The Tyrannical Regime must free all Political Prisoners now or never – By Teodros Kiros (PhD)

September 24th, 2009 Print Print Email Email

Birtukan Mideksa, the high profile prisoner, and all Ethiopian political prisoners must be freed now, unconditionally.

The Ethiopian people united, and not merely the appropriately vocal Diaspora, must say in concert, no to tyranny, no to the imprisonment of the voices of dissent, no to truncated call for participation in sham elections.

The call for action and the forum for a nation wide protest must be galvanized by the vision of Living Democracy.

What matters most is not the who is who of political prisoners, but the existential fact that brilliant Ethiopians are rotting in prison.

Living Tyranny is hiding these prisoners of conscience. They are being submerged in the dirty quarters of Living Tyranny. Living Democracy must release them, must make them present to the Ethiopian sunshine.

I suggest that every Ethiopian must respond to an organized call on the behalf of every Ethiopian prisoner. Our able leaders in Ethiopia must risk their lives and call for a prisoners day, and we in the Diaspora must join the call, by funding it, organizing it here and within Ethiopia before the next election.

This is a focused call, which I know every Ethiopian will come out for. The religious community in particular must be invited to lead this protest of conscience, of will, of compassion whole-heartedly.

The rights of these prisoners are the task of Existentially serious Ethiopians, and the Ethiopian religious community must spear head this protest of reason and faith.

We should waste no time negotiating with Living Tyranny, for its leaders are impregnated with arrogance and blind folded by the by the dark glasses of unreason. We must engage them with the tools of Living Democracy. Our resources are the Ethiopian people themselves for whom we should write in their native languages and appeal to them to flood the streets of Ethiopia and demand the unconditional release of our precious political prisoners now.

We must say to Living Tyranny, release Birtukan Mideksa and all other political prisoners now. We must put an end to the axis of evil framed by Living Tyranny. Now is the time. Now or Never.

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