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US President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. The left is a little embarrassed. The Right is outraged. The rest are confused. But here are the reasons why no one other than Obama should have won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. (more…)

US President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. The left is a little embarrassed. The Right is outraged. The rest are confused. But here are the reasons why no one other than Obama should have won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

Have you ever thought what is the size of this earth? How many good people can the earth hold? Plenty right? But how many decent people are there really?

US President Obama received the Nobel Prize because after a very long time, a decent human being became the Head of a State. Compare Obama with other top political figures. You will find the reason for the early October surprise very easily.

Was it because he really contributed to any peace process? No, you are right it was too early for that. For once a young child in the street of Palestine, a blind man in the street of Baghdad, a beggar in the streets of Mumbai, a helpless mother in Ethiopia, an orphan Tamil child in Sri Lanka found reason to live when President Obama took office. He was the sudden joy for the down trodden of this earth. The Sun all on a sudden seemed brighter in the eyes of Muslim children who were branded as terrorists before even they opened their eyes in this earth.

President Obama, just like John F. Kennedy in 1960, represents the icon of compassion and decency in this world. For once the religions other than Christianity made any sense to the free world. A Hindu priest in America found justice in the right to worship. A mother of a hungry minority community in Brooklyn found appreciation for that American dream that was so long reserved for the rich and powerful.

Obama represents the light at the end of the tunnel for the poor, neglected, discriminated, tortured, illegally incarcerated, or unjustifiably branded as unwanted. President Obama is the only hope for people who cannot speak for themselves.

The world is full of opportunists. Living is an every day struggle for many of us who are busy working day and night for paying bills, mortgages, and medical obligations. In the middle of that we forget the component of humanity called compassion, love, and forgiveness. And taking advantage of that, the corrupt, the savage racists, the inhuman blood thirsty powerful show their strength of power on the feeble, the decent, the powerless, and the helpless. In that environment, Obama is the only hope for humanity – the last segment of the civilized human society.

The Nobel Peace prize has been awarded not just to Obama but to the civilized part of the humanity. Obama said in his email, “But I also know that throughout history the Nobel Peace Prize has not just been used to honor specific achievement; it’s also been used as a means to give momentum to a set of causes.”

Obama is right! It is the means to give momentum to a set of causes – compassion, love, forgiving, and true justice for the humanity.

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  1. ETHIOPIAN from Boston
    | #1

    Very touching to all human soul. Though the message is true for all practicl purpose, I have a dought that the boy as little as he (may be 8-9years old?) can say such politically charged statements, even with his memory and not from reading. Whatever the truth is behind this little boy’s background or history, the Nobel Peace Price should have been given to him rather than to Barak Obama who is relectant to call on Dictator Meles Zenawi to quit his tyranical rule in Ethiopia. In this regard, I don’t applause Obama’s award as an internationally recognized award but as a “DOWN PAYMENT” until he PAID HIS MORTGAGE DEBT, in other words, until he proved what he promissed in his compaign are accomplished.

  2. YESHI
    | #2

    Yes Pres.Obama is the living voice of the future generation . Thanks to the committee for awarding the right person who represents almost all kinds of human beings living today and in the future .Everybody knows that this is not something which is going to be appreciated by warmongers and killers as well as bloodthirsty individuals,groups and even nations . Obama ,you are not only an American dream but also an iconic symbol of hope for the entire human race .

  3. yikerbelen
    | #3

    President Obama deserves all sorts of the nobel prize. but the current prize is very prematured . President Obama has still along way to go to fill full his promise the whole world. The promises which he has promised for Africa’s poor children who are under bloody dictators like melese zenawi. Dr marthin luther king gave his precious life for the freedom and equality of human being. So President Obama should keep his promise for Africans. His admn MUST STAND WITH THE POORS , BUT NOT THE DICTATORS who have acted more aggressively tham adolf hitler..

  4. Sami
    | #4

    Obama is a good man. Even if it is a little bit early for him to achieve concrete goals, he set a right tone and bright vision for the billions of the world good people. I have been watching him since the early primaries. He appears to be reasonable, kind, humble and very bright man. Americans saw that and elected him as the 44 president of the United States. I think the whole world see what Americans saw in Obama. He is in the minds and hearts of good people around the world. I think the Nobel peace prize is a reflection of that more than anything else. I hope he will do practical things, in the year to come, that would be consistent with his established trade mark. When I think Obama I think of Teddy Afro. Teddy Afro is the other person that shows us the good heart of humanity. He is in the heart and mind of millions and millions of Ethiopians. I think he is the Ethiopian people king.
    Speaking of Ethiopia, I was thinking how Meles would have felt when he heard Obama won the Nobel peace prize. I don’t think he likes it. First, wining Nobel peace prize gives Obama more moral authority to condemn evils like Meles and that is not a good thing in Meles’ evil eyes. Second, Meles is so evil; he doesn’t like good things to happen at all. It is against his evil nature. I like when good wins and evil loses. That happens all the time at the end of the day. Evil always looses for good Meles can’t change this natural law.

  5. mateos
    | #5

    I strongly believe Obama deserves the prize; although he is still surrounded by people who are greedy and some what have to todays crisis around the glove. AND THE OTHER PRIZE OF HELL SHOULD GO TO ABEBE/LEGESSE/MELESSE, HIS BOSS BEREKET SIMON, AND THE REST OF WEYANE MAFIA FAMILIES WHO ARE SUCKING THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE TO THE BONE!

  6. truth
    | #6

    obama totally do not deserve this noble price at all i will guraatee you he will make abig desaster in east africa soon example is clear war in somalia,the burinig essue of south sudan,the ethio-eritrean case,he is not totally help full for peace in east africa.he beleav in strong dictatorial government than democracy.the living proof are meles zenawi, esayas afworki,beshir of sudan,the new thief somalian presidant.ask your self do you think those dictatores deserve tha position.why he didn’t reject the officially?that is not american interst to accept those blood suckers?

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