Was Satellite Radio Invented by way of Ethiopia? – Benin Mwangi

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The answer is yes. The same country that has brought the world the likes of the world’s richest person of African descent Mr. Mohammed Al Amoudi has also brought the world Noah Samara

Mr. Samara is indeed the founder and CEO of WorldSpace,
which pioneered the satellite radio technology, thereby being the first to introduce the technology to the market.

Noah Samara was born in Ethiopia and comes from a very diverse background. He was born to an Ethiopian mother and a Sudanese father. At the age of 17, Noah left Ethiopia and the familiar East African coast for America, in search of a better education. He found the education that he was looking for, while in America and his educational sojourn ended with him receiving his law degree from Georgetown University.

The area that he chose to specialise in was satellite communications law. Prior to the launch of World Space, Noah embarked on career that was heavily weighted towards satellite technology. In 1990 he resigned from his job and began working towards the launch of WorldSpace. And $USD 2.5B later World Space was up and running with it’s first satellite-AfriStar. The company has been lauded for it’s ability to reach remote area’s of the world with vital information, via satellite transmission.

Major partners of World Space are NPR Radio, BBC, CNN, and Bloomberg. In addition to starting WorldSpace, Mr. Samara also did other things with his his experience in the satellite industry-one of which was to help bring XM Satellite radio to fruition.

One of the most interesting thing facts about Mr. Samara’s launching of World Space, were the altruistic motives that inspired him to start the company. He cites the need to provide adequate access to radio for populations in rural Asia and Africa that were unable to receive radio signals prior to the arrival of WorldSpace.

In closing, I would like to say that I think Noah represents a very interesting aspect of Ethiopia. That Ethiopia has reached a tipping point (when it comes to business) and that with the right ingredients the future may hold even greater business success in store for this very mature nation.

  1. alamirew wube
    | #1

    I don’t believe the world’s richest person of African descent Mr. Mohammed Al Amoudi is Ethiopian! I mean not in blood but in action. In blood even meles zenawi is also Ethiopian but in action he is the worest anti-ehtiopian who is working day and night to destroy Ehtiopia. His effort only will be a dream. Mr. Mohammed Al Amoudi is also like him, he came back to Ethiopia to rob our wealth by siding with the tyrant TPLFs. I can’t wait to see when we got our freedom, to kick him out of our country, this corrupted Arab thief.

  2. utopia
    | #2

    “He cites the need to provide adequate access to radio for populations in rural Asia and Africa that were unable to receive radio signals prior to the arrival of WorldSpace.”
    That makes and will make a big difference.
    Never be discouraged with the up and down of the stock market. Business is a risk and you have been in it long enough to manage changes.

    Communication to the rural area specially in Ethiopia will make a big difference for the future.

    Best Wishes

  3. Yibiqan
    | #3

    We may have to think on how to utilize his resources to the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia. While the so called Ethipian Al amoudi is serving as a backbone to the dictatorial and fascist regime, we have to look for someone who can effectively serve the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia. Dear Abugida editors, have you figured out on the likelihood and possibilities of getting his service in enabling the Ethipian rural community get communicated with the diaspora, serving as a bridge of information. In a country where information flow is severly restrained, this is a very crucial role that a devoted Ethiopian should look forward. Otherwise, his Ethiopiawinet is of no importance to his folks who are severly running in dearth of information and communication.

  4. utopia
    | #4

    Yibiqan’s comment made me think…
    although well familiar with noah’s achievements
    and participation in the Ethiopian community, needed to be better informed about this remarkable Ethiopian American. Google.com revealed that his first motivation to get into satellite radio was to over come ignorance over health information particularly HIV disease. As health is a global issue, I think the big Human War is communicated in this aspect and there by Ethiopians concern as well.

    The diaspora’s struggle for democracy definately has significance as proven in the 2005 election and your question to Ato Noah through Abugida’s editor is understandable. It may not neccessarily be a determining factor for Ethiopiawinet, if at atleast health, development, constitutional rights, meanings of democracy etc steadly reach the rural areas. Ethiopia was 133 out of 140 countries as the worst place to be a mother according to save the children index released recently. Almost all the reasons related to health and education of women.

    How the diaspora’s struggle reaches the rural area is a very interesting question depending on how World Space works.

  5. Kassa
    | #5

    Mr. Noah’s work is a pride for we Ethiopians, who are ashamed of the ruthless, selfish and bandit woyane junta in the country. Moreover, his work is an inspiration to young Ethiopians to work hard despite the hardship the people is currently facing. It sad we lost the late scientist engineer Ketaw Ejegu who was the great hope and wealth of Ethiopia. Please those of you know Ketaw’s work closely write and share his great achievements so that other Ethiopians will take up his vision to bring freedom and development to Ethiopia.

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  7. | #7


    You are right in mentioning IGNORANCE.The people must be informed that an accountable administration is a necessary precondition for
    a better healthcare and fighting HIV etc….
    that’s how this brave Ethiopian,Noah,achievement could be utilised.To educate the rural Ethiopia that an accountable gov’t is a gov’t elected democratically by the people. ACCOUNTABLE!

  8. | #8

    I am very glad when Iread about you I pray for you to workfor your country ethiopia more you are ahero

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