Issues in the critical phase of showdown with TPLF – By Robele Ababya

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“Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers get hungrier”, Sir Winston Churchill (more…)

“Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers get hungrier”, Sir Winston Churchill

I drew up a list of issues to find out where I fit in the on going critical phase of our struggle. I thought I should share it with my fellow Ethiopians:

Issue I Icon Judge Birtukan Mideksa

The case of Birtukan Mideksa falls squarely in the domain of morality transcending ordinary politics. It is a burning issue of the highest order not only for Ethiopians but also for the international community on moral grounds. This charismatic Leader is suffering for upholding TRUTH in a country governed by thugs feeding on lies; her five year daughter and her above 70 years mother share her agony emanating from deliberate physical and psychological torture.

This is indeed a unique case in the world! It is an issue that should unite all opposition forces. It is an issue that should compel donors to stop immoral flow funds to the brutal TPLF regime.
I will relentlessly support Birtukan no matter what the sacrifice and so help me God.

Issue II TPLF and the Stalinist thugs at Arat Kilo

The New Year Gift by the lord of lies, poverty and all evils is his offer to resign in 2016. This is a clear message that election 2010 is a foregone conclusion. And so the question is what we in the genuine opposition camp and the Ethiopian people are going to do about it!

It is an offer the tyrant shall withdraw in case he makes it to the year 2016 alive. The present rubber stamp parliament will have gone by then. A new one will take its place and will waste no time to condemn its predecessor parliament for accepting the indispensable ruler ordained to serve for life in order to complete his dreams. The new parliament will argue that monumental works conceived by Meles are only one election away to bear fruit. It will argue that the double digit growth in the economy is thriving and the promise to deliver three wholesome meals per day is on the verge of fulfillment. That is how the Stalin system works – condemn ex-comrades and heap accolade of praise on the despot.

The quotation from Sir Winston Churchill fits tyrant Meles perfectly who has laughably offered to ‘resign’ in 2016. The lord of lies, poverty and all evils keeps on creating all excuses to hold on to power against the backdrop of mounting misery of the Ethiopian people getting angrier and hungrier every day. As the old adage has it: “He who rules by the sword will die by the sword”. That would be the fate of tyrant Meles. It is up to the opposition of democratic forces to unite and hasten the downfall of the tyrant.

The roaring lion of igaland summoned a special meeting of his rubber stamp parliament and declared that Eritrea is the destabilizing state in the region of east Africa. The pathological liar Meles knows no shame or respect for his audience at home and the international community at large that it was his mercenary agazi forces under his command that invaded Somalia causing unprecedented humanitarian crisis; innocent lives were lost and millions of Somalis were displaced living in squatter camps under sub-human conditions. So, all farsighted Somali leaders and democratic Ethiopian opposition forces should make a meaningful cooperation in evicting TPLF from power.

At the special meeting of the parliament the tyrant said he did not know the number of the unemployed in the country. It is a shame for a tyrant who boasts a double-digit growth in the economy. The army of unemployed youth should know this and work for the downfall of the repressive regime.

A bizarre array of forces combined to catapult TPLF power, to wit: petrodollar support flowing from the Middle East; brinkmanship of Mengistu Hailemariam; support of the US Administration and the UK at the time; refusal of the defunct USSR to supply arms to the Derg regime; spirited alliance of Shaebia and the radical Marxist Leninist League of Tigray we now know as (TPLF).

I know that some key diplomats of the Western powers were intimated that it would be in the long term interest of stability and development of democracy in Ethiopia to work for a change of policy of the Derg regime. The powers agreed and gave Mengistu an offer of support provided he supplanted his centralized command economy to mixed-economy. Mengistu adamantly refused and betrayed those who worked so hard to bring sanity to our politics.
The point is that the vile TPLF regime was imposed on the Ethiopian people and lack of political foresight of the Derg regime contributed to the success of its downfall.
No word is accurate enough to describe an evil despot that sprays bullets on peaceful protestors; steals votes in broad daylight; commits all those heinous crimes known to the international community; impoverishes the nation by betraying vital national interests and monopolizing lucrative businesses and natural resources. It is difficult to exercise decorum in blaming immoral fund flow from donors in the form of direct budget support to a brutal illegitimate regime hell-bent on sabotaging the development of democracy. There is no choice but to, as a matter of civic duty, condemn in the strongest terms again and again the bizarre contradictory relationship between donor-democrats and recipient dictator, tyrant Meles.

It is needless to say that I will vehemently oppose the brutal regime of TPLF.

Issue III Medrek

I do not doubt the integrity of Dr. Bulcha Demekssa and Dr. Merrera Gudina nor the paradigm shift made by Dr. Negasso Giddada and Ato Seye Abraha. These are mature political leaders that are quite capable to discern the liability that a political party with an ethnic label would incur. My hope is that they will work hard and smart to shed the label.


My birth to Oromo parents did not hinder my initiative in mobilizing support to All Amhara Unity Organization of which the AEUP was an offshoot. AEUP was the backbone of Kinijit which broke the dawn of hope in our politics. I am grateful to the illustrious leaders for their invaluable sacrifices.

I plead with AEUP leaders to forge alliance with UDJP above all for the sake of Ethiopia.

Issue V Ginbot 7

I believe that the integrity, ability and patriotism of Ginbot 7 leaders are indisputable. The Movement has every right to its declared all-inclusive method of struggle against tyrannical rule of Meles Zenawi.

In the advent of inevitably massive demonstration and civil disobedience to protest rigged election, the brutal regime shall respond with force as usual. In that case readiness of Ginbot 7 to unleash all weapons at its disposal would be legitimate.

Who in his/her right mind would fail to support such a scenario!?

Issue VI Professor Mesfin Woldemariam

Professor Mesfin is the legendary founder of Human Rights in Ethiopia. His thesis articulating succinctly in favor of ending the culture of succession through bloodshed is unassailable. He is one of the founders of Kinijit and Andinet.

He remains my hero. I would beg him to close ranks with Engineer Gizatchew Shiferaw and other illustrious leaders in Andinet.

Issue VII Boycotting Election 2010

Effort-consuming debate over boycotting an election already rigged does not make much sense. What is important is readiness and determination to stage a massive civil disobedience at home and diplomatic offensive by those of us in the Diaspora.

I am prepared to contribute to that effort. With my colleagues we will knock at embassy doors, human rights organizations and civil societies so that milking the cash-cows of donor countries would be of reach of the stealing hands of tyrant Meles.

Issue VIII Impending showdown with Sudan

The ruling TPLF regime has secretly given a generous gift of fertile farmland to the Sudan. The generous gift is estimated at 64, 000 square kilometers – half the size of Eritrea, twice the size of Djibouti and 6% of Ethiopia. The birthplace fiercely nationalist Ethiopian Monarch, Emperor Theodros II is included in the giveaway.

A showdown with the Sudan is inevitable and I am prepared to play an active role.

Issue IX Liberation Movements

The sun is setting in the domain of Secessionist politics. In the context of the scramble for Africa the role played by our forebears in that dark period does not qualify Ethiopia as a ‘colonizer”. European colonizers agree with this contention.

So, let us focus on the noble cause of liberation from the Meles regime serving foreign interests like those of the Sudan and Egypt.

Issue X Other dissidents with offices in Asmara

My humble question is what the hell they are doing in Asmara. Isaias who hatched so much hatred for Mother Ethiopia and created horrendous political upheaval cares more about saving his neck than care about us. Remember he was the very first to invite Al Bashir of Sudan immediately after issuance of warrant of arrest on the latter by he International Criminal Court. In the circumstances, do these dissidents holed up in Asmara think Isaias will be on our side in the face of impending showdown with the Sudan?

I think not!

Finally, I hope I have defined myself on issues. I thank my readers for their patience.
The release of Birtukan and all political prisoners is moral imperative!


Robele Ababya, PanAfricanist Ethiopian

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