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BBC reported today that The International Tribunal seating at The Hague ordered Eritrea to pay Ethiopia millions . In fact, Ethiopia and Eritrea were ordered to pay each other damages for the 1989-2000 border war, but the verdict leaves Eritrea with $10m (£6m) more to pay. The ruling covers compensation for businesses and goods lost and villages destroyed during the bitter conflict.

The Hague Ruling Read: Eritrea Won Its Case of the Monetary Damages against Ethiopia

No question came to my mind… like if the amount would fit the damage as the title of the news seemingly made it that Ethiopia has been awarded a big chunk of money. Then, surprise sparked on my eyes as I read the entire news. The report states that, “…Ethiopia was awarded $174m, while Eritrea got $164m – a net payment to Ethiopia of just over $10m.”

BBC has also reported that Eritrea has already accepted the ruling of the tribunal. Surprised? I am not, and don’t be. What is $10 Million for the entire damage Isayas caused to Ethiopia and Ethiopians? He caused:

• The death of innocent Ayder School kids,
• Death, migration and untold sufferenace of Ethiopians at the border (mainly in the present day Tigray) and in Eritrea,
• The death and causality of tens of thousands of members of the Ethiopian Defense force,
• Loss of goods worth hundreds of millions dollars owned by the Ethiopian business community and government enterprises stocked at Masswa and Assab Ports,
• Death and sufferance of the famine/draught-stricken Ethiopians who lost their assistance as he confiscated the entire humanitarian aid, and etc.

It is nothing. Period.

BBC doesn’t say, however, if Ethiopia accepted the ruling except mentioning Don Pickard’s disappointment with the ruling, attesting that the ruling does not reflect “the level of damage suffered by Ethiopia during the war.” Mr. Pickard is reportedly the chief legal adviser to Ethiopia in this matter.

Ethiopia has already started compensating Eritreans

The trio-Eritreans currently ruling Ethiopia (Bereket Simon, Sibhat Nega and Meles Zenawi) have already ordered their servants to allow Eritreans return to Ethiopia, reinstating to their former jobs held before their mass exodus to Eritrea and returning their bank savings with interest and properties. Of course, Ethiopians who were hired as replacements as the Eritreans were deported would yield their jobs to the Eritrean returnees. Who cares for Ethiopians…when it comes to the Trios?

Win-win situation for Eritreans

According to the international tribunal in The Hague, the Eritreans damage is about $164m. The Meles regime has already declared that it would pay/compensate whatever amount Eritreans lost. That means they will be able to dip twice as oppose to Ethiopians who suffered similar incursion and lost $174m, by the Tribunal’s account. To add insult to the wound, The Hague Tribunal set off the amount of damages each country caused, awarding Ethiopia $174m and Eritrea $164m, a net payment to Ethiopia of just over $10m.

Therefore basically, the net damage paid to the Ethiopians who lost their lifetime savings and properties on top of their loved ones will be $10 million where as Eritreans will be compensated $164 million, in full, thanks to Meles, Sebhat and Bereket. Basically, Eritrea won its case again.

This is an insult to the parents and children who lost their loved ones at Ayder School, the Ethiopian Defense force, the people of Ethiopia in general, the people of Tigray in particular, who suffered the most during the 1998-2000 war.

As we all know, the war is far from over. Both countries still have “troops remain entrenched along the border, over its bleak mountains and deserts.”

  1. adeer
    | #1

    very sad news ten million is nothing we should do something.

  2. Guest
    | #2

    What kind of arbitration body has Meles Settled for? It appears that every decision made favours the Eritrean government. Whereas the aggression was committed by Eritrea, the compensation paid to Ethiopia is so little. We can see the weak and incapable government we have when it comes to protecting the interest of Ethiopia internationally. They can’t even match the tiny Eritrean government. They are busy repressing and looting the Ethiopian people, that is where they are efficient and alive. Shame on the Woyane governement.

  3. hailu
    | #3

    eritrea should have paid atleast 1 billion for invading ethiopia, stealing our ships and bombing middle school full of children.

    eritrea is also occupying regions near assab and kunama that borders ethiopia. it is funny that the media talks about only BADME that is “occupied” by ethiopia while eritrea occupies many territories awarded to it by the commission

  4. Gudeta Mamo
    | #4

    Back then we were told the Eritreans invaded Ethiopia at Badme. That means Eritrea is culpable and pay tons of money for being the agressor. After the war ended, we were told about 19,000 Eritreans and 70,000 Ethiopians were killed. That is a ratio of nearly one 1:4. Even if one Ethiopian is worth 1/4 Eritrean, Ethiopia should be compensated much more than Eritrea, Eritrea being the agressor.What type of verdict is this that awards the agressor? Are we missing something here?

  5. Guest
    | #5


    Thanks for the numbers. I was trying to get the number of Eritreans killed in the war. If this number is correct, then it proves me the sinister motive of the war. The war, I believe was also used as an opportunity to massacre patriotic Ethiopians who are always ready to defend their country. These youth, particularly ex-army members, were considered as a threat to woyane government. The border war brought an excellent opportunity to get rid off them. Looking the current arrogance of the ruling party, its appetite to use force in suppressing any form of dissent, and also considering the efforts made in the negotiation after the war; only this explain the ruling body’s real interest in the border conflict.

  6. eritrean
    | #6

    You are always loosers………..You always open your mouth with Eritrea. Forget us please. Try to brings things that cure the wounds of both people. Ethipia even should pay billions to Eritrea, for every martyr of Eritrea. We paid 65 thousand martiers and again more than 20 thouthand during the boreder wars. As for you guys, I dont care…it is the problem of your master. They always send the youths to the north to be the victims. Since you are >70 mil population, you stupid guys dont share the feeling of those families who lost their beloved in a war with Eritrea.

  7. Mamo
    | #7

    The present thugs in AA are happy to settle with the Hauge outcome.what a joke!

  8. dejen
    | #8


    here we go again!!!!!
    another slap on the face but another victory to the other one.
    NO one could deny that isayyas blood is laying a founding treaties applicaple to AU and the international court of justic for the futur generations,while ethiopia blood has brought nothing rather failed miserably BCS THE WORLD HAS ALREADY SPOKEN THAT ETHIOPIA IS ON ERITREAS SOIL!! WHAT A SHAME!!!!!
    i would probably see ethiopia to STOP this nonsense way of dealing with neghbours and its people and change TACTICS to its advantage.
    that is my advice of the year(2009).

  9. Saba
    | #9

    The Eritrean gov’t does not have to pay what ever the amount it “owe” to the illegal gov’t of Ethiopia. Once Ethiopians choose their own gov’t, only then should pay what ever the amount is. It won’t be also too far for the illegal gov’t of Woyane to pay billions of the looted $$ back to Ethiopia.

  10. Anonymous
    | #10


  11. Mamo
    | #11

    To Eritrean,

    You and the Tigrians are the one who never rest to turn our country back to the stone age,you know nothing but are the lowest of any human being.what do you idiots got after eighteen years? still licking the Arabs ass to feed yourself and carry out their dirty work to destabilized our are a cancer to the region peace and development and for cancer like you there is always a lasting cure you just two monkeys can compensate each others for all we for your Martyr i am sure you will have more of them in hell and of course the rest on wheelchair if you can afford it which i doubt.

  12. ASMARA
    | #12

    The peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea are the closest brothers. The blood shade started due to the selfish outlook of both Evil leaders. Now the time has come for a major cooling off, on the ashes of the Armageddon war. Every Christian and peace loving human being should work, pray and contribute his own part for durable peace in the region. BLOOD CAN NEVER BE WASHED AWAY BY BLOOD. You kill me? My brother will kill you! The game is endless. Let’s all work hard for the peace of the region.

  13. Legizew
    | #13

    That means we werenot the one who was winning the war,cause as far as i understood if Eritrea pays more means they were the one who could damage more. After all War is all about Destroying humanbeings and their property.

  14. jatinain
    | #14

    Forget brotherhood,,,,you Eritrean bandas did what you did during the
    war. you have to thank melese zenawi the undercover Eritrean.
    but don’t forget someday you will pay the price for the crime you have commited.
    The traitor melese zenawi’s days are numbered…

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    Did Ethiopia won 10.000,000 dollar which is $100.00 Dollar for each dead Ethiopians, if the 100,000 figure is true? We know none of the dead solders will collect this money either their families. If this money is collected from Shabia we know it will be paid to an EFFORT company who made the solders Uniform in Mekele after they died.
    I am sorry my friends,there was no winner in this war but losers, and the losers are the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea, Period. Meles and Isayas created this war just to stay in power and they are still in power. Please my fellow Ethiopians remember, Meles and Isayas are more than friends and also blood relatives who lived and trained together for over 17 years before 1991 to kill, destroy and terrorize Ethiopians and Eritreans. They fooled us for almost 20 years. I am no longer a fool, how about you?

  16. Bole
    | #16

    This is so sad indeed. An Ethiopian soldier’s life sacrificed in the unnecessary war waged by the woayanes is worth a mere $81 if you do the math. One million divided by 123,000 that is. Eritrea won both the war and the border decision, and to add insult to an existing injury, Eritrea has to pay Ethiopia $10 million dollars Only ! That does not make sense at all.

  17. ኣቡ
    | #17

    የአሰብ ጉዳይ ፍርድ የተሰጠው ውሳኔው ጥፋቱ የ ER አለመሆኑ ተወስኖአል ዛሬ ሳይሆን ከዓመት በፈት በምንም መንገዽ የሕዝብ ንብረት ጠፍቶ መና ይቀራል ማለት እይደለም በውሳኔው መስረት ጥፈቱ የወያነ ጥፋት ነው በዚሕ መሰረት ለእያንዻንዱ ንብረቱ መና ለቀረው ወያኔ መክፋል ኣለበት

  18. Very Angry Lion!
    | #18

    $81 per each soldier ?
    That is not a win !
    That is a humiliated DEFEAT !
    That is adding insult to an injury !

    It is a shame that we won a lousy $81 per each soldier we had lost in a war that we didn’t win nor gain any of the disputed territories. We didn’t get the Assab port as was promised to us by Prime Minister Meles before he set out to invade Eritrea, nor did we get the dusty town of Badme either !!
    What did we gain ? $81 per each dead Ethiopian soldier? The only people who are celebrating the $10 million award are the TPLF who have no regard to human lives and who had used our young brothers as cannon-fodders and mine-sweepers in a war they knew they couldn’t win even after all that military and intelligence support they received by the super-power.
    It is true, Ethiopia lost. Both the TPLF and Shabia won.
    I’m an Ethiopian and I am not jubilant over the unnecessary death of my 123,000 fellow citizens. I’m in mourning just as I have been for the last 19 years !
    To hell with woyanes !

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