Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of May 25, 2007

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May 25, 2007

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  1. kolew
    | #1

    ato mesfin mekoninne you are our hero god blesse you you are realy a voice for the voicelesse you are speaking for them god blesse you again way to gooooooooo

  2. Taye
    | #2

    Ato Mesfen Mekonnen,

    you are doing a good job.
    Thank you.

  3. Efrem
    | #3

    Dear Mr Mekonnen
    I think you are motivated by the hatred of Shaebia
    for example you dont tell the People ,that Shabeia
    was against the Secceision of Tigray and that both
    had conflicts regarding this Issue .If Eritrea was a Part of Ethiopia ,then why did the Ethiopians fought for Eritrea .TPLF was founded by tigrayans
    and not as you are telling us by Shaebia .How can Shaebia found Tplf in1976 when Shebia itself in 1970 was a small Group with very limited resources?

  4. Mesfin
    | #4

    Thank you abugida for presenting Ato Mesfin Mekonen. We all should follow Ato Mesfin’s other decent Ethiopians lead in the effort to come up with a sound legislation in the US congress. That is a mill stone in a peaceful struggle for Unity and Democracy in Ethiopia.

  5. Ye-Ethiopia-lij
    | #5

    Ato Mesfin Mekonnen isa great Ethiopian with a noble purpose in life…if only we have few men like him working for Ethiopians for a good cause, I am sure Ethiopians would have suffered less at least. Ato Mesfin, we have grat respect for you.

    I thank abugida for prsenting us such great person…it gives us hope!!

  6. Abugda fan
    | #6

    I am so impressed with you kids, our people need to wake up,the educated ones are telling us we could live better in our nation…it’s not that hard also.

  7. Tigist
    | #7

    Good job abugida! Keep it up!

    With much respect and love


  8. teklalaw-hizb-Ethiopiana
    | #8

    abugedawoch keep up the good job!

  9. Burock Wolkeba
    | #9

    You guys are very pleasant on deliberate the message. I believe that, this website give us guidance for all Ethiopian who wants to learn more about Ethiopia politics and what kind of position she is now also the great artiest or music producers. And it helps us to stand up with one nation. I personally learn lots of aspects from you all and I would like to say that Ashebir Taddess is the best reporter ever , and he should consider studying Journalism. Well overall you all are very good

  10. Hagos
    | #10

    Breaking News,
    When Melese was watching Eritrean 16th years independency day on ER satellite TV he accused Issayas how they ignored the favor he did for them and boasted that if Sey was controlling TPLF/EPRDF he said “it would have been different today”?. Poor Aiga forum sending a message to Melese to reminding him that before he finish his term to close Eritrean issues since Melese announced during his recent interview regarding his plan not to seek another term. What Aiga need to remember is that Melese would not close Eritrean issue but he closed Ethiopian issues long time ago by making the country landlocked country. And his recent comment of his disappointment on Issays would be a good example to Aiga. Melese also confirms to Eritrean once again he accepted the Algiers agreement in principle so if he accept in principal nothing will stop the implementation once he leaves the office. Aiga why you confused your self and try to confuse others?

  11. Helen
    | #11

    I don’t know how long it will take, few people like you are the ones who will win back Ethopia from the gang that don’ like Ethiopians. They sure favor Eritrea than Ethiopia!!

  12. yaphet
    | #12

    Dear Abugida:

    I would like to inform you and Ato Mesfin Mekonen that there are also Tigreans who we pay taxes and support our beloved leader Meles and T.P.L.F. What a joke when y’all air a Tigrean song at the end of the show please don’t try to sugar cote what is behind. We all know the game and are also ahead of the game.

    Tgray will always shine!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hagos
    | #13

    Yaphet you are right. We Tigrians actually know Melese,and what he did for the past 32 years more than other Ethiopian. I know a lot of Ethiopian shocked after what happen in June and November 2007. But we know how many Tigreian children were murdered by Melese, Berket, and Sibhat. Time will bring the truth. As you said yes we are Tigrians and ofcourse we are Ethiopian who pays Tax and we are working closer with our Ethiopian brother and sister. If you aren’t one of the ignorant or one of those who share the false believe of the big Tigray you can join the solidarity of Tigray. If you had listened what Sebhit was preaching two month ago wame to US I will advice you don’t make the wrong decision. If he was a true Ethiopian he would have had a meeting with all Ethiopian. We Ethiopians, we all one people and we have a heritage of working together to resolve our problem. However, they are still trying to divided us to control the power. Remember Melese wouldn’t be there for ever but our country and our new generation will. We need to work to bring solution to create a better country for all Ethiopians. Please lets all of us take a responsibility for our country. We need to get out of the corner where Melese and his gangs try to put us in for their own advantage. Yaphet please if you don’t like your country like Meles you can represent your self not other Tigrians. We are a proud Ethiopians a corner stone of the country. Lets all have a better vision for our pepole and our country future.

  14. Helen
    | #14

    TPLF agents thnk that if they can make Trgrean feel that the rest of Ethopia is all against people from Tigray, then they could have us all inctrol, but whther they ae the support of Tigray people or not, they will rush into their downfall,however, I prey that Tigreans will not fall for Eritrean Meles, bereket and Sibhat’s trap. It’s all Ethiopians who resqued Tgray from the arms of Shabia…the rest of Ethiopi will not abondone Tigrayans, but if igrayans hink they can benefit from Meles, they will someday be bandoned, not by Ethiopians, but the Eritreans, Meles, Sibhat, and Bereket Simon.

  15. Habesha
    | #15

    Yaphet, I hope u’re not who I think u are!

  16. Behir
    | #16

    I am touched by the news report on the millenium. It is true that Ethiopia has a long time history than the rulers of the country can tell us. Please send this millenium news report to the fronts who are separitist like OLF, Ogaden Front, and Sidama libration. They have to change their agenda of separation and work towards unity of the country. That’s what we Ethiopians want. I believe this message is not written only to EPRDF. If those separatist do not change their agenda towards building one country Ethiopia, supporting them will be repeating mistakes of Shaebia and Woyane. The Truth is that we don’t need to fight this fight with Woyane with such kind of fronts. Please let us not repeat mistakes by upholding those fronts with the agenda of separation.

  17. yaphet
    | #17

    Dear Desta:

    I am a Tigrean inside out no matter who rules Ethiopia. I dont hate nobody but i do love my being Tigrean. What is the big deal me loving PM Meles and T.P.L.F. Hey, there are so many people who love kinijit and Hailu so is that different. Just get over it and i am not going through any kind of peer pressure ,but I think you are. If everyone want to see something good change the way you see us for y’all benefit then y’all will enjoy us just like the religion . By the way You are not Hagos but just Desta.

    Tigray will always shine

  18. lily
    | #18

    I hate tigra period.
    I broke up with my boyfriened after the election they are eivel ppl they should be eradicated from this world.

  19. | #19

    hey abugida thank you for everything you done but I have a comment that please don’t use “ashangulit” word be creative thank you.

  20. | #20

    I Believe you are against to Woyane but Rachel remained me them (the hair)

  21. Tigist
    | #21

    I notice that a couple of people above such as yaphet try to picture as if Weyanne and Tigray are just two sides of a coin. I don’t think that is the case. There is no question about Tigray and Tigrayan being Ethiopians. But Weyanne is anti-Ethiopia and Ethiopian organization. It is also true that Weyanne draws its main support from Tigray region. I think that is just because the Ethiopians in that region haven’t figure out yet what Weyanne is up to. Weyanne is an offspring of Shabia. What Weyanne has been doing to Ethiopia is only helps Shabia to destabilize Ethiopia. There is no way Tigray will benefit from Weyanne in the long run. Weyanne is a Nazi type organization with a dark vision. It has nothing good to offer. It only breads misery and cause bloodshed. Now, being a Tigray for some one is just fine. Nothing wrong with that and nobody has control over it. However, being Weyanne is a choice one has to make. I personally believe that all Weyannes are angels of evil, and death. I don’t think any healthy person should choose to be Weyanne.

  22. yaphet
    | #22

    Dear Lily:

    I have no problem you breaking up with your boyfriend for the simple reason that he is a Tigrean. You know what I really thank you for saving our Tigrean blood by withdrawing yourself from that kind of relationship. I wish y’all stay away from my people. And to you sister Tigist this is what I have to say, believe it or not we all Tigreans are Woyane. Just to make you understand, the People of Tigray and Woyane are like the wave that you see in any sea. The moving water that you see with your bare eyes is like The people of Tigray and the wind that you can not see with your eyes is the love , and respect that every Tigrean has for woyane. So, you can not see the love we have for Woyane and we dont expect you to think different. None of us need y’all definition to be who we the people of Tigray are born to be. We have lived and will always live for the love of the woyanes. Long live Woyane!!!!!

    Tigray will always Shine

  23. Tigist
    | #23

    Well, yaphet what you said above in my opinion is an assault for Ethiopians from Tigray region. It is humanly impossible for couple of million people to have one single mind. It is only animals who wouldn’t think differently and move as a wave. Meles and Co. want to survive the peaceful resistance that they are facing from Ethiopian people on the back of Ethiopians from Tigray region. I strongly believe that Weyanne is an evil organization that has nothing good to offer to anybody, and I don’t think the whole Tigray is possessed by this evil organization.

  24. Ethiopian
    | #24

    Yaphet, you are perfectly right, you have the right to have your own vision and opinion. And i agree with you, as there are visible and good changes that our PM meles brought to our country Ethiopia. But as any other ploitical party the party has made some serious mistakes too. But let’s not forget that it can not be only Meles who’s responsible, how about the rest of the political tools, Ok! lets start from our former Ministry of Education Genet Zewede, she is Amhara, that was just an example. So let’s stop the blame culture of each other and concenterate, on how to get rid of this ethnic division. And LILY..i totally disagree with what you did or said,….i’m sorry but that’s wrong. And please! please! lets stop involving our tigrians brothers and sisters into this. Not everyone in Tigraye sits in the parlament, they are just living and abiding the laws which is implemented by the centeral government just like any other city in Ethiopia. But yaphet do you think we should get ASEB Port, back?. Me personally i don’t care, as long as we leave in peace. And if there is anyone who feels sorry for the Eritreans who happens to be thrown out of Ethio. Just Remeber that they have thrown out our sisters and brothers first. But our govenment is way too good for their childish act. So we waited and responded swiftly. That is what i call an art of politics…Enough said. One Ethiopia

  25. yaphet
    | #25

    Tigist, we all Tigreans know what Weyane means and we dont need your narrow thinking because you or your people did not accomplish not a damn thing all these years. We gave you and your people religion that you and your people worship now ,and just like the religion we are now spoon feeding you the ABC of Democracy. I know it takes time for y’all to understand ,but trust me we will bare with y’all till y’all get it. Just FYI, Woyane means; Strength, Determination ,Gut ,Passion,Sharing, last but not least is LOVE for your People!!!

    Tigray will always Shine

  26. Hagos
    | #26

    Please don’t try to represent a group of people and act like Tigrian. I know you sound Eriterian. You are trying to create a hostility environment between our Brother and sister. No matter how you are trying at the end of the day we all work together to keep our country integrity. Please back of this is Ethiopian site to discus only Ethiopian issues.

  27. Tigist
    | #27

    Yes, I agree with you Hagos! Yaphet must be an Eritrean or Meles himself who are trying to tell us that all Ethiopians of Tigray region have one single mind and that is Weyanne. That is slapping on the face for any Ethiopian of Tigray origin. Each individual has or should have the right to think individually and choose what is good for him or for her. This Weyanne’s notion, of I am the only option that the whole Tigray people has, demonstrate only how heavy handed and oppressive Weyanne is on Ethiopians of Tigray origin.

  28. yaphet
    | #28

    Hello, Tigist:
    I swear to God, I am pure a Tigrean as one pure can be who was born and raised in Addis. I think the problem is y’all try to define us who we are rather than listening what we are telling y’all who we are. Let me tell you this,Tigist, stop thinking like a bull and have the courage to listen the T.P.L.F. yearly meeting and you will know how these people are freely talk it out if there is anything that they dont like. This is what Woyane brought to the society. You know I dont blame you to think the way you are thinking because you are circled by negative people. Where you sit is determined by where you stand.You can not sit in DC and stand in Addis that is immpossible many people tried but did not work so you have a homework that you need to do. We Tigreans have no time that we spend explaing how the woyane works or what the Woyane does for those who let their mind be raped by dirty politics. To my other friend here is what i have to say about Asseb. I really dont care about that barren shit of land which is about to be swept by Sunami. What I really like to see is those Suckers who are still living in addis should be shipped out. I just dont get it why they are letting these suckers come again under the name of opposition. If they want thier independence what the hell are they coming back for. I dont hate nobody and I dont let anybody cross the line of my well being. The biggest revenge of all time is keeping yourself growing. I dont expect anyone to change her or his ethinic but be a woyane in what ever you do that will take us to the promise land which is our beloved Ethiopia! Just like Pro. Mesfin W/Mariam said it ” Tigreans are more Ethiopian than anybody else.” I didnt say that it was him….This is the truth like it or not , it is what it is!!!!!!!

    Tigray will always shine!!!

  29. dawit
    | #29

    I swear to God, I am pure a Tigrean too and i hate woyane, if u just knew what woyane is doin to ppl in southpart of tigray!!! its even worse then otherpart of ethiopia

  30. hababuba
    | #30

    IN short I cant get any words to thank you,god bless you!

  31. Ethiopian
    | #31


    well said again!!

    Beside what Prof. M/Woldemariam said, it is a known fact that the the first Ethiopian Empire started from AXUM, and the second chruch in the world after Israel, was built in Axum.
    I’m sure if we look deep we all originated from there. Bye the way, My parents are from the Shewa region so, don’t want you to think, i’m sayng this because i’m from Tigraye. But as i said everything i said is based on Fact.
    we all from the same root. So let’s just respect each other and build the new ethiopia.

    About the Eritreans case, that was well said, they want their independence, why can’t they leave us alone?!!. That i beleive that is one question i will never get an answer for.

    Guy’s we all need to pray for our country and people. By the end of the day we are all ethiopians, that is not about to change.

  32. | #32

    Congragulation! serkalem is hero I appericate you.you did your best .Thank you The Ethiopian people and history will remeber you.God bellese you.

  33. | #33

    I would like tosay congra..to Serkalem Fasil and her families.Godblees you.

  34. yaphet
    | #34

    Dear Beferdu:

    I am not trying to judge you by your decision but I have no idea how you call this woman a hero. May be we all refer to the same dictionary but interpret it through our party affilation. To me she is just an Ethiopian woman who tried to get rich by printing a baised news form start to finish who fall in the day dream of get rich by all means. There is an old saying which goes like ” Behind any wealth there is atlist one crime committed.” Was she really a jornalist? Not in my eyes rather she is the so called kinjet symptizer.

  35. Ato Belete
    | #35

    How dumb is this this so called Yaphet!! Listen the entire Ethiopia is in jail!! Are we all criminals? Yaphet, don’t fool yourself, because you can not fool any other Ethiopian…the criminals are the TPLF Bandits and their blind and ethnocentric supporters!!!

  36. yaphet
    | #36

    Dear Ato Belete:

    You said ” Listen the entire Ethiopia is in jail” Here is the problem about y’all which is these 130 people represent the entire Ethiopia because most of them are from Ato Belete’s ethnic group. You better think outside the box. Open your eyes and look around to see what Ethiopia is made of. When I as a Tigrean love woyane I am wrong ,but when Ato Belete stand for the nonesense Kinijet you feel so smart. Me and My people prefer to stay dumb and Woyane than be Kinijet and smart as simple as that. We all know who is hiding behind kinijet so i am Woyane for life. I am more Ethiopian than you are as a Tigrean!!! If you have a question ask Pro. Mesfin W/Mariam.

    Woyane for Life!!!!

  37. | #37


    Hey your back ground is black and also Rachel wear black you bettet watch out!!!!!!!

    thank you

  38. | #38

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! jlpffaebtka

  39. John
    | #39

    I really dont understand all the hate, real rate among fellow Africans and tribes. Until this deep hate is gone there is no future for any tribe. If the kinjets take over, they will no doubt crush the other tribes. Again, no one wins. Cant you guys just gie the current guy a chance. He’s not a Mobuto, or the type that whipped up the Rwanda thing – the guys trying. With regards to the human rights abuses – cant the current government clean up there act and allow international observers in to confirm ?Is there any concievable way to eradicate this trible division ?

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