Dear Ethiopians all over the world – Malik Joseph

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Here is a story of our own, repeating the known tragedy! When we tell the Woyanes/Zenawi the human catastrophe that is and has been looming over the nation of Ethiopia, they label most of us as “the extremist Diaspora”! Make no mistake, the 21st century citizens of the world (Woyanes not exempted) know that the Woyanes, their cubs and cronies are the sole extremist killers of our time, bleeding the nation of Ethiopia!

See for yourself the story that appeared in the headlines and also the cover story of the famous and well respected news paper in the UK, “The Independent”

The paper tells about the human tragedy that is more likely to repeat the disaster of the 1984 that had worldwide coverage. The author Mr Rodger tries to maintain the balance of opinion in the context of journalistic ethics as he knows that the agents of Woyane will make noise soon. In fact, his assessment of the situation is far less than the magnitude of the problem on the ground. This has been confirmed by our own check and verification!
Can the Meles tell us that the “Independent – UK” is also the “Extremist”? Is he still going to blame nature, when a single-ethnic minority corrupt rulers’ ignorance, dominance, concentration of wealth, mismanagement of resources, diversions of aid money to their own generals, their families, cronies and foreign agents etc all have lead the nation to such a tragedy?

Where have the double digit figure and the “sustainable growth” gone to save the nation’s children? Where has the “Food Safety Net” that Zenawi sings about gone? Where are the types of EFFORT, TDAs, Azeb’s (Zenawi’s wife) conglomerates coming to save the people from this disaster? Can Dr Eleni’s ECX going to bring the “National Gross Happiness” when 14 million Ethiopians are waiting for their burials? Meles and co have hundreds of questions to answer? We know that they won’t?

Dear compatriots reading this message, we must rally behind such causes, co-ordinate our efforts in the struggle to get rid of this regime for good! We must continue with our campaigns for the release all political prisoners starting with the iconic figure Birtukan Mideksa, and help our people in all ways we can!

We Pray For the Removal Evils From Power!

Joseph M(PhD) is an expert in the field of Computer Applied Distributed Programming. He is a University lecturer and can be reached at

  1. habibi
    | #1

    I am not suprise. 12 million ethiopian are starving.
    let go get those TPLF/weyane rats

  2. mamo
    | #2

    Dear Yosef (Yoseph or Joseph)
    I read your article on Abugida page and wanted to make some point. At the end of your article, you tell us that you are a PHD. Good for you brother but we are getting an bombarded by individuals who claim to be proefessors, doctors and engineers who know nothing more than the peasants who barely can read and write. My brother, the fact that you are able to write something and post it is an achievment but with a person claiming to have phd and a lecturer, there is some common expectation. Your article should have a message (Substance) that is based on facts. You made a quandery of EFFORT, TDA and ECX, But I am not sure you have the slightest idea what these institutins are! Dr Elleni is a strong woman who dedicated her life to change the live of several thousand (if not millions ) of peasants. What have you done to your country? Ethiopia needs a strong oppostion, don’t get me wrong. Oppose the Meles Zenawi’s policies, Oppose EPRDF but when you belittle ECX or TDA, you are actually turning into a blind, uneducated, unwilling thug. Yes, I am a huge EPRDF supporter. Not because of my ethnicity but because it is the only group with some vision beyond grabbing power. My friend, Our country is too poor. Has been poor for sometime and it takes a while before the whole situation turns around and We are making some progress. We advise you to do your part and become part of the solution than part of the problem. Be an honest opposition. Hate EPRDF’s policies but not their ethnicity. That my friend is what I think the core of the problem. Talk alone can not solve the problem. Involve and make some educated comments. I wish you have not put all the “PHD and lecturer at a univerisity” to get some ‘respect’ from readers. You could have gotten that if you write something that has a point.
    Best Regards,
    Mamo M
    ESL student (not as quite high as phd but ‘English as a Second Language’ student)

  3. Yohanes
    | #3


    Finally someone that makes sense. Happy there are reasoned people like you. As you said, a strong and reasoned opposition is great for this country. We don’t need bunch of uneducated frustrated opposition people who are always bringing up the ethnicity problem, when really that are much more pressing issues. The government does not try to actively divide the people along ethnic lines. Just because all the regions are given autonomy according to their ethnicity, does not mean that they want to divide the country up. Has it occurred to you, what would be the effect of a completely centralized government ? Well, everyone will complain… Some will say, why do we have to use that language, or we don’t do this that way in our culture….. The federal state as it is, though not perfect, has the benefit of stabilizing the country since anyone can sort of find his place. For example, an Oromo can learn Oromo in his school or if he wishes Amharic.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    ኢንናአንተ የሶውን ፍተር ሁሉ ሲቲኒኩ የ ዎያነ ማእግሲት የናገዉን ትዎላጎችሂ ባራሃብ እይፋጃችሆው ንው :: የ እትዮፕሂያ ሂህብ ባታላያየ ኩቱረ የ ዎያነ አራማነእዊ ማንጊስት :ጊድይዉን ዪቃቲላል:: ታስማሙ , ዐድ ሁኑ , ሊዩናት አታብሁ, አትናናኩ , ካ ሁሉኒም ሶው ጋርና የኢትዮፕሂያ የታላያዩ ፓርቲዎችህ ጋራ ባዐዲናት ሲሩ:: ባታላዪ ካኦሮሞዋችህ ጋረ ማሲራት ዪኖርቢናል ባኅኢኒ ሳት :: ካልሆነ ኢይላካሱ ማኖር ኖው, ችዉ , ችዉ ,

  5. Joseph
    | #5

    @Mamo (not Mamo the fool)

    Good that you’re ESL student. Hope that I ain’t under “Gim-Gema” as a lecturer that your Boss has introduced to the Ethiopian Universities a while ago!

    Do you want me to hide my earned credentials? I will, if you got irritated because of that! I would have given you the treatment you deserve, but may be not this time round.

    As I don’t want you to feel inferior thinking that you are ESL student (BTW I’ve all passed my Sophomore English as well as GRE, TOEFL etc) will try to keep my profile a bit lower than it should be. I in fact, don’t know how much you understand Politology and hence the deceptive ideology of Ethnocracy, Revolutionary Democracy etc and be able to interpret them on the basis of genuine national causes that matter to Ethiopia.

    But just want to raise certain points regarding your ill-witted writing. BTW, have you sent this nonsense comments to “The Independent” too, so that Meles can read and hire you if you haven’t been recruited so far? If not, please do so, you never know! Then, you will learn the facts of the disaster from them (the source), not from me.

    My Credentials, your obsession not mine:
    I do have students like you [not ESL, ESOL (in England it is ESOL), EFL etc], but computer engineering ones who deal with the very technology that you are enjoying sitting at the luxury of your desk. My students deal with more serious and scientific paradigm which I can’t talk about here. For sure, this is far less important than the national disaster your masters Meles and co are causing, people like you contributing too.

    To give you one more assurance, I am not a graduate from Civil Service College. Of course, I have a number of credentials obtained from highly recognised Western Universities. Further more, unlike you or the likes of you, my credentials have also been obtained from the “University of Life”, by living with different communities of people with modern thinking, learning from them and using the experience when needed, and I haven’t come out of the jungle 19 years ago.

    My contribution:
    Regarding what I have done for my country/countries (more than one), I don’t apply for TDA, EFFORT, ECX etc jobs and hence do not expect me to confess that to you or the likes of you as you are no one! My employers, the people who I worked for, friends, congregations etc can say a lot about me. Again, unlike you or the likes of you, the TPLF cubs, agents and associates, I don’t want unearned fame out of blunders, and the nation’s misery and hence didn’t put my title to serve that purpose. Would this make you happy?

    I am working for a reputable employer, and they never spat at me that I have been part of a problem of national scale – disaster! BTW when did you acquire this phrase though, in your ESL study?

    Ethiopian Peasants:
    The Ethiopian peasants have far better conventional wisdom than the Woyane thugs, agents and mercenaries. The question I have for you is: who are you to aggrandise yourself and think that you are better than them? The only thing that they are inferior to with regard to you and the likes of you is that they don’t kill but fill your stomach. Isn’t that Woyane’s mass base has been the peasants during the guerrilla days and are they not today/still? Is it not that TDA, ADA, ODA, and now ECX etc are meant to help and inspire the peasants/farmers as you preach and now why are you undermining them and compare them with me? I can teach you that the farmers of Ethiopia have more wisdom than me and I have great respect for them even when you STARVE THEM.

    Woyane Officials Unearned Degrees:
    How about the Woyane officials who have obtained their degrees from the Open University in the so called distance learning for “Officials programme”? Are they okay to you even when they’ve got their essays/thesis written by hired agents paid by the money obtained in the name of the people? Are you going to read their articles on Aiga Forum that are written under fake names? See what rubbish stories, with broken English, unsubstantiated and substandard articles are published on Meles’ Aiga Forum. My good guess is that you know the Hagos, the Del Wonberu (Amahric tutor), the Adal etc! Why don’t you give them a helping hand in editing their regurgitated idiosyncrasies, distortions, etc with your ESL knowledge?

    Correction if I may:
    My name has been spelt and published correctly and you are not given the authority to change it! Re. I don’t live in Ethiopia under your rule! Also, I can’t be your brother as you seem to me an associate of a brutal Dictator of our time – Zenawi. Why? Just because you are at me rather than campaigning for the national cause and attacking individuals of goodwill as this is a very typical behavioural pattern of the regime in Addis, known to the majority of Ethiopians.

    One more point:
    I have more than enough knowledge about the TPLF ethnocentric and parasitic economic organisations, and wouldn’t come to the lecture hall to listen to anybody about them. I have even written an article about these organisation in 1996. The problem is that you and the likes of you want to deceive the Ethiopians and the world at large by telling lies and fill up your voracious stomachs at the expense of the majority. That can’t be done with parochial thinking mentality with me and the likes of me. It is fact that these organisations are the instruments of suppression, oppression and domination to say the least. (re. Sebhat Negas VOA interview)

    The message you couldn’t understand in my article (mine isn’t article anyway but just blurb) is: The regime of Meles Zenawi who sponsors the agents and “vigilantes” to exploit, impoverish, oppress, jail, and kill the people of Ethiopia is the cause and source of misery for the country and should go ones and for all” Further to this, those economic units and individuals (the likes of Dr Elleni) who legitimise the system by going back home and give the system a bat on the back should stop doing so. Why? Because they can’t bring “Gross National Happiness”, as had been claimed in the books, in the presence of corrupt, barbaric, ethnocentric, one-man show system” and in the absence of a participatory democracy, where ethnicity is what matters more than anything else. I put this questions on this media before, that “Is Dr Elleni going to Adama (Nazareth) and start her PowerPoint presentation about ECX in Afaan Oromo, and also with the blessing according to the Gada System?” Is Dr Elleni going to Jimma (Oromo fertile region) and talk to the Coffee farmers there in order to force them to cell their produce because Zenawi is worried in his foreign currency supplies as the Chinese wanted him to pay for the service of blocking website and eavesdropping of the phone calls in the name of national security. These are the issues we have got to talk about, not about my credentials. Who cares for my credentials even when I have so many of them!

    Professionals have to fight the regime being on the side of the destitute people and rally for their cause such as this disaster that we have been warned about by the “Independent” news paper reporter, Mr Rodgers for which I am very thankful to him!

    Last Assurance:
    Myself and the likes of me will continue fighting the evil/s even when our immediate careers are different from politics! You and likes of you will continue bleeding the nation up until the last nail of your coffin!

    Hope this clarifies all your doubts!

    Wish that you would grow up for Sophomore English!

  6. Tilahun
    | #6


  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    Dear mamo, better to call you shameful mamo, please don’t make me to stress on mamo. When i read your comment I was not expecting that you were exercising English language.
    Don’t frustrate hopefull if u r supporter of EPRDF u will graduate and do ur PHD if u can actually…… Not easy as i see it for u PHD bc with this thinking u couldn’t go further…..

  8. Andarge
    | #8

    Wow, Joseph that was the worst comment I have ever seen in my life. You tried to attack Mamo, but you only made yourself look even more foolish. I agree with Mamo, we have too many “PhDs” who can’t write a basic sentence, let alone write a clear and informative essay. People like you are why we are a poor country. You are negative in all that you do. You don’t even understand the ECX but you belittle it. You claim that Meles brought Ethiopian poverty. It seems in your mind that Ethiopia has been a rich and prosperous country for the last 100 years! We have many problems and the current government should be challenged. But your approach is foolish, selfish and in the end will not hold up to the scrutiny of justice and respect. You are pathetic and I am sorry we have people like you.

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    I support 100% mamo. The writter acts very arogant and the article is pointless as what we always talk with ethiopian elderly in coffee houses. Again and again. Don’t be blind. Don’t come here and promot yourself. Don’t oppose Dr Eleni only because she is working under current regime. The country should run as normal.

    I am sick of meles Zeneawi, but above all, sick of the educated diaspora. I have a PhD for that matter. I am under 35. I am defintly would not be arogant, write judjmental thought, write emotional thoughts with out any rational. Believe, if you go ask the writter, he may not even know how to pronounce correctly the names of ethnicities ..

  10. Ashiwa Abeba
    | #10

    Lulu mamo, I wish you finish up your esl program and then start commentinng about that about ethiopia! Well, Dr. Joseph you see, you have ESL students leading a great nation, Ethiopia. No wonder millions are dying and including his TPLF thugs.

    Death for TPLF!!!
    Long live ETHIOPIA!!!

  11. Yohanes
    | #11


    Man you are in serious need of a doctor my friend. You are completely delusional. You see the world in one and only way. Everywhere there are Meles colluders. No but seriously, tell me, what terrible thing has happened to you personally in Ethiopia ?

  12. Eritrean
    | #12

    Bravo our Ph.D. holder! The next thing for you to do is to go to Eritrea and then to the bushes of Ethiopia to get rid of these ignorant and “Civil Service” graduates and liberate your “motherland”. Wow, I can see you carrying Ak-47 (would you like to carry mortar, instead?) and firing directly to the Woyanes (do you mean the people of Tigray). keep it up “Denkoro” doctor.

  13. Tilahun
    | #13

    To Andarge
    You must be very ashamed of your knowledge and understanding of the world you live in. your mind like your master is twisted, narrowed, tormented and do not have the intelect nor the skills to analyze and understand the message conveyed to you by those enlitened knowledgable PHD’S. The solution for you first is to be willing to open up and get honest with yourself and seak professional help. Once you get sain and open mind then you can learn to get your phd.

  14. Sami
    | #14

    This one is for an idiot who called himself “Mamo” I think you are Hadgo or something like that…You stated that Ethiopia is a poor country, which is true, but it seems that you don’t understand the fact that evil Weyannes and Meles Zenawi have a lot to do with Ethiopia being very poor country. You morons wage war for 17 years, help Shabia to secede Eritrea and trying to divide Ethiopians along ethnic lines not only that run Ethiopia in ethnic apartheid system. After all these you want us to just pretend as if nothing happens and work with Weyanne. I know you are not kidding. You honestly think like that because you are sub human weyanne.

    If you think you are fully capable to think as a normal full human being, prove me wrong. Go a head and answer these questions: Now, the whole readers are going to read your answer and see if you are capable of rational thinking or not. Why is that all developed nations in the world have very strong democratic institute and practice the democratic system as a way of running their countries and why is that pretty much in all countries that are lead by dictators there is continues hunger, famine and war tension just like what is happening in Ethiopia right now? “Mamo” or Hadgo sit down for a couple of minutes and think about it. Read some books about the power of free human sprite how a real democracy motivate people to work hard and give incentive for investors to invest and create jobs. That is how the economy moves in a meaningful way.

    Civilized people give their leaders a limited time 4 years or 8 for a good leader. That is it. Why is that you stick behind one guy for more than 20 years? There is no other person in Tigray who can speak English? Why can’t the Ethiopia people choose their leaders freely? If Meles is good leader why is that millions and millions starve to death in Ethiopia every other year? Why is that Meles has to kill people to stay in power? In which democratic country do you see a leader elected by people five, six times even if there is hanger in his country during his era, even if he doesn’t allow more than on television station for 80 million people? Even if he jails all the free press journalist just because they do their job?

    If you are courageous, ”Mamo” or Hadgo answer all the above questions and we all see if you are capable of rational thinking or not.

  15. koster
    | #15

    If millions are starving in Ethiopia, it is unfortunately great business for Meles/AZEB and their business empire – EFFORT. As long as President Obama`s campaign speech is realized and all killers and looters face justice, millions of Ethiopians keep on dying either of starvation, AIDS, Cholera or Woyanne Anglo-American supplied bullet.

    Starvation in Ethiopia is caused not by technical problem but due to poor governence and it is possible to change it if there is a WILL. It is upto the anglo-americans to stop supporting the “friendly tyrants” and to the opposition to save the country and people rather than power mongering and in-fighting.

  16. Etboy
    | #16

    Dr. Joseph
    I didn’t catch that,”What did you say you have contributed to Ethiopia?” living in the comfort of other country, you are agitating hate and bitterness in our people … I really have the greatest respect for what you have achieved for your self but sir you are a COWARD. and I am really ashamed to see others complementing you on your success, if you can help please do, other wise stay out of the way. with every word you post on the web you are damaging the image of Ethiopia, oh no you are not going to feel that … it the poor people of Ethiopia who is. I bet you think you are a patriot, huh you are the very definition of a coward Tell people you are a Dr … but don’t tell them that you are from Ethiopia a “Disgrace” is what you are

  17. Joseph
    | #17

    Sorry for not attending to those good comments from Sensible folks. Thank you guys!

    @mamo, @Yohanes and the likes,

    For those Woyane, and “Strong Woyane Supporters” like the “wise Mamo” and others, please read the well written Special Report/Commentary about famine that has been published on web site. “Wise Mamo”, not fool mamo, can use the report for his ESL English course work (Essay). But be warned: Don’t plagiarize, and acknowledge that you got it from

    I noticed late that Mamo’s so called “common expectation” has been getting some sort of short essay as he found difficult to read The Independent’s extensive report supported by diagrams and figures.

    Those who cry wolf can’t change the wave of change that is coming their way to wipe the Woyane criminals out. Their Life won’t be eternal! Some of the comments from Meles’ guys have come from the same people using different accounts. That is the way they cheat the nation (appearing with different faces when they are the same eg EPRDF=TPLF).

    Woyane is engaged in “negotiating” about the “conduct of the Election 2010” with some opposition groups to be deceived once more again. Re. this is the election whose outcome has already been clear. Woyane/Meles “has won the election in a land-slide victory!” while holding the nation’s first and youngest leader to be female and major Opposition Party leader, Birtukan Mideksa! Of course, the whole nation is under siege! It is another disaster to negotiate with the TPLF, thinking that they have changed heart in their deceptions as there won’t be any fair and free election in the face of TPLF.

    Fourteen million people are starving, diarrhoea is rampant, and Electricity and water supply etc are non-existent. The TPLF chiefs, Woyane media and their thugs play down national calls of this nature. They are talking about investment in vacuum, using people like Donald Levine’s son, in their propaganda campaigns etc.

    Of course Meles’ daughter is training with K-47 in the Menilik Palace, how to shoot, and those guys who commented about AK-47 are those who are rehearsing the same thing in their mind, – the only language that they are equipped to use for all occasions. That is the TPLF/Zenawi manufactured generation of the shooting family, clicks, associates etc.

    We will continue fighting the barbaric, discriminative, racist, wild-rotten etc system of Zenawi

  18. Sammy
    | #18

    ማንም እንደሚያውቀው ዘመናዊ ትምህርት ኢትዮጵያን እንደጎዳት ምንም የሚያጠያይቅ ሃቅ ለመሆኑ ታዛቢዎቹ ዝነኞች ረሃብተኞቻችን ምስክሮች ናቸው::እነዚህ ባለፉት ከ77 ዓመት በላይ ኢትዮጵያን ሲያስተዳድሩ የነበሩ ቂል የተረት አርበኞች ያተረፉልን ነገር ቢኖር የበለጠ ደህነት እንዲሁም ብሎም የከፋ የርስ በርስ ጦርነት ለመሆኑ ለማንኛችንም አጠያያቂ አይደለም :ዓዝማሚያችን ሁሉ ለምን የግጭት ብቻ መሆን አለበት ? አውሮጳውያን አፍሪካን ለቀው ከወጡ ወደ ሃምሳ ዓመት መሆኑ ነው :እኛ ዘመናዊ ትምህርት አግኝተን እንኻ ሃገራችንን የምግብ ጥገኛ ማድረጋችን ተምረናል ትምህርት ጠግበናል ማለቱ ወዴት አደገኛ ዓቅጣጫ ሃገራችን መጛዙዋን ማንም ዓለም ተረድቶታል ::የሚቀጥለው እርምጃችን መሆን ያለበት PHD ለማግኘት መሮጥ ሳይሆን ውነት ይገባኛል ወይ ? ድ/ር መባል ለአበሻ ትልቅ የስም ጌጥ መሆኑ አያጠራጥርም እዚህ ላይ ማለቴ ዶ/ር ወይም ከፍተኛ ዲግሪ የያዘ ሁሉ አበሻ ተመልሶ ትምህርት ቤት ይግባ ማለቴ ሳይሆን ምን ዓልባትም ሳስበው የነጭ ሻጥር ሊሆንም ይችላል : በተለይም ጥቁር አፍሪካ ትልቅ የኢኮኖሚ ቀውስ ችግር ላይ ለመሆንዋ ምክንያት ምን አልባትም ሃገር የማስተዳደር አቅምና ችሎታ እንደሌለን እያስመሰከርንና ነጮች መተው እንዲያስተካክሉን ሳንወድ እየጋበዝናቸው መሆኑ ነው :: viva ቄሳር ,viva ምኒልክ

  19. Anonymous
    | #19

    Bravo. Mam(the ESL, I wish If I could switch your educational level with Joseph). I support your idea (Mamo &Yohanes). Joseph,fight with the ideas not with the ethnicity and language of the people. Bring better idea to those poopr people and Country.Don’t wish to bring back what your grandfathers did on an ethiopian people. Even don’t think about it. Find another way that benefit all ethiopian people eqally and fairly.

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