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Ethiopia’s future, in the absence of peaceful agreement with the Ethiopian regime or fair and free democratic elections, requires a united revolution by her loyal and patriotic children but not before Ethiopians are fully ready and not anymore divided as we all are at the moment, to do it right and do it successfully too, as our brave forbearers told and shown in the past: the “what” and “how” to defeat our enemies. Therefore, the natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of that man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule, and among the natural rights of men and women are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they all could. I have sworn upon the big alter of God; eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man said Thomas Jefferson. Hence a new light illuminating the future has given us the “why”. Man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute said Ayn Rand as well. As for the “how” too, Samuel Adams rightly also said, it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless, very courageous and determined minority, who keep on setting the brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. Yes, it is time, to stand up firm, and be counted. Period!

What makes the current legal action against Ginbot 7 leaders, members and supporters so egregious is that the undemocratic, the unelected and the frightened regime leaders ordered a Kangaroo Court Judges they hand-picked, to obey them to punish all their opponents under the cover of the so-called law and constitution to conduct a “trial” in which the verdict against Ginbot 7 & Co has been decided in advance of the trials. In the normal democratic countries & other legal institutions, there is a good legal phrase that rightly says, “innocent until proven guilty” but in Ethiopia’s current regime rule and the so-called law, it has been said as “ virdic first trial later”. Hence calling this a “Kangaroo Court” would be an insult to all the decent kangaroos of the entire world everywhere. At the beginning, their accusation were that the Ginbot 7 were secretly intending to murder the EPRDF leaders to overthow the government altogether, but when confronted, they immediately changed the false allegation to false terrorism: an easy topic these days to con the western trusting fool governments. This farrago of Kangaroo Court justice then turned out to be from commedy to tragedy not for the accused but for the accusers who always acted as prosecuters, judges and juries by fabricating dodgy documents and using their cadres as false witnesses against the accused political opponents. Shame! What an ugly, too sinful, embarassing and a travesty of justice too that gave bad name to our country Ethiopia? But, strangely enough, the prime minister declined to answer many unanswered questions about this fabricated allegation and many other things. The Prime Minister aka Prime Misery is proud to be a prime minister of a country where a court conducts and wraps up an order from him and his senior colleagues to prosecute in such a way that any court and judge he appointed as a private servant can do nothing more than declare it “proven” without any doubt to throw innocent politicians and other citizens into prisons for long period and in some cases for life.

A conviction, without a fair hearing being mandated or properly heard by neutral judges. A conviction, whereby the accused or falsely convicted was not given a chance to question witnesses and prosecutors. A conviction without even one question having been asked of the the accused or the convicted. A conviction, without the convicted having had the last word. Does this Prime Misery want to be a Prime Minister of a country where this can happen everyday, for over 18 years? If not, does he really want to do something better to change these illegal activities to save himself and his dying regime from futher shameful acts and embarrassment? That is, to ensure a fair trial is possible for many convited citizens. These are not the grim buttoned-down legions of Meles Zenawi & Co. These are violent criminal psychopaths who want to continue their careers of robbery, fraud, murder, and mayhem, all for the greater glory of triabalism and self-interest to enrich themselves, families and relatives. Sadly too, they are Ethiopian citizens who are highly determined to harass, terrorize, illegally imprison and slaughter their own nation to just loot the wealth of the country and go on exile soon as there would be no ruling for life as they have proved from their two prodecessors: H.I.M Haleselassie I and Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam. To make matters worse too, they are mostly Tigrians who are committing all these and many other bad crimes in the name of all Tigrians some of who are willimgly their staunch supporters but others who are understandebly afraid to join the struggle in fear of reprisals against them and their families. But as we all faced this problem, that cannot be accepted as a good excuse anymore in my opinion hence urge them to come out now and join us before it would be too late for us and especially for them as the end for TPLF looked near. An attempt to deal with them is going to bring the wrath of the TPLF/EPRDF Mafia down on the head of whoever does it. I want to see something done about these cruel enemies before they destroy our mother country Ethiopia. Get up for your country!

My fellow Ethiopians, knowing all their arrogance and devious motives, do not give up your guns, dreams for freedom, liberty and democracy. Disobey such devious law as terror law or edict as it would cause you to surrender to the merciless thugs this world has ever seen and witnessed in 2005 after they were defeated through the ballot box. Hide your arms and guns, if you have to, and use them to defend yourselves and your beloved ones from these usurpers of the racist of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, if you must. Never die on your knees but on your foot as brave Ethiopians of the past in our unparalleled history. Do not bend to the will of tyrants. This is why TPLF/EPRDF and their cadres like the Aigas, Dr Teketel Hailemariams and Yared Hailemeskel are scared shitless. They are trying hard to device devious tactics to again jeopardise the next general election as well by labelling activists and new progressive political parties like Ginbot 7 as terrorists and the like and we all know and the world knows too, that TPLF is the only well trained and experienced state terrorist and anti-Ethiopia and Ethiopians Liberation Front armed and fraudulently enriched itself in mother Ethiopia today. Who is kidding whom? The fact is, ladies and gentlemen, it seems that something that is dearer to almost every man and woman than his greatest advantages must now really be done. Yes, if necessary, we all should be fully be ready to act in opposition to all illegal laws, that is, in opposition to reason, honour, peace, prosperity, in short, in opposition to all those not wonderful things against which is dearer to us than all. Blood is being spilled in our country in streams, and in the merriest ways, as though it were champagne. Take the whole of the nineteenth century, in which Buckle lived. Take Napoleon both the great and the present one. Take also the present North America: the eternal union. Take farcical schleswig-holstein. And what is it that civilization softens in us? Civilization only produces a greater variety of sensations in man and absolutely nothing more.

And through the development of this variety, man may even come to find enjoyment in bloodshed like we have witnessed on the TPLFites for 18 years or more. After all, it has already happened to them when a rebel in the forest and mountains of Tigrai hence such men don’t value others’ lives at all with any respect. They still think they are in the forest and the mountains hiding from other enemy soldiers. Have you noticed that the subtlest slaughterers have almost always been the most civilized or educated gentlemen, to whom the various attilas and stenka razins could never hold a candle, and if they are not so conspicuous as the attilas and stenka razins it is precisely because they are so often met with, are so ordinary and have become so familiar to us. In any case, if civilization has not made man more bloodthirsty, it has at least made him more abominably, more loathsomely bloodthirsty than before. And TPLF leaders and their cadres are the proof.

These TPLF men & women saw justice in bloodshed and with this conscience at peace, exterminated whomever they thought they should eliminate opponents, massacre as their Cadre Dr Teketel Hailemariam (THM) unashamedly advocates. And now, while we consider bloodshed an abomination, we nevertheless engage in this abomination and even more than ever before. Which is worse? Decide that for yourselves. It is said that Cleopatra (pardon the example from roman history) was fond of sticking Gold pins into her slave-girl’s breasts and derived enjoyment from their screams and writhing. You will say that only occurred in comparatively barbarous times; that these are barbarous times too, because and also comparatively speaking, pins are stuck in even now; that even though man has now learned to see more clearly occasionally than in those barbarous times, he is still far from having accustomed himself to act as reason and science would dictate. But all the same you are fully convinced that he will inevitably accustom himself to it when he gets completely rid of certain old bad habits, and when commonsense and science have completely re-educated human nature and turned it in a normal direction. What man needs is simply independent choice, whatever that independence may cost and wherever it may lead. Well, choice, in TPLF’s belief, they say, the Devil only knows.

But never dream that the TPLFites would turn to be sane in that context at all. TPLF’s ideology does not say “Love Ethiopians but Love Eritreans”. It says “hate, kill, humiliate and subdue them Ethiopians, make them pay taxes, convert them to TPLF to do our dirty and cruel jobs in the dark. TPLLF is all about “them” – the “them” being we and or us: true, patriotic and nationalist Ethiopians everywhere. The TPLF Manifesto is a manual of hatred and violence which seeks to divide humanity into different rival religions and all those peaceful tribes into different categories as enemies to one another because of their different religions and birth places to make it easy for their divide and rule politics” and further recommends permanent warfare between them. No wonder Ethiopians who lived in great harmony for centuries now are unable to live peacefully with any other community, anywhere in Ethiopia and even in the Diasporas. Because their experiences gained from the TPLF only speaks of cultivating hatred towards others and for over 18 years too, failed to understand TPLF’s evil and to come together to unite and fight their worst common enemies called the TPLF/EPRDF and those thugs in them. Sad isn’t it? The world must no longer keep silent about this ideology. We must call it for what it is. Democrats, we must say enough of the political correctness. Enough of the deafening silence and enough of the peaceful struggle too, if the deafened, arrogant and stubborn Woyane chose to continue to refuse to understand in a deliberate attempt to extend its rule by force as before and fails again to appreciate our patience and tolerance in good faith as good leaders of the democratic world do all the time. Readers, TPLF declared war on Ethiopia over 35 years ago not to oppose the Derg regime but to secure Eritrea’s independence and in the process too, create an independent Tigrai as well.

Now, they pretend to be nationalists because they loved the thefts and enjoyed the killings. They see Ethiopians as their enemies’ not fellow countrymen and women. Therefore, it is time we at least asked “Why?” Why are you killing us? What have we done to you, Tigrai and other Tigrians except fighting and dying for you in all-past and present tough wars? Just because Mengistu, years ago did some wrong things as he did to all, you mustn’t kill us. Even if that was the case, is that reason enough to abandon all humanity, all rationality? We have the people with the military experience, and the job of toughness, to kick the living shit out of the TPLFites if and when united. We have the mountains, and we have the hills, and we know how to get in and out of them too, if at all needed. Considering the matter in a purely hypothetical sense, if it comes to it, and our country tussles on a division of those political, social, ethical, moral and religious grounds, roughly the split between regions, I am confident that others too, would kick the living hell out of TPLF. Frankly speaking, I think it’s time to take a united action in response to TPLF’s hate crimes and do something about this enemy that’s ruling our country by force, stirring and igniting troubles here even, in the Diasporas. If we allow things to continue as they are, these Ethiopian compounds, camps and communities will grow and spawn spin-offs and continue to amass ordnance and explosives and all sorts of guns. As a culture, we have allowed dignified Yilugnta that once had a valid meaning by most Ethiopians but not seemed to have been found in Woyanne’s Dictionary published by Sebhat Nega in all our struggles against the invaders to be used for completely different ends. We have made particular words into tribalism: equality, rights, racism, hate, etc, that can be waved like a magic wand to silence all opposition.

So, how do we counter the inevitable reaction from a large chunk of the power structure in Ethiopia that any truth telling and being an Ethiopian is the equivalent of being this TPLF or Tigrians enemy when one is not at all and moreover too, labelled as terrorists as Ginbot 7 now accused to be when in my opinion are not terrorists at all, but democratic activists and or an opposition party known by millions of Ethiopians at home and abroad though the G7 eaders are forced by EPRDF to operate in excile? Maybe if everyone thus accused said, yes, in your stupidly twisted terminology I am a terrorist, the curse could be lifted. The trouble is, we all want someone else, or many others who are brave and selfless, to go first to challenge our accusers and demonizers. It takes courage to actually go out and fight than to sit safely in Internet Café, your offices or living rooms typing on your keyboard. It would not be enough writing articles and publishing press releases as well that we did for over 18 years. It takes more than that to defeat our determined enemies: the primitive TPLF. I am confident and positive, as I have already said, there’s surely no way to stop the chaos coming. And from the ashes of the chaos, a fantastic renaissance will grow. We shall indeed prevail, severely hurt yes, but with an ironclad inspired spirit. I just hope the chaos will start soon, so that I will be able to live when the historical turnaround happens. In the last few years, the Ethiopian people grew polite to the point of obsequiousness in the face of TPLF terror. We didn’t want a row, we didn’t want to fight but they pressed, pressed and now, as the poem goes, “there will be merry war”. Ginbot 7’s allegedly false Case and the recent Virdict By Kangaroo Court is “Garbage in and Garbage Out”. And it certainly looked another blow for the naked and dying Ethiopian regime too? But would they ever learn from this virdict too, after they were badly humuliated of their bad decision against the innocent employee of VOA who were an Ethiopian origion years ago? What about Kinijit leaders? No, not at all. The very strange situation thus arises that groups that work closely with political TPLF/EPRDF are trying hard to silence the critics/the opposition. They totally failed again.

Readers, there is nothing any politician fears more than to be called a racist. President Bush continually used to say that wrongly or rightly, Islam is a great religion in which a small minority has hijacked to do evil. Similarly, and always watching the TPLF thugs, really and truly gave me an interesting quote, “first me, and my brother against my cousin, then me and my brother against each other”. All for what? Power and money and that were all. It remains to be seen if the intellectual revolution that changed the face of Christianity and Judaism can do the same revolution for Ethiopia again. Their whole worldview is so anachronistic that it is really going to take a huge leap and a miracle. The jury is still out on that one…oops, I mean to say, Kangaroo Courts of Ethiopia that don’t have juries but tribal junta and unprincipled judges of verdicts before any trials. Those too, are only ceremonials because it was already decided in Meles & Co’s offices. In all honesty, those guys are dangerous terrorists themselves to send innocent citizens like Birtukan Mideksa to life imprisonment and now to call Ginbot 7 terrorists to do the same injustices. How cruel is that my fellow Ethiopian readers? Don’t they have sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, and also children as well, not to be that ruthless and evil?

Therefore, I say that it is not crime to want to destroy evildoers like these if they refused to bring democracy by peaceful methods to Ethiopia. They already did the biggest crime to Kinijit and its leaders, then to Birtukan for the second time and now, they are planning to do the same crime to Ginbot 7 leaders who live abroad as naturalized foreign citizens, their innocent supporters back home who did nothing wrong that the public knew at all and to us all too? Has TPLF leaders really gone bonkers or they now got intoxicated of the innocent Ethiopian blood that they have sprinkled with guns on Ethiopian streets? Enough is enough, ethiopians are fed up of dying and dying too, while alive. Hence next time, angry Ethiopians need to scream saying, ‘bloody TPLF racists and cruel terrorists!’ They should also say very forcefully too, quickly punching right back with and swearing, “You TPLF thugs are full of sh*t and you all are an evil” to force them to be ready to listen to some facts, and know Ginbot 7 and all the opposition parties are not terrorists.

They may also realize that Ginbot 7 and most other oppositions and non-political people were not and are not anti-Tigrians at all but democracy, freedom, peace and equality seekers to be able to freely survive and live in their beloved country Ethiopia. And of course, in their heart, some of them are harbouring way deep down, the same concerns we all have. Aren’t they humans too? Let’s hope they are human beings, if the Almighty God created them like the rest of us. As their greedy desires of looting and getting rich are fulfilled too, they may say enough and start thinking like sane citizens ro care for us. Ethiopians want to be free, to be treated fairly in their own country to cherish the free flow of ideas, information and that they will be able to peacefully resist any attempts by the country’s any undemocratic rulers to stifle free speech, to bear witness, report and discuss human rights abuses by those authorities if and when they have good reasons to do so. So, who is on the begging end again when in trouble? TPLF/EPRDF of course?

The good news is that Amnesty International is not going to let any grass grow under the illegal regime’s feet at all. And you know what that means too? As described by the Economist, Meles is a man with a dismal human-rights record who is very intolerant of dissent. Mr Meles sprinkles spies through the universities to intimidate and control the students; He closed down most independent newspapers and meddles in aid projects, banning agencies that annoy him. He imprisoned many Ginbot 7’s innocent members, supporters including the Ginbot 7 leaders’: Dr Birhanu Nega and Mr Andargachew Tsige’s family members. Meles is a crafty monster that cannot step down democratically or by any peaceful means.

Council On Foreign Relations also recently said too similarly, that the Ethiopian government’s behavior in recent years, both domestically and in bordering states, poses mounting difficulties for the United States and its long-term goals in the region in addition to the domestic problems hence suggested that President Obama pressurise Ethiopian regime to alter its strong-handed approach to political dissent among many other things. It also said that the country has now plunged into a period of violent civil disturbance, during which the Ethiopian government detained and arrested thousands of the opposition figures, including arguably non-political actors from civil society and the free press many of who are now either in prisons or in exile. The undemocratic Ethiopian governmen’s attempts to minimize political competition in the run-up to the 2010 elections are likely to fan bad ethnic tensions in the whole country. EPRDF, is all dominated by a single minority of ethnic faction, the few Woyanes among Tigrians who are trading in the name of the genuine and patriotic Tigrian Ethiopians most of who remained frightened and also persuded by few advantages given to them by the regime, and its consolidation of political power have been treated as an assault on the very majority ethnic of the Amharas, the Oromos and most other ethnicities.

Public dissatisfaction with the government is high hence a violent explosion is not out of the question unless otherwise TPLF allows Ginbot 7 and all other opposition political parties are allowed to join in the mext 2010 fair and free election. Many experts and policymakers already fear that the regime is vulnerable to collapse. Prime Misery Meles Zenawi’s regime not at all headed towards democracy but is a nasty dictatorship that should be removed. Hence the lack of any consensus would require the United States to take a lead and potentially isolated role in pressuring Ethiopia for electoral reform and further urge them to drop those false cases against Ginbot 7 and also unconditionally release, Judge Birtukan Mideksa as well. Ethiopia have far too many innocent prisoners in the country estimated around 40,000 despite their die hard cadre’s like Dr Teketel Hailemariam echoing always for his Paymaster and Boss: Meles, that there are no political prisoners except Judge Birtukan Mideksa who he always belittled as novice and said she deserved to be in prison for life. Democratic space in Ethiopia will continue to erode, while human rights abuses in the Ogaden, Oromia, Wollo, Gojam, Gonder and other regions. Certainty U.S. policymakers must learn to play to provoke meaningful change in Ethiopia. The United States should publicly express its concern over the continuously shrinking democratic space, and the crisis in the Ogaden and elsewhere as Ethiopian officials are not sensitive to the general public opinion and most unlikely to respond to any future meaningful threats to our country’s international standing and participation in international stage such as the African Union and the United Nations.

The United States may have to threaten to suspend foreign and military aid to Ethiopia under the EPRDF. Ethiopian dependence on U.S. assistance is a card that policymakers must learn to play to provoke meaningful change. Until Ethiopia becomes a credible democracy, the U.S.-Ethiopia partnership will do more harm to U.S. regional standing than good and also further enslave the oppressed & the starving poor Ethiopian people.

We live in a mixed economy. We aim to have enough free market to control the state, and provide the things we want. But we also need enough democracy to ensure we do not live like savages, the weakest in Ethiopia are starving to death on the streets while rich TPLF women buys top Gucci handbags and TPLF men buys Rolex Watches, fully monopolizes and controls the market economy using women like the newly born and baptised Dr Eleni Gabremedhin: the inexperienced market expert and its TPLF appointed so-called CEO.

Socialism without capitalism and both without democracy turns to tyranny. Capitalism without some socialism and the two combined without democracy, equality, freedom, justice peace and unity also turn to barbarism. They believe Ethiopia is using counter terrorism as a means to get cozy with the USA. Hence the U.S. must be very careful in appeasing the Ethiopian government whose governance and human rights record they do not approve at all. The TPLF/EPRDF merely offer no solutions at all. They simply do not want us to win and have been working overtime to prevent it. They are against free press and foreign news media efforts when they are exposed and discredited. This is not news to many of us; they plot against our institutions while hiding behind the ample protections of the so-called Constitution and Legal System provided by them only to suit their devious purposes. They sabotaged our military efforts while basking in the safety of villas and palaces provided by our military’s blood sacrifices. They agitated against our economic system while living large on the benefits of its affluence. They always sneered at the achievements of our poor taxpayers while demanding “Democracy Now!” They are a class of wilful, nihilistic parasites who fooled the west with their crocodile tears by using the starving millions. The west too, wanted some obedient tyrants and state terrorists like TPLF again to advance their hidden and devious agendas in Africa. After many disappointments with some western leaders and especially after big disasters up on our country and oppressed nation during Bush and Blair era, we may now be able to look at numerous clues that should encourage us that the person we trusted in Obama to deal with Ethiopian tyrants does deserve our trust.

And when that person, who is the most powerful person on the planet, is the President of the United States of America but stupidly and undeservedly called a Nigger of a Nigger Administration by the dying Ethiopian regime’s Mouse-Piece, the potential for our enemies disaster is virtually unlimited. Mind you too folks, when “a Pot Calls The Kettle Black?” Sad! The elite class, rootless, arrogant, cynically manipulative, and irreversibly tribal-friendly, has every intention of continuing to fight the war on the so-called terrorism without naming the true enemy, without revealing his or their beliefs, without unmasking his intentions, without offending his accomplices, without expelling his fifth columnists, and without ever having evidences and daring to win legally. The opinions of the ordinary people are not that different from those of their grandparents and great-grandparents. They don’t agree with what their leaders are doing on their behalf, but they want to get along, to live a quiet life, to keep their jobs and avoid having their kids’ lives taken away by the Aggaazies and inhumanely thrown into forests to be eaten by hyenas. The average citizen may be angry and deeply resentful of the soft totalitarianism he or she is forced to live under, but you can’t expect him or her to be a big hero. He or she has got everything to lose. We are trapped in a device of our own making and there is no way to escape without surrendering the deepest truths and most cherished ideals that have held sway for centuries in Ethiopia. So, knowing all that isn’t it possible to take action? Is a collective effort to save our country even imaginable? I am still impelled towards grassroots organizing in an attempt to stave off the worst. But if a solution can be found at all, it is not going to come through peaceful means at all. There will be no way to prevent various forms of violence and destruction. You can’t cut off life support to millions of poor people without lethal results, and there is a distinct possibility of genocide in the near future. But eventually the chaos will subside, and a new government will emerge. I very strongly believe that, no matter what they try to do, TPLF/EPRDF will not survive long after the old paradigm disappears after the 2010. We are modern; we are smarter and better than those who went before us like the Derg, and everything prior to 2005 can be safely disregarded.

Part of the modern liberal ideal is the foolish notion that we can simply abolish by many millions of years of the evolution, thousands of years of culture, and centuries of tradition. Just like that! We wish it all away. We will soon find out to our chagrin how mistaken we have been in the past and how and why we should do right in 2010. The new paradigm and the new civilization will be built out of the fragments of what went before. So, what we need to focus on is the construction of a very modern and strong version of unity, strategy, experienced strategists, good political, technical preparation, strong team of very experienced and courageous politicians and all other intellectuals, determined fighters to secure victory and also to compile what is good and valuable to be stored and kept for use in a future time after the chaos and election are over. The fall of this worst enemy TPLF will hit us hard together with the destruction that TPLF has already caused. And as long as we are around and we have millions of years of evolution, thousands of years of culture, and centuries of tradition on our side to rebuild our country Ethiopia and reunite the divided nation. Even if there would be only 50 millions left of us after all the TPLF massacres, slaughtering and disappearances, we are still the best people in the history of mankind.

As a wise man once pointed out, we have always been superior in the ability to apply organized violence. As soon as the will power is there, we can achieve anything we please. We can really rule any continent where we choose to live. So, what we will have to concentrate on is the construction of a modern version of the Ethiopian unity where what is good and valuable can be used now and in a future time after the chaos is over if indeed such an eventuality ever comes as a result of our unity. Never expect anything short of a total demolition from and for a totalitarian regime that is intoxicated by the blood of the innocents and thefts. It’s all right to hate a government, and it’s all right to dismantle it through contempt. But it’s just as acceptable to laugh too, as the Emperor of TPLF Meles Zenawi is exposed for the 1000th & more times and also to take pleasure in the humiliation of those who take no shame from maligning those good people and bathing in the blood of innocents. It is also right and necessary to expose and criticise a bunch of disgraceful, shameless opportunists, disingenuous sods, dysfunctional and sad creatures, self-interested bloody hoddams, pathological and habitual liars and the self-promoting bullshit artists like Ato Yared Hailemeskel of England who used to be a officially converted to TPLF/EPRDF whose arguments (if you only look at their record to date on EEDN, Ethiopians Forum and all others from where they were banned) change according to not their own given devious agenda but of EDP and TPLF’s agenda while glamorising Lidetu Kihdetu and Meles Zenawi: the child killer. Their ego was greed hence never going to let them stay away from trying to stay into what they sees as their fame to be called TPLF cadres and fortune: small perks the size of peanuts they get from their TPLF Paymasters. The Ethiopian Regime is good for putting up taxes and going to war with people that have nothing to do with our country. I also say, that although I am now torn between the so-called peaceful struggle that did not seem to work at all when dealing with the nasty Woyanne thugs, and the few armed struggle taken by others, I encourage all Ethiopian opposition, to do their utmost in any way, they see it fit. No sane person would be willing to sit for another 18 years to see Ethiopians dying and looted. The stock answer is that during Ethio-Italian and Ethio-Eritrean and all other wars we Ethiopians were united in a common cause: to counter an imminent threat from barbaric enemies and defeat the only genuine “Axis of Evil” that ever existed in Ethiopian history for it became painfully obvious that the TPLF had no principled attachment to any concepts, philosophies or ideals, but only loyalty to itself and its western paymasters and appeasers. They are basically forces of evil and national disgrace.

And I think that we, as persons who are committed to the liberation of oppressed people, should fasten on the need for freedom, justice and democracy. I don’t believe in anarchistic violence, but in directed violence. That would be violence directed at the institutions, which perpetuate false capitalism, racism, sexism, very hateful tribalism, division, bias and the people who are of course, self-appointed guardians of those institutions accompanied by unpopular and a single ethnic support. At this point you have probably been asking yourself if I am calling all Ethiopians for all out war against the regime. Of course not, but I am saying that there are many well-meaning opposition parties, intellectuals, well renowned individuals and the majority of the public who oppose TPLF and its above the law and constitution illegal activities and crime against humanity on principle; there are also some who identify themselves, as supporters of TPLF’s harassments, intimidation, terror, imprisonment and slaughtering of the poor nation and the regime’s opposition. As Ethiopians too, we all know that there are quite a few who rather mindlessly identify themselves as favouring some amorphous peace.

Whatever the case, the vast majority are not stupid cadres but are only influenced by personal greed (opportunism) like that of Yared Hailemeskel of UK and the so-called Dr Teketel Hailemariam of USA who would not hesitate to sell their own parents and Ethiopia for the best bidders. Lenin had a word for these kinds of people: “useful idiots”. Whether they know it or not, they advance the agenda of Ethiopia’s enemies for a price of a bowl of soup or Firfari. And while it is easy to understand how some may oppose the manner in which this regime has conducted itself after the 2005 general election, the strident, obstructing the opposition to any democratic action to dispute the stolen election, clearly reveals the true agenda of the anti-democracy, anti-peace, anti-justice, anti-unity, anti-diversity and anti-Ethiopia TPLF and its puppets in EPRDF. My fellow Ethiopians, you have sat quietly and fearfully for too long for the good you do. In the name of God, go! Fight and defeat your enemies, get rid of the EPRDF flag and fly the real Ethiopian flag. Go and be counted! Go on patriots, liberate your country and save the nation from cruel death. Wake up Ethiopians?

Finally, I say, thanks to Ginbot 7 too, we got the added entertainment of witnessing the naked truth and shameful acts of EPRDF’s Kangaroo Court again, and our people’s outrage. The legacy of the TPLF era to Ethiopia’s well-being already speaks volumes for itself, but it’s been a huge boon to comedy and tragedy. Before, all we had to see and hear were some jokes about how brave TPLF wiped out poor street children out of Addis streets when foreign leaders came to Ethiopia for official visits and regional meetings to make Ethiopia look a land of milk and honey where there are no poor people, let alone homeless and starving. That was funny but the strange dark comedy of the Meles Zenawi dictatorial regime is much higher calibre in its very dying hours. The bungling, cronyism and corruption, the malapropos and their uncomfortable silences to our pain and cries, the chest-thumping songs on the way to the war in Somalia to appease USA, killings in Ogaden, Amhara and Oromia regions and the scattering of the cockroaches when the accountability moments arrive and the racial attack against President Barak Obama and at the same time seeking his attention at the G8 all seemed to be too insane.

A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods,
but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.
Hence for God sake, stop division and start uniting to beat those evil forces.

God Have Mercy On Mother Ethiopia! – God Willing, Ethiopia Shall Prevail. Amen!!

Ye-Andnetn Liqemenber Birtukan Mideksan Endegena Alem-Beqagn Asgebuwat Alu. Kentiba Honew Yetemeretut Dr Birhanu Negam, Qendegna Shibirtegna New Tebalu.
Andargachewum, Terrorist Hone? Ere Gud New. Ere Min Metabn? Ay Zemene Woyane?






Cock the gun my fellow Ethiopians, that is not loaded and pull out the frozen dynamite But oh, beware Cruel Woyanes, when our country Mother Ethiopia grows too polite?

PS: Despite my big disappointments with few opposition parties’ failures to be united with others, for the sake of our country Ethiopia and her oppressed children, I strongly and wholeheartedly encourage and appeal to all my fellow Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia everywhere, to support Ginbot 7, Andnet, AEUP, and most other Ethiopian opposition parties and all those who are fighting in the field like EPPF and OLF if only, you all found them to believe in unity, democracy, freedom, justice for all and a one nation Ethiopia with her real and only true flag: green, yellow and red. As I have been saying all along too, I am not and never been in my entire life, a member of any political party, hence all my comments bad or good, genuine praises, constructive criticisms and appeals are all in good faith as a concerned and genuine Ethiopian who loves & adores his country. This is of course, to clear the fog in some ethnocentric people’s ears. Ok?

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