Ethiopians must choose between Living Democracy And Living Tyranny – by Teodros Kiros (Ph.D)

September 15th, 2009 Print Print Email Email

The challenge is on. The next election is looming large in the people’s mind, provided that able leaders frame what is at stake with a convincing vision.

The choice is clear, and it is between Living Democracy organized by the principle of Ethiopianity and Living Tyranny organized by the principle of Ethnocentricity.

The principle of Ethnocentricity serves the interests of the tyrants in power, who in the name of Article 39, long overdue for obliteration, and sham Federalism, are dividing the people and traumatizing them with suspicion, jealousy and envy.

In direct contrast, Ethiopanity draws the people together, by gluing their occupation of public space through the multicolored tapestry of language, ethnic origin, gender and sex.

When Ethiopians come to the agora, they encounter total strangers but relate to them with the ease of Ethiopianity. They become friends easily. The conversation turns towards poverty. Attention is readily paid to alleviating the pain of the people. The grinding poverty of a sister, the death of a brother from AIDS, the jailed opposition leader, are experienced as the living moral tasks that affect every Ethiopian.

Whereas Ethnocentricity promotes selfishness and fear of the people, Ethipianity discloses their hidden kindness, their curiosity, their creativity, their compassion, and their willingness to die for the Ethiopian nation.

A silent covenant is established among Ethiopians that they must put an end to the sorrows of the people. They quickly agree that the task cannot be faced when Living Tyranny hovers over the people.

Only Living Democracy can address the unfinished business of the Ethiopian people.

Openness, dissent, and creativity are the indispensable tools of the Democratic personality. Unless Ethiopians are put on this democratic path, the nation cannot be developed meaningfully. It will remain the plaything of close-minded tyrants.

That is why the next election is crucial. Ethiopians must be ready and willing to die for Living Democracy by rejecting Living Tyranny at the voting booth.

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