Yohannes nominated for Obama administration anti-poverty post – by Mark Harden (Denver Business Journal)

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Longtime Denver banker Daniel Yohannes has been nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corp., a federal agency that works with poor nations, the White House announced. (more…)

Longtime Denver banker Daniel Yohannes has been nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corp., a federal agency that works with poor nations, the White House announced.

The MCC works with developing countries to promote economic growth and reduce poverty. If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Yohannes will succeed John Danilovich, who resigned as the agency’s CEO; Darius Mans has been acting CEO.

Yohannes is president and CEO of M&R Investments, a private investment firm that focuses on the clean-energy sector.

He was an executive of Colorado National Bank and its successor, U.S. Bank, from 1992 to 2003, including a stint as CEO of U.S. Bank’s Colorado division. Previously he was an executive for Security Pacific Bank, now part of Bank of America.

Yohannes, a native of Ethiopia, was a key organizer of local efforts to host the 1997 “Summit of the Eight” conference of world leaders in Denver.

He served as co-leader of Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter’s transition team in the months before Ritter took office in 2007 and has since been a member of the governor’s Jobs Cabinet.

Yohannes has been active on nonprofit boards, including those of the Denver Art Museum, Project C.U.R.E. and National Jewish Health.

Ritter congratulated Yohannes in a statement Tuesday.

“Daniel came to America as a teenager with $150 to his name and a desire to make a difference. “Over the years, he has become one of Colorado’s most successful business leaders. He has also become a close friend, and I know his skills, expertise and dedication will serve him well in his new fight against global poverty. I encourage the Senate to confirm the nomination as quickly as possible.”

  1. yikerbelen
    | #1

    we wel done brother. Most Ethiopian’s intellectauls think only about minilik’s palace. thank mr daiel

  2. Aleka
    | #2

    This is a well known Woyane supporter, a cousin of Seye Abraha. He has a long history of supporting TPLF up until recently when the split occurred within the tribal gangs. Long suspected as chief portfolio manager of Woyane (The stolen money of all Ethiopians) enough to give him credibility to ascend to high level management within the bank.

    He used his position to provide countless unsecured loans to Tigrean Liquor store owner sand other business in the Denver area. He is the chief architect to have Denver to be named sister city of Axum, in part by bribing the ex mayor Wellington Webb. Behind the scene a divisive figure underwriting a sense of empowerment for the Tigrean community in North America.

    His political ambition and for that he used banking prowess at his disposal which ultimately became his own demise. In 2002 when it was revealed that he allowed US bank funds to be used for unsuccessful campaign for Senate hopeful Strikland.

    This appointment has nothing to do with Ethiopia, as the man himself never claimed to be one.

    God Save Ethiopia for the Woyane invaders! Amen

  3. abi
    | #3

    i can only say ridiculously nonsense!
    so You don’t like Denver to be sister city of Axum??..what about Gojam..?..what about Gonder..makes you happy?….How on hell Ethipia can develop with having such minds??????

    | #4

    ANSWER TO ABI: You are right that Tigrians can make Denver the sister city of Axum and even their own city. Historically, Tigrians before they acquire their name AGAZI, the came from Southern Arabia in search of fertile hand and settle there. Nowadays, they lived in all Ethiopian regions and are traveling to forign lands including Denver. They choose Denver than Gojjam and Gonder not because they were refused to live there but they love forigner than their home land people. When Ato Asres, Meles Zenawi’s grand father fought the Ethiopian on the side of Mosoloni’s army, the reason was he loved money and white men. History witnessed that Ras Alula recommended his life time prision and even death but Minilik II had given him mercy. Similarly, Emperor Yohannes conspired with the British and recieved BP 2000 and 10,000 guns as a bribe to help kill Emperor Tewodros because he loved money and White man. Meles Zenawi, the Messiah of Tigrai had committed countles crime because he L O O V E money and white man. In view of this, I am ashemed myself for having a Tigrian blood. When is your independence from Ethiopia, any way?

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