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COALITION FOR H.R.2003 makes a “Special Call” to Ethiopians Living in Northern Virginia, District of Columbia and Maryland. (more…)

COALITION FOR H.R.2003 makes a “Special Call” to Ethiopians Living in Northern Virginia, District of Columbia and Maryland.


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Special Call to Ethiopians Living in Northern Virginia,
District of Columbia and Maryland

A Historic Transatlantic Legislative Summit on Human Rights

On June 8, 2007, a historic summit will take place in the United States Congress. On the agenda are three of the most critical contemporary human rights issues facing the African continent today: Genocide in Darfur, Unraveling of Somalia and Gross and Sustained Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia.

Unlike the European Union-United States Annual Summit which brings together the President of the United States, the President of the European Commission, the Head of State or Government of the EU Member State holding the EU Presidency and the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy of the Council of the EU, the Congressional-European Parliament joint summit on human rights in Africa is a rare and unique event in transatlantic legislative relations.

The Coalition believes that all Ethiopians who support democracy and human rights should attend and show support for the work of the Joint Summit in the U.S. Congress. The Coalition believes the Joint Summit will

1. Enable American and European legislators to work together on critical human rights issues in Africa, and coordinate policy responses and political action particularly on human rights abuses in Ethiopia.

2. Promote legislative cooperation on specific policy measures aimed at improving compliance with international human rights laws and conventions.

3. Encourage broader dialogue between and among human rights advocates, organizations and national policy makers on such issues as massive violations of human rights in Ethiopia under the regime of Zenawi.

4. Focus attention on specific human rights issues and problems such as the Kality political prisoners and other prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia.

5. Mobilize international action to encourage governments to re-evaluate and re-assess their foreign policies in light of the willful disregard of international human rights conventions by dictatorial regimes in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia.

6. Raise international public awareness on the sustained assault on innocent civilian populations, dissenters, human rights advocates and organizations in Ethiopia, Somalia and the Sudan.

7. Facilitate joint action between the U.S. Congress and the European Parliament to improve human rights protections.

8. Help develop effective strategies for human rights monitoring and accountability in Ethiopia.

9. Send a positive message to Diaspora Ethiopians and others that the U.S. Congress and the European Union will work together to improve human rights in Ethiopia, and

10. Review recent developments in the human rights records of dictatorial regimes in Ethiopia, Somalia and the Sudan.

Scheduled Speakers

Among the scheduled speakers at the Joint Summit include:

Donald Payne, (D-N.J.), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health and author of H.R. 2003 (Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007). Over the years, Congressman Payne has made several trips to Ethiopia to study and discuss improvements to the human rights situation there. He has extensive knowledge of human rights violations not only in Ethiopia, but also Darfur and Rwanda.

Ana Gomes, Member, European Parliament and Head of the European Union’s Observer Mission to Ethiopia (2005), an extraordinary woman of courage, who has been in the forefront of the struggle for democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. See Ana Gomes’ message of solidarity, sympathy and hope on the first anniversary of the May 2005 elections.

Birhanu Tsigu, Former Head of Monitoring, Research and Public Litigation Department of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council, Addis Ababa. Tsigu provided compelling testimony before the Congress-ional Black Caucus International Task Force and the Ethiopia Caucus in 2006. See,

Prof. Charles Schafer, Chair, Department of History, Valparaiso University. Prof. Schaefer taught at Addis Ababa University from 1992 through 1994 as a Fulbright Lecturer. Professor Schaefer has accepted a volunteer position as Country Specialist for Ethiopia for Amnesty International-USA, an activity to which he devotes considerable time.

Ethiopians Living in Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland:
Why YOUR Attendance is Important!

The Coalition urges all Ethiopians and other supporters of human rights in Ethiopia to attend the 11:30-12:30 session of the Joint summit focusing on Ethiopia. Here are just a few reasons why you should attend the Joint Summit:

I. The great Ana Gomes is in town! She has traveled thousands of miles to speak on YOUR behalf, and in the cause of human rights in Ethiopia, and to become a voice for our suffering brothers and sisters in Ethiopia. If Ana can travel thousands of miles, YOU can travel a few miles to welcome and thank her. YOU OWE IT TO ANA!

II. Donald Payne has exerted extraordinary effort coordinating the Joint Summit, and in sponsoring H.R. 2003. YOU need to show up and thank him personally. When he stands up for human rights in Ethiopia, we should stand up with him in Congress.

III. YOU must show the enemies of freedom that you will not rest until human rights and democracy triumph in Ethiopia. Attend the Joint Summit, and shout a mighty shout in support of democracy and human rights.

IV. YOU will be doing the RIGHT thing by attending the Joint Summit. You will learn a lot from the experience. YOU will show the depth of YOUR commitment to freedom, human rights and democracy in Ethiopia. YOU will show to the world that you are proud to be a human rights defender, and proud to show your support to the American people!

Program Information

Friday, June 8, 2007, Washington, D.C.
U.S. House of Representatives, 2172 Rayburn Building
11:30-12:30 — Ethiopia: Prospects for Peace, Democracy, and Respect for Human Rights

  1. fish
    | #1

    Asmara, 5 June 2007 ““ Opposing the TPLF regime’s policy of ethnic discrimination, five Ethiopian soldiers arrived in Asmara seeking asylum.

    The soldiers disclosed that the regime recruited 8,000 youths under the guise of offering them computer application and other types of training and deployed them in the Army following forced military training.

    The soldiers also pointed out that the regime has imprisoned and killed individuals who opposed its open invasion of Somalia, and the ones who could are escaping.

    The soldiers are Misaw Tabo Biru, Andargachew Tilahun Temtime, Welelaw Tegene Desse, Yohannes Melku Demisew, and Abebe Memru Terfasa .

  2. fish
    | #2

    The woayne Cadres has no word, even their bosse started to mamble. The Old and retarded Sbihat nega was mambling in the interview and it seemed their future is doomed and i want to know what happened in side teh primitives.

  3. Mimi
    | #3

    That is so true fish, Ethiopia was before and it remains forever. That is a fact beyond Meles and Sbihat Nega. These two evils and their stupid supporters will be remembered as traitors of the century. Their time is rapidly coming up.

  4. lingerew ewenetun
    | #4

    Thanks to mimi and fish. Let me tell you one great fact. All woyane cadres are bussy to use this millinium for thier trash politics.But they are in very confused situation. you know why? Peoples of Ethiopia started again the song of unity. When you go to Amhara,oromia,south Ethiopia, Benshangul,Gambella,Tigray, Somalia,Afar,Harrar,DiraDawa and Addis Ababa everybody talks about unity.This was unexpected for those who planned to separet people by race,religion and so on.So in this week woyane had a meeting which focus on separation. The agenda of the meeting was ” bemilliniumu akebaber yehizbu Tikuret Eyetekeyere new. Lik endederg mezimuru hullu andnet andenet honaul. Silezih tollo bilen wode kuankua edeget ena wode killil Tikuret endidereg madreg alebin.” So dear ethiopian people do you see this evil idea. BY the way the main people in the meeting were Ambasdor Mohamed drier, Ato Sibihat NEga, bereket simon an the others.

  5. fish
    | #5

    Dear:lingerew ewenetun and mimi , Dingayen dengay new yemiwelidew yemibalew betam tikil mehonun bewoyane new yeteredahut.”

  6. zalalm
    | #6

    Dear all dingayen dengay new yemiweliew endilu
    The Ethiopian Millennium Festival National Secretariat is finalizing its activities of organizing the various Millennium Celebration events for the unique and colorful commemoration of our transition from Millennium 2000 to the 3rd millennium, according to the Ethiopic Calendar. The arrival of the new millennium, which will be celebrated colorfully for a year-long milestone, will be launched at the national level tomorrow, June 5, 2007.
    Our country has seen numerous historical incidences to occur over the last 1000 years. These incidences have played their own roles in generating either positive or negative consequences, Ethiopia and its peoples became known for. Among these are famine, war and disease, which have contributed much in damaging the country’s image over the last 1000 years.

    However, currently, we find ourselves in a different situation than the one we used to be known for in the past. We have registered several tangible results and are in a situation whereby we can change ourselves profoundly. The upcoming millennium has opened up a decisive era for us to achieve yet more paradigm shifts to the better.

    The one-year-long celebration will be marked through various events which will play decisive roles to enhance this important transition. The Ethiopian Millennium Festival National Secretariat has been set up by the Council of Ministers to coordinate and direct the Millennium Celebration and year-long festivities in a planned and coordinated manner. Moreover, the Council has met several times and is following up the activities of the Secretariat in charge. The Ethiopian Millennium Festival National Secretariat, which is engaged in various projects aimed at promoting the image of the country, enhancing national consensus and shared vision, has finalized the necessary preparations and will officially launce the events tomorrow, June 5, 2007. “Two Tress for 2000,”? “Our Millennium,”?- Musical Extravaganza, the Construction of Millennium Parks, Coffee Exhibition in Bonga, the Africa Week, Millennium Monuments, Millennium Youths, are among the events and will be transmitted live on radio and television channels across the nation.

    The Ethiopian Millennium Celebration to be launched tomorrow will provide us a unique opportunity of the upcoming millennium for us to see a developed, prosperous Ethiopia; a nation known by its better and real image and that shall become a choice for all in the new millennium. We have begun the right journey that will take us to this optimism, and must exert all possible efforts to create a nation that we have envisioned about. The Millennium Celebration must be the moment when we work hand in hand to build our image and forge national consensus.

  7. Tokichaw
    | #7

    I think you are confused. Because, the leaders who are now talking about Ethipian Millenium, were trying to teach us that, Ethiopia has a history of only 100 years. I am really surprised with your idea of telling us about the Millenium to be celebrated.

    Please do not try to confuse us. First of all, please accept that Ethiopia has a long history. Before our learders accept that, I do not think that the Ethiopian millenium will be celebrated as it is planned.

  8. | #8

    Do you realy believ a foreign person as this Gomese women will change your situation. Get real. The election is over. Better luck the next time.

  9. Abel
    | #9

    Dear readers

    I think this is critical time for Ethiopia. Critical because it will fasten the groth,development and end of backward thinking like “my ethinicity is superior and only responsible for Ethiopian unity”.

    We have to go to respect each other,different nationalities,developing their language and culture. But diaspora look confused as they cry for one Ethiopia with Amhara dominance.I think time has passed for that and let us rethink. The idea is only dying because held in the thinkers of good old days.

    I think we have to accept laws and show the world that we are different from wild animals.

    Forexample,a court that judges for every Ethiopians should be considered legal to see cases of CUD leaders. Why it became legal for some and illegal for others?

    The other is Amharic language is killing the languages of other nationalities because government,including Woyane promotes its use in office. We need English be national official language as it is language of instruction for Education.

    How after trained in English one turns to work in Amharic? incoherent?

    United Ethiopia,our mother,respects the views of all her children. No more domination.

    Rule of law including government change as what most world do based on constition of their country.

    Down with fanatics of all kinds!!!!!

  10. | #10

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! hxighpyswqopwl

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