Pop Star Teddy Afro Freed From Jail in Ethiopia

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ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s most popular singer, Teddy Afro, was freed early from prison on Thursday after serving 18 months of a two-year sentence for hit-and-run manslaughter. (more…)

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s most popular singer, Teddy Afro, was freed early from prison on Thursday after serving 18 months of a two-year sentence for hit-and-run manslaughter.

The performer, whose real name is Tewodros Kassahun, was found guilty of killing an 18-year-old homeless man while driving his BMW in the capital Addis Ababa in 2007.

Lawyers said he was freed early because of good behavior.

“I would like to express my respect and gratitude to all the people of our country,” Afro told state TV after his release.

“I was able to meet many good people in prison, from the lowest-ranking policemen to the highest administrator. I had a nice time. My relations with other prisoners were also good.”

Afro, who is well known for criticizing the government in his fiery lyrics, is hugely popular among young Ethiopians and sings mostly in the local Amharic language.

Hundreds protested outside the court during his trial — an unusual event in a nation where dissent is rare.

His sentence had been cut from six years in February after his lawyer argued that the victim had been drunk and was lying unconscious on the road when he was hit by the singer’s car.

Afro has always denied being in the vehicle.

(Reporting by Barry Malone and Tsegaye Tadesse; editing by Daniel Wallis)

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  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    who is Tsegaye Taddesse?

  2. mimi
    | #2

    God is so good. I recently came back from home and really thought of his mother and how she must feel. God is so good; nothing is impossible. his mother’s prayers along with millions of fellow citizens were answered.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    lav u darling god he is agreat and i rember the time being we have been together the place that u like to be in ur life.

  4. ki
    | #4

    teddy is the best person for ethiopia

  5. Revolution
  6. xzxzxzxz
    | #6

    Very happy, for teddy and for all of us. God bless Ethiopia.

    | #7

    My personal comment on the release of our outstanding Artist “Tedy Afro”:
    In a way it is good news that our known and one of the best Ethiopian artists Tewodros Kasahun has been released from prison, we wish him all the best in his future plans!On the other hand individuals like brave ladies like Birtukan Mideksa, who stood for the cause of Ethiopia and Ethiopians are still languishing in a rat infested horrible prisons, over 40,000 Ethiopians whose crime was their good wish to their beloved country and people, in order to live under democratic rule, peace, prosperity and freedom are still suffering in the same and even worse prisons. Most have been tortured, being crippled and brutally murdered for they have used their God given democratic rights to choose by home to be lead and they won in the 2005 “election” prepared by the very brutal regime. The Bedeno massacre, Anuak massacre, Awasa killings, the Gonder….Ogaden region etc. mass cold blooded murders have still not been investigated, not forgetting about our over 100,000 young soldiers killed in the 1998-2000 Ethio-Eritrean war! The Ethiopian land has been sold, the wealth has been accumulated in foreign Banks by her enemies, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians have been subjected to a low Refugee life around the Globe, Ethiopian history and glorious past her religions and land have been deliberately and systematically destroyed. So, when we see all these, the release of our brother “Tedy Afro” is like a drop of water in an ocean, in terms of our overall happiness. This doesn’t give us a moral ground for celebration, when millions of Ethiopian mothers are crying for their dying starved child because they were prevented from their farm land and development by the brutal regime. In short, let us be happy for our brother “Tedy Afro” like he himself described the situation in our country by one of his beautiful songs “Eyanebu eskiste, lemdual tikeshaye”. What I wanted to stress is that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are in “Lekso mekemet” as we say it in our country. I think Tedy would have agreed with me if I say Wellcome to the bigger prison after leaving the smaller one. My advice for brother Tedy is please leave the country and well-go to Diaspora, where your full freedom will be granted automatically and from there continue to struggle by using your talent as an excellent artist in the defense of our beloved mother land we already know you adore the best! Let God help you our beloved true son and excellent artist of mother Ethiopia!
    Long live Ethiopia and Ethiopia should prevail!

  8. Dagnachew Koru
    | #8

    in August 14th, 2009 at Tedi afro Yedeha agar engi, deha geday aydelem?
    I am not happy if somebody is jailed with out any gilt. I have no clue about him and the court process.
    The reason:-
    1/ Tedi Afro is very young for the whole country politics, I think he might not know about the old style of political bash by Feudal Neft which many million Ethiopians suffered from. That is why in 1966 E.C the Addis Ababa University students sacrificed their life for “the Ethiopian land for Ethiopians” slogan.
    That is why most Feudal lost control of the land contrary the land is managed by the poor people of Ethiopia.
    The socialist regime died means not the basic contradiction between the land lord and the peasant is solved. If the oppressor is forgotten the exploitation which they did on the peasant, the peasant never forgets what is happened to hem.
    2/ Not too long ago, the Ethiopian people oppressed by the few people and lost their life for the few. Not too long ago, the Ethiopian people had no right to learn, no right to go to College, no right to worship in what ever religion they want, no right to speak their own language in public, no right to celebrate their culture, no right to build big building in their own land, they took the college result of the poor, and passed the poor kids result to the Feudal kids.
    Is it not the regime what KASAHUN WHIPING FOR?
    3/Look at what he said and acted on his lyrics which saying “HYZO DORZE” What is his intentions you think? What is his show reflecting? He thinks that; is he better Ethiopian than the others? Is this act and emotion is not the reflection for the feudal regime? You tell me that, this reaction is the support for the poor? Is it not undermining the poor?
    Questions for all Ethiopians. Which comes first? The fellow CITIZEN OR THE CHURCH? THE FELLOW CITIZEN OR ST MARRY? For me I will take my fellow citizen first and then Religion or St Marry. Who ever choosing the religion or St Marry first were those who were don’t mind for the fellow citizen and their choice is based on an old class differences between the feudal and the peasant.
    He(Kasahun) is right to teas, laugh and undermine the poor. At the end on HYZO DORZE MUSIC THE PRODUCER SAYING THAT; “EVEN THOUGH THE SONG IS GREAT, NO BODY BUYING THIS SONG” That is the respect what Kasahun and the likes gave for the poor! Who invited him to sing the song?
    For me, Kasahun’s father or grandpa had huge GASHA OR QALAD some where in the bush which they lost at the time of DERG AND WHICH HAILESILASIE DIVIDED FOR THEM NOT ONLY THEM; ALSO INCLUDING THE CHURCH PRIESTS, THE SCHOOL TEACHERS, THE JUDGES, POLICE OFFICERS AND ETC. If that is Kasahun’s question, then if the EPRDF party out, still the rest of oppressed class will fight back Kasahun and the likes.
    King never ever going to come in Ethiopia for ever! Kasahun down with your feudalism!
    Now a days most who ever envolved on our country politics were, the Feudal kids or who ever related to them.
    One day the Dorze people will challenge you good luck and byeeeeeeeee
    He should not be freed!

  9. JIGSA
    | #9


  10. WINY
    | #10

    tadey, i am so happy that i here a good news from my cantry,,its was sureberise for me but it was something spechale,,,teddy i gust want say congra for u and for all ETHIOPIAN people…TEDDY i want say good luck,,,GOD BLESS YOU!!

  11. Anonymous
    | #11


  12. Jokaha
    | #12

    It is not who is right the important thing what is right is the most important. Congra Teddy.
    But Teddy as young man he shouldn’t have to involve insuch away to poletics, particullarly to African poletics. He diving to poletics with out showing a sign of discomfort with current regim…….fellow Ethiopian watch your steps before you do something.

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    Thewodros kasahun (teddy) I wish you,health, happiness, light, Total of what is colled good.እንዲሁም ደጉን ነፍሱን በ ስማይ ቤት ይማረው ::
    Earth in the solar system is the crazy haus.

  14. Free Bertukan
    | #14

    I am glad Tewodros is released although I do not know about much his his character or crime. Now I know Bertukan’s case does not merit even a day in prison let alone months or lifetime. All she did was tell the truth as it is. Among multitudes of political wushi-washis, she stood for truth and justice for the Ethiopian people. She must be released! Let us request the American, Swedish, British, Canadian, German, French, Italian, Japanese governments and the international community as a whole to pressure the TPLF government to rease the innocent Bertukan.

  15. bin
    | #15

    i am so happy teddy is really.nice and young person.i am sureperise teedy his back home. good luck teedy…………….

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