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ADDIS ABABA – Meles Zenawi has decided to rule Ethiopia for five more years following the election in 2010, state-run Ethiopian TV reported on Tuesday. (more…)

ADDIS ABABA – Meles Zenawi has decided to rule Ethiopia for five more years following the election in 2010, state-run Ethiopian TV reported on Tuesday.

“The prime minister and members of his ruling EPRDF party have – after a long debate – agreed that Meles Zenawi would step down from his party and government posts at the end of the next term,” the TV reported. The next term ends in 2016. Obviously, the decision is made on the foregone conclusion Zenawi’s party would be the sole competitor and winner of the election in 2010.

Unless the official story is changed tomorrow because the langauge used in the official media is ambiguous, the buzz that the current term would be Zenawi’s last has come to an end.

One of the most ruthless tyrants in Africa who has reduced Ethiopia into a failed and landlocked state fraught with ethnic fragmentation, Meles Zenawi has been in power since 1991.

For many political observers, Mr. Zenawi would remain in power indefinitely was a foregone conclusion.

Human rights groups accuse Mr. Zenawi of committing serious crimes, including genocide of ethnic Anuaks in 2003, the killings of nearly 200 protesters following the ruling party’s defeat in the 2005 elections, and war crimes in the Ogaden region.

A government crackdown continues to this day, with opposition supporters either being killed, jailed or beaten and dumped by the roadside. Workers live in perpetual fear of not to be seen as harboring anti-government views that would cost them their jobs in the impoverished nation.

Zenawi has been misleading the media that he would resign at the end of this term. Ethiomedia has for several years been warning there was no way Mr. Zenawi would submit himself to the rule of law and allow the transfer of power even after nearly 20 years in power.

Meles Zenawi hailed from Asmara and joined TPLF 35 years ago as an enemy combatant to fight against Ethiopia for Eritrean independence. As leader of TPLF, he vanquished thousands of Tigrians who were perceived as potential troublemakers that would oppose his policies detriment to Ethiopia.

“For an enemy,” one observer said, “let alone five more years, even a day in power is worth fighting for.”

  1. አንበሴ
    | #1

    ኢትዮጵያዊው ወገን! ፋሽስቱን የወያኔ ጬካኝ ቡድን ለመገርሰስ:- አትነሳም ወይ አትነሳም ወይ!! የግፍ አገዛዝ አይበቃህም ወይ? አትነሳም ወይ አትነሳም ወይ!! ለመታገሱ አይበቃህም ወይ?

  2. Robele Ababya
    | #2

    Dictators die desolate disgraceful in office or get removed by force by one of their trusted comorades in crime.

    This decision and the robbery of votes in advance has not surprised me at all.

    The opposition forces should now redouble their efforts to put pressure on the sick dictator suffering reportedly from heart disease.

  3. Dawit
    | #3

    surprise surprise

  4. Ethiopia
    | #4

    My beloved children,

    This Squirrel/Skunk son of mine wants to keep spraying his bad-smell on all Ethiopians. Read my leaps he would never leave the office so have to keep up our struggle to remove him by force or by peaceful struggle.

    By the way, moderator I love the picture, the Skunk, you used on this article.
    Death to tyrant, genocidal, Meles!!!

  5. Genet Mersha
    | #5

    This not a matter of good or bad news; it is not news at all for that matter, since it is only formalization of what Ethiopians have expected and known all along. However, this is a sad day for our country. It represents the death and cremation of rule of law and democracy in Ethiopia. By their vote, those who joined him in this depraved exercise of lies and deception have betrayed Ethiopia and its people.

    If Addis Fortune’s story (Sept 6, Gossip) is credible, “the majority of those who voted for him [Meles Zenawi] to step down came from his own party, TPLF, and the ruling coalition’s senior partner, ANDM.” On the other hand, the “Majority of the leaders from the OPDO and SEPDF have reportedly voted in favour of the chairman to remain where he is.” Irrespective of the decision of the party limiting his stay in power, he surely would outlive all of them.

    As usual, he would soon begin to plot his stay beyond his 25th year in office in 2015/16 and beyond, and beyond…until death does part him or Ethiopians unite and say enough to his political shenanigans and dictatorship. For now, he has succeeded because of the less endowed members (in every sense—especially freedom of mind and conscience) he has recruited into the party to facilitate his long-term objectives. They owe their existence to him.

    For Meles, power is like an aphrodisiac drug, without which he cannot live. One thing is evident now though. His power is no longer for the good of Ethiopia, as he has duped many good citizens in the country and many members of the international community this long. It is to satisfy his greed, but not alleviate poverty and improve the wellbeing of the people. Therefore, more evident in Ethiopia would now be the plunder of the country by its leader, his family and their cronies. In the coming years, Ethiopia would witness the worsening of repression and human miseries—serious violations of fundamental human rights, drought, hunger, graft and corruption on top of a leaking economy and too many inter-ethnic and armed conflicts.

    Ato Meles is known as a vindictive person. Therefore, those who voted against him at the party’s meeting are now the stone in his shoes that he is convinced about their impeding his plan of continually staying in power. He would begin to pluck them out one by one—in compliance with the party’s decision “the senior leaders of the front and management would hand over its [their] leadership in the coming five years.” In some cases, this would be followed by the usual charges of corruption or disloyalty to the constitution and imprisonment of some members of the party. If the past were any guide, even those who voted for him would not be spared. In the first place, he despises them for their incompetence and servilities. Secondly, he does not trust his secrets of political corruption with them. Thus, he would find an easier way out for them once he feels sure their tongues are tied.

    Some leaders expose themselves in amazingly nincompoop ways, because they have a lot from which they have to shelter themselves. I was laughing the other day when I read about Berlusconi’s decision “to sue newspapers which oppose him politically to defend freedom of the press” (Bloomberg 7 Sept). He knows, as much as the world does, what the media would write about him these days. It is the story of a seventy plus year old man in power consorting with teenage girls and prostitutes. Berlusconi does not like that story in print media or television. Therefore, he had to pose as defender of press freedom!

    In our case, the story is different. Meles portrays himself as the person who can promote freedom, equality, democracy and prosperity. The record of the past eighteen years is different, despite his claims and what his media echoes. No one else is capable of saving the nation that he has rendered landlocked. That is why now the ruling party is ‘operationalzed’ to entrust its life into his hands for another five years, at least, for now.

    I had seen this coming and I had detested it before it happened. That is why in the conclusion of my four-part article entitled, “Would Meles Zenawi Truly Depart, As He Has Promised, or Would He Become the Grey Eminence of Ethiopian Politics?” I wrote, “Finally, I must say, after all, it has never been right you [Meles Zenawi] have been in power for eighteen years; certainly, without our consent. It is not right at all that the nation should be a passive observer in matters of such gravity, leaving the whole thing to the benevolence of a single individual, the chief executive, until he expires or is physically exhausted, as you are claiming now. It is not right! It is not fair, at all!” I could not help feeling that more strongly today after the announcement of his continued stay in office.

    Today, Ato Meles has vindicated all Ethiopians who have accused him of being a dictator whose sole objective in life has been power. Indeed, with his manipulation of the less endowed members of his party he has proved that to the world. He did show the extent of deception he has gone into to remain in power.

    In post-2005 election, he has shed the blood of innocent youngsters in the streets to realize that ambition of his, several of them pulled out of their beds in the middle of the night and shot beyond the glare of the media, although the sad story of each slain victim never remained a secret. In this day, the grief of many parents who have seen their children led out of their houses as if lambs to be massacred have been renewed. Ato Meles’s problem is that his is a man haunted by the pile of his criminal actions. They have made him a refugee in power. The prime minister is a man compelled to cling to power only to escape from the judgement of the nation for his evil actions. For now, we live in that realty.

    If they have a sense of the nation’s pains, I urge them to do away with another shenanigan of the 2010 election. The millions of birr allocated for the election could be utilized to buy food for victims of the famine that is already building now.

  6. Ye-Kwaraw
    | #6

    A Bad News Is A Good News

    Personally I do believe the fact that Meles decided to step dawn after five more years of ruling with his iron fist is a bad news but a good news since it sends a clear signal that for the hopeful opposition parties who are engaged in a round table discussion with the tyrant TPLF regime could stop the so called negotiation process and shift there time and energy mobilizing citizens for civil apprising.

    Time after time history has proven that not a single dictator throughout history mankind has step-down willingly with out facing equivalent force and the TPLF headmaster Meles Zenawi is no different than all dictators before his time

    My humble suggestion to all opposition parties is
    1.stop attacking each other and work on your common goal for the sake of our nation
    2.Abandon all the negotiation process with “EPRDF” which is disguising mask for TPLF thugs
    3.Demand the unconditional release of all political prisoners
    4.start mobilizing citizens from the rural area to the cities for a civil uprising

    On the other Hand we in the Diaspora shall
    1.Support anyone who is against TPLF tyranny
    2.Lobby European Union and US and British government to stop funding the tyrant regime at home
    3.Continue demonstration
    4.Provide financial support
    5.Serve as a voice for the voiceless Ethiopians at home

  7. Kassahun Lemma
    | #7

    OOOOOkkkaaaay… What could be next?.I am so ashamed by this latest breaking news has already been announced by Ethiopia News Agancy,expecting the prime minster to be placed to the next term in Addis Ababa Palace.If he gets the seat,Zenawi would empower the nation for two decades plus. No doubt that the seat be able to allocat to him in terms of the favour he did for life members who used to harass,intimedate and even killing and jailing the innocent people accross the nation. It will be imminenet Zenawi may continue to stifle pliticians mostly from oposition groups and will also strengthen his hand on the ground in order to lie the truth,or to manuiplate the fact that every one knows.

  8. maneh balesamnt
    | #8

    Happy New Year to you ( thinking you’re from Ethiopia which only EXISTS in the minds of many of us).
    I would like to differ in some of the points you raised:
    A. “2.Abandon all the negotiation process with “EPRDF” which is disguising mask for TPLF thugs”
    I support its continuation. I’m for the peacefull struggle. By continuing the negotiation we could weaken the unity of the meles worshippers..if we cannot reach agreement/s. Tha’s one step forward.
    B. “1.stop attacking each other and work on your common goal for the sake of our nation”
    I don’t know what you mean or why you used the phrase ”
    stop attacking each other” in this above sentence.
    From exprience I’m forced to reject it. Let me be clear. The phrase you used is sometimes is being used to mean not to say anything about the other parties programms…
    I remember during the mengistu time we were told and advised to shut up against any political group which used to fight against that gov(mengsitu). Some told us that they would recognise even if SATAN takes over the power. They got what they wanted. I don’t want that to be repeated now.
    Any genuine political party should critise the other parties programms wherever necessary. I’m against the armed struggle because of two major problems:1. The world politics doesn’t allow such form of struggles..
    2. Our people have paid a lot of sucrifices and are not ready for such struggles…
    So we need to hear & see from the political parties clearly stated programms and method of struggle/s.
    In the name of unity I don’t want to cooperate with party/ organizatio/s which doesn’t have Ethiopian agenda/s.
    Long term and short term progrmms of the parties/organization/s must be clear…
    Should we have had wasted time in discussing whether malas would leave or not should we have had a genuine political organization/s?
    This shows us that the ETHIOPIAN POLITICIANS still need a lot of work to do.
    The panic should have been in the menelik betemengst. Not among ETHIOPIANS.

  9. yikerbelen
    | #9

    Resign? who ? melese? That will never happen in his life time . This bloody criminal has shouted every where by westren medias about resignation simply to give topic for ethiopians. Immagine how many even tigerians were killed by this cruel man since dedbit untill now? Immagine, what will happen with him as soon as all security and other forces will be out of his command? Melese will leave office only by the barrel of the gun. support G-7. G-7 is on the way to close melese’s and his thung’s throat with carate. Support. Melese will never leave office , even after 2016. be sure.

  10. mateos
    | #10

    As a young man back in 1991 I was very humbled to see the killer of all killers in Ethiopia replaced by the so called TPLF; I had thought as it was the reborn of Ethiopia and Ethiopians; I said to myself: thanks god no one should be ashamed to call himself/herself Ethiopian; enough to the starvation; enough to the backwardness; enough to the killing; enough to the inprisonment; enough to the deadly weapons; enough to the brutality; enough to be a begger nation; enough to the wars; enough to the shame feelings as Ethiopian; enough to brain-drain of all Ethiopians; BOY I WAS WRONG! BOY DID I OVER REJOICED MYSELF! what Zenawi and his boss Bereket brought from the jungle of aiga is nothing but nothing. What the thugs of aiga jungle telling the Ethiopian people is simple and clear: WE WILL LEAD YOU OR YOU WILL BE KILLED. Ethiopia finally is looking just like the Meles and his boss Bereket!

  11. TeddyM
    | #11

    I don’t know why anybody would be surprised or disappointed, for this Shabian goon has been promising “this would be my last-term” since the farcical election of 1995. How many times can one be dooped by his/her nincompoop memory. Go back and read his statements all the way back to 1995 and you will find out that this is not the first, and I believe won’t be the last time he would “break” his non-promise promise. Wake up people!

  12. germew
    | #12

    chilfa bilewawet wet ayatafetem
    they all gibochi nachew…we have to unite b4 they eat us the next 5yrs or more.
    i know long time ago that he(meles) wants to eat us until he die.
    now it is our time to eat them.

  13. Mekdi
    | #13

    What is is new about Zenawi’s lie?

    The problem is with us who always get surprised every minute he lies.

    Meles=lie beka!!!!

    We should not even listen let alone pay attention what he is saying. We just have to do what we can do. Arrest him alive or dead!!! Bekae

    | #14

    Nothing new about this nightmare/bad news. For those of you who have been following woyane’s every move and the inner exman Ato Gebre medhin, things are clear that woyane speak only violence. Sad, but violence have worked in behalf of majority before, so the future is here to greet starving people of this country. Otherwise meles and his ” SELECTED PICK POCKETS GENOCIDAL BUTCHERS” will be in power for another 100 years.
    ‘Ke Lela Amist Amet, Ye Ande Qen Nestanat” Yehagare Sewu Tenas, wugaw, bedoma, Bebilawi, bedomawu, Adimiteh Dima. Liqi Liqun jamir.

    Meles was a thug, is a thug, will die as one ugly thug would be. Not only he would die bad death, his offsprings are all dead in the land I know as Ethiopia. They will never breath a breath when all is done and over.

    For those zambie scholars, who think election would change a life of Ethiopian people, Go back to school, for there is no election in Ethiopia. There are self coronations and you’re observers to it.

    For EPPF, OGADEN, OLF, this is an opportunity to make a huge historical step towards democracy. Take the pain where it hurts the most.

    To Doctor Berhanu and likes, you’ve articulated long before and its a time to unite all oppositons against Colonialism. Lets all come together to free our country from colonialism, barberism, savagery, fascism.

    Farmers must resist being sold with their birth rights, the right to till their land must fight off and die in unison. Let cammeras, bloggers cover all the killings. Bring to world medias.

    Cameras at fake voting booths, at every conners of mugging fields of Ethiopia.

    Subotage evey crimes that is set against innocent Ethiopians buy thugs from Adwa.

    Face off, criminals muggers with new methods.

  15. goty
    | #15

    You can think how Meles is a man who has no gut to lie. How he amoral is!!!
    He told for many news agencies as he will step down from office and power he occupied almost for his life long.
    No more talking and remorse other than to consolidate the struggle from every corner in well planned mode. He will not step down without sham as any dictator. It is his last fate to end his life in disgrace.

  16. Mekdi
    | #16

    I am ashamed some prodemocracy websites are calling it breaking news? Is Meles lying realy breaking news? Breaking news will be when meles talks the truth.

    Meles=falsehood. Period!

    People just work on how to arrest him dead or alive. Thank you!

  17. ዘለቀ
    | #17

    እንደገና አንዴ ቆም ብለን በጥሞና ካሰብን ይህ ፍጹም መጥፎ ዚና አይደለም:: አብዛኛው የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ የሚቃወመው በግል አቶ መለስን ሳይሆን ሃገሪቱን ወደባሰ ጥፋት እየወሰደ ያለውን የኢህአዴግን ፖሊሲ ይመስለኛል:: ይህ ማለት አቶ መለስ ቢወርዱም የሚተካው ሌላ የኢህአደግ አባል እስከሆነ ድረስ የሚያመጣው ለውጥ የለም ማለት ነው:: ይሁን እንጅ ይህ ግልጽ መሆኑ እየታወቀ እርሳቸው እወርዳለሁ የማለታቸው ዚና እንደትልቅ ነገር በውስጥም በውጭም ዚና ማሰራጫወች በሰፊው ነበር የተዘገበው:: ይህ እንዲህ ሆኖ ዛሪ የአቶ መለስ መውረድ እውነት ሆኖ ቢሆን ኖሮ ዚናው እንዴት ሊጋነን ይችል እንደነበር ለመገመት አያስቸግርም:: ይህ ለገዥው ፓርቲ በጣም ጠቃሚ ይሆን የነበረ ከመሆኑም በላይ የተቃዋሚዎችንና የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ ትግል ደግሞ ጥቂት በማይባሉ አመታት ወደኅላ ይጎትተው እንደነበረ አያጠራጥርም:: በአንጻሩ የዛሪው ዚና ለትግሉ መጠንከር ትልቅ አስተዋጽዖ እንደሚኖረው ለመገመት ትንቢት አዋቂ መሆን አያስፈልግም::

  18. Birtu
    | #18

    አዎ 17 ትክክል ብለሃል

  19. Anonymous
    | #19

    አባቶች እናቶች እንዲህ ይላሉ::

    ይህ የሰው መንገድ ነው የእግዚአብሔር ደግሞ ሌላ ነው::

  20. Teklu
    | #20


  21. ali
    | #21

    males is diktator of world …he can not make something his land

  22. jeberti from north
    | #22

    goog job ato meles. we can not live with out you pr. meles zenawe. this is our time. we must admnistreat for 55 year. good job mr pr.

  23. jeberti from north
    | #23

    we shall win forever. no one matur to lead the our country. forget sebhat, seye… the so colled.

  24. JIGSA
    | #24


  25. dani
    | #25

    For how long we Ethiopians carry empty pride! Let us go down to our knees and pray before almighty king for change. Let us admit we have tried every thing and failed. We rely on the politicians and they fail us. We relay on Europeans to deliver us, they fail us. It is time to be sober and to look for another alternative! God the almighty. We have to repent and turn from our wicked ways. Then let us stand for justice . Let us oppose injustice whether it happened to tigrians, amharas, oromos etc. The Almight can deliver us from evil oppression.

  26. JIGSA
    | #26


  27. ጆን
    | #27

    ጎበዝ ያለ ውግያ ምንም መፍትሃእ እንደማይኖር ለምን አንረዳም !!!! ክቶርነት ውች አማራች የልም!!!! ወያና በሰላማዊ መንገድ ስልታን ይለቃል ብሎ ማሰብ የዋህነት…..ነው.

  28. menlik
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