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“? Ooops! We do it again.”?

It was just well over a year ago that an American writer who wrote about what was happening in Ethiopia and the position of the United States. (more…)

“? Ooops! We do it again.”?

It was just well over a year ago that an American writer who wrote about what was happening in Ethiopia and the position of the United States.

In her article entitled “?Ooops! We do it again.”?,she was referring the unscrutinized and full-scale help of America to Nazi Germany in the early years of WWII and nowadays to the totalitarian regime in Ethiopia.Her entire message was,standing by the side of an authocratic regime for whatever arguments will only result in far reaching disastrous repurcussions.

In the wake of the second wave of bloodbath in november 2005 in Ethiopia,western diplomats led by the British and the American ambassadors issued a press release at Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa and called of the immediate release of all political prisoners in the country.Was that a genuine call? If it were a genuine call for the release of all prisoners of consceience,they could have pursued their call to date.Despite that pretentious call,the call was countered by the man who makes distortion and denial his true character,Meles Zenawi,said that”?we do not have political prisoners in Ethiopia.”? astonishing! Today,his western friends have abandoned entirely the call for the release of those prisoners of conscience whose only crime is resoundingly defeating the minority regime of Zenawi at the ballot box.surprising enough,some western countries have preferred to strengthen the voted-out regime by supplying all the necessary financil,political,and military aid which are vital to save the regime from collapsing.From the American point of view,it seems to met that,if you are a friend of the United States,you can reign on your people with no condemination from the US.It is just like that what America is encouraging in Ethiopia.This was not the only instance where western diplomats have been playing an unfair,unacceptabel,immoral and inhuman game up on the destitute people of Ethiopia.In retrospect,after the june 2005 massacre on the streets of Addis Ababa and anywhere else in the country,The people of Addis Ababa were determined to shut down /stay-at-home strike/ all governmental and public activities in the capital.In such a scenario,another disguised attempt was made by the same diplomats in the name of brokering peace between the highly charged public atmosphere and the sole ruler of Ethiopia,Meles Zenawi,who has no real love for peace,reportedly at the request of Zenawi. Against the backdrop of this,western diplomats approached and pressed on the CUD leaders to hold a meeting with Meles Zenawi.Acting in good faith,the CUD leaders came up with 8- points plan under no circumstance that any relatively democratic country can reject it.Having full confidence in those diplomats for whatever he does ,Zenawi flately rejected the 8-points plan of CUD leaders with little or no reaction from his masters.This was one of the several instances where some western countries mainly the current American government`s attempt in thwarting the popular movement of Ethiopians for freedom and Democracy.

In a further contemptous act,the then charge de`affiars of America,Vicky Huddleston,tried to summon some of the unjailed central committee members of CUD and told them that they should stop the merger of the 4 political parties and urged them to act as a separate entity which she did not succeed.when this attempt failed ,she again summond some renegade memebrs of the party and helped to form a surogate party by keeping the same name CUD with a different agenda under the agreement of joining the illegal parliament of TPLF.At this time,she was effectivly succeeded in her attempt to weaken the strong position of the real CUD and extended her helping hand in strengthening the minority regime of Meles Zenawi.

This is not the only misdeeds of the current American government up on the people of Ethiopia: following the nov.2005 massacre in Addis Ababa and anywhere else in the country,Europeans were apparently tightening the gripe on the regime by withholding the direct budget support/the life-support means of the regime/ they used to pump to the coferts of Zenawi which is app.378 million dollars.At the same time, a well intentioned statement was released by the American authorities which ushers the position of the American government by saying; “?America will not stop aid for the regime in Ethiopia”? This happened at a time when the whole world witnessed the massacre of Ethiopians on broad daylight.This was an other example how America is under-cutting the half-hearted and apparent efforts of Europeans in pressuring the brutal dictatorship of Zenawi to give in to a democratic avenue.


In order to regain the lost and non-existed “?democratic credential”?,Zenawi is telling the west that he is committed to Economic development and improving the coverage and quality of education as a means to get out of the current political turmoile which plagues the nation and the intensity of repression against dissent is growing by the days.Meles Zenawi,the untired liar,is telling the world that the country is developing by 10% economic growth while the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians are leading a hand-to-mouth life style.Just to give an example among the many lies of Zenawi,In a recent interview he gave to Tv teacher about the may 2005 election ,he said loud and clear,”? we did not steal the election! Every one knows that!”? What is amazing is not Zenawi`s claim of Economic progress in Ethiopia but the acceptance of this baseless assertion by the American diplomat who dare to say,”?whatever you say about governance issue of the regime,when it comes to development, we rate them highly.”? The undisputed fact is, if we see Ethiopia under the major indicator of Economic developmnent which is the Human Development Index/HDI/ such as life expectancy,living standard,education,health,Ethiopia lies at the bottom of the table.In the light of this fact,therefore,where is the 10% economic development? Of course,there is undeniable facts in the long history of the nation where those who had ruled Ethiopia and those who are ruling Ethiopia currently have never been poor.Yes,it is obvious truth that Zenawi and his associates have absolute control of the main economic sources of the country and are engaged in amassing a colossal sum of money at the expense of destitute Ethiopians for the last 16 years.It is obvious that western taxpayers money is being used to buy the means to kill innocent Ethiopians and to enrich TPLF members.God know how many Ethiopians are going bed hungry at a time when their satisfaction and improved living condition are being told to the world by their ruthless ruler,Melese Zenawi.whom they do not consider as their leader.let me cite a clear example here:however,my intention is not to compare China and Ethiopia.In the last 20 years,China has been able to pull 450 million people(app.the population size of the EU) out of poverty.Can Zenawi tell us in this term about how many Ethiopians are pulled out of poverty in his 16 years of absolute tyrannical rule? When it comes to facts,he will be empty handed ,no space to lie when it comes to concrete realities.Therefore,Is it not a crime to assert that Ethiopia is growing economically at a time many Ethiopians are dying of hunger and bullet? Time will answer it rightly!

Today,in the the horn of Africa,the American foreign policy is dominated by bringing stability at the expense of democracy and human rigths. The irony is,how is it possible to bring stability by stopping short of condemning the killing of innocent citizen of a country for demanding their God-given right? How is it possible to bring stability by approving the invasion of a soveriegn nation by an other one? HOw is it possible to bring stability by supporting a regime who denies freedom of speech,assembly,press? How is it possible to bring stability while the elected leaders of the peolpe are locked up in an illegal jail and perpetrators of crime are sitting in power comortably with absolute impunty? For any fair minded person,it is abundantly clear that the moral high ground of the current American government is very very low and has no real concern for freedom and democracy in the messed up horn of Africa.What is happening in Somalia and in the region as a whole is a living evidence of supporting totaliterian regimes.

Nowadays,we have been hearing a series of criticism directed against China`s involvment in Africa and blocking the continent`s democratization by harbouring authoritative regimes,a claim made by America and other western nations.In reality,it is a zero sum game.In Africa in general and in Ethiopia in particular,the objectives of China or the West are the same:securing access to raw-materials,access to market so as to dump their goods,security to guarantee the unfettered flow of resources,to subjugate the continent and declare as their sphere of influence etc”¦The only difference is the use of language in which the West use the term Democracy which lacks concrete support and China does not to achieve the same objective.In actuality, both of them do not have any concern at all for the well-being of African citizens.What America actively doing in Ethiopia does not need further explanation.

To wind up my understanding,dear fellow Ethiopians,let us always remember the immortal deeds of those genuine Ethiopians who did not hesitate to protest in front of the well-equiped Agazi army of Zenawi and lost their lives for freedom and democracy.What the day calls us now is to resume their heroic efforts and what they were killed for.The call for a united opposition against the TPLF autocartic rule should have a place in the hearts of genuine Ethiopians.

“?stop the killing of Ethiopians who dare to believe that Democracy is possible in Ethiopia”? Anna Gomez

This was the call from the person who has first hand realities but America rejected and condoned the action of Zenawi.


  1. zalalm
    | #1

    you are not an ethiopian

  2. fish
    | #2

    Yea Bizualem Beza He is true Ethiopian and you Zalalm is Denkoro tigre who doesn’t like the truth to be told and even don’t care about your own tgree ppls who are dying and begging on the street of addis. Stil Ethiopians are feeding you.
    You are shameles and you dare to talk about ethiopianness.hahahhaha

  3. fish
    | #3

    fish Says:
    June 8th, 2007 at 6:41 pm
    After 16 years in power, Woyannes could not even feed “their own”? children.

    Malnutrition, Stunted Growth Still Prevalent in Tigray, Other Regions – Unicef

    Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa)
    Posted to the web 31 May 2007
    By Endale Assefa

    More than 41 percent of children under five experience stunted growth in Tigray and an estimated 11.6 percent suffer from acute malnutrition, according to UNICEF-Ethiopia.

    In a press release sent to The Daily Monitor, the UN agency said the deplorable situation in the region was revealed during a visit by the Head of European Commission and Tim Clarke, Head of European Commission in Ethiopia to UNICEF – supported child nutrition sites in Tigray- Mekele on May 29, 2007.

    UNICEF says the problem of malnutrition was the case with other regions of the country where it said a large scale intervention was needed to save millions of vulnerable children.

    “We have just seen a child here who is 18 months old. Her normal weight should be 13 Kilos; but she is only five kilos-highly at risk and we can give her therapeutic feeding in order to give her a chance to survive,”? Tim Clark said during the visit.

    According to the 2002 demographic and health survey, 47 percent of Ethiopian children are stunted and 11 percent wasted.

    The EC delegate to Ethiopia has provided 7.6 million Euros to UNICEF during the past year in support of the Enhanced Out reach Strategy (EOS)/ TSF-Targeted Supplementary Food Program- a joint program initiative executed between the government, WFP and UNICEF.

    UNICEF indicated that with European Commission’s donation, it was working in life saving efforts Ethiopia by providing mothers and children with key survival interventions.

    “Tigray has just over 500 places with in the Therapeutic Feeding Program (TFP) through out the region. For complete coverage we need roughly 14, 000 to cope with on going severe mal-nutrition needs that is still a huge gap,”? explains Dr. Iqbal Kabil, UNICEF Head of Nutrition and Food Security Section.

    In its fourth year, EOS/ TSF aims to give the most vulnerable access to food, primary health care nutritional awareness.

    It also monitors the nutritional status of populations for better emergency and preparedness and response, it was noted.

  4. | #4

    hi zelalem keep talking u will die soon while u are talking. lemag weyane. what bezu alem telling u is the fact and the truth on the ground every body can see it .lemag agame weyane agazi nazi zelalem all down with weyane soon ………..del lethiopia hezb

  5. zalalm
    | #5

    Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) will redouble its efforts to alleviate problems in the metropolis through discussion with the residents, the Addis Ababa EPRDF Committee Secretary said.

    Speaking at a fund raising dinner held at Hilton Hotel yesterday in connection with May 28, Addis Ababa EPRDF Committee Secretary Hilawe Yosef said conducive situations have been created for forthcoming development activities through discussions conducted with various community members of the metropolis.

    In addition to creating consensus with the public by conferring with over 100,000 residents of the city, EPRDF is taking measures to gradually solve the problems.

    Alongside alleviating problems, the front has also succeeded in increasing its membership, Hilawe noted.

    Zone four EPRDF Committee Secretary Gebretsadik Hagos said on his part recruitment of members, capacity building and public mobilization works were given priority in Kirkos and Lideta sub-cities.

    Effective works have in particular been carried out in making the youth, scholars and workers become members of the front, he said, adding that the efforts would further be enhanced.

    Close to one million birr has been raised from the event organized to further bolster the activities of the front in ensuring peace, development, democracy and good governance,

  6. zalalm
    | #6

    hay man i now yu all ok cud olf onlf


  7. zalalm
    | #7

    This is something different. It has to do with activities of CUD members who are in collaboration with some armed groups who want to destabilise the system in ethiopia

  8. Lingerew Ewnetun
    | #8

    Dear Zelalem. Your name did not express you . Your name should be Legizew(for the time being). The fact Bizualem wrote is realy truth. You woyanes always denies truth. Because you are the child of lyind. you born,grow and live with dening and lying. I think it is better to learn from truth. America and the rest of other westerns themselves use woyane for the time being and throw in the dirty basket. you will see the in the near future. why you ignore things even useful for you. But you are not Ethiopian. By your trash mind You think every person who talks about the truth are CUD,OLF,ONLF….. But this is the byproduct of your Unthikable idea. We are pure Ethiopians But the supporter of those parties who love truth. bye YENE DINGAY(STONE) ras(HEAD)

  9. Shumet Menywab
    | #9

    A call to my fellow, Ethiopians,

    It is obvious that the Ethiopian people’s Choice for Freedom is being hijacked in the hands of Meles and his supporters, the West, because the Ethiopians those who themselves could not believe and stand behind their leaders to say enough is enough. There is nothing more than the reality of the Kaliti prisoners those who chose to put their lives for the Ethiopian people first. It would be unforgivable sin to not understand this and think their decission to be in this situation is for some other hiden agenda.

    How can I lose my conscience to think these prisoners are not doing the right thing for all Ethiopians. Their position is up in the center of Ethiopian political solution that is ‘asking for mercy to save Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people.’

    In the face of EPRDF’s ethnic politics, these individuals decided not to share government power over their people. From the start, they knew the EPRDF/TPLF constitution is not the right constitution to participate in but it was their decission to change it from within.

    When the Kaliti prisoners challenged the EPRDF’s/TPLF’s political structure over the Ethiopian society, the May 2005 ellection witnessed that they became the first publicly ellected leaders of the country.

    After this political victory, it was their responsibility not to share this government’s power over the people of Ethiopia with out a reflection of the people’s power over the government. They demanded EPRDF/TPLF to respond to that public ellection positively by answering the Eight Points first if that political process to bring any positive out come but EPRDF/TPLF decided that this will never happen.

    So the real problem of today’s Kaliti prisoners suffering for the Ethiopian people by the government of EPRDF/TPLF began here and only here.

    These prisoners did not ask EPRDF/TPLF to go out of the Ethiopian political process. They did not call the people of Ethiopia to pick up armament to over throw the government. The goverments blame for the Kaliti prisoners to cause the ellection 2005 after math is like saying the ‘slaves should never demand their masters to set them free.’

    Then why are we not understanding these and stand united to be behind these prisoners? Their lives are either in the deaf ears of ours to dump them into the Government’s pre calculated and prepared graves or in the conscience ears of ours to stand together to save them to save us. There is no less or more excuses to think other wise something else.

    If we think of ourselves to challenge EPRDF/TPLF in a ‘different and better than the Kaliti prisoners way’, we most probabily are not speaking for the truth and reality of today’s Ethiopian political situation. If we decided to be a drop out of this political reality, we may never get any chance again.

    The right thing to do now is to leave ones political difference aside and support these people’s cause for freedom. I am not asking to ask the government to free the prisoners and do nothing. What I am asking is to become united on this cause and fight the government together.

    The call should not be to tell those who are in the armed struggle to drop their arms and join the peaceful struggle, instead it should be a political cooperation between those who believe on the peaceful struggle and armed struggle.

    To choose to live in the jungle in order to fight a dictator government is not to be blamed. Instead it should be a call for every conscience people to understand the cause and effect of armed struggle.

    TPLF knows very well on this. It should not either decieve us or cheat us when it is claiming itself for peace and others for antipeace. By now, we all know what this political gang was.

    The real peace comes when every one understands the cause and effect of the ugly human suffering that is ‘to pick up armament in order to attack others either from self defence or to take offence.’

    So let us all say no for human sufferings by being united on the cause of freedom side only. This freedom shall come from unity for lasting peace.

    All Ethiopians shall understand each other to be united on Kaliti’s cause. We shall live togher without any political and economical opperession over another by creating democracy for all.

    So stop being divided for personal or defferent political interests and become effective by standing together against the EPRDF/TPLF’s government system.

  10. zalalm
    | #10

    DEAR Lingerew Ewnetun

  11. Arefe
    | #11

    Mr.meles he speaks english well he is a pahrot
    whatever he says was he copied from the western
    politicians communist idiologist that is why they said him good for watchdog in east africa.
    Let us try his math ability and history in simple way ” ethiopia has no more than 100years history” what is millinium?
    the history what is dad told him because dady was Italians’banda… Minilik 24years
    Imp.Hileslase 44years
    Colonel Mengistu 16years
    Woyane 16years
    100years His

  12. zalalm
    | #12

    arefa you are not an ethiopian

  13. lingerew ewenetun
    | #13

    Dear Zelalem How do you define being an Ethiopian?
    Is Ethiopian mean beingn the member of one Ethnic group?
    Is Ethiopian mean Erasing Ethiopian History?
    Is it means being one of the supporter of
    Those dectators?
    IS Ethiopian mean Denying the 3000 years history, saying Ethiopia has only 100years age
    and celebrating the third millinium?
    or What does Ethiopian mean in Your(woyanes)definition? kikikikki………oho ohohhohoho…

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