Mob Disrupts UDJ public Meeting!!!! – Dr. Negaso Gidada

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A mob disturbed a public political meeting of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) this morning (10 A.M) in Adama, Oromia and forced the discontinuation of the meeting. (more…)

A mob disturbed a public political meeting of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) this morning (10 A.M) in Adama, Oromia and forced the discontinuation of the meeting.

The UDJ got permit last week from the Adama (East Shoa) administration and the Adama town Municipality to hold a public meeting. The Municipality even rented its town hall to the UDJ. But the town administration forbid the UDJ from posting posters in the town and from going around in the town to announce about the meeting and invite the public to attend today’s meeting. We were informed that the EPRDF cadres in the Qabales were going around last evening telling the residents not to attend the meeting.

But several hundred residents of Adama came to attend the meeting. Prof. Beyene Petros of the Ethiopian Social Democratic Party, Ato Benyam of the South Coalition, Ato Hadi of the Ethiopian Democratic Unity Movement, Ato Siyye Abraha, former Defense Minister, and my self (all members of the Forum for Democratic Dialogue) were there to attend the meeting as guests of honor.

Around 50 people started to disturb the meeting while Eng. Gizachew Shiferraw, Vice Chairperson of the UDJ was addressing the meeting. The disturbers were shouting, clutching and whistling from the rear of the hall. This mob came up running to the front and damaged a microphone while trying to grab it. They continued to shout: “This is Oromia”, “Oromo is our Language”, “You have to start the meeting by a blessing ceremony in accordance with Oromo culture”, “You can hold the meeting in Oromo language”, “If you do not speak in Oromo language, and you can not hold meetings in our country”. Several people tried to cool down the mob by promising that what is said would be translated in Oromo. However, the mob would not heed to the appeal. It even threatened to beat us up. Eng. Gizachew could not continue his speech. He was forced to announce that the meeting is adjourned because of the disturbance.

This happened at a meeting “permitted” by the administration. This happened in a town hall rented to the UDJ by the municipality. This happened in a country in which the regime claims that there is respect of the law and order. This is in a country in which the ruling party claims that there is respect of the constitution. This is in a country in which the ruling party claims that there is democracy, the respect of democracy and human rights. This is in a country where the constitution provides for the right of using any language and where the members of the federation have promised to respect the federal constitution.

The mob was not a spontaneous disturbing group. There were some OPDO/EPRDF cadres among the mob. I, my self could recognize at leas two OPDO cadres with whom I worked in the organization before I resigned from it in June 2001. It is obvious that the disturbance was an organized one.

For me, this is a clear indication that there is no pre-election leveled playing ground for the political parties in Ethiopia. This confirms that the complaints of the opposition political parties that there is no democratic political space, is true. How can the opposition political parties participate in the coming election process, which may begin in November 2009 if they are not free to move around freely to open their offices, recruit members, and hold public meetings to explain who they are and for what they stand for?

I call on all those who stand for the respect of democratic and human rights, for peace and stability of this country and for economic development of this country do some thing

With best Regards,
Negaso Gidada

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Dr. Negaso and others are late to understand the behavior of Weyane. I would strongly advise Dr. Negaso and UDJ, for that matter, to stop legitimatizing the Weyane regime. Please drop your useless plan to participate in the up coming election. It will not be an election at all.

  2. Ethio boy
    | #2

    I do have NO hope that Woyanne/OPDEO/EPRDF will be changed from their wildish behaviour to humanity.
    They are as usual Wild Animals. We are led by wild Animals in 21st c.

    Ayi Edil!

  3. Babu
    | #3

    I think, what Dr. Gidada calls, mobs are demostrating for the cause they believe and there is no better ways to show democracy than showing disagreement with protesting any event that is contrary to one’s belief. I did not read anything in this passage that amounts to ant criminal activities. If the meeting is public , then it is the right of ant citizen to participate and express his or her feelings inpeaceful manner.
    I think the Adama administartion should be applauded for 1. allowing its facities to be used by UDJ 2. by not interferring in private and public meeting 3. by not allowing police and crowd incidence.

  4. Aba-Koster
    | #4

    Wisdom + Courage =Victory

    Though individuals such as Dr. Negaso may be too late to understand the real nature of TPLF, we should be very wise and support their latest effort to expose and address their anti TPLF sentiment openly.

    UDJ should have the courage to expose all the TPLF recruit hooligans’ tricks and sabotages to disrupt future meeting to the entire nation including the diplomatic community at home and abroad. It may well be the most difficult time in our country’s political history but, it’s the beginning of a new day after the downfall of TPLF apartheid!

    Birtukan Mideksa: You may be out of sight, but you are never out of mind for millions around the world who dare to follow on your footsteps.

  5. Joseph
    | #5

    Here we go another of “us” entertaining illusionary thinking and trying to preach unto us about democracy, applauding Zenawi’s ‘revolutionary demo’. It is good to talk about those things you said in a free society. The Ethiopian people are at gun point, and opposition parties are weakened by Zenawi’s thugs deliberately. The mob was from TPLF cadres, the ones who kill routinely.

    The UDJ Adama meeting is allowed to go ahead in a sort of “don’t leave them kill them”. (Re. no comma used here) I am pretty sure that Dr Negasso understood Zenawi so late, but he is the person who the TPLF used well to deceive the Oromos and now Dr Negasso is telling the truth about them. He is an Oromo, who better understands about the Geda System, and the Oromo People than Aba Dula and Zenawi’s cadres.

    As far as Babu’s comment go, except the voracious supporters and TPLF cadres no one buys these comments. How about if this same Mob breaks into your house, is that democracy too?

  6. mateos
    | #6

    Abebe/Legesse/Melesse, Azeb, Seyoum Mesfin, the rest of the weyane mafia family, and their boss Bereket Simon will be captured alive by the Ethiopian people and will serve time together in the same cell. Dr. Frazer skirt proteted them for some time, the Bush/Blair protected them for some time, but Susan Rice skirt is to small and old fashioned to protect the weyane mafia family. I see their time to serve in the prisons they built for the innocent Ethiopian people! THEY ARE HOOKWINKING THE ETHIOPIAN PEASANTS WITH IN THE COUNTRY BUT NOT TO THE REST OF ETHIOPIANS AND FRIENDS!

  7. Chombe
    | #7

    My fellow Ethiopians, make no mistake about it, we are under ‘Tigray People Liberation front Apartheid’. This is the challenge before us. World need to know, Ethiopia currently is run by a ‘government’ that openly espousing one ethnic group over others. And that is Apartheid, let us not call it anything else.. This people may look like us but they are not us. Apartheid must be boycotted and defeated, by any means necessary.

  8. Babu
    | #8

    While respecting your 100% opposition to the current regime, I do criticise and oppose selectively where it seems to have validity. For example, I do not support the incarceration of Ms. Burtukan Mideksa, the current terror law, Media law and NGO/civic law. These are regressive and out right oppressive laws and moves.
    I also do not have unshakeble faith in the opposition for reason many commentators are saying, many of the actors are the old and tired politicians who for one or another reason did not have thier cake and eat it too. Here Dr. Nagasso was the one who was demonising the Oromo movement for freedom, equality and justice in the pretext of so called “OLF”. That is why he has no credibility in the eyes of most Oromos and what is left for him is to join the current crowd of so called “Opposition grouping called Medrek”
    From the reading of his letter, he seems to criticise people away from the scene, while this incident is local and it should be treated as local.
    This is why I applauded the Adama city administartion. Whatelse could they do? It should be the duty of the organisers to safe-guard the meeting hall order and control the sentiment of the attendees in the meeting.
    The truth is there are still many who do not accept the rule of Oromos in their rightful territories…even names like Adama incite resentment because it did replace the name “Nazret”.
    In the end we have to argue for any group to have the right to protest, and also we need to cultivate the culture of agree to disagree and move on with the common and unifying agendas….

  9. ገሞራው
    | #9

    My preacher Babu let me remind you this BA BU BI Baaaaa if that is what you think Ethiopian`s are dead wrong so find another holla.

  10. chimsisa dachasa
    | #10

    very soon the gangs of legese zenawi (wedi chenawi)will be under the control of Ethiopian people, do not worry and do not doubt the time is near their ashker abadula gamada(aba gara hokote) will be crying like a baby just wait and see. I feel sorry for abadula very soon oromo people will show you that he is nothing and u will hear hear his cry like a baby over the air. Be patient.Injerjerina ijole. atchekulu lijoch, le hulum gize alewu. Dergin yayeh teqettaa

    | #11

    I think what dr. Negaso Gidada has posted is very important, but having participated in this “Government of Meles” for so long and even having being a president of a country at one time, when the country was being dismantled, people massacred here and there and the wealth had been stashed away, in your close watch seems like “Jib kehede wesha chohe” and so I agree with commentator Nr.1 “to stop legitimatizing the Weyane regime” now!

    Any way the next Ethiopian election is coming and our struggle continues
    For example I appreciate the effort by fellow Ethiopians in Diaspora who have opened a petition to expose the “AIGA FORUM”, the mouth piece of Racist Meles tyrannical regime on his racist approach on the most respected individual President of the USA Barak Obama.

    By the way my personal comment on that matter was as follows and erg every Ethiopian to condemn the racist “AIGA FORUM”:

    I support this petition because I believe in equality of all human kind despite their color of skin, gender, their belief or any other differences! Shame on the brutal tyrannical “government of Ethiopia”, whose prime minister and his TLF party is being accused of Human right violation of genocide proportion against “his own people” and neighboring country Somalia and shut down all minces of media except the RACIST so called “AIGA FORUM”, the mouth piece of criminal MELESE ZENAWI! Shame on AIGA FORUM! In my opinion you deserve a thorough investigation since you have opened your ugly racist mouth on the most respected person on the planet! You have to be stopped also from your oppression of over 80,000,000 people of Ethiopia by collaboration with tyranny!
    God bless Ethiopia, America and the whole world!

  12. Guest
    | #12

    ዶ/ር ነጋሶና ፕ/ር በየነ እንግልት ሲደርስባቸው: አቶ ስዬ ግን ምንም ሳይነኩ መንገድ ተለቆላቸው ነው የወጡት:: ይሄ ትክክለኛ የኦሕዴዶች ባህሪይ ነው:: ሁሉም ፈሪ: ሆዳም: ገረዶች ናቸው:: አይ ወያኔ አመራረጥ ያቅበታል::

  13. GUDINA
    | #13


    Hello there, Your discourse seems a confused and a sort of blaming. But, I don’t blame you for your unworthy and unconscious idea. Trust me I was there and I am an eye witness that the OPDO/EPRDFS action was a terrorist act. And they should be sentenced and judged by their new anti-terrorist law immediately. Otherwise, they have to be taken to their tricky-cheaty friend Tenquayu TAMRAT GELETA’s nearby safe house to be called ABBABA. Your name’s also looks like ABABA
    Tamrat Geleta Jiru or ‘Injiru’.

    NEGATI OLA obbo,

  14. Ayalew
    | #14

    ይደንቃል የወያኔ ጉዶች ቀን ቀን የቤት እንሣ ማታ ማታ የዱር አውሬ ሆኖ ቀረ:: አውሬን እንደአውሬ ካልታየ ለመበላት ግዚያችንን እየጠበቅን ነው::

    አባቡ ምነው ብትተወን እንኻን አንተን የዝንብ ጠንጋራ እናወቃለን

  15. Anti-woyane
    | #15


    I know who you are -Kimalam woyane! Do you know who Dr.Negaso is in the first place? Dedeb shifta! endate ayinet kehadi werada simun literaw balitegeba.
    Please know that,we oromo people are waiting a day for you(woyane) and your slave( opdeo).
    Kimal belita hulu!!

  16. Anti-woyane
    | #16

    Dear Dr. Negaso,

    Many thanks for your information regarding the shameful act of these anti-Ethiopia ,anti-Oromo ,TPLFs’slave organization-OPDEO.
    They are non-human,enjoying their role of salivary for Tigre.
    Death for woyanne!!!Death for their slave,OPDEO!!

    Once again,I can assure for these slaves of tigre-OPDEO,that their time is arriving and they’ll see what kind of punishment they’ll recieve from oromo people!

    Binenssota Hadhaaraw!! wal-agara mal!!!

  17. Joseph
    | #17

    You seem to grind things in the your own world of “chaotic logic laws”

    You also seem to have collected statistics about “most Oromos”. Are you telling us that the UDJ should have their own army/agazi/fed_police to safeguard the meeting? Is this not the duty of Adama City Adm (Meles’ men like Aba Dula – the abuser of Oromo respected traditional title) to protect the public safety so long as they’ve given permission for the use of their Hall to the UDJ? Whether the opposition is credible or not shouldn’t be judged by the TPLF/EPRDF’s cadres/mob and thugs or you! That is fact!

    Regarding OLF, if you support Oromo people’s freedom why you condemn anyone or group who says they stand for the Oromos, including Dr Gidada or OLF? Who has a moral duty to condemn those? You, TPLF, OPDO/TPLF Meles and his thugs? No sir/madam!!! The people have to be given chance to make up their own mind. If you tell us what has been done to the UDJ party at Adama is rightful and also say that you “only criticise and oppose selectively” we will take you at least as Meles’ sympathiser or Lidetu’s “third way” supporter for which people like me have no time for!!! One thing clear for sure is that the Ethiopians are at gun point and they need help!!! Whoever takes over after their demise, Meles and his tribalist junta should go! Nothing worse than this can face Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the time ahead of us! There is no selective approach to fight fascism. Hope it is clear!

  18. Dafar
    | #18

    if change is possible we must finesh weyanee (tigree) 1st thing is 1st UDJ don’t west ethiopian time now we know , support G7 and EPPF .

  19. Dagafa
    | #19

    Hi Guys: Please watch your words. If you blem Negasso for being part of the OPDO, don’t leave out Seye, Marrara and Beyene. I believe Beyene is planted woyane..

  20. aha!
    | #20

    Where is the spokes person for UDJP, Dr. Hailu Araya to share this incident in Adama/Nazret. Is Dr. Gidada serving as anchor person for UDJP or is he providing us the information with his personal remarks, in the paragph before the last paragrph. He is recanting, his last plea with USa envoy along with the other members of Medrek (Forum for Democratic Dialogue) asking for US Government to put pressure on on TPLF/eprdf regime for political space. I wander what those dignitaries are there in UDJP campaign? Would that have been different/received a different reception, than UDJP, if they campained as Medrek Forum for Democratic Dialogue) under Gebru Asrat of Tigrai Harena. I am also baffled by this extension in the title democratic dialogue, which so ambigues and does not reflect the major goals of the party, which is known to be an alter ego to TPLF/eprdf regime.

  21. seifu
    | #21

    to: Babu & weyane cadre
    all ethiopian must be aware that our website is infested with weyane tigrain. They are posting as oromo or ethiopian nationals cause division among us. all ethiopian, it is your responsiblity to identify weyane cadre who are causing division among us. soon we ethiopian will wipe them out from the face of the earth.
    Join ethiopian patriotic groups & save your country from weyane thugs

  22. Ogina
    | #22

    This is a classical example how Weyane is ruling Ethiopia: through beating Amharas using Oromos and vice versa. To understand more, enjoy it here!

    “Why was it easy for Meles’ regime to rule over Ethiopia

    Why was it easy for Meles adminstration to rule over Ethiopians in the last 18 years? Why even will it be easier to rule for further many decades? If we put it simplified, it is just because of the misguided elites of the two BIG nations aka Amharas and Oromos. Meles regime managed to corner these elites and made those of the Amharas to cry for unconditional unitary Imiye Ethiopia and those of the Oromos to sing about unconditional independence of Ayo Oromia. With that the ruling regime could reserve the middle ground aka Union of Autonomous Nations i.e language based federalism as its own position, so that it can accuse Amharas as ceneralist chauvinists and Oromos as narrow separatists and make them fight each other. Some politicians in the opposition have tried to neutralize this effort of the regime. For example, I do appreciate the position of the visionary Oromo leaders and some Amhara leaders who signed the formation of the alliance called AFD (Alliance for Freedom and Democracy), which took a necessary step to deal with the regime’s tactic of devide and rule.


  23. ቻልበለው!
    | #23

    ምነው ዶ/ር (…) ፕሬዜዳንት ሆኜ ሳገለግል ሕገመንግስቱ ሲረቅ ተግቼ ሰርቻለሁ በውጤቱም እረክቻለሁ አላሉም ነበር ? ለመሆኑ ሕገ-መንግስቱን የፈረሙት አውቀውት ነው ወይስ ነጮች ስለበዙ ደንግጠው ወይንስ ዕድሜ ልክዎን ፕሬዜዳንት ሆነው የሚቀሩ መሰለዎ አለዚያም ስልጣንዎን ሲጨርሱ ሌላ ስልጣን የሚያገኙ መስልዎት ነበር ? ታዲያ ይህ ዳር ድንበር የሌለው ሰንደቅ ዓላማው የጠፋበት ጽሁፍ ውጤቱ ይህ ሲሆን ለምን የአዞ እንባ ያነባሉ ?
    ታዲያ የአልጋ ወራሽዎ ፕሬዜዳንት ግርማ ወ/ጊዮርጊስ የፀረ-ሽብርተኛ አዋጅስ የሕገ-መንግስትዎ
    ታናሽ ወንድም አደለም እንዴ ይፈርጃል ወይስ ይከላከላል ?
    “ወጣ ወጣና እንደሸንበቆ በገዛ ፊርማው አሰረው ሸምቅቆ”
    እኛም ብለን ነበር መመጻደቅ በዛ አዋጅ ሲበረክት
    አሜን ብሎ ገባ ሳይጠይቅ ስይመክት
    መቆራፈድ ሆነ እንደ አሮጌ ቁርበት
    “የራሳችንን ዕድል በራሳችን የመወስንመብታችንን ተጠቅመን”(ወደንንና ተስማምተን )
    “በነፃ ፍላጎታችን” (ሳንገደድ ሀሳቡ ገብቶን)
    “በሕግ የበላይነት እና በራሳችን ፍቃድ ላይ የተመሰረተ”( ከሕገ መንግስቱም የበለጠ ህግ ቢመጣ
    “አንድ የፖለቲካ ማህበረሰብ በጋራ ለመገንባት ቆርጠን በመነሳት” (ይህን ሕገ-መንግስት ካወጣው
    ገዢ ፓርቲ ሌላ ሳያስፈልገን በማናቸውም ሕግና አስተዳደሩ እየተመራን ኢትዮጵያ በምትባል
    ቦታ 1-ብሔሮች 2-ብሔረሰቦች 3- ሕዝቦች ሆነን እየተካለልን እንድንኖር ፈቅደን ፈርመናል)
    ታዲያ ወደሽ ከተደፋሽ ቢረግጡሽ አይክፋሽ ነውና(…)”ተቻቻል” ያላችሁት ተጋለብ ነበር ?

  24. gabriela
    | #24

    This is not new for everyone of us as we have the leaders who have identity crises they engulf ethinice fire to rule over the every conrner of the counrty by liting fire towards each other now as we can see it is growing it is going to come to distroy any unity elements .aswe read and listen more not yet tocome because the unity of out people in jeoperdy by our poltical leaders.they talk about unity when we come leadership all are not ready to work for the people but excepecting the people to serve them this was witness during 2005 election .I think as far as this country concern we all have responsiblty to bring peace by giving what we can we have to leave the power to the people let them decide the people who we are serving that when we reach to victory for now it better unite and fight to bring those who lost ethiopian identity based on equality not by race or relgion
    God bless you all

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