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On the weekend of October 10th and 11th, 2009, Dallas was lucky to host Brigadier General Tesfaye H/Marian and Brigadier General Kassaye Chemada of the Ethiopian army as guests of honor. (more…)

On the weekend of October 10th and 11th, 2009, Dallas was lucky to host Brigadier General Tesfaye H/Marian and Brigadier General Kassaye Chemada of the Ethiopian army as guests of honor. Ethiopians in Dallas comprising of former members of the armed forces and others received the guests at DFW airport on Saturday. The guests were given a tour of the city of Dallas followed by a dinner party at night. For those of us who were not members of the army, it was a pleasant informal lesson on the nature of the Ethiopian armed forces to hear former fellow soldiers reminisce about their school, training and of course line of duty days in light-spirited way. At one time, the mood of the dinner turned highly emotional when the two Generals start telling the daughter of an officer who was in our midst about how her father killed himself in order to avoid surrendering to the enemy.

On Sunday, the main event was focused on the Public Meeting that was held at the Quality Inn on 635 and Coit Road. Following a welcoming speech to the attendees of the meeting by the chairman, a 15 minutes video clip was shown on the Eastern Battle Front involving Brigadier General Kassaye and his troops back in 1977. After the video, General Tesfaye gave the audience a brief but a truly eye opener history of the Ethiopian army from the times of the Emperor to present. General Kasasaye then followed the speech by highlighting how and why he joined the Ethiopian army at an early age. He emphasized that he still is imbued with pride to put everything he has for his country and people. His words about honor and selfless service to country still echoes in those of us who were in the meeting.

The highlight of meeting was a telephone address to the audience by Milita Ali Bukre directly from Ethiopian. The audience heard the pride of a private soldier who gallantly fought for his country but ended up being a daily-laborer. You will not hear a hint of regret and or bitterness from such a person. The audience was interrupting his speech with applaud repeatedly as he spoke effusively about service to a country without expecting anything in return. The meeting ended with a fund raising and an award ceremony to our heroes.

What is so delightful about the occasion was the awareness gained by all of us who participated in the meeting about the depth of knowledge and value system of the two generals not only in the area of their profession but in other areas concerning country and people. For some of the participants who have no previous contact with such people, it was very heartening to know that our country, despite its present problems have so many such people in reserve.

The slogan of the day was: “We can’t create future heroes without recognizing the heroic deeds of the past”.

Organizing Committee

  1. ahmed
  2. haileselassie hailu
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    long live our heros;whom selflessly gave their utmost for the country and people they love most.I personally am proud of them .Please send my greetings to Gen tesfay by saying your comrade from keren.

  3. Assefa Abebe
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    I watched a short video clip presented by Ethiofekade, and I was very much moved when general Kassaye told the gathering crowd, that he joined the Harar Military Academy during the Emperor’s reign, and that he loved the Emperor very much regardless what had been said about him. The General also continued to sublimely challenge the current troops back home to do what they were hired for. He inspired everyone at the celebration hall, and drew cheers from the audience when he told them he sacrificed his childhood age fighting for the love of pointing his finger at the Green, Yellow, Red, Ethiopian flag

  4. Assefa Abebe
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    General Tesfaye in his book entitled “A Memorable Battlefield Experience” where he discussed what it was like to have a small number of well dedicated loyal troops under his command to knock the day light out of a large number of enemy soldiers by repeatedly defeating them at their own game. He emphasized the camaraderie that existed among his troops in becoming a sacrificial lamb for one another. This indicates to me General Tesfaye had a likeable managerial personality, which motivated the troops to do whatever it takes to win him the war.

    There were two instances listening to him on the Voice OF America Radio that took me by surprise. One of the instances was when soldiers upon finding that the enemy planted explosives in their way and unable to go ahead, they volunteered to die by rolling over those explosives to defuse them, so the rest of them can walk over their dead bodies to engage the enemy. The second instance was when he talked highly of a soldier named Dubale Kelecha? a lone, elusive, squad leader, and a brave warrior who single handedly pinned down the enemy for over half an hour, then chose to take his own life rather than becoming a prisoner of war. After having witnessed his gallantry, even the enemy gave him credit and called him a hero. God bless those who died for the love of their country Ethiopia, and they always remain in our memory.

  5. Assefa Abebe
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    The last but not the least is our other hero by the name Ali Berke. He was a brave soldier who took a decisive shot and killed a senior Somali’s battle tank commander, to turn the tide of war in favor of Ethiopia. In doing so private Ali single handedly shattered the myth of the invincibility of the Somali armed forces, who were on the verge of putting Harar and its surroundings under its domain. Had it not been for his gallantry who knows the Somali’s might have walked past beyond Harar.

    It is deplorable and heart breaking to hear that he was put in prison for eight years for crimes he did not know he committed. He is still in pain carrying three bullets that lodged to his body for over 30 years ago. A bullet wound is very painful even if it is for a day, let alone for 30 years. That is a very long stretch of time. His mistreatment by the Ethiopian government is very annoying, he deserves reward, dignity and respect above all. Shame on the Ethiopian leadership who chose to denigrate war heroes, and tarnish their images, instead of providing them with medical assistance, decent jobs, and roof over their head.

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    What a wonderfull thing to see the heroes
    get what they diserve!Long Live Our beloved Ethiopia!

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