Andinet’s Public Meeting in Hawasa

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  1. ተጫነ
    | #1

    ቆንጆ ስብሰባ ነበር..ግን ግን ለአገር ሽማግሌዎች ትንሽ የሚጠጣ ነገር ቢሰጧቸው ምን ነበረበት?

  2. ዘገየ
    | #2

    እነዚህ በጣም ያረጁ ሠዎች ምን ልፈይዱ ነው? እነ የለሁበትም!!! These are totally useless people. Eprdf is way better than these old bunches!!!!!!!!
    Folk please, stop thinking with an outdated mind. People who cn’t manage themseves can’t manage a country!!!
    Believe me these are useless even as persons!

  3. ብርቱ
    | #3

    ግንቦት 7 1997 የቅንጅት እንቅስቃሰእን አስታዎሰኝ!! ኢትዮጵያ የመከራዋ ዘመን አልፎ አዲስ ዘመን እየገባች – ጎ አንድነት ጎ መድረክ!!!!

  4. ታከለ
    | #4

    This is for comment #2 Your So Called “EPRDF” is just to cover up and to fool your kind of dedebe their real name is “Shefeta” thats their name since they dont represent NO ONE IN ETHIOPIA. Your so called “EPRDF” is only better killing innocent poor people, Selling, Children to a Foreign selling, a land to Foreign……The list goes Etc and Etc….If you are a normal person you could not be Compare this. Your the one is useless as a person!! as for their age you will get older if you are lucky someday and nothing wrong being old its the nature of process and those who are lucky will pass this so nothing worng being old yemoteke dekama swewe nehe at least they are doing something what have you done? Nothing! These people at least Risking their life by trying the so called peaceful way…even though knowing the killer will never give its power by peaceful means, but at least these people are trying….I only hope innocent people will not be killed again…when the so called fake election coming……

  5. Berhe Brehane W/M
    | #5

    This is it, if the people are given chance to speak they can say more, one of my Tigray friend if the first lady Azeb is given freedom and not scare to miss her position she could have said more about the dectator meles. I appriciate the heroes of the country to make such a meeting.

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