed about current developments and local issues in their homeland via satellite, cable and new media journalism, but Ethiopian World wide TV (EWT) never officially had a UK broadcasting licence and it simply bought air time from the UK based Sky TV broadcasting service at the weekend and used to broadcast 2 hours of reruns of news from Ethiopian and Ethiopia music videos.

In an interview with an Ethiopian Newspaper in 2007 managing director ENDALE BEYENE claimed that Ethiopian Worldwide Television had 10.5 million viewers in the UK alone, a claim and figure which was not supported by any independent audits such as Nielsen’s Media Research or any other credible ratings firm.

Calls to the official phone number were not answered, The official Ethiopian Worldwide Television (EWT) website has also since been shut down.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    I think he is a bloody lire, never think that million people watching his program.

  2. ፍፍፍፍድረረር
    | #2

    አይ ጉድ

  3. Abetugetahoye
    | #3

    Good News He is a very corabted person and a big lire. Abuser of his marriage. I think the Ethiopians who live in UK has to wake up and tell him he is wayane spy. Maye be wayane throw him out that’s why he wanted to close his station because he can not afford to ran by him self. He and Mulugeta Asrat is working for wayane. They are big Hodamoch sucking Ethiopians blood. One day the truth will com out.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    For your information, Endale has no known qualification on Media or Accountancy. I know him personally for many years, it is better to say he has a qualification in lies and good in deceiving people. Once I heard from Ethiopian Airlines marketing team source, how they laughed at him when he told them that he has a potential 3 million worldwide viewers. In UK the well known X factor show equivalent of American idol attracted an average audience of 10 million viewers. Endale says he has 10.5 million, well that says it all. Next time Endale might claim he is an astronaut and traveled to the moon on several occasions.

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    Thank you for the news it was so late to report the clousers of WET in London they call it Kitchen Tv, you alreday mention about Endalw, by the habite of lying the public and the audiance Endale was expossed his family for the big embarassement here in UK and all over the world,now a day he is in addis ababa doing delela and he married anothe wife for the fivth times, his childernes are drug addicted here in west London/Heath town/ he also mischived his wife as if he is in holiday in ethiopia, athough the new wife she do not know about him he married in addis last monthe in Ghion hotel , he exploite the london people and cheat them as if he is doing the media well enough, at last i will bring you the vedio of all his secreat life soon and some more pics, stay on line….

    Mary Yoseph
    the victim

  6. anonymous
    | #6

    Isn’t this cheat in Addis Ababa now serving TPLF?How typical of all TPLF servants!Unscrupulous individuals who are out there to serve themselves and by any means possible.Zenawi is now,at the twilight of his rule,attracting solely these kinds of worthless and unrealiable bunch who live for their belly while shouting his shout but not fight his fight.He can never forget that at the slightest sign of change of his fortune,his”loyal” servants will desert him attending again the call of their wild ሆድ.Pity the dictator!He is lonely!

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    teddy we love you

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