Kinijit International Leaders regrouped and ready to strengthen their struggle against zenawi’s tyranny

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Kudos to Kinijit Leaders! Abugida would like to extend its collective congratulations to all involved in reaching this fantastic milestone. (more…)

Kudos to Kinijit Leaders! Abugida would like to extend its collective congratulations to all involved in reaching this fantastic milestone.

Click here to read the memorandum of understanding

Kinijit International Leadership members agreed to resolve their problems in a democratic manner. A memorandum of understanding signed today, June 9, 2007 in Washington DC reaffirms the legitimacy of Kinijit International Leadership as the only delegated body to run the organizational and political activities of the party.

  1. Tigist
    | #1

    That is indeed great news. It is time to go with all full force we get to get where we want to be. Division only prolongs ours and our people misery. Unity and tolerance are the characteristics of civil people. Let us be united and earn a free, strong and democratic Ethiopia.

  2. Misty
    | #2

    Kinijit will always prevail!

  3. fish
    | #3

    Menfes new ewnetim menfes. And for woayanes it is a night mare.

  4. BIRI
    | #4


    When differences emerged between the ‘two wings’ of
    the Kinijit International Leadership(KIL), I was one
    of those who appealed for mediation and reconciliation
    through a neutral body. I do know that the AFD
    executtive had offered to act as mediators and have
    been working behind the scene to make sure that the
    situation didn’t get out of control and that a
    mutually accepted understanding is hammered out
    between the rival factions. The illegally imprisoned
    Kinijit leaders have been pressing for a compromise
    and the resolution of differences. I am so pleased
    that it appears that a positive direction has been set
    to get the Kinijit Int’l Leadership back on track.
    This is a very good news for the AFD and democracy
    building endeavors in Ethiopia.

    Don’t get soaked. Take a quick

  5. abeshaw
    | #5

    That is indeed great news. we will win and creat strong and Democratic Ethiopia together god bless Ethiopia and Educated kidus Ethiopian in the Gel ……… they are just like god …….. god die to clean us for our mistake . Kinijit Leader went to in the Gel to give us freedom. pls remember them all time by your praying time thanks

  6. | #6

    yes! YES!yes!!!!!now we are again born conugratulaton my peopel.from Germany

  7. Efrem
    | #7

    It better be so…
    Lets now retrieve the energy lost by the friction and use it to struggle against the tyrany, the EPRDF….

  8. ewnet
    | #8

    Thank God for this to happen!
    people, people, rconcilliation (unity) is not as easy as division!
    SO LET’S MAKE SO EASY AND FAST HEALING! for the sake of our leaders and people.
    “LETELATM lewdajim YIDNEKEW!”

  9. CALEB
    | #9

    I am very much happy and congratulate both sides to their effort to solve this obstacle ,now learn from past mistake, create a transparent system and move on.

  10. zalalm
    | #10

    you now way this

  11. Yigermal
    | #11

    where are those woyane junta used to write when we divided. They shut their mouth when it comes to Unity.

  12. Habesha
    | #12

    Our Unity will Shut the Mouth of Ethiopia’s


  13. Tasew
    | #13

    There is nothing than unity that Meles, the serevants of Colonialists hate.

    Good Job all of you who contibuted for reconcilation

  14. | #14

    It is a great news!!! I was a supporter and promoter of AFD. The division of CUD was a great set back for AFD. Thanks to the other members of AFD, specially to OLF for patiently waiting till CUD’s internal problem be solved. Now it is the time to reactivate and galvanize AFD, the best MEDIHANIT against the SEWU-BWELLAA ANBEXXAS from Adwa. VIVA AFD!!!!!!!!!!

  15. | #15

    I am very happy of one kinjeit.G0 ahead the poeple of ethiopiawe stand with you.i am expecting the same agreement with HEBERIT through AFD .Let us fight the unelected meles first.The leadership comes only through election.

  16. yaphet
    | #16

    Unification for a week:

    Please, I beg everyone to go back and look the logo of the so called Kinijit; have you seen the baby that is the real meaning of knijit which is staying baby for years to come because it lucks the component of growth. It is a union based on a false and evil unification. This is a nonsense unification that lasts only one week or two. How would you expect a hyena and a donkey to work together for the beauty of a national park. To me this unification is like a failed marriage with a couple of kids ,but still together for the sake of income tax pay check. Get rich by any means equal to Kinijit.

    Woyane for life!!!!

  17. Yohannes
    | #17

    A very good news!

    This is what we have been asking for. Now let us march together to eradicate the Woyannies.

    The only disturbing thing is that Ethiopian Review is trying his best to disrupt the ongoing reconcilation effort. As we know he is working for the Woyannies and Lidetu Ayalew. I hope KIL will distance himself.

  18. Tigist
    | #18

    Weyannet “yaphet” you said that the Kinijit union is base on false and evil. If you have a normal person IQ you may answer my question in a meaning full way, but be careful not to through your Weyanne bull crap and none sense. Here is my point: Yes, it is true that the Diaspora Kinijit leaders had or still have their differences which is natural in any political party, but the question is how are they going to solve their issues and move forward. What we learned so far is a good news in a sense that they agreed to solve the problem in a very democratic and Kinijit way. Here is my question: Did you know Meles and Sebhate have been torturing and killing any one that dears to oppose them? Isn’t what happens to Siya Abrah? Now, whether you like it or not, whether you understand it or not that is pure evil. Weyanne is based on inferiority complex, falsehood and evil deeds. There is nothing good that Weyanne says or does. When I think of Weyanne, the existence of hell gives me a lot of sense. Meles and other hard core Weyannes are known theists, and I am sure they will go to hell for what they do for being stone hearted

  19. Amoraw Ferrede
    | #19

    Enquan des yalen ! Andinnet ledil yabekanal !

  20. Araya
    | #20

    God bless Ethiopia!

  21. zalalm
    | #21

    which kinijit 1 or 2 in ethiopia or out said ethiopia just i need to now thanks

  22. tedla
    | #22

    wow , what a great news and that is what kinijit about.tnx you all for your effort

  23. | #23

    This is indeed great news. But it is bad news for TPLF/EPRDF cadres and his affilates.
    Congratulations to all Ethiopian ppl. let us unite and eradicate the historical enemy of Ethiopia that is woyane. I hope Ethiopian people will eradicate historical banda forever.

    God bless Ethiopia.

  24. Nesanet
    | #24

    Well, Thank God we are back in business. This woyannes have been day dreaming that going to establish their Tigian Kingdom at the tomb of Ethiopia. The United Kinjit has given them the rude awaking. Ethiopia is here to stay, and mark my word that Our Tigrian brothers are going to hang Meles and CO up side down as Italians did to Bounto Mussolini. We have wasted a lot of time, but we are now in the game, and whatever Meles is doing it is not out of strength, it is out of weakness. The Kinjet Leaders gave their life for Ethiopia, and we can do no less.
    God Bless Ethiopia

  25. zalalm
    | #25

    kinjit is still 20 can you tell as who is the ledr this just jok you now just keep dearming ok cud olf onlf stil you have to work on you ok

  26. hailye
    | #26

    Hey Zalalm, yes, we can tell you who the leader is. It is Engineer Hailu Shawel who is in jail by your Adwa’s “Democratic Leader”. Don’t hesitate, if not he, one of the jailed leaders will rule Ethiopia into freedom and democracy as Mandella did for South Africa.
    The only determining factor is time!

  27. yaphet
    | #27

    Dear Tigist:

    Siye Abrha is in jail not for the view he has but for cutting corners to get rich at the expense of the poor. He knows more than anybody why his fellow Tigreans gave their life both men or women. Tigist, dont waste your time by talking about Siye because the people of Tigray care more for his well being than you or your people do. I am hundred and one percent sure that if Siye get a chance to talk about Kinijit he will say kill them all. Siye is as serious as a heart attack when it comes Tigray and his people. So, stay away form Siye Abrah. We all love him to death because he is son of a gun!

    Tigist, I encourage you to set up a party of your own today and you will be much more successful than these assholes. It is okay to come out of the broom room. Solomon Tikalgn did like a man. You might think they are getting everything together but dont forget an old dog does not learn a new trick. Kinijit is good for nothing. They are just finding a new way to scum you and your people in order to pay their house note or a car note. So, save your own ass!

    Tigray will always shine!!!

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