America’s New Frontline – Diplomats or Warriors?

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  1. yikerbelen
    | #1

    Africa needs democracy, freedom and justice to it’s poor children not military forces. America is one of the westren nations which has messed up the life of millions of africans. America has been giving military training for melese’s agazis who have used USA’s weapon to kill over 200 innocent ethiopians in 2005 after election. Those killers were being trained by USA’s amry.We know why USA needs to have it’s military base in Africa, because China is in africa. The westren hpyocratic governments have refused to support the africans struggle for freedom and democarcy, instead they are backing all africa’s dictators to continue their repressive regime. Now china has changed the life of many africans by investing china’s billions of dollars . Now the westren hypoctrates are no more welcome in most africa’s countries.

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