Expectations in the New Ethiopian Year 2002 – By Robele Ababya

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Welcoming the New Ethiopian New Year (more…)

Welcoming the New Ethiopian New Year

Eighty million Ethiopians in the larger prison in their own country are preparing to usher in the Year 2002 on the 1st of Meskerem (11 September 2009). This date is a reminder that we have our own calendar comprising 13 months – a significant achievement bearing evidence that Ethiopia is one of the oldest civilizations.

Millions of us fervently pray and ardently hope for the unconditional release of the icon Judge Birtukan Mideksa and indeed all political prisoners so that they can join their loved ones in the New Year.

Birtukan is an extraordinary person of impeccable integrity. She has captured our hearts and souls and engaged our conscience as she is languishing in the infamous Kaliti filthy jail infested with rodents. She is not only a leader of a popular political party but is also a stateswoman standing on high moral ground. Writings by fellow Ethiopians about Birtukan Mideksa such as the ones by the author of “Yedres Le Birtuwa” bring tears to my eyes as I am sure it does as well to other readers. This charismatic leader, her innocence, principle, indomitable spirit and above all her stand in defence of Truth has humbled millions. Her five year daughter, Haale Mideksa, is a victim of irretrievable loss of critically needed love of her mother for the second time; grandmother is bearing the burden of catering for her daughter and granddaughter.

I for one owe a debt of gratitude to these marvellous ladies I regard as priceless national assets; I wish them a Happy New Year in which they will harvest the reward for their boundless sacrifice!

Bracing to weather political storms in 2002

The New Year is going to be tough due to already stolen election by the TPLF, gloomy political situation foreseen by the international community and lack of united strong opposition forces to effectively stop the deteriorating situation. Snapshots of familiar players in the complicated political arena are given below:

Brutal dictators: TPLF, Shaebia and Al Shabab are trios bound by common interest for survival. They need each other. They operate according to the adage “keep your tents apart but your hearts or strategy together”. Meles is a barking dog on our side of the boarder to the provocation of Al Shabab on the other side in Somalia. The sufferers are the ordinary people on both sides. Isaias is the actor in proxy supplying fuel to the inferno. The trio will continue with their inhumane that has destabilized the region.

Tyrant Meles is the smartest of the despotic leaders in the Horn of Africa in seizing opportunities for survival, to wit: partnership on the war on terror; promise to reclaim the past glory of Ethiopia to appear a nationalist hero just before the celebration of Ethiopian millennium; threat to walk out from the Conference on Climate on change vowing that Africa will not be raped for the second time. When he is in domestic political trouble, the tyrant becomes a surrogate, a nationalist and an Africanist as it suits him. Ethiopians do not of course trust the traitor who has sold vital national interests. It would be naïve to trust him he would care for vital interests of African continent. For anything is for sale as far as the misruling thugs in Addis Ababa are concerned .

Inflexible liberation fighters: Separatist liberation movements will continue soliciting for resources from former colonizers by tarnishing the image of Ethiopia as if she is the last ‘empire’ remaining on the globe. But the truth is that Meles gets tanks, fighter airplanes, helicopter gun-ships and flow of funds and political support not only from ex-colonial masters but also from other quarters vying for influence in the African continent.

The challenge to the young generation in the separatist liberation movements is to discard, if they have not done so already, old mindset petrified in parochial views confined to ones ethnicity and elevate themselves to the new political outlook of compassion, inclusiveness, creativity and contribution to the common good of society as a matter of civic duty. Subscribe to the truth that Ethiopia was never an empire; pay tribute to our forebears for defending the Ethiopian freedom and territorial integrity with Spear and Gasha. We cannot run away from the victory of Adwa achieved by all ethnic groups of Ethiopia. “Self-determination up to cessation+ was not allowed even by its author Stalin; he ruthlessly crushed those who sought separation; needless to elaborate his admirers the Chinese do not allow it either.

Ethnic–labelled parties: These will prove themselves a formidable force of positive change provided they reconsider ethnic-based federalism in a united Ethiopia. Mederek will need to redefine itself better. Dr. Bulcha has said his own party and others in Mederek have agreed to amend article 39 of the TPLF constitution if they win in the forthcoming ‘election’. Mere removal of the “up to cessation” phrase from the article is not sufficient incentive to attract voters. Another question is whether there would be cohesion in Mederek where its constituent parties and personalities may vie for positions of influence.

Winners: Proponents of common humanity shall triumph in the end for their cause is just. Their appeal for support is directed to the advocates of new political order in the 21st century based on the tenets of respect for human rights, morality and ethics. In this age of information or knowledge the winning strategy is mutual respect and freedom of the individual under the rule of law.

Reconciliation and unity will in the end prove a winning strategy. If we refuse to fight each other the inferno that is fuelled by the immoral flow of firearms and funds shall be extinguished. We shall focus on compassionate development and become a shinning example of internal strength and regional stability.

Wasting valuable time associating individuals with Amhara elites or Oromo elite will not take us far in the face of deteriorating suffering of the people of Ethiopia. Ascribing “Big Two” to these ethnic groups is counter productive. The rule of the game should be free and fair election of individuals on merit irrespective of their creed or ethnic origin.

Vote of thanks

I would like to close by extending my sincere wishes for a Happy and Prosperous Ethiopian New Year to:

1. The Organizers of March for Freedom in particular to respected brother Obang Metho for his untiring effort in advancing the cause of human rights;
2. Pro–democratic Media for their relentless dedication and creativity with brave determination to provide a forum for Ethiopians to express their views; for showing the power of the free press;
3. Contributing writers for their educative, enlightening and inspiring articles reflecting the depth of their knowledge in diverse fields; and
4. Readers who had incessantly provided constructive comments on articles from distinguished Bloggers.

Let us renew our resolve in the New Year that our martyrs of all times shall never be forgotten. That the Voice of the Ethiopian people expressed at the historic election of 15 May 2005 shall be our guiding beacon in our march for freedom.

Release icon Judge Birtukan Mideksa & all political prisoners!


Robele Ababya

  1. Ogina
    | #1

    OLF as a Trinity (one and three at a time)!!

    This short essay is just presented as a clarification for Oromo foes like Ato Robele and Prof Messay, who are nowadays delighting by “percieving” a division of the Oromo liberation vanguard in to “three”. To their information OLF has got from the very beginning only one Kaayoo (goal), which also at the same time can be interpreted as three Kayyos, in a pocket and it played with the three cards based on the objective reality it is in, aka according to the “here and now” of the situations. Even though the only one Kayyoo is self-determination, the 3 interpretations of the Kaayoo are:
    - independence without a union
    - referendum on the issue: independence without a union vs independence within a union
    - independence within a union.

    OLF permanently advocated that it fights for Oromian independence, for Oromos’ right to self-determination and for a union of nations in the empire/region. It emphasizes one of the three interpretations according to the condition of the time (Zeitgeist). Whenever Abyssinians become arrogant and start to sing about the unconditional unity of their empire with supression of Oromos’ right, it streses independence of Oromia from Abyssinian colonialism underming the possible union. The logic behind this is, where ever there is supression, there will be a move for separation. When reasonable politicians from different nations in the empire start to recognize the God given right of the great Oromo nation to self-determination, it starts to play the card of self-determination (decision per referendum either for independence within a union or for independence without a union).

    Now the one structural OLF we Oromos had seems to have been devided in to three, each of them just taking as a goal one of the three interpretations of the Kaayyo:
    - OLF1 of Ob Galaassa seems to make no compromise on independence without a union.
    - OLF2 of Ob Daud has self-determination as its goal (being open for both independence within a union and independence without a union as far as Oromo people decide for one of the two).
    - OLF3 of Ob Hassan (the new) seems to have decided for the independence within a union of nations in the empire/region so that it sympathizes with and seems to seek an alliance with Oromos in the ruling party aka OPDO and strives for an understanding from the reasonable “pro unity” Abesha forces. Here I must say, it is not yet clear whether this group moves to the position of OLF1 for it wants to consolidate all members of ULFO who do stress independence without a union under one structural organization. Time will tell us, whether this group will be either pro OPDO or pro ULFO. Or is there any association between the two (OPDO and ULFO)?

    Any ways a Merdo to the foes of Oromo Liberation Movement is that the one/three OLF(s) will never give up the struggle for the right of Oromos to self-determination till we Oromos be the determiners of our own destiny, be it within Ethiopian union or without the union.

    Other wise, let’s differentiate rhetoric from conviction! I do hear nowadays certain Oromo politicians talking about the “fact” that Oromo people doesn’t want “secession”. I do consider talking about Oromos wanting independence or not is a wrong generalization. One thing we need to know as a fact is that almost all Oromo politicians (including those who do make the above mentioned rhetoric) deep in their heart believe in the right of Oromo nation to self-determination. This is the whole mark of Oromos and aim of our mindset (spiritual Organization) aka OLF. This mindset, OLF has got one Kaayyoo, but also three Karaas (including three rhetorics)
    - OLF mindset in the rebel organizations has got an explicit rhetoric of self-determination and it fights for this Kaayyoo by all meanses,
    - OLF mindset in the opposition organizations has got the rhetoric of struggling for liberation in Ethiopian context, but it covertly struggles for the Kaayyoo,
    - OLF mindset in the ruling organization has got the rhetoric, which says: “we have already achieved the liberation”, but yet it covertly pushes for the Kaayyoo.

    So fellow Oromos, let’s allow the mindset move to the Kaayyoo in all the Karaas, despite the rhetorics of some Oromos in the opposition and ruling Oromo organizations. Let our foes know exactly, despite the different rhetorics, Oromo Liberation Movement can never be stopped till it achieves the Kaayyo. We need to motivate our selves to do our rhetoric and our practice in the liberation movement on the Karaa each of us did choose to come to the Kaayyo. Long live OLF as a trinity (OLF with one Kaayyoo, but with three Karaas)!

    We have to forget the current rhetoric of Oromo politicians in the ruling party and in the opposition parties, who are doing their talk under the gun point of Weyane (they are just denying the right of Oromo people to self-determination at gun point) and let’s strive to our END Kayyoo, which is already determined by our mindset. I am personally against any sort of dictatorial unity and I am a supporter of a union of free nations in the empire/region based on free will. Any unity without Oromo public verdict will fail, take it only 1 year, about 10 years or as long as 100 years. That is why I do advocate for a lasting solution based on free will of all stakeholders, instead of the temporary hoyaa-hoyee of unity as a wishy-washy solution. MEDREK seems to have chosen unconditional-unity as a precondition for the alliance, but the unity they do strive for will surely never last long, because it is not based on self-determination of peoples, but on pre-determination by only few elites. TIBIBIR aka revived AFD, which may be forged by OLF et al must be based on a solid ground and take self-determination rather than unconditional unity as the precondition for an alliance!

    Any ways, our foes need to know that, they can only manipulate and delay the realization of Oromo’s right to self-determination, but they can never hinder it. Oromo’s mindset is leading us to our Kaayyoo aka self-determination, take it how long it might be. Our foes like it or not, in reality almost all Oromos are lead in our liberation struggle by this mindset. That is why an International Crisis Group (ICG) put it: ” despite its organizational flaws and divisions, many ordinary Oromos retain an almost messianic belief in the OLF as the major nationalist organization”!!

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    Hey, OLF as a Trinity! I like only the term OLF, which is about the Oromo! But the people who are leading the essue…haaa! My friend Who you are to represent all oromos. Now a days I have tired of hearing about few people who are trying to trade by the name of Oromo number, Amhara number etc…! Please be alert and go with time! You and your family at home country who are getting your remittance would like to say a lot, mostly seeking power! of course now also they have better saying and government seat than the poor Oromo like me! Your family and you from abroad sing and trade by “OLF” and then dis-organize the poor Oromo students…..! You stir us in the poletics then we remain behind education…!

    Robele Ababya! Tank you man! Believe me there are Oromos who like to live peacefully in Ethiopia territory! Let us keep our sound up! Of course we need our culture, our full right etc…but working and living together is also important!

    Wish you Happy New Year for all of the people who belive theis coming 2002 to be their new year!

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    Why Some oromos felt to accept Burtikan Midekisa! At least to give recognition? May be cause she is from Shewa, which is usually labled as Nafitenya! Why some Shewa Oromos are kicked out of the ……!
    May God Bless Oromo and Ethiopia as a whole!

  4. Kidane
    | #4

    Thank you, Robele
    as usual.

  5. Robele Ababya
    | #5

    I would like to restate that I was born to my most beloved Oromo parents with roots in northern Shewa. I am now a PanAfricanist of Ethiopian origin. We need to save Africa from the new scramble for its resources. In this day and age our common humanity matters most.

  6. anonymous
    | #6

    My dearest Robele,

    Here are my best New Year wishes for you too.እንኩዋን ለአዲሱ አመት በሰላም አደረስህ::መጭው ጊዜ የጤና የብርታት የተስፋና የድል እንዲሆንልን እመኛለሁ::

    I remain one of your many ardent admirers for your longstanding advocacy of the democratic and human rights of our people.

    I am sure that I am not the only one who have been enlightened,
    encouraged and summoned to a pro-democracy action by your inspiring writings over the years.

    Recognising and celebrating your very longstanding and enviably consistent contributions through your writings,I suggest that ABUGIDA should confer on you the title of ‘AN EXEMPLARY ETHIOPIAN AND BEST CONTRIBUTER EVER’.

    Best wishes again.

    What do you say to that,Abugidawoch?

  7. Ogina
    | #7

    Dear all! except the rabid dogs aka flies aka Weyane cadres,

    I do sense that the flies are feeding on the dirty thing (conflict between Amharas and Oromos; between different Amhara groups and between different Oromo factions). That is why the smart Amhara and Oromo politicians nowadays talk about the unity of ALL opposition groups against the fascists without any precondition. Now the issue of self-determination vs unconditional unity has been the best food for the flies. Smart Amharas and Oromos need to take away this food from the flies aka never to discuss such issue at their presence like in cyber world. Let’s kill the flies through making them hungry of such dirty things they need for survival. Thanks!!

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    dear beza
    i missed u so much i hope all of u are good and happy i want to say to u HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and give to all a hug from zawde

    i love u
    from zawde

  9. zawde sefew
    | #9

    dear my love sister (beza)
    i missed u so much i hope all of u are good and happy
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all

  10. zawde sefew
    | #10

    from lebanon

  11. BK
    | #11

    @ Ogina a fight for freedom will make sense only when there is a people to fight and be concerned for, at the moment there are so many Ethiopians (that includes Oromos BTW) that are starving to death. I don’t see OLF doing anything about the ever increasing food crisis that is finishing our people. The so called fundraisers held by OLf members in the West ends up in the pockets of the members, the corruption and division within the OLF is absolutely disgusting. Did you know that many Oromo refugees in Kenya die in the hands of the OLF who think they are spies sent by the Ethiopian government?. I am a fellow Oromo, but i will never support such a narrow minded and at times hateful movement. This Ideology that’s ingrained into your mind will not take you very far. You should review your last response, we live in a society where we can get our points across without resorting to degrading language…no need to call people dogs and flies!

    @ Robele, keep up the good work buddy, I am sure there are more people out there that stand for humanity as a whole, instead self and ethnic interest, which has never done us any good

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