March 4 Freedom Calls to Register!

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Get Out, Expose and Denounce Melese Zenawi at G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. (more…)

Get Out, Expose and Denounce Melese Zenawi at G20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

September 24/25, 2009 are just around the corner, and we need your help to join us in Pittsburgh and expose Melese Zenawi to the rest of the World.

As you all know, Meles Zenawi and the current Ethiopian regime has been responsible for unspeakable atrocities against masses of innocent civilians in many parts of Ethiopia, including genocide. But the international community allows him to operate with impunity because the regime is seen as a staunch ally in the “war on terror”. We strongly believe that he should not be graced and honoured by an appearance in such a high-level meeting in the United States, leave alone as “Africa’s voice”. Africa deserves better!

Ethiopian and Ethiopian-American activists, organised by “March 4 Freedom” from across the United States, will travel to Pittsburgh for the G-20 summit on 24-25 September, to demonstrate and protest the attendance of Meles Zenawi, the prime minister and dictator ruling Ethiopia for nearly two decades, who will be there in the capacity of the representative for Africa.

We hope Ethiopians across the US join us!

In an effort to coordinate the trip, minimize the cost and the time people may need , we are trying to harmonize the transportation for the Freedom Ride and Rally scheduled on September 24,/25, 2009 at G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, PA.

If you are interested in riding a bus in group, please make your reservation by registering today. Unless you register on time, there will no be guarantees to secure a reservation for your trip.

Please state your name and contact information on the form located at

The departure time and dates will be announced to those who would be filling the application form to join the ride.

Additional information about the trip to G 20 Summit in Pittsburgh and details regarding the rally will be posted as soon as available.

Please feel free to contact us at (240)-601-0187 or by email at You can also visit our website at

March 4 Freedom Organizers,

  1. Guest
    | #1

    Can’t you see? The West is trying their best to make Meles Zenawi one of African big men, in fact the biggest. Whenever they sense some crisis to his government they try to counteract by writing good reports on Economic performance, investment environment, etc. and sometimes they make such kind of invitation on interantional conferences representing Africa. Struggle should focus more in Ethiopia and among the Ethiopian people. Make your best to reach and organise the Ethiopian people. The diplomatic struggle has reached its limit and can not go anywhere beyond this.

  2. Ethiopian from Boston
    | #2

    I agree with the Guest’s opinion. Weyane has not established diplomatic connection when they were in the Dedebit desert. They did not sought any help from the west this is because Melese was a fanatic Marxist who did not expect help from the Western Powers. Rather He strength’en his tie with the Isaias Rebel front. We miserebly fail to exploit our opportunity by not raising armed struggle in every corner of any street nor formed unshakeable alliance with Melese’s enemies such as Eritrea itself nor with the Southern Sudan Liberation Army supported by Isaias. Far worse, the Northern frontier (EPPF) and AFD did not come to terms to topple their common enemy – Weyane and resolve whatever differences is hanging on them.. In a nutshell, the West don’t care for the poor and the victimized ones but to those who are victorious and dictatorial. Thus the TRUE struggle against Weyane has not started at home and abroad
    for one simple reason – our division.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    I think the diplomatic struggle reaches its limit when the dictator is deposed.Our relentless effort anywhere any time is crucial to our task.Thank you

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