News, Entertainment and an Interview with Prof. Tewuhbo Mihret Fenta

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  1. anonymous
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    Thank you Abugida for the good interview you conducted with Prof.Tewhubomihret.
    He is part of the generation unique Ethiopian scholars who combine our rich traditional knowledge with modern European education.In particular,his knowledge of Geez,the ancient language of Ethiopia which is a rich store of the historcal,political,scientific and religious accounts of the nation is makes him one those rare intellectuals who can enlighten us about our past drawing our own original sources and authorities.Sadly,he is a dying breed being fast replaced by western only educated counterpart with a scant or no knowledge his rich past.This,I muse, is the result of our miseducation for atleast the past fifty years and has tragically produced a copy cat educated elite that has caused much havoc while trying to impose its superficial ‘modern’
    ideas upon the complex realities of the country.

    One can easily see that he is a highly learned man who has a deep faith in the transforming power of education.His advocacy of free and universal education for the children of our country upto atleast grade eight absolutely right.

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  3. ዳቆን ኃ/ ማርያም
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    ሰሳ ም ለአቡጊዳ ዚና ሰራተኞች እንኳን በስላ ሱባኢውን ለመፈጸም አደረሳቹህ አደረስን የክርሞ ሰው ይበለን ዓሚን
    በመግቢይውላይ ያስማቹህት ዘፍን በጣም ታሪክ አለው ትትቅ አቸው የአውሪ ወይም የጦጣ ጅራት የመሰለው ትርጉሙ
    የ እግዚአብሂር ባሪ ያ አይስርቅም አይዋሽም ቢሰርቅም ቅሊቱ ጅራቱ ወዘተ ማለት ነው ? እንጊዲህ ከዚህ ላይ ብዙ መናገር ና ብዙ መብላት ያስጨንቃል ? ሁለት ጥቅስ የጎንደር ግራዝማች በዩነ ና የኒ አባት ደፍተራ ታደስ በዘመነ ንጉስ ነገስት ኃይለስላሲ ታዘው ላስታ ላሊበላ በመጡ ጊዚ ቀልድ ጫዋታ ልጅ ወልዶ ዘፋኝ መች አለ ዙፋኝ ? እሺ የዳቆን ዘፋኝ ፍየል ከቀዘን ሲሉ የሰማሁት ያመድ ማፍሰሻ እኒ ዳቆን ኅ/ማርያም ትዝ አለኝ መርጊታ ፈንታ የዋርላ ድላንታ ተወላጅ በአቡጊዳ ስም እንኳን ደህ ና መጡ ዘብሂረ ላስታ ዳቆን ኃ/ማርያም በግ እዝ ተወከለ ነፍስየ በ እግዚአብሂር እምስ ዓተ ጽባህ እስክ ሊሊት እምስ ዓተ ጽባህተወከለ እስራኢል አና ኢትዮጵያን በ ግዚአብሂር ዓሚን

  4. Anonymous
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    very interesting interview ! bravo Abogida we need more of this please!

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