Ethiopian athletes go missing on trip to Britain –

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Four Ethiopian athletes have gone missing during a visit to Britain for a major athletics event. (more…)

Four Ethiopian athletes have gone missing during a visit to Britain for a major athletics event.

Scottish Athletics confirmed that the four ”fled from their hotel” in London and failed to make their connecting flight to Edinburgh.

They had been due to take part in the Falkirk Cup athletics event tomorrow night at Grangemouth Stadium.

Geoff Wightman, chief executive of Scottish Athletics, said: ”We invited them, so it’s our duty to report it to the authorities.”

Dagmawit Amare, part of the Ethiopian management in Scotland, who has completed a four week placement at Scottish Athletics, said: ”My colleague actually tried to restrain two of them but they ran off.

”This is such a sad thing to happen for my country and the sport.”

The missing athletes are said to be women’s 200m runner Betelhem Shewatatek, Feleke Bekele (women’s 400m hurdles), Hagos Tadesse (men’s 400m) and Tirehas Haileselassie, (men’s 400m hurdles).

Scotland will compete against England, Ethiopia, Ireland and a Bank of Scotland Development Team in the event.

Ross Cunningham, the event’s manager, said: ”It blows a hole in the Ethiopian team’s prospects and it represents our worst scenario in inviting them.

”We will see how Scotland does against England and Ireland and support those Ethiopians who have made the trip and their anticipated 100 supporters from Manchester and Glasgow.”

  1. Chombe
    | #1

    EFORT – whatever the other letters stand for (robbing), T stands for Tigray not Ethiopia. They can file and be granted assylum for that statment alone.

    All Athletes should be encouraged to escape the banan repulic – under triabal aparthied.

  2. Sami
    | #2

    The sad thing that happens to Ethiopia is an evil man is running the show there. If anyone tries to escape the weyanne evil empire nobody should be surprise. What surprises me is the tendency of the rest to just go back to the evil weyanne empire. If you want fight weyanne there in Ethiopia that is fine fight it there in everyway that is possible. If you can’t to that, get away from it. No good Ethiopian should give evil weyannes legitimacy. Weyannes are evils and they will go down.

  3. Abetugetahoye
    | #3

    They did good this is the onle chance they have. It would be nice if they did it after they finish their mission, any way they know what they are doing and I wish them the best. Let us pray for them to be save and accepted in the country.

  4. ፒተር አመረ
    | #4

    ሰላመ ለ እተዮፒያ አማን /////

  5. ፒተር አመረ
    | #5

    GOD BELLS ETHIOPIAN WE ARE ALL TOGATHER @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@2222

  6. ፒተር አመረ
    | #6


  7. ፒተር አመረ
    | #7

    GOOD BY ROE TODEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!///

  8. Ethiopie
    | #8

    Probably Legesse ‘the thief’ Zenawi remarks are a solicitation for a high African position, because he wants to leave Ethiopia before it really gets bankrupt. Beware the smooth words of this man is only hiding failure after failure. Ethiopia and Africa are better off without him.

    As some was saying: ”There will come a change since the Dictatorship has only guns and some paid slaves”.

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