Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of June 8, 2007

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June 8, 2007

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  1. hadere Sefer
    | #1

    I appriciate your program but you are now including some religios stuffs. It is not bad if you also inhclude the other half of ethiopians who are muslims. otherwise we are doing the same wrong politic like woyane.

    for peace and equality

  2. Bono
    | #2

    Hi Asheber!
    I listened to the interview you held with Ato Mekonnen. Generally you lectured us all that we should beg Americans to solve our crisis. What is the limit of that strategy? Think about it. It really is an insult to all Ethiopians to preach us to beg Americans!! I tell you only we can solve our own problem. Only we must solve it at any desired cost. Let me remind you- All Ethiopians- that the more we become dependent on America or other power to solve our problem the more we loose in every field. Be strong and proud!!!!!!

  3. Habesha
    | #3

    Bono, all Ethopians asking America i to stop supporting the dictator over blood of our people.What we want America to do is to do what EU is dong, respect Human rights of our people bd cut all the budget so our people can twisting his hands nd submit. We are asking Americans to stop supporting the murderers of our people, we don’texpect themto provideus with freedom, it is only Meles who use our soldiers to fight an American cause in Somalia. “Bono” suc an evil pupose like yours will not last as we have confidence in te victory of our good over evil, it’s a matter of time!!!

  4. Assefa Kebede
    | #4

    Dear Abogida,

    Most things you do are okay. But, But, the program from the kids…., ehh. What does our father say. (prist).

    Kids should learn, not all, in addition, have openion from the others before sending to public.
    I hope you will not do it again,(again not all)

    Thank you. 06-08-07

  5. yaphet
    | #5

    How come no one showed up in the streets of America or in front of the White House when Mengistu bombarded in a broad day light a city called Hawzen ,and over 2000 peoples mostly kids and women died in a market.The only crime these people did were being a Tigrean. Well, I think election ’97 came for reason to see who cries when and why. Kinjet is trying to convince the world by putting young girls in the hot spot. Please, stop confusing the girls because the problem behind is to deep for them to understand ,and if they dig deep them might blame you not Prime Minister Meles Zenawi!!!

    The Apple does not fall far from the Tree!!!

  6. Bono
    | #6

    Dear Habesha,
    I read the response you gave to my warning that “dependence to America should be with limit.” I was in fact not disappointed by your argument that “we ask Americans to stop helping the evil.” That is good; but the interview with Ato Mekonnen was misleading as it encourages limitless dependence on America to solve our crisis at home. This is by far a bad culture and fruitless.

    Let me remind you also that your statement “Bono”? such an evil pupose like yours will not last as we have confidence in the victory of our good over evil…” So you are considering my argument AGAINST limitless dependence on America, or for that matter any foreign power, as EVIL PURPOSE. Laughable.
    Let me remind you also that you should never consider any one who thinks outside your narrow mind as evil.
    Ethiopians shall prevail!!
    Respectfully yours.

  7. Hagos
    | #7

    I have been reading your respond and sometimes I used to respond to your comment because some of your comment were can confuse others. However know when I saw your above comment I learned that you are confuse your self. You need to learn more about Hawzen. One day Meles and Sebhat and others will be judged by Tigrian and other Ethiopian one day for Hawzen and the femenin in 70S where they profited using the blood of mostly Tigrian people. They were happy to recorde when Hawzen been bombarded in stead of protecting the children and the innocent cirtzen. I know now you are confused your self that is why you always have those confused comment. I know you speak Tigrian please listen Sebhit interview. I know since you are confused probably you are proud because of your confusion.

  8. Tigist
    | #8

    What a nice program you come up with? All of the segments are good once. Especially, I was touched by the three beautiful Ethiopian girls’ efforts to inform their community about the situation in Ethiopia. It is good to see the next generation involvement in our current affairs. Meles and Sebhate should know, Ethiopia was their before they existed and it will be there after they are gone. The new generation involvement is a proof of that fact.

  9. fish
    | #9

    I don’t think there ppls are killed in Hawzen i guess it is just a lie.If that was true then why the tigree vote for woyane, if the claim is right then that means they are hurbouring woyane and it is justified as wright.
    yaphet Says:
    June 8th, 2007 at 8:41 pm
    How come no one showed up in the streets of America or in front of the White House when Mengistu bombarded in a broad day light a city called Hawzen ,and over 2000 peoples mostly kids and women died in a market.The only crime these people did were being a Tigrean. Well, I think election “˜97 came for reason to see who cries when and why. Kinjet is trying to convince the world by putting young girls in the hot spot. Please, stop confusing the girls because the problem behind is to deep for them to understand ,and if they dig deep them might blame you not Prime Minister Meles Zenawi!!!

  10. Habesha
    | #10

    Bono, I don’t think it’s being narrow-minded if we call your purpose evil, in fact what is extremely narrow-minded is to suppor murderers and killer of or people due to thnic loyality or idiotic ethnocenterism. Therefore, people like you will defend TPLF’s fascist actions even when the whole world is shocked and disgusted. My advice to you is that you become a little far-sigheted and start by taking a sip of the truth, because eventually it will free you from your “gotegnnet”.

    Now, sincerely Ethiopia’s,

  11. casanova
    | #11

    hello everybody

  12. Mimi
    | #12

    Hi casanova, if I am not mistaken, you are the weyanne supporter who used to post your nonsense on this site. What do you make of Sebhate Nega’s confession about using the Tigray farmers to liberate Eritrea? Do you see what the rest of Ethiopians see in Weyanne yet? Or are you still in denial? Keep in mind Meles and Sebhate Nega are our common enemies regardless whether you are Amhara, Tigray, Gurage, Oromo or any other ethnic group. For all of us Ethiopia is our beauty, strength and our common mother. As a family member it is natural we have our own identity and all that, but at the end of the day we are children of common mother. However, Meles and Sebhate are horrible kids that would dear to hurt our mother. It seems to me that they have some sort of identity crisis and they are full of hat. Is so sad a couple of evils with no passion for good and with dark visions are screwing our country.

  13. yaphet
    | #13

    Dear Tigist:

    I do understand and believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ,but true beauty comes form a beautiful mind which has never been or will never be raped by dirty politics. These girls are pushed by their Dads to read what they gave them to read. You don’t have to be a nuclear genious to understand who is runing the show.Tigist, Know that you can not fix a problem with the same mind which has already caused a problem. The end is always justified by the means. Some people speak for the sake of speaking ,and these girls are one of those.

    This is what i have to say to Fish , stop wishing go fishing if you really want to know what happen in Hawzen. We care less if you know or don’t because we have attained our goal of safeguarding and tranquility of the people of Hazen by far. Mission accomplished to the fullest. Now,the people of Hawzen are working hard to change their way of life. We the people of Tigray know what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. Look how strong we come out!!!

    To Ato Hagos, I think you are going through some kind of identity crisis ,and for that the solution would be try to read what Tigray and its people offered to the rest of Ethiopia. Dont sell yourself less just to be accepted by the confused. Ato Hagos, how would you protect an open air market. I think you are more screwed up than I think you are.

    Tigray Will Always Shine!!!

  14. Genet
    | #14

    Yaphet, what is wrong with you? your comments are so racist or I do not know how to call it. we do not need this now we should know better. I think we all need to concentrate on what is happening in Ethiopia now and what is going to happen in the future and do something about it, the past is past it is a lesson, so that it can not be repeat again. So please Yaphet do not just support weyanne, ask yourself, be honset to your self, if you care for Ethiopia and Ethiopian people.

  15. Genet
    | #15

    God bless Ethiopia!!!

  16. Tigist
    | #16

    Yaphet, it is so funny that you are talking about a beautiful mind. You just can’t be Weyanne and talk about a beautiful mind at the same time. In addition to that common sense tells me that free expression is not a dirty politics. Dirty politics is massacring innocent civilians just because they reject the evil Weyanne regime. That is way out of line and nasty. That is what Weyanne is doing in Ethiopia as we speak. But, “Yaphet” you are one a hell of Weyanne and nobody around expect you to have some common sense.

  17. yaphet
    | #17

    Dear Genet:
    Genet, I have never heard any one of the Woyane preaching evil politics against any one of the ethnic groups that we have in Ethiopia. But Kinjit has been preaching this evil politics now and then. I can not speak for the whole Ethiopia but Kinijit will never have a say so in Tigray. Woyane is a human being not a party set up in a fast food resturant like kinijit.

    To sister Tigist:

    If you really know who kinjit is you would not say what you are saying now. Let me give you a simple example, if you squeeze a fresh lemon into a cup you will get only a lemon juice not apple or orange juice; it is because what is inside is a leomn juice. Just like that from the day you came to this world your people preach you their nasty politics so if you start talking mess about Woyane it would not surprise me because that what you have been told without paying a penny, but us we paid our blood for years to be called Woyane. Sweetheart, we are Woyane for life. Tigist, just by having an evil mind you will never feel if you are taken to a heven. So,change your your evil mind toward woyane then you will enjoy the heven. I know it is hard for you because your mind is already raped by Kinijit ,but try to think out side the box.

    Tigray will always shine!!!

  18. Tigist
    | #18

    Well, I thought you and yours alike are the once that are blinded by Weyanne ethnic politics and work to secede Eritrea. One of your moron leaders, Sebhate Nega, recently declares that Weyanne did fight to seceded Eritrea and still would defend Eritrea. If you remember more than 70,000.00 Ethiopians died on the Badema war, but yet Sebhate is telling us that he still would defend Eritrea by any cost. That only gives a sense to stupid Weyanne. I also know that Meles has been leading Weyanne for more than twenty years, he ordered the Addis massacre publicly, he jailed the Kinijit leaders and regardless the majority Ethiopians rejection of him, he decides to lead with iron fist. I don’t need anybody to lecture me what Meles and Weyanne has been demonstrating is tyranny and evil. There was a time that I personally tried to give the Weyanne crap a benefit of a doubt. But, all I noticed was that Weyannes are up to no good, stupid and crazy. Meles and Weyanne had chances to make something that would benefit all of us, but they choose the other way. Recently when Sebhate was asked about reconciliation, he said that gold doesn’t reconcile with dust. I am sure that no single Ethiopian would take Sebhate seriously and get offended by his Nazi type comments. He is an old evil man that causes the death of thousands and thousands of lives. From the beginning nothing good would come out of evil.

    Regarding Kinijt and the Kinijt leaders: All what they are asking demanding is let the Ethiopia people choose who should lead Ethiopia, let the legal system and the national election board be independent bodies, and let free media flourish in Ethiopia. Those are just basic human right issues, and any civil society should have those. Unfortunately in Ethiopia we have curses; Weyannes who afraid a vibrant democracy. It is just because they can’t stand the truth. Now, all the international organization such as Amnesty international, CPJ, reporters with out boarders always express their concerns regarding the brutality of Weyanne. That confirms the fact that, regardless of different political point of view, Weyannes are evil and liability to all human beings.

  19. yaphet
    | #19

    Dear Tigist:

    What the hell was the old Asshole Hailu Shawel was saying before the election, was it different? Go back and read just for your information what your Daddy was saying. Any kind of hate toward my people pave the way for our better strength. So, Please keep talking mess toward woyane. I dont blame God for crating a Tiger ,but I am so thankful that he did not give him a wing to fly. In the same token I dont blame God for you people or your party’s kinijit creation ,but I am so thankkful that y’all luck the drive to accomplish y’all evil goal. Just for your information we Tigreans have the upper hand to be called Ethiopian than you or any other. Dont forget the source for everything that you and your people enjoy today comes form Tigray. Who are you refering when you say Ethiopian Elected their leaders? We didnt elect Kinigit, Afar did not, somal did not, oromo did not, Gonder did not , Gojam did not,Benshangul did not ,so i have no idea who you are refering to when you say Ethiopian . Is it semen Shoa? Finally I dont think you know what these assholes were asking. You are just called for a demonistration. I am Woyane for life!!!I am living for the love the Woyane!!!

    Long Live Woyane!!!

  20. kolew
    | #20

    admin please watch yaphet omg

  21. Tigist
    | #21

    Weyannet “yaphet” you are meaning less brat. What you say doesn’t add up or give any logical sense, but that is how all Weyannes think: No logical thinking, no rational, no compation and nothing civil. Weyanne is equal to falsehood, cruelty and stupidity.

  22. LULU
    | #22

    ሰላ� ለናንተ�ሆኖ��ለሀገራችን


  23. Habesha
    | #23

    Yaphet loudly demonistrates his ethnic-centered ignorance. These are the kind of individuals who are being cancer to our people. soon, they will see our people all prosporous and happy when Eritrean-derived Meles and Sebhat are overpowered by our people!!

  24. casanova
    | #24


    Aboi Sebhat and Meles r my heroes. But Mimi is my Mimi.

  25. yaphet
    | #25

    Tigist, i know there is an IQ difference ,but sorry I forgot who I am talking too. It might not make sense because some luck some sense organ. I thank God for being a woyane and that is the only way for success. I dont hate nobody but i love woyane because it did save my people from extinction. I love’em all to death. In my eyes i see nothing in woyane. Woyane is equal to heroines and heroes of demcracy for all. How would you associate yourself with kinijit if you really care for Ethiopia? That is a jock!

    Woyane for life! I am loving it!!!

  26. Tigist
    | #26

    First of all you can’t call God and be Weyanne at the same time. The evil guys who are running Weyanne as they wish, Meles and Sebhate are pagans. Apparently the Weyanne Revolutionary Democracy ideology puts only one brain in the position to think for the whole party. That is Meles’s brain. In my opinion Meles is someone who is suffering from a little man syndrome and afraid to accept the truth. He hides himself behind his stupid solders and kills any one that challenges him. So, you can’t support this evil man and call God at the same time, because God is love, compassion, forgiving, caring and blessing. As far as Weyannes concern, they cause bloodshed, they hate, and they brought misery and turmoil to Ethiopia. That is just pure evil.

    Regarding the Kinijt leaders, the whole world knows that they didn’t kill a single life. The whole world knows that they lead the Ethiopia people by being on the front line. They didn’t hide behind solders and commit crimes like Meles does. They lead a peaceful struggle of the Ethiopian people. That is why prestigious international organization such as Amnesty International calls the prisoners of conscious. All they are asking is let the Ethiopia people have the power to run his country. There is no way Meles, Sebhate and their cousins run Ethiopia as they wish and the rest of us do nothing, but just see their evil deeds.

    You ask me why I associated my self with Kinijit, if I care so much about Ethiopia. Your question reminds me one Amharic say “Yeleaba Ayene Dereke Meleso Lebe Adreke” Well, for your information I am a young and very proud Ethiopian. I am not only a member of Kinijit; I am inspired to do what the kinijit leaders do for Ethiopia.

    If you were a reasonable person, you would have asked your self, if I am an Ethiopian, how on the earth I found myself among Weyannes, that fought along side of Shabia to secede Eritrea. Did you heard about Sebhate Nega’s confession last week? Isn’t he one of the Weyanne leaders? Didn’t Meles and Sebhate lead the Badema war that coasted at least 70,000.00 Ethiopian lives? Now, they are telling us that they will be the first to protect Eritrea. Well, I am writing all these just because I still believe that you have a human conscious and one day you would be honest to yourself and stand for the truth. I just pray that God would help you with that”¦

  27. yaphet
    | #27

    For your information religion is deeply rooted in the blood of Tigreans ,and do not forget that we are first to accept Christianity. Then after so many years we Tigreans taught you and your people about Christianity. One more thing, Did you know that Yared is from Axum. If you dont know who he was, he was the one who composed the notes that churches use today to praise the almight God in Geez in every corners of Ethiopia. I bet you, your people did not teach you this. So Christianity runs in each and every Tigrean family. Just because you are a pagan does not mean everybody is. May be Church and churches chicken are the same for you and your people because y’all say the same shit everywhere.

    Well, I am very young and a proud Tigrean who is living with the love of woyane. I wish I was young enough to help woyane while they were in the front line to crush Mengistu. For the time being I am helping my people and those who are free from hate politics to develop the promise land which is Ethiopia. But if anything happens to my woyane no doubt that me and my people will rise again like there is no tomorrow.

    If you are inspired by kinijit then go ahead and burn public buses, schools, kill police officers , hate one ethnic group and encourage poor kids to throw rocks and we will see where it takes you. I can see how confused you are by this dirty politics ,but I am not scared because itis not the way of woyanes life and we equiped ourselves for the rainy season. We Tigreans dont live on proverbs rather live by doing. Look where Woyane took Ethiopia to within sixteen years , I hope you are not blind. If you are sorry, just wait for a while anything is possible for woyane we will cure you and be able to see and enjoy Ethiopia.

    I heard you many time talk about Aboy Sibhat Nega so I have to do some explaination to save you from having a heart attack. Before you say something pose for a while and think for a minute out side the box. This is what it means, if we want to kick that assholes real good , you have to seperate him form the people first.I hope you know that you have to do your homework before you sit in the class. Like kinijit Isayas is confusing his people by preaching that as if woyane is coming to take their independece. Trust me, we care less for those assholes and I really dont care about those suckers ,but you have to play the politics to get to the point. If you really want to know we Ethiopians have to vote in order to let those suckers to come to the union. You have to let the suckers know we coming to get Isayas not the land. Tigist, relax and watch thses suckers will beg ethiopia to join the union. Let the suckers suffer a little bit. Let me ask you this my friend Tigist, do you think ONLF,OLF and Shabia work for the strength of Ethiopia? I hope you will say no, Then, what the hell is kinijit doing with these assholes? I understand that some people’s elevator does not go all the way to the top , but do not support for the sake of supporting. kinijit will let you down so just watch out for your steps. Try to clean your vision in side out ,and dont let anybody paly with your mind like that. You can do better than this! I will pray for you and your people at home because churches here are like a community hall where you preach evil politics.

    Woyane for life!!!!

  28. Tigist
    | #28

    Yaphet, it seems to me that you are a confused sole. You are in denial. Weather you like it or not Woyanne is anti-Ethiopia organization and it has no will and capacity to bring Ethiopians together. It is because bringing people together takes tolerance, love, respect and civil attitude. I am sure you know that most Ethiopians see Woyanne as evil force that come up on us in our time. The good thing is evil is a defeated enemy, and it will go away. We know that we just have to do everything we can to make that happen sooner rather than latter.
    Regarding Kiduse Yared, I was told a lot about him when I was a little kid. I know him as Ethiopian Church hymn composer. He must had been a very bright and spiritual man. I don’t think Yared would have approved of the evil deeds of Meles and Woyannes in general. We all know that the Woyanne cadres always try to tell us that Woyanne and the Tigray people are two sides of a coin. I don’t think that humanly possible. If the Tigray people get a chance to choose their own leaders, I don’t think it would choose Meles or Sebhate. I know for sure Kinijit was elected by Ethiopians of Tigray origin in Addis Ababa. In Tigray there has never been an election. The Tigray people are not allowed to think any other alternative point of view at all. We all know that they are oppressed more than the rest of Ethiopians. Woyanne thinks that it can speak for the whole Tigray region people all the time. I think that is an assault, to the least, to Ethiopians of Tigray region.
    Regarding ONLF, OLF and Shabia, if there is a vibrant democracy in Ethiopia, I am sure, if it not all, the majority of Ethiopians would be happy and none of the LF would have been a treat to Ethiopia including TPLF. However, Woyanne chooses to close the doors and windows on seventy plus million of Ethiopians and now every body is screaming and looking for a way out. Well blame Woyanne for LFs.

    Regarding about what Sebhate Nega said the other day, well go head and take a look at the following two articles of Ethiopians from Tigray region:


  29. | #29

    God bless Ethiopia!

  30. yaphet
    | #30

    Tigray and its people are very unique and only Tigreans can talk about their happiness. If Tigreans are not happy, trust me no one can stop them at all from their goal. We are goal oriented people ,and ready to pay whatever is necessary. Just for your information know and understand that happiness is not getting what you want rather it is wanting what you have. Every Tigrean inside Tigray or outside contributed directly or indirectly for the success of our belove woyane struggle against Mengistu. So everyone in Tigray enjoy every minutes of the day because it came after long and rough struggle. Sure, we want more ,but we are so thankful with what we have now and work hard for the best. It is not in our gene to oppress our own brother or sister or mother or father or neighbour for this perishable world. We dont try to get rich at the expense of our poor siblings. Asshole like siye tried ,but he is paying for it. We Tigreans help each all the time no exception.

    I am sorry if I offend you ,but I did not open the link because I knew before hand it is a twisted news targeting innocent human being like you are in the name of Ethiopia. Tigist, how would you be sure of OLF and ONLF to change their mind and work for the unity of Ethiopia all of a sudden? Kinijit can not stand by its own feet let alone convincing this LF groups. I am telling you kinijit is a failed marriage. I am not saying Meles is perfect ,but he is by far the best leader Ethiopia can have with all its problem ,and woyane is a way of life, sweetheart. Tigist, dont think that I hate you, it is just I can not settle for something less like kinijit. I do enjoy talking to you, Love ya!!

    Woyane for life!!!!

  31. Tigist
    | #31

    Weyannes are non sense and sick people, you are one a hell of example of that “Yaphet”. Weyannes are incapable of rational thinking what is so ever. It is so sad. Any balaced person can tell that you have some serious problem by just looking at your twisted ideas. Certainly, I just don’t understand you and you just don’t give me that much of a sense.

  32. yaphet
    | #32

    I dont have to be understood by trash politicians like kinijit and their ignorant supporters to live as a woyane. I care less if you understand me or not , but I was trying to show you that there are real people who work for the success of woyane. The question of being a woyane for all Tigrean is one that cannot be evaded. Whether or not we Tigreans claim to be intrested in it, from the moment we are alive we are bounded to be concerned
    for woyane. Because woyane is not just something that happens to us: It is a certain special way of being alive. Woyane is, in fact, an intensification of life, a completness, a fullness, a wholeness of life. You dont have to be born in Tigray to be a woyane as a matter of fact I was born and raised in the center of Addis a place called Arat kilo ,but the love of woyane is passed on to me ,and I will pass it on to my kids when I am old enough to have kids. I am not surprised that you dont understand me because I know you and your people are in the introduction part whereas we Tigreans are about to finish the principle part of politics. As you can see you and your people have a lot of homework to do. My advice to you is that to face the truth head on and know kinijit is a collection of power hungry loosers!!!

    Woyane for life!!!!!!!!!

  33. Ethiopian
    | #33

    To Yaphet!

    Hey! buddy! i have been reading your amazing science fiction stories. I even tried to help you by supporting your idea thinking that at some point you will see the diffrence between that and a real thing. But i dont think that will happen. How do you know if there was no peaceful demo at the white house at the time. and if there wasn’t one, where were you? or why were you not there? that is if you were in the US at the time. How about the rest of the Tigrian people? i’m sure there were a lot of people, in US at the time, where were they? why not demonestrate. Was there a demo infront of the white house, when DERGE ( Menege) killed thousands of people indescrminatley in the name of the red terror (keye shebere)?. Was there a demo infront of the white house when the people of Welo and Tigraye, suffered form food shortage, while our Emperor was having it all? So stop your blame culture and try to talk sense. You have so much negative in you, that makes you non Ethiopian. talking about IQ…what do you know about it. You don’t have none. If you a little part of you brain in good working order, you wouldn’t talk something that ecourages ethicity, would you?. According to you, when Our present government is gone, the people of Tigraye should be responsible, and must be punished directly or indirect. I also know that you are going to say Oh! Woyane will never come down. ( what goes up, must come down) But my question for you is, who are you to put our people in this position, from where you are. You are in a privilaged position and all you got do is shout blaaaaa! blaaaa! from the comfort of your PC. And it’s not about kinijit, you have a problem and i have already sassed that out.
    you true problem is you are are not even ethiopian. Good Luck to you whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. But i can tell you that it won’t work. and you will be the same person on this Forum under diffrent name will try’n create another problem.

    Long Live Ethiopia
    Long Live to the people of Tigraye

    but you my friend, you better go out there, take a walk, maybe if you are lucky you will meet somone who can talk sense into you, or will kick sense into you. I hope you meet option 2.

    Long Live Ethiopia.

  34. sholla
    | #34

    hallo abogidas

    see how the weyanes react when you hit them on the head?

    Ashe and all of you keep up!

  35. Ethiopian
    | #35


    Why do you always have to mention Kinijit,
    Does kinijit means Ethiopia in any kind of Language?!!. It’s just a political party. But the basic issue here is you are not ethiopian, trust me you are not. Go to asmarino.com and talk to your own people. You don’t represent anyone or anything from Ethiopia, and you can’t. Try representing Eritrea, they have got your way of thinking i heard. I ask for your suggestion last time about asab port. and your answer was “i’m not bothered, it’s just a peace of land”. Now tell me if you weren’t defending you country.
    Tigraye people, our people, Real Ethiopians, and heros, with a lot of history. My friend you can now change your name to a diffrent one and enter, this forum. So my fellow ethiopians, WE ALL KNOW YAPHET IS AN ALIEN FROM Eritrea. So let’s not waste our breath.

    Mr. Paper Dragon ( Yaphet)….go back to your drawing board with ISAYAS, and try again. I’m mean you guys will never win the war, so why don’t you just give up.

    God Bless Ethiopia.

  36. Omar
    | #36

    Let me give you a piece of advise. Stop talking about ethnics and minorities. Just talk about ETHIOPIA… If you keep talking about ethnics you will end up like SOMALIA. Do you want be like Somalia? I believe no one wants like that because if Ethiopia fall into a civil war it will not last quick it will go for century, therefore just put your hands together and think of ETHIOPIA

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