Remembering May 15 – Kinijit DC Metro Support Group

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Ethiopians in Washington DC and surrounding area staged a colorful remembrance day of the May 15 2005 Election in Ethiopia. (more…)

Ethiopians in Washington DC and surrounding area staged a colorful remembrance day of the May 15 2005 Election in Ethiopia.

Hundreds paraded through downtown DC Walking 5 Kilometers from Dupont Circle to Freedom Plaza chanting Slogans and Singing freedom songs for their people.

The democratic opening of May 15 was a moment of truth in Ethiopia. It was a day of historic truth for our people to vote. Ethiopians on that day stood in long lines to vote under scorching sun and rejected the TPLF Regime unanimously.

“Yes, the Election was stolen, robbed in broad daylight”?, Eng. Hailu Shawel Said. However, our people have never let their spirit robbed.

The spirit of Kinijit lives on even though the leaders of Kinijit stay in prison. TPLF dies day by day.

Our people are not allowed to voice their wish and desires but their voices are still heard through their sons and daughters in Diaspora.

More Pictures :

DC Kinijit
DC Kinijit
DC Kinijit
DC Kinijit
DC Kinijit
DC Kinijit

More Pictures by Tewodros Mekibib

  1. | #1

    Kinijit is a strong spirit. Bravo kinijit! bravo Abudida!!

  2. dejen mamay
    | #2

    freedom to our politician in prison!peace to ethiopia.

  3. samuel Tegen
    | #3

    Freedom to our politician in prison.and victory to kinijit and ethiopia.

  4. e
    | #4

    free our leaders…

  5. nahomi
    | #5

    you what just this 25 parsen in there what hapen to cud or your kinijit
    you now way thay are with onlf,olf,and they kill innosen 74 pepole that way just 25 pepole of cud and onlfand olf family meber olny on the 5 km in dc

  6. fish
    | #6


  7. fish
    | #7

    Kinijit needs to aplouded even by those primitive tigree and woyane parrot Nahomi and his/her alike because despite of the stagering defemation and killing and inprisment it is still a potent and real oppstion to the tyrant meles.

    They deserve aploud

  8. nahomi
    | #8

    Our people are not allowed to voice their wish and desires but their voices are still heard through their sons and daughters in Diaspora.

    you now this is what i say ok

    TPLF is an ethiopian you have to understand with out TPLF also there is no democratic in ethiopia this all about poltice ok !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ethiopiawt
    | #9

    nahomi you are not happy a lot of people are out on 5k walk.It is time for you to join the majority it is not worth your life working for weyane.Kinijitdc chapter bravo and keep up the good work .

  10. Haile
    | #10

    Kinjit is a prit it can not be destroyed, once again let me applaud their desire,wishes, and work for all Ethiopians.

    Naomi, I can not believe your are saying TPLF is Ethiopia, if You mean the people of Tigre I say more than any body. As for your organization, TPLF- what they are doing to that country is worse than what Mosoulleni did more than fifty years ago.

  11. Tigist
    | #11

    Yes, Kinijit is the spirit of Ethiopians that seeks freedom, democracy and human rights. It is so true and natural sprite. Meles and Weyannes are fighting against this very natural sprite. The Kinijit’s sprite is there to win. It is just a matter of time. No one can beat this natural force, certainly not Weyannes who are so awkward and primitives.

  12. Mimi
    | #12

    I totally, agree with Tigist’s assessment. Kinijt bears the basic human being quest of millions and millions of Ethiopians for freedom, democracy and human rights. These basic human rights are gifts of the living God to all human beings regardless of their ethnicity, race, religion or political afflation. Weyannes either they don’t understand this very basic, but fundamental truth or they believe we Ethiopians are sub humans. One or the other way they are deadly wrong, and we Ethiopians have to teach them that the way they understand it.

  13. Saba
    | #13

    Way to go! Great job DC Kinijitites and all.

    Kinijit is the Way! Don’t let these primitive tribal bandas distract you. The dedeebit dedebs
    are even a source of embarassment to their own kind.

    Dengay denagayeen yeweldal!

  14. FiSEHA
    | #14

    free our Leaders and Down to TPLF

  15. j.p.h
    | #15

    No division Kinijit is ONE and strong.
    Release ower true leaders.
    Ethiopia shal prevaile!

  16. Nahom Teshale
    | #16

    Ato nahomi, please, try to accept or understand the reality of Ethiopian Politics. Possible you are one of current autocrat TPLF cadre’s. “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”? Abraham Lincoln. For sure you TPLF command can not survive with out the will of Ethiopian people. TPLF cadres are overlooking the interest of the people because of “Agazi tor”? 100 percent uneducated militias’. But history tells us that no tyrant regime stay longer by means of militias’ rather stay by the will of the people.

    Please stop thinking like an animal.

  17. Leul
    | #17


    CUD is a spirit which embraces every single Ethiopian. The struggle is all about freedom, equality, human rights, and LOVE. PLease don’t be fool. TPLF never ever wanted to see a United Ethiopia. But think about it, we have the same origin, color, and last but nor least culture. Wake up and join our struggle for such a good cause. That is the only way we can build our country and pass it onto the future generation.

    A friendly advice for you, please get an editer when you write. I had a hard time understanding your comment.

  18. Henok
    | #18


    This is just another proof that KINIJIT is not just a MENFES but ERKUS MENFES or a FANTASY!!!

    The only positive thing coming out of this “5 km walk” is that a slight reduction of the BORCH accumulated by most of the HODAM DIASPORAS IN DC AREA.

    It gives me great joy to see you loosers shouting alone in the streets of DC far far away from the reality in Ethiopia.

  19. Mengesha
    | #19

    I am proud of you Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans to stage such a colourful demonstration in DC to remember the May 5 election that was betrayed by the ‘banda Weyanes like Meles’.

  20. Getakale
    | #20

    I feel that very responsible whenever I remember these GREAT LEADERS. They taught us what is really very important in our life.
    It is an impetus for a change. Ethiopia wants a rapid change, and they taught us how to bring a change, how to give respect for any one,how to handle national issues, how to tolerate and to have strong belief for what we do for the people.
    I pray for them the ALMIGHTY GOD to bring them GOODNEWS.
    I pray for all Ethiopians to have a bright millinieum sharing the problems of one another.
    Please, let us discuss each other. Nobody will come to solve our simple problems.

  21. nahomi
    | #21

    democratic for ethiopia but you all are cud,olf,onlf,and kinijitcd what ever but ther is same one also with others so dont get sad or mad this is what they call dimocracy and thinks for your comment keep it for you all

  22. | #22

    nahomi u are banda weyanes kadre ur time is almost finished even meles is preparing to escape from where he is now so u can write what ever the stress push u to write but u have no where to go just time gust time

  23. nahomi
    | #23

    my time is so long i will to go any where still
    we are here man we will not escape what your are saying man thaks

  24. ewnet
    | #24

    Well done my people!
    stand for the oppressed in truth, that’s what God likes.
    You know, every authority is given by God, even for evils like meles, for which they are accountable for. And it is time for God’s judgement, which is righteous and holy.
    Read Is49:14 to end, it’s for eth.
    God bless Ethiopia.

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