Ethno-fascism and its racist side – Feyissa Woyessa, Sweden.

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The derogatory and racist remarks posted on the principal propaganda outlet of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) known as aigaforum, are typical of any fascist and racist organization. These remarks have outraged many and some concerned Ethiopians have condemned them in their written reactions. However, the TPLF goons responsible for the website (aigaforum) have tried to ridicule those who have called on them to come to their senses and apologize. Aigaforum has even arrogantly dismissed the racist remarks as the fabrications of what the ethno-fascists call the extreme or vocal Diaspora. One should not expect any kind of apology or decency from these callous ethno-fascists who are well versed in the despicable acts of deception, lying, killing and looting.

It is undeniable that the TPLF manifests the characteristic features or traits of fascism though clad in its ethnic politics. The leaders of the TPLF have capitalized on grievances and used fascistic methods and/or propaganda as their tools of agitation to mobilize foots soldiers and supporters in their region of Tigray. Hence the designation ethno-fascism is used to show how the TPLF has combined ethnicity with fascism to promote Tigrayan supremacy on one hand and degrade and degrade and discriminate others, on the other. The supreme and uncontested leader and owner of the TPLF Meles Zenawi, has not hesitated to hide his ethno-fasctic viewpoints. He had publicly declared his pride in belonging to what he referred to as `the golden Tigrayan ethnic group`. Despite these and other substantial evidences which reveal the ethno-fascistic motives and nature of the TPLF, most of the opposition groups in the country are dancing to its tune. It is long overdue for the opposition to devise and implement a method of struggle well suited to the objective of getting rid of ethno-fascism and paving the way for a genuinely democratic process. The post 2005 elections crisis has demonstrated that the so called legal ethnic based opposition parties lack the determination and will to pursue the popular caused to their end. They simply bowed to the intimidations and threats of the ethno-fascists and gave a legal cover to the regime of Meles Zenawi. The rubber stamp parliament of the ethno-fascists in which these opposition forces are sitting as apparently supplementing members, has been endorsing a series of bills designed to stifle and penalize dissent and genuine political opposition in the country. Ruling through intimidation, threats and doling benefits are among the methods the ethno-fascists use consolidate their political power.

There could be several factors which have triggered these racist remarks by the notoriously ethno-fascist TPLF establishment which coincided with Secretary Clinton’s visit to Africa. The most likely one is that the regime of Meles Zenawi is feeling the wind of possible US foreign policy change the Obama administration is poised to adopt. President Obama’s speech in Accra in which he addressed African power holders and urged them to put their houses in order, has sent a clear signal to Meles Zenawi and his likes in the continent.

The election of Mr. Barack Obama as the president of the US has already created a considerable and visible uneasiness in the regime of Meles Zenawi. International terrorism and building or seeking anti-terror alliances could no long occupy a central stage in the foreign policy of the US. The International anti-terror alliance has taken on board dictators and tyrants including the regime of Meles Zenawi. Meles Zenawi has been able to avert western and US criticism and scrutiny for his horrible crimes against humanity by shielding him self with the US led anti-terror alliance This does not fare well with the ethno-fascists and appears to have caused panic and uncertainty. The racial remarks posted on aigaforum are a sort of reaction to this possible development. Meles Zenawi seems to have taken western and US support for granted and is aware of the fact that any possible change in the US foreign policy could be fatal to or undermine his ethno-fascistic rule. Therefore, he is trying to use his race cards to influence US foreign policy which he can not provided the Obama administration is determined to change course. The ethno-fascistic regime is rejected and pronounced illegitimate by Ethiopians and foreign or western support remains crucial to its survival.

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    You are crazy.The USA needs the woyanes for another 50 years.The weyanes have many friends in the world.It is not only the West that they need.They are also friends to the Russians and the chinese and the japanes.So your arguments are not convincing,as the Woyanes are still confident and are never afraid of any consequences,be it financial ,social or diplomatic.But they know that they have contenders of power back home and they are well poised for that.

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