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I listened the ECAD’s Interview with Ato Berhane Mewa. Lots of Ethiopian Children raised very important questions. I do not have ideological objection to the Ato Berhane Mewa’s answers. He describes the TPLF rules as gluttonous colonial rules. I completely agree. However, I differ in calling TPLF as EPRDF and “Mengist” at any time. TPLF is not equal to EPRDF or “Mengist”. If they are not equal they are not identical. If they are not identical they are not the same. If they are not the same we should not use alternative names for one and the same thing-Woyane. That is right! What exists simply is the Tigraye liberation front (TPLF) or woyane. EPRDF does not exist. It is because some of us are brain washed for years that we name the non-existing organization as EPRDF. If Satan forms an organization (with Yihuda and PIlatos) called SYP (Satan-Yihuda-pilatos) and wants us to call him SYP we should not follow his rule. Instead we should call him Satan no more no less! Because Yihuda and Pilatos are just his slaves as Abdulla and Addisu are woyane’s Agasses horses for riding without a saddle or a piece of rag.

Some say we do not care about their names. I completely disagree my brothers and sisters. I strongly want to emphasis that name matters. When you call Satan Pilatos it is lighter. When you call Woyane EPRDF it means, at least Tigre plus something. But there is no something with functioning conscience and dignity. Therefore, Woyane should be called by its real name it held since its conception for separation in Dedebit. That name is Woyane. The phrases woyne rule and EPRDF rule does not sound equal. Try it now, please. Does it? Because they call themselves EPRDF to fool us and the world, we should not fall in to their trap. No doubt they are woyanes and they serve only one minority group as their party name implies.

Therefore, we should actually run aggressive campaign to inform the Ethiopian people to call TPLF just woyne but nothing else. Because they are nothing else but woyane. We should also inform the world that what is disintegrating Ethiopian in to ethnic fragments is TPLF or Woyane. We should be able to avoid EPRDF (physically non-existing organization) from the foreigners’ vocabulary as well. We should understand that the more we disseminate this information the more the Ethiopian people understand they are under colony rule. Similarly, the more we inform the foreigners, the more likely the foreigners will address TPLF with its real name WOYANE-# as well.

Let me repeat it. Name matters! Name Matters!! Name matters!!!

If you do not believe me brothers and sisters, talk to any psychologist close to you. Thank you!

Aynalem Beyene (

  1. Sebeaa Enderta
    | #1

    I agree with your comment but I disagree on one important name that is “Weyane”, you see TPLF is molded and created by EPLF, as TPLF started growing and expanding south ward it incorporated the name Weyane.
    Rmember the 1st Weyane of 1935EC,a revolution against the Feudalistic rule of His Majesty. The people of Tigray organised under the name of Weyane and fought for equality and democracy but failed to achieve it. To be accepted by the people of centeral and southern Tigrean people TPLF (Schaebia) adopted and revived the name Weyane. Therefore I say lets call this TPLF, Schaebia because its created by EPLF Schaebia.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    I completely agree with you. Woyane is Woyane carcinogenic virus if you like

  3. JIGSA
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