Hunger Strike in London

October 8th, 2009 Print Print Email Email


  1. queen of lion
    | #1

    u have to do it all over e.u before november 4

  2. Theodros Tadesse
    | #2

    I fully support the one day /GOD Bless you/ those who initiate this bright idea.

    Thank u sincerely!

  3. Theodros Tadesse
    | #3

    hunger strike/food sanction/I fill food sunction includes: without bread,water, whatever…May be i am misstaken if not change the word after< i fully support the one day …

    Thank u again sincerely!

  4. Ms, Ethiopia Tenur
    | #4

    I fully sapport the hunger strike,but do you really think,that woyanes,care?.I dont think so.The only way, they understand is to fight,back the way they did it. “Wake Up” people.

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