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LODNON – Ethiopians in London and the United Kingdom remembered the 2nd anniversary of the historic May 2005 election (more…)

LODNON – Ethiopians in London and the United Kingdom remembered the 2nd anniversary of the historic May 2005 election with a public meeting for justice and democracy held on 20 May 2007.

On May 15, 2005, millions of Ethiopians, unprecedented 90 percent of the registered voters, went to the polls and voted to choose the government of their preference. The glimmer of hope for the emergence of democratic governance and lasting peace sparked by the election however appears to be replaced by the cloud of repression and tyranny unleashed by the Ethno-centric Woyane regime.

The hope of millions was dashed as the Woyane regime refused to accept its defeat at the polls and tried desperately to turn the clock back on the in order to maintain its tyrannical grip on power. While the international community has been dithering to take a firm stand against gross violation of human rights Ethiopia has been sliding from an emerging democracy to tyranny under the TPLF led rule.

After Nearly 18 long months of show trials in a kangaroo court, where all the prisoners of conscience have refused to defend themselves for lack of essential elements of independent judiciary, Meles Zenawi in a well-orchestrated show finally instructed the court to give a ruling for the entire CUDP leaders, civil right defenders and newspaper editors to stay in prison and defend themselves against trumped up charges supported by an incredible array of fabricated evidences and false witnesses.

The International Mission of Judicial Observation concluded that the charges brought against the above defendants, are arbitrary and the trial is used to silence any political criticism of the current regime. EMP are calling for the release of the report on the trial and its proceedings, commissioned by the European Parliament and believed to be highly critical about the sustainability of the charges and the process.

“We are not satisfied at all with the behaviour of the European Council and individual European governments turning blind eyes to major violations of human rights in Ethiopia, “¦ despite the streak of violations of the rule of law, democracy and its own constitution, Western governments are supporting a regime that is not giving development, democracy and respect for human rights to the people of Ethiopia and the neighbouring countries,”? Anna Gomez EMP

In the event organised by the Kinijit support UK in cooperation with civic and community organizations, Ethiopians came from all corner of London and beyond to express their solidarity with the movement for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia, and reaffirm their commitment to the struggle for justice and free society. london1.jpg

Ato Taye Alemayehu (Chairman of the Kinijit Support Organisation – UK) kick started the day welcoming everyone gathered to celebrate the occasion, and introducing the guest speakers. A moment of silence was observed as a mark of respect and honour to all tortured, jailed, persecuted and physically and mentally traumatized citizens.

Ato Wondemagegne Gashu gave a graphic and detailed account of the gross violation of human rights in general and the right to life in particular endured by thousands of Ethiopian Citizens under the brutal TPLF regime before and after the May 2005 election. In his comprehensive and emotional testimony of brutality committed by the security forces of the TPLF led regime, Ato Wondemagegne exposed how the government’s deliberate policy of brewing up conflict between communities with the intention of exterminating those critical of its rule.

The Honourable Mrs Anna Gonez EMP, in her telephone address to the participants said the European parliament recognises the brutality of the TPLF led government and the repression Ethiopians are subjected to. Friends of Ethiopia in The European Parliament, Mrs Anna Gomez confirmed, stand with Ethiopians in their struggle for freedom and democracy and will continue to expose the continued violation of rights, disregard for human rights and the rule of law , and press the regime to be accountable for its actions.

Mrs Anna Gomez, indicated that volume of the call for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners as a prerequisite to democratisation in Ethiopia its getting louder and louder by the day, along side a growing demand to link development assistance to respect for human rights and the rule of law.

In her concluding message Mrs Anna Gomez reminded the participants and all peace loving decent Ethiopians to stand in unison against the TPLF led regime to save their colourful country, and promised not to abandon Ethiopians in their struggle for justice and democracy. london2.gif

Dr. Wondimu Mekonnen, representing civic organisations reiterated that while basic rights of civil society are trampled on as a deliberate Ethiopians in London are known for their devoted campaigners for the reign of justice and democracy policy of the TPLF led regime, it should be the top priority of all civic organisations to fight for these basic human rights along with all democratic forces inside and outside Ethiopia.

Ato Andargachew Tsege, representing Kinijit International (KIL)relayed a message form the prisoners in Kality prison who have called all present to focus on continuing the struggle for justice and democracy they have started without any fear of its impact on their release. Ato Andargachew spoke about the leadership role of KIL in keeping the struggle for justice and democracy alive and representing the wishes of the people who voted in millions in favour of democratic rule over tyranny. Ato Andargachew concluded by calling up on all those gathered, with the spirit of hope engendered by May 2005, to link hands and unite against tyranny.

Ato Mstre Haileselasse, on behalf of The Council for Kinjit Support Organisations in Europe and Africa, sent a good wish and solidarity message via a telephone link, where he expressed his gratitude for the effort of UK Kinijit support organisation and its members in maintaining the momentum of the struggle for free Ethiopia, and reminded the audience that it is important that we remain united for the tough challenge ahead.

This was followed by an heart touching poem entitled “Tikur Wesha Weled”? written and presented by Ato Agegnehu Gebeyehu highlighting how immoral and disgraceful it would be for a member of the diaspora community to flock home for the so called millennium celebration and dance on the streets where the blood of 1000s of innocent citizens have been flowing and the life 100s was lost, while Ethiopians are subjected to unprecedented brutal rule. The participants underlined that there will be no genuine millennium celebration in Ethiopia while elected leaders are in jail and without meaningful national reconciliation. Alternatively, a major millennium event will be organised in London, as in all major cities of the globe, to celebrate the new millennium on 11/09/2007.

In his concluding remarks the Chairman -Ato Taye Alemayehu, reiterated the message of the members of the panel and the consensus view of the participiants – Unite and Rise against tyranny!. The chairman reminded participants that freedom and democracy can be achieved only through participation and not to underestimate their individual and collective contribution to the cause of Ethiopia, and not to let evil triumph over Ethiopia.

The meeting was concluded with patriotic songs – “?Ethiopia Hagere”? and others led by artist Genet Sisay also known in London as Hirut Bekele(2). The event was a resounding success where participants renewed their vows and commitment, sharpen their resolve and focus, to double up their effort towards the struggle for justice democracy.

One People! One Nation! One Ethiopia!
Long Live Ethiopia!

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