Somali Islamists produce martyr video – By Khaled Kazziha

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NAIROBI, Kenya: Islamic insurgents in Somalia have created a video showing a man reciting prayers from the Quran before apparently blowing himself up in a suicide blast, (more…)

NAIROBI, Kenya: Islamic insurgents in Somalia have created a video showing a man reciting prayers from the Quran before apparently blowing himself up in a suicide blast, the latest sign that extremists are adopting tactics used by radical groups in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East as they carry out their guerrilla war.

The Associated Press obtained the video Thursday from a person associated with the Shabab, the militant wing of an Islamic group that ruled much of southern Somalia for six months last year. The Council of Islamic Courts was driven from power in December but has vowed to launch an Iraq-style insurgency until Somalia is ruled by the Quran.

Martyr videos are a common propaganda tactic used by al-Qaida in Iraq and Afghanistan and by groups in the Middle East, but are not known to have been used before in Somalia. In recent months, the insurgents also have started using suicide bombs and posting battle reports on the Internet, both al-Qaida tactics not previously seen in Somalia.

“We know the enemy of Islam, the unbelievers have supporters everywhere and their aim is to prevent us from praying to the holy Quran,” said the man in the video, identified as “Martyr, Adam Salad Adam.” He appeared to be in his 20s.

“But we have the support of God and they will lose in the end,” he said.

Adam urged Somalis to defend their country against “invaders,” and said “I will be the first to devote my life … I expect God to forgive my sins.”

Adam is also seen praying and driving a sport utility vehicle along the main road in the northern part of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, an area seen as a stronghold for the Islamists. Arabic music extolling holy war also plays on the video, urging Muslims to “blow it up, don’t waste a day” and “move forward to paradise, ignite a revolution.”

The explosion is seen from a distance, sending a column of white smoke into the sky. Adam said he was targeting a base manned by Ethiopian troops, who provided vital military assistance to the Somalis in ousting the Islamic courts. It was not clear when the tape was produced, but a suicide bomb struck an Ethiopian base earlier this year.

The first suicide attack reported in Somalia happened in September, targeting Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf in the southern town of Baidoa. The blast and a subsequent gunbattle killed Yusuf’s brother and 10 others.

Mohamud Gulane, one of Somalia’s respected elders, said suicide attacks were unheard of in Somalia until then.

“Committing suicide to kill others is a phenomenon that was imported from outside,” the 88-year-old elder said.

Islamic courts leaders deny any connection with al-Qaida, but the two groups appear intertwined.

Aden Hashi Ayro, a Somali trained in al-Qaida’s Afghanistan camps prior to 2001, is on the State Department’s list of suspected terrorists and remains the overall leader of the Shabab.

Another Shabab commander, Issa Osman Issa, is a Kenyan wanted by the FBI for a 2002 terror attack near the Kenyan city of Mombasa, the State Department says on its Web site.

Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, who is from Comoros and widely believed to be the al-Qaida leader for East Africa, runs the Shabab’s intelligence section, Somali intelligence officers have told the AP. FBI and Kenyan police reports and U.S. court documents link him to 2002 attacks in Kenya and the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

Somalia has been mired in chaos since 1991, when warlords overthrew dictator Mohamed Siad Barre and then turned against each other. The current administration, called the Transitional Federal Government, was established in 2004 with backing from the United Nations, but has struggled to assert control.

Just weeks ago, the government declared victory over Islamic insurgents after some of the worst fighting in Somalia in more than 15 years. Battles killed at least 1,670 people between March 12 and April 26 and drove about a fifth of Mogadishu’s 2 million residents to flee for safety.

But sporadic violence has still been breaking out in the capital.

This week, Somali police shot and killed two civilians after attackers hurled a hand grenade at a police station in northern Mogadishu, witnesses said. No officers were hurt.

Police opened fire with assault rifles and “two civilians who were sitting in front of my pharmacy were killed, one was hit in the chest and the other in the head,” said Aydurus Ali Mohamed. “They both died instantly.”

Aden Mohamed, an officer at the station, said the grenade landed just inside the station’s gate. He said no officers were hurt, and did not comment on the civilian deaths.

  1. woyane
    | #1

    That’s why we faught them.In order to protect innocent civilian lifes from Terrorists.Who says that Only the Westeners have a right to defend their peoples

  2. Mimi
    | #2

    What is going on here the abugida guys? Who cares about what Issays say anyway? Would you pleas erase his crap from this site? Issayas is one of the evils that have been creating term oil in the horn of Africa for years. His ill and dark vision only creates bloodshed and hatred: Nothing useful and meaningful from Meles and Issayas…I wish both weren’t even born.

  3. fish
    | #3

    Dinkem Millennium

    Let us come to the meat of the argument to attempt to answer the questions. The facts scream that Ethiopia’s 76,511,887 population according to CIA (2007) are leaving in abject poverty, major epidemic diseases such HIV/AID are spreading at alarming rates with diverse consequences, the country is involved in major wars and conflicts both internally and externally. Economy-wise there is no story worth telling; those notorious adjectives and pictures which describe the economy are still there – “˜poverty-stricken’ for instance. There is nothing false about the description because it is fact that more than 80 % of its population are unemployed. But sometimes statistics is generous; it takes from the ruling party companies and some people who can afford and says that the per capita GDP is $ 100 “˜giving’ the money to the 80 % unemployed people who do not even have that $ 100. The cause for all major cause for all these appears to be the unending wars and conflicts within and neighbouring countries because of lack of freedom and democracy to mobilise it people. Government’s war spending has even devastated the non- exiting economy for most of its people, BBC. Over 10 big rebel movements are active including the Oromo liberation front and the Ogaden Liberation Front are struggling for freedom because the government has proved that peaceful dialogues is not possible as long as it there.

  4. Mimi
    | #4

    Thank you the abugida guys for taking off Issaya’s crap that was posted earlier. After all you are with the real people, and you have a common sense. We have no time and interest in Issayas and his likes propaganda.

  5. woyane
    | #5

    Dear Mimi,

    If it was Mengistus Hailemariam or Hailu Shawel Propaganda.You are the first to support it to be posted on web.You know when Nazis come to power they first do burning of books ,latter they begun burnning Humans.That’s the trend for people who have a lot of hate to others.

  6. fish
    | #6

    like you woyanes kill and imprison the educated and university student. It is a good confession and time to repent. woayne

  7. woyane
    | #7

    Dear Asa(Fish)

    Thank you for your arguments.Don’t believe that always educated persons are Kidus.Dr. Josef Mengele(Dr.Death),Dr. Carl Clauberg,Dr. Herta Oberheuser etc are Educated but they used their knowledge to conducted experements on Ayhuds at Auschwitz.If we didn’t put your CUD Leaders at Kaliti they will do the same with Tigray people.I invited you the following article

    At Auschwitz extermination was conducted on an industrial scale with three million persons eventually killed through gassing, starvation, shooting, and burning. Josef Mengele was the chief provider for the gas chambers – and did well! When it was reported that one block was infected with lice, Mengele solved the problem by gassing all the 750 women assigned to it. Mengele did a number of medical experiments of unspeakable horror at Auschwitz, using twins. These twins as young as five years of age were usually murdered after the experiment was over and their bodies dissected.

    So what do you think Dr.Birhanu will do if allowed to perform his hate politics.


  8. Mimi
    | #8

    woyane, as far as we and the rational thinking world concern the CUD leaders are still struggling peacefully for a change in Ethiopia. After all Meles has been leading Ethiopia down for the last 16 years. Don’t you think he has been there too long? Don’t you think the Ethiopia people have a right to elect their own leaders? Meles and co. are the most hated groups in Ethiopia as we speak. They are on power only by terrorizing the Ethiopian people and by making Ethiopia a Police state. All the international organizations that work to build democracy and human right around the world know the nature of woyane. If you don’t know that check the recent Amnesty international report on Ethiopia, check the CPJ and the Journalists with out boarders’ web sites. The Kinijt leaders are well educated Ethiopians who genuinely concern about the state of Ethiopia and willing to change the course in a very civil and peaceful way, but you woyanes are terrorists with evil agenda and dark vision. Because of you the whole horn of Africa is burning. You are curses not only to Ethiopia to the whole human beings. However, good always win evil and you will go to hell.

  9. Tigist
    | #9

    I support Mimi’s argument here. All Weyanes should know that whenever you post a message on this site, think about it a couple of times and try to make a sense. Don’t just dump your stupid propaganda and expect that we will buy it. Keep in mind; you are not dealing with stupid farmers from Tigray here.

  10. | #10

    It is very distasteful to read some comments. Particularly comments totally biased for current totalitarian regime in Ethiopia. As we all are agree upon, except those who have been benefited from the regime, Melles and his cadres are very cruel, uneducated, and happy and/or ready to devastate the history of the country as well as the most educated citizens. This hidden woyane’s policy might be for different reasons and thus not necessarily important to printout them. “From such beginnings of governments, what could be expected, but a continual system of war and extortion”?? I do not understand why his/her Excellency/ Woyane’s writer/ strongly wanted to mention Tigray people separately. All political prisoners are by far the well-educated citizens that we have and not intended to burn anybody rather have better vision for the country. It is so shame to read comments like this. However, “if we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately”? and we do not unquestionably know what will happen tomorrow. TPLF/EPLF hidden agenda was focused on the formation of “Great Tigray”?. When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary. Woyane had been interested to separate tigray from the rest of Ethiopia. Nevertheless, the decision of the people inhabited in the region would play constructive or destructive role. It could not be the wish of Melles cadres and historical enemy of the country. It is the matter of time to bringing down Melles and his affiliates. For sure it is not far to see the victory of the country and its people.

  11. Mesfin
    | #11

    So far Weyannes have been like a breast cancer for Ethiopia. They bring misery and chaos to the country. Now, either they have to be cured through a real democratic process or chapped off to salvage the rest of the body.

  12. fish
    | #12

    The predictable demise of Shimeles Kemal, Chief Prosecutor in the case of Hailu Shawel et al., is on the corner after a surprise hurricane hitting the Ministry of Justice blew away some of the prosecutors he hand picked to be part of the team in charge of the Kinijit Trial.

    Seid Mohammed, the impeached judge who later on joined the prosecution team with the invitation of Shimeles Kemal, was fired this week by the order of the Minister of Justice, Civil Service College graduate Assefa kessito. The decision brought a public spat between the minister and his deputy, Hashim Mohammed. Sources at the MoJ said Seid’s dismissal was the result of Shimeles kemal’s ending romance with top EPRDF officials who have now started to privately blame him for the embarrassing conduct of the trial. His once blooming relationship with Bereket Simon has severely strained, with Bereket looking for fresh faces to fill in Shimeles’ role as a de facto personal legal advisor to him.

  13. Tigist
    | #13

    Well, what do you expect from Weyannes? Every non-Tigray that works for Weyanne is a slave by choice. Shemeles Kemale and others have been serving the evil Weyanne regime as slaves and they got the treatment that they deserve.
    After all no good would come out of evil”¦

  14. woyane
    | #14

    Tigist Says: ….with stupid farmers from Tigray here.

    Mesfin Says: So far Weyannes(tigray) have been like a breast cancer for Ethiopia…

    Guys believe or not TPLF was got 100% of the vote in tigray in the elections.So when you say weyannes are a breast cancer,you mean indirectlt the tigray people.May be one day i hope you will leave this hate politics and come to the constructive feed backs and believe Tigray is a corner stone for ethiopia and ethiopian history.

  15. woyane
    | #15

    Dear Mimi,

    This is specially to your arguments.I invite you to read the following article when your extrimist CUD Leader hailu shawel says at BBC Hard talk.

    Stephen : Could it be that you, with your own political ambition, are using the current situation against the people of Ethiopia. You now are advising that aid should be reconsidered. Can you, yourself a man who served for two years under the so-called `Red Terror Regime of Colonel Mengistu”¦”?

    Hailu:- “Yeah.”?

    “This is more about your political ambition rather than for the good of the Ethiopian people.”?

    Hailu:- “I was the only person who stood up at that time and told the `Dergue:”?You are wrong! I’m quitting.”?

    I think he is Kidding.after serving the Derg regiem he quits politics to do his business and for his health tretment,we have a concrete evidence on this.

    So,Mimiye for a person affiliated with Derg Red Terror regiem and participated on it..there was No place rather than Kaliti…I am expecting him to write for us another ” Yeenesanet Goh Siked” like his hate comrade Birhanu Nega.
    Ethiopia deserves better leaders like Meles Zenawi..our saviouer from a long time operation by Neftegna and Timkitegna.

  16. fish
    | #16

    A corner stone for salt, beless and ignorance and hate. Nothing better

  17. Tigist
    | #17

    Well, well, well Mr. Woyane, first of all the Tigray people have never gotten a chance to express their political opinion freely, so that makes me to conclude that Woyanne just impose its mission that was given to it by Shabia imposed on Tigray people. I know that not only Tigray, Eritrea is also a part of Ethiopia. It is Woyanne that fought to seceded Eritrea a long side with Shabia and treats that Tigray will go away as well. I know very well as well that a lot of people from Tigray region are deceived by Meles, who is an Eritrean himself, and rally behind him. It is a very sad fact that they don’t even know where this evil man is taking them. It is also very sad that Ethiopians from Tigray region who really knows Meles’s evil agenda don’t do that much on a regular basis. To make my point short Meles, who is an Eritrean, holds the Tigray people as hostage and using them for his Eritrean mission. Now, when he gets hard resistance from the rest of Ethiopia, he is talking about seceding Tigray from the rest of Ethiopia. Well, I hate to see that happen, but primarily it is the Tigray region peoples’ responsibility to prove that they are Ethiopians more than anything else to Meles and Issayas. But, if they support Meles and push to secede, I am sure the rest of Ethiopia has nothing to lose. After all woyanne has been like a cancer to mother Ethiopia, and now either it has to be cured through a democratic process or cut off for the sake of the rest of the body.

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