The Tyrannical Regime must free all Political Prisoners now or never – By Teodros Kiros (PhD)

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Birtukan Mideksa, the high profile prisoner, and all Ethiopian political prisoners must be freed now, unconditionally.

The Ethiopian people united, and not merely the appropriately vocal Diaspora, must say in concert, no to tyranny, no to the imprisonment of the voices of dissent, no to truncated call for participation in sham elections.

The call for action and the forum for a nation wide protest must be galvanized by the vision of Living Democracy.

What matters most is not the who is who of political prisoners, but the existential fact that brilliant Ethiopians are rotting in prison.

Living Tyranny is hiding these prisoners of conscience. They are being submerged in the dirty quarters of Living Tyranny. Living Democracy must release them, must make them present to the Ethiopian sunshine.

I suggest that every Ethiopian must respond to an organized call on the behalf of every Ethiopian prisoner. Our able leaders in Ethiopia must risk their lives and call for a prisoners day, and we in the Diaspora must join the call, by funding it, organizing it here and within Ethiopia before the next election.

This is a focused call, which I know every Ethiopian will come out for. The religious community in particular must be invited to lead this protest of conscience, of will, of compassion whole-heartedly.

The rights of these prisoners are the task of Existentially serious Ethiopians, and the Ethiopian religious community must spear head this protest of reason and faith.

We should waste no time negotiating with Living Tyranny, for its leaders are impregnated with arrogance and blind folded by the by the dark glasses of unreason. We must engage them with the tools of Living Democracy. Our resources are the Ethiopian people themselves for whom we should write in their native languages and appeal to them to flood the streets of Ethiopia and demand the unconditional release of our precious political prisoners now.

We must say to Living Tyranny, release Birtukan Mideksa and all other political prisoners now. We must put an end to the axis of evil framed by Living Tyranny. Now is the time. Now or Never.

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    Excellent Idea !! but is there no wishful thinking in it? Let us be practical. The point you mentioned is expected to be applause by the 80 million Ethiopian people but also don’t forget that all 80 million Ethiopians are prisioners as well. The centeral question, therefore, is not weather Bertukan will be realeased or not but whether after her realease free and fair election be realized. My opinion is NO. As we heard Dr. Merara Gudinna on VOA, the government agents had started jailing supporter of the opposition parties and accordind reported data 412 people had been arrested. My question to Prof. Kiros is this:

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    That is the question. There is no guarantee, but I still think one thing at a time. We have to be strategic. Let us release her and have her run for an election. We will worry about the future. I have ideas, but I do not want the enemy to smuggle it, before the release of our brothers and sisters

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    Dr. kiros, first of , let me bow down to your message though brief its content is beyond measure. That is a real call for a real cause. of course public opinion and voice rise above the firmament that hovers around the vicinity of tyrants; can deter their action. As you said ” What matters most is not the who is who of political prisoners, but the existential fact that brilliant Ethiopians are rotting in prison.”; yes indeed is what should be our motto. we are sick and tired of being sick and weary of hearing the repression and subjugation the treasonous clique brought upon the very God fearing people of Ethiopia. Our people must be free and we shall say ” let my people be free” with one accord and one spirit. If we do that regardless of our mere trivial differences, who will contest our strength? The strength that sustains its social fabric for eons. Thank you sir. Ethiopia will prevail!

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    I thank you also for making me think, and take concrete stances on the most important issues affecting our historic nation.
    Merry Meskel to your and your family.

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    You are most welcome and like wise!

  6. Quaragnaw
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    To Prof. T. Kiros and Fretsidiq:

    Why both of you avoided discussing the issue we discussed about Ethiopian famine and only exchanged a well wish message about “Meskel”?.
    What is Meskel any way?. The Christian Bible in Acts 5:30 and Acts 10:39 refute Jesus’ crucifiction on the cross, but hanged on the tree. So why christians accused Jews for the death of Jesus on the cross something not a jewish tradation for punishing a false prophet. Any way, to save you time from finding a bible to see whether or not the word “tree” on the chapter and verses of the Acts mentioned above I have re-cited here below for your convience:

    1. Acts 5:30:-
    The God of our fathers raised up Jesus whom you murdered by HANGING ON A TREE” (emphasis mine)

    2. Acts 10:39
    And we are witness of all thingsw hich He did both in the land of the Jews and in Jerusalem whom they killed by HANGING ON A TREE” (also emphasis mine). So crucifixion does not exist but crucifiction. Anyone interestetd to engage me in religious debate is welcome, but remember first that I am Ethiopian Jew, no more no less. Thanks.

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    Mr, quaregnaw, once upon a time there was a medieval scientist who didn’t believe in religion but practicing rituals exercised by his people. He was then asked by an attentive observant as to why he even didn’t miss a step in the proceedings during a healing ceremony while he in fact is defiant of this sort of belief. He responded this with eloquence ” though i don’t believe in it , but i heard it works for those who believe”. So, my brother, to celebrate what culture and belief bestow upon us is not bad, but it is of values shared from the deepest realm of collective unconscious. Dont dwell in the insignificant of matter, however, focus on what can others be happy about.

  8. Quaragnaw
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    FRETSIDIQ you are Right, I am happy to see and focus on what others can be happy about. In fact in nowdays religion, no religion is good unless the religionist or his followers respect the religions of others. Notwithstanding that, however, your compassinate statement, did not answer the fundamental biblical contradiction nor suggested to me that the statement was erroneous or may have been my own fabrication, however. Despite all this, I must admit that it was a mistake in my Part to write such seemingly offending staement to Christian. I APPOLOGIZED. And thank you for reminding me on such sensitive issue. In Fact, from this greater understanding can be inferred because, if Jews were NOT the one who killed Jesus, Christians would have been without God since it is only by the blood of Jesus salvatoon is possible. But what really Jesus had said on the claim of Salvation through blood? See below:

    Jesus was teaching his disciples in the outer court of the Temple and one of them said unto Him: it is said by the priests that without shedding of there is no remission. Can thenthe blood offering of the law*** 1/take away sin?

    And Jesus answered: NO BLOOD OFFERING, OF BEAST OR BIRD, OR MANCAN TAKE AWAY SIN, for how can the consc ne purged from sin by the shadding of innocent blood?? NAY it will increase the condemnation. (see Gospel of Nazorenes*** 2/, Lection 33, verse 1-2)

    The above are the historical truth but I must applogize for telling the truth to those who do not want to hear one.

    **** 1/ The pariasees were not clear as to the prists order to offer blood (Male Got, not sheep) that was necessary to kill and paint the door of the temple in honor of God (as Abrham was tested on his Son to offer him )not for salvation. (Jesus had clarified the purpose of blood not to wash sin 2000+ years later but Roman Police who infliterated Jesus follower after Jesus’s departure to Heave, introduced the pagan religin of Hercules, Mithras, Dynosus, Buddah and many others and, succedded by burning the earlier book written in Jesus’s ARAMIAC language so that his teaching overtakes that of the Master)

    ***** 2/ The Gospel of Nazorenes is well and Alive in Jerusalem and in most Jewish Universities

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    Thanks for your comment and also would like to appreciate your endeavor in assessing religious matter, though not of my interest, but found it worth of my attention. May as that be, what is the truth? where can i find it? Who can characterize it in words that is bound to human dimension? My brother, alas! if those your aforementioned narration can be rationalized or logically reasoned out through natural law, i would like to take part in it more emphatically despite arguably as it sounds from every angle. i believe there is “a genesis curse” that awaits to redeem itself via the science of mind. lets deal first with the nature of consciousness and then move on to find out what this ” truth” you claim to have been found in scriptures is really about. As for me, the “absolute” presents itself in the art of love, compassion, altruism, and other virtues per se. If we embrace love and compassion, the “truth” may show up along with. But in the absence of those elements, i presume the “truth” can’t be manifested-if it does, it does so in the form of “relativity”. Sorry for my incoherence.

  10. Quaragnaw
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    Selam Fretsiiq! Thank you for further communicating with me in this website and continue discussion of matters vital to us. In point, you had impossed upon me a difficult question as to what “IS TRUTH”. Believe me, it is not within my knowledge that answer such question in any philosophical understanding of the word. However, different people had their own meaning and understanding whether or not others do share such meaning. To me the meaning of “TRUTH” and the manifest of that TRUTH AND BEING is no one but GOD – the creater, sustainer and distroyer of the universe. Even Jesus whom Christians believed that himself is “god” has testified that only God is the one who can do every thing that is not possible by others including Jesus himself. ” I CAN DO NOTHING IN MY OWN AUTHORITY”-(JOHN 5:30). Scientists and philosophers alike inclined to deny anything that is not proved by empirical evidence but as time goes they discover the mistrious work of God to be accomplished through his own science, such as the creation of our planet as known in the BIG BANG theory. What scientists can not answer is who caused the measureless force of the explosion that cause the existance of our planet and our being as well. To when heared discussion of mystrious events or any philosophical discussions, I do not see it more than entertaining ideas and not results. Karl Marx said that “people have interpreted the world into different ways but the point is how to chand it”. Alike Jesus, Marks was concerned for human equality but his theory encompassed by his great book, Capital and later his book on religion (The German Ideology and The Holy Family) had not reversed the way this world operate as his philosoph was limited on theory. But surprisingly, Marks and Jesus had common conclusion on human kindness one to the other. While Jesus said love your neighbour, Marks said” RELIGION CAN BE MEANINGFUL ONLY IF IT IS CONSTRUED AS A BROTHERHOOD THAT

    Religion’s principal weakness, of course, said Marx, “is that it depends on myth to give its credence. Since myth is a fable fiction, unsubstantiated legend, religions based on myth are not believable; they
    have no credence. What Marx don’t understand at at his time and to the present is/was that the base of religion not based on scientific enquiry but human immagination of God as “unknownable but accessable by his empirically proven fact, such as everything that he offered for our need – water, sunshine, air day and night….etc) none of which was associated to god’s work nor addressed in Marx’s analysis or interpretation of history.

    My Fellow Fretsidiq, I may bored you on supplying such explanation as to the meaning of “TRUTH” and where you could find it. But my answer is that any truth be in science or otherwise, can not be find elsewhere but within your self- being an honest one share others’ hardship and be kind to all every time and all time because, when you asked in the last day, Like God, you shall say with confidence “Ah-ye Ashal Ah-ye, I am what I am” with the truth. For otherwise, you can all philosophical books of ISAAC NEWTON, EMMANUEL kENT, lENIN/sTALIN et. al. but all can not be answer to the question that you sought.

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    Brother Quaregnaw, how are you doing, it is not a coincidence that we run across each other on this platform! I would like to have you read and see for yourself what has prompted to write a poem with regard to ” creation” and also see how it has influenced me for such a long time….. at times even makes me so oblivious and ” that very question” got me entrenched into undiscovered territory. My search for the “truth” has shaped a personality, wherever i go is dictated and whatever i do is governed by. I feel its essence but i don’t know what it is. i thread every spiritual dimension; the least help i get out of is when i am in a meditative state of mind. Interpretation of the unknown master-just to put it in your own word ( the great I am) – by a mind that is limited to sensation and perception, or reduce the infinite substance which both mater and spirit made out of is so futile. I like your understanding, zealous, and passion to what ” all there is to it”. so please be my esteemed reader and see what i am stricken by!

  12. Quaragnaw
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    Selam Brother Fretsidiq Fekade: This acknoledge reciept of your comment and the separate attachment therefrom. Thank You again. I sense that you are either a philosopher or man in the literature world. Either way Ethiopia is always in short supply and we need more of your type. Our another brother Prof. Tewodros Kiros had put another article on Abugida and visit his article whenever you get time. I already put my mild criticism in one area with my broken English but hopefully he can understand my point. See you another time. Quaragnaw.

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