The Woyanne Kangaroo Court gets on Ethiopians’ last nerve! – Abugida

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Woyanne is so scared of the unity of Kinijit in the Diaspora that it finds 38 senior opposition figures guilty of charges connected to mass protests. (more…)

Woyanne is so scared of the unity of Kinijit in the Diaspora that it finds 38 senior opposition figures guilty of charges connected to mass protests.

The guilty of charges announcement came a day after members of “Kinijit International” announced they put aside their differences to strengthen their struggle against the tyrannical woyanne regime. Read more to find BBC’s report on the matter.

Ethiopian protest leaders guilty

A court in Ethiopia has found 38 senior opposition figures guilty of charges connected to mass protests after disputed elections two years ago.

The charges ranged from armed rebellion to “outrage against the constitution”.

Sentencing is next month and they could face the death penalty, says the BBC’s Elizabeth Blunt in Ethiopia.

Hundreds of thousands took part in demonstrations complaining of fraud and vote-rigging by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government in the 2005 polls.

Almost 200 people died in two waves of protests.

The opposition Coalition for Unity and Democracy blamed the deaths on the security forces but Mr Meles accused the opposition of starting the violent protests.

His government also points out that it introduced multi-party elections to Ethiopia after years of military rule.

In the elections, the opposition made huge gains but says it was cheated out of victory.

Two months ago a judge threw out controversial charges of attempted genocide and treason against 111 people arrested after the election protests.

The violence and the charges of election fraud have tarnished Mr Meles’ image as a favourite of Western donors and one of a new wave of reforming African leaders.

  1. Tigist
    | #1

    Well, Weyanne is an evil organization and no one expect good from evil. Weyannes are internationally known layers, killers and full of inferiority complex. That makes it hard for them to talk about peace and reconciliation. However, one basic fact all Ethiopians should know is that evil is a defeated enemy. He is down and heading to hell. Since evil lost it, it has no interest in other people lives and all he does is causing trouble, chaos and bloodshed. What they are doing to Kinijit leaders only confirms my argument.

  2. | #2

    wow..what a good news for all ethiopian ppl..well if u do da crime.. do da time.. see u next elction.hahah.long live eprdf.

  3. Ato Belete
    | #3

    Maybe we’re not the Habesha people who freee themselves and fight for freedoms of others anymore, we’re just one of those African citizens passive of their rights and live under tyranny forever. This is the day that I am so ashamed of being an Ethiopian!!!!

  4. Habesha
    | #4

    SO SAD that Meles is so free to do anything to us and in fact he has no love for us as Ethiopians and infact he is in favor of Eritrea against our Tigray region of Ethiopia. So that care everyone in Ethiopia are being killed while we watch aside!!!

  5. Joe
    | #5

    I feel sorry that our last election has ended in this depressing note, and I think the extreme Diaspora oppositions are fully responsible for this. They have diverted a true democratic beginning into chaos and blood bath.

    I think the big lesson from this is that”¦.the extreme Diaspora politics is counter productive. It is driven by huge thrust for power and revenge”¦..and this is the least that our poor country deserves.


  6. zalalm
    | #6

    HAY man thay deserves this now how many kinijit is there 2 in said and many in out said just no use yuo now what i mean thanks.

  7. fish
    | #7

    When the time no wane will willingly give its poewer since they are not educated and hate educated pereson. Woyane want to pressure them into an apology and get that childish ego satisfaction. This act proves their uneducation and haternes more. It doesn’t do any good for them because every Ethiopian hate them.We have to remeber how many innocent ppls Sadam kills and now he is paying by the life his familly and all his tribes.

  8. Wedi-Adwa
    | #8

    Fish, I think it is better if you stay away from accusing others of being “uneducated.” You ain’t exactly Shakespare either buddy.

    As to the Ethiopian government being afraid of the diaspora? What is there to be afraid of. Just look at the facts. They crumbled like a deck of cards just fighting amongst themselves let alone against an adversary like EPRDF. That is a fact. You couldn’t have found a more incompetent bunch of Pseudo-politicians even if you had tried. Afraid? I don’t think so.

    Verdict: If you do not defend in any court of law on the planet, you are GUILTY. They should have defended the case just as Dr. Birhanu wanted. Again, he chickened out. Well, that his choice. No defense? Guilty as charged. In fact, it is even more difficult to blame the government because you didn’t defend.

    The End.

  9. zalalm
    | #9

    Ethiopia – Empowering message to Ethiopians in the Diaspora

    Who do you want to be Judah or Joseph?

    By Leoul Mekonen

    I am motivated to write this article after I heard the interview with Solomon Tekalegn a man who betrayed the good will of opposition political parties and joined the club of inhuman rulers. Such types of traitors are abundant like sand of a sea and dealing with such kind of traitors has never been new in human history. Five days before crucifixion, Judah was one of the 12 disciples. He saw Jesus Christ closely more than anybody else. He saw Jesus healing the sick, drove out demons, gave sight to the blind and even lifted up Lazarus from the dead. Judah was blessed and lucky to see the miracles we would like to see nowadays. But we learn from bible that he was tempted by the money, the 30 coins offered by the Pharisees. The money was not the only motive for his betrayal but unconsciously he had been jealous of Jesus’s power and fame. Jesus had done nothing to harm him or others except healing the sick and preaching the good news of forgiveness, brotherhood, love one another etc. But Judah was envious in his heart and envy is the worst enemy of mankind because all sorts of evil acts follow it, to mention few murder, lie, creating obstacles, demoralising, deception etc. So, at last jealousy and greed coupled with temptation made him to hand over his beloved friend and leader Jesus Christ to his enemies.

    Solomon Tekalign in Asmara Poster (EPPF)
    The story is the same for us Ethiopians and it will continue to happen as long as human beings exist on this earth. I am sorry to say that and it is not to discourage you, but wherever you are and even among the opposition network in the Diaspora there are many Solomon Tekalign and Lidetu Kehidetu type individuals. It is only time which will reveal such kind of people. I am saying this because I feel that we have to accept the reality that there are always weeds among plants and we have to accept the fact that we are living among human thorns, human snakes and human weeds. Sometimes we can pull out these weeds from our network and if we can’t we have to learn how to live with them neutralising their venom.

    What might be interesting and encouraging for us who fight for democracy and human rights is the end of Judah’s life and story. After time he realised that the money (advantage) he got was non-sense and empty. His evil deeds started ringing in his head and robbed his peace of mind and he couldn’t bear the pain of guilty consciousness. At last he hanged himself. Today’s Ethiopian Judahs don’t easily hang themselves like Judah the traitor in bible because they are trying to convince themselves that what they are doing is right and just. They have wrong and pathological emotional defence mechanisms which help them to reduce guilty consciousness. In that case, it is only time that will hang them in public.

    My brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, I pray to my self and each one of you to grow like a resilient plant which grows between thorns. When I see my life and yours in exile I always remember the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob who was sold by his own brothers to Egyptian slave owners. You may ask why the youngest of all and harmless brother was sold as a slave? What made his brothers so angry and mean towards him? You may even wonder what might be the root cause for their unacceptable thought and deed. It is simple and clear. The bible tells us clearly that Joseph was loved by his father and he was loyal and faithful to tell his father what his brothers were doing even when they did something wrong. He was truth teller. Though they didn’t like a special favour he received from their father Jacob, they didn’t plan to kill him or sell him as a slave until one event occurred. Joseph had a dream, a vision which he told to his brothers. They were jealous of his dream because his vision was higher and it revealed his greatness. Joseph had great vision and thought which differs from his brothers. It was his vision and dream that made them envy and cruel to sell him of as a slave.

    When I come back to our story, many of us in the opposition network who confronted the armed brutal leaders of Ethiopia have had higher visions. And our vision has always been to change the miserable condition of Ethiopia and Ethiopians through democratic governance and respect for human rights. We were/are determined and bold enough to say no to oppression and brutality. We have had a dream that Ethiopia could go back to its former position of being the land of righteous and strong people. We have had a dream that it is possible for us to get out of poverty, develop our selves in science and technology just like western countries. This was the visions that drove us out from our home and live in exile burning in anger for the oppressed brothers and sisters at home. Comparing the story of Joseph with ours, our leaders are our own brothers who were mean enough to kill us, torture us, persecute us and drive us out of our country. Why? Because of our dreams and visions.

    The story has not ended, Joseph who was sold as a slave to Egyptians became the governor of Egypt. You may wonder why and How come? It was because he didn’t give up on his vision. Joseph’s vision was higher and he was not discouraged by his brothers’ deed. He rejected the idea of living with defeated mentality. Though his circumstance was ugly and depressing, his vision was strong enough to conquer and alter the bad conditions. His loyalty, the virtues he inherited from his father Jacob, and his enlarged vision of being a victor made him accepted even by the Egyptians who were supposed to treat him as slave or foreigner. Instead he became the governor of Egypt. He had overcome his slave position by enlarging his vision. The sad story of being sold as slave was turned to his own advantage. He was transformed from being victim to victor.

    My brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, if we enlarge our visions no traitor, Judah or Lidetu Kehidetu will defeat us by joining and handing us over to our enemies. As long as we hold firm to our visions and ideals, we will continue to be victorious and not victims. Solomon Tekalegn was telling the Ethiopian people that they shouldn’t expect positive changes from the Diaspora. But the story of Joseph is good enough for us to neutralise his propaganda. Let alone for our motherland Ethiopia, we are able to make so many changes and developments in the countries where we were supposed to be treated as second class citizens. To tell the truth, many of us who live in the western countries enjoy the freedom of expression and participation in politics which many African leaders have deprived of their citizens. Therefore, we shouldn’t buy Solomon’s short sighted, defeated vision.

    Finally, I want to say to you brothers and sisters: May God protects you from envious friends, colleagues, bosses, and above all from envious compatriots in our struggle to restore democracy, equality, human rights and brotherhood despite to tribal and ethnic differences.

    God bless each one of us and our visions!

    Leoul Mekonen
    My brothers’ keeper!

    Solomon Tekalign on Eritrean State TV

    This is Solomon Tekalign Before

    | #10

    To day is the sad day of for all ethiopians living in the country and diaspora.Again it is one of the sadest day in my life hearing this biased verdict, though at the same time it is the day of oath for all ethiopians to incarnate the inside and out side struggle. Woyane is infected in inferior complex, and they would never stop their savage until they will get tribalism cure, actually woyane was trying to distribute their tribal politics all over ethiopian, but the respected ethiopioan people was fulminate against their tribal disease, though still they didn’t dismantle their disease yet.So first, my special delivery for the “kinijit international” is to mobilize the inside and out side struggle as soon as possible, and second for all ethiopian living all over the world should have to stay tune until they get their order, and explode the mobilization in the country and all over the world. IT IS TIME TO SAVE OUR IDENTITY BEFORE THE TIME IS OVER!!!

  11. j.p.h
    | #11

    For all enemies of Ethiopia-
    Here under I have brought for you one poem about your evil master’s family.
    There are some collections I have selected for you from several web sits.
    Please send me your opinions on it so that I send you the next.
    Ethiopia shall prevail!

    The cursed family
    What a match! A well played card,
    A Dracula and Vampire married,
    Produced three children of the same kind,
    Who suck blood; eat flesh as staple food,
    But why are the children to be blamed?
    For the sins they have not committed yet,
    Due to the eye brow resemblance fit?
    Or the atrocities inflicted they inherit?
    The stolen blood money they should admit?
    Let the parents explain what all that is about.
    Self appointed “first lady’s”? names,
    Has got many titles and empty fames,
    Queen of Mega, Etege, and Emebets
    One razor blade to dry shave students heads,
    For deliberate spread of the deadly AIDS,
    Was that reason for “Queen Gola’s”? advance?
    Mrs. Street smart or we call her “Etege AIDS”??
    Who allowed her to share the “dream awards”??
    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”?, right?
    Wasn’t what Martin Luther King preached for and fought!
    Shame to Georgetown’s University insult,
    to the King’s legacy of might and thought.
    Dictator’s wife brought misery to millions,
    With and without HIV or Aids,
    Who incarcerate unlimited power by force
    Does she deserve such honor and awards?
    Chair woman of social affairs is might,
    Member of a fake doll parliament,
    TPLF central committee participant
    A multimillion stolen dollars monopolist
    Should be accounted for, and face a court.
    The Dracula husband butcher of the Horn,
    Once president changing colors like chameleon,
    Not elected “Prim Monster”? by his own,
    Commander in chief as he failed to win.
    Power is people’s his dreams for nothin.
    The true elected leaders kept in jail,
    Thousands tortured, killed, weeping still,
    Millions kept hostage on Earthly hell,
    Will that buy you time and peoples will?
    The blood of thousands souls is there,
    To follow you where ever you are,
    Your co-workers are not to spare.
    Our advice goes to the vampire,
    Stop sucking blood of millions out there.
    Bring back the peoples wealth you stole,
    Release the leaders detained in hell.
    Fulfill the mighty peoples will.
    Or you face the inevitable?
    The real love you have for hate,
    Share Saddam Hussein’s award and fate!
    (Anonymous Ethiopian 16/01/2007)

  12. Alemu LT.
    | #12

    It is very sad that the Ethiopians are forced to go to violation out of their intention due the evil deed of TPLf. Meles Zenawi and his double faces fabricated alligation inorder to
    victimise the inocent and genuin leaders Ethiopian people. Why these evils pushing us
    to bloodshade. For 15 years we have given them a chace to think as a human being. If they did not understand, I thick it is time to say STOP and the respose.
    God blesses the inocetvictims &Ethiopia.

    thank you

  13. | #13

    Is it possible, and a good idea, to make friends with people who disagree with you on some subjects? Of course, by all means. It’s healthy to surround yourself with a variety of perspectives. Nobody’s ever going to agree with you completely on absolutely everything – if they did, what a boring friendship that would be.

    Is it a good idea to go out of your way to try to make friends with people who hate your point of view, who refuse to listen to your opinion, who react with hostility to everything you hold dear and insist that you’re just wrong, wrong, wrong if you don’t come around to their way of thinking? Who wants to seek out that kind of abuse?

    It is obvious that TPLF minority group and his affiliates are not willing to listen Ethiopian people opinion. They are devastating the country and its history.

    Very surprisingly, a woyane writer says congratulations to Ethiopians. Congratulation to TPLF minority group. Today is the worst day in the history of Ethiopian. Dergue did the same tragedy during 1980s. But one thing is clear. Ethiopian People will never accept TPLF.Majority group, Etiopian people will win soon.
    God bless Ethiopia.

  14. Michael Moore
    | #14

    We are so sad today but it makes us strong. Those our leaders who are in prison are devoted for what they/we Ethiopian believe, that makes us relief. Yes indeed we are not happy that is human nature and that what we are b/c we care for all individual we don’t want to see single person to die. But now Weyanes pushing us to do things we don’t want. Yes we love all our ppl but from our ppl there is some who prefer their stomch than ours. So time is up let us standing up once and for all.

  15. Ft
    | #15

    This is the whole game that EPRDF is playing…

    – EPRDF has always a plan to be the sole power in Ethiopia and continue milking that destitute country with the illegal businesses that it institutioned ….
    – as a part of thier broad plan to rule indefintly they wanted to know the potential and most threatening foes that could counter the plan so …..
    – They setup an ‘election’ that they were sure to rig to their favor…
    – Let people come and confront it in disguise of democracy, and they identified who and what sort of those people are the real contenders ….
    – Killed those who dared to march on the street in protest”¦ and
    – Arrested many as a punishment and revenge for defeat by election
    – Arrested elected leaders and charged them with allegation that must rather be put on the EPRDF and Meles himself….
    – Claimed through a partisan judiciary that the dearest friends of the people are guilty with extreme charges…
    – Try to appear in the public and to the international community, shamelessly, that it is business as usual…
    – And the plan remains…
    – Rule and ride on Ethiopia and Ethiopians indefinitely….

    Anybody who challenges this fact can say so loud

  16. Hana
    | #16

    That is cristal clear to us!! Where are the kinijit leaders in diaspora and what the hell are they waiting for? They have killed 200 people on the streets of Addis Ababa! If that is not enough to coordinate a rise up against this devil celled Meles, I don’t know what!! Shaleka Yoseph and all those calling themselves appointed leaders are our enemy, they don’t even have a plan!!! Who the hell are they waiting to lead the struggle?? So frustrated!!!

  17. Mimi
    | #17

    It is a sad day of course, but enforces the message that we all Ethiopians need to play our part to get ride of the tyranny rule from Ethiopia. If we all do what we are asked from Kinijit, it is easy to get ride of rootless and passionless evil woyannes. Come on people, let us not accept slavery, let us do something, and the Kinijit leaders, you got to organize and lead the public to victory. I don’t still think we need to wage full scale war on woyanne. Since woyanne is a very minority group, we should able to bring them down in a peaceful struggle.

  18. Tigist
    | #18

    Here is what Prof. Al Mariam wrote about the sad news:

    When I learned of the expected news of the “conviction”? of the Great Patriots in Zenawi’s kangaroo court this morning, my initial reaction was not disappointment or sadness. It was a deep and overwhelming sense of pride in the personal sacrifices and extraordinary courage shown by these Great Patriots for their country and people. As I thought about the Great Patriots, I began to imagine:

    the fortitude it took to say: “Zenawi, You can imprison our bodies and you can torture us, but you can never, NEVER, touch the Spirit of Kinijit.”?
    the guts its took to say: “Zenawi, we are not afraid of your thugs and your goons, and your guns and tanks. We shall not be moved.”?
    the virtuousness it took to say: “Zenawi, we will never give in to the dEvil, make a deal with the dEvil. No, we will always do the right thing, at any cost.”?
    the audacity of hope it took to say: “Zenawi, we will languish in jail so that 75 million of our people will one day live FREE, and generations yet to come will one day experience the blessings of liberty.”?
    the valor and heroism it took to stand face to face with the Overlord of Hell and say: “Begone to your Kingdom of Hell for there is no place for you in our paradise we call Ethiopia.”?
    the courage it took to look The Beast in the eye and say: “Go take a hike!”?
    But soon I ran out of words. And so, I could only say: Oh! Great Patriots, ever was so much owed by so many to so few!

    I have no words or phrases to sing you praises or express my deepest gratitude. I only thank God that I was born on the same piece of His good earth that you now stand to defend to the end. My cup runneth over!

    And then I thought of Zenawi and his pathetic judicial crew on the stage of justice.

    On that stage, open for the world to see, Zenawi made a travesty of justice. He perverted truth and glorified naked perjury. He dressed up falsehood in the garb of righteousness, and mocked the very idea of due process. He thumbed his nose at international law and the court of world opinion. He put on a theatre of the absurd, and what was on stage to see was only the monstrosity of his regime. .

    Now, with the news of this “conviction”?, Zenawi hopes to break our spirits and hearts. He expects us to rant and rave. He hopes he will be able to distract our attention.

    But let’s not waste much time with him.

    Zenawi is irrelevant to the cause of justice in Ethiopia. If we have anything to say to him, it is this: “Zenawi, Let the Great Patriots Go! Let our people go!”?

    So, what do we do now? There is plenty to do. But first, patriotic Ethiopians, let us put on a mighty celebration for our heroes.

    Let us sing their praises. Let us thank them ourselves, and on behalf of generations to come.

    Let us use their suffering as a testament to freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia.

    Let us carry on their message of hope and freedom to the four corners of the world.

    Let us use their sacrifices as a memorial for the cause of freedom and justice in Ethiopia; and redouble our efforts and strengthen our commitment to Ethiopia.

    Let us keep them in our prayers. Let’s pray their courage of conviction and commitment to truth, justice, freedom and human rights will remain as sold as the Rock of Ages.

    May God bless the Great Patriots!

    May he keep them safe for that day of FREEDOM soon to come, when they will rejoin their countrymen and women and say: “Free at last, Free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.”?

    ================= ================== ============== ======== As to the Kangaroo theatre, please refer to my 32-page analysis and excerpted below. You may download the document also from Addis Voice.

    Here is partly what I wrote in Keystone Cops, Judges and Prosecutors in Kangaroo Court:

    ” Zenawi knows that the Kality “trial”? is a “tale full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”? Whatever his original plans were for having the “trial”? — intimidate the opposition leaders into submission, decapitate the opposition leadership, etc. ““ those plans have failed. The “trial”? has proven to be a colossal folly and backfired on him.

    “The defendants are more emboldened than ever — they are writing smashing bestsellers from jail — and they can look into the eye of the Beast and say: “We don’t negotiate our freedom. We are wrongfully imprisoned. Let’s us go!”? And so, Zenawi finds himself between the “devil and the deep blue sea”? (no pun intended).

    “The defendants are ready for the long haul, and no doubt Zenawi will do his best to make their lives a living hell in his stinking jails. But fortune has cast these Kality heroes this fate so they can become beacons of light and hope for 75 million of their people. From the darkness of Zenawi’s prison, they will shine like the early morning sun. But let the whole world know that such uncommon valor is in their blood; heroism and bravery is a tradition of their fathers and forefathers. This too shall pass! The defendants have already won. They have no illusions about the outcome of the kangaroo “trial”?, or whether they will get justice in Zenawi’s court. It does not matter what happens on February 19, 2007. If they are “convicted,”? ho hum, followed by a yawn! Everybody knows the “trial”? is fixed. If Zenawi’s judges sentence them to whatever term of years of imprisonment, ho, hum followed by a yawn. Everybody knows that also.

    “This “trial”? was Zenawi’s to lose, and he has lost. He is the object of condemnation and scorn by the whole world — Ethiopians, international donors and human rights organizations and groups, Ethiopians in the Diaspora, the European Union, the U.N., the U.S. Congress and the State Department, and others. But he has been a loser from the day he imprisoned the Kality defendants. Zenawi had only one card to play, and he played it the day he arrested the defendants. His ace in the hole — his trump card — was his power to imprison the defendants, keep them in jail and make them suffer.

    “Well, he’s kept them in jail for more than a year, and some of them even in solitary confinement. He tortures them, denies them medical care and the basic amenities of life in prison, and makes them suffer everyday. So what more can he do to them? Sure, he can take extreme action against them while they are in jail, and claim they died from one type of illness or another. Or as he did with prior groups of Kality prisoners, machine gun them as they sit in the jails and claim that they were shot while trying to escape. We know all his old tricks. But that will not solve his problem. Surely, Zenawi must realize that he can only oppress so much, kill so many innocent people, jail so many more and exile so many hundreds of thousands more before he must face justice himself!

    “The longer he keeps the prisoner’s of conscience in jail, the more opposition he will generate internally and internationally. We all know he does not believe it; he said so himself.

    “You may be surprised when I say this: The defendants have won, and Zenawi has lost! Yes, Zenawi’s political prisoners have won mightily. They have won the hearts and minds of the vast majority of the 75 million of their countrymen and women. And they have won their cases in the court of world opinion. They have even won in kangaroo court, hands down, as the prosecution piled perjured testimony over fabricated evidence.

    “The defendant’s victory in the court of world opinion is as secured as is their conviction in Zenawi’s kangaroo court is certain. Amnesty International has declared that it considers that the CUD leaders, human rights defenders and journalists being tried are prisoners of conscience who have not used or advocated violence, and called for their immediate and unconditional release. The European Union has condemned the widespread violations of human rights in Ethiopia. At its 38th Ordinary Session held in Banjul, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights adopted a resolution on the human rights situation in Ethiopia, deploring “the killing of civilians during confrontations with security forces”? and requesting “that the Ethiopian authorities release arbitrarily detained political prisoners, human rights defenders and journalists”¦”?


  19. tefera
    | #19

    Meles is not as stupid as he looks.Yes,he is going to sentence them next month.But, he will pardon them on behalf of the millinieum.If not, then we have to work even with the devil to bring him down.

  20. lingerew ewenetun
    | #20

    Wel wayane always afraid unity. Just after cud announces its unity woyane decided overnight to make ethiopian leaders. The explains the identity of woyane. If there is woyane there is division and vise vrsa.our leaders sacrified themselves for the freedom of Ethiopian people. Every thing has done two years ago. We know woyane wel. This group came to lead ethiopians in dark. Ofcourse I believe this is the last stage of woyane. Crime, division,dictatorship… all these things are characterstics of woyane.I and everyother people of Ethiopia did not expect good from woyane. Oh! pepole be strong. we should fight those mindless group.Even they do not think for their children. they live only for thier stomack. Another very trash meeting was last week here in Addis Ababa which was held by Ambasador mohamed drier,bereket Simon, Sibhat Nega….and other top authorities of woyane. The agenda of the meeting was about the celebration of millinium. Surprisingly the issues raised were the people generally Stared to song unity. this is very dangerous. we have to change the attention in to Regions and the language they use. this must what we should do .And they started this anouncement by the ministry of information and ministry of education. By the way this is top secrate Even by their cadres. So what do you expect from these selfish and evil people?

  21. mimi
    | #21

    It’s not sad,,,, it’s time to act as a human being, I am a woman but right now my blood is boilling .
    what is worng with US ethiopian in despara and in homeland why don’t we fight eveli once and for all are we going to sit and see this going on .
    or we are joining Solomon Tekalge and be like him for me it’s time to act please how came one stupid guy do this to us and we are ready to celberet mllimum with him let’s make it him millnim to death please we are going to ethiopia on Augest join us on our mlinum scelebration with melese.

  22. mimi
    | #22

    It’s not sad,,,, it’s time to act as a human being, I am a woman but right now my blood is boilling .
    what is worng with US ethiopian in despara and in homeland why don’t we fight eveli once and for all are we going to sit and see this going on .
    or we are joining Solomon Tekalge and be like him for me it’s time to act please how came one stupid guy do this to us and we are ready to celberet mllimum with him let’s make it him millnim to death please we are going to ethiopia on Augest join us on our mlinum scelebration with melese.

  23. zalalm
    | #23

    Addis Ababa, June 12, 2007 – The Federal High Court yesterday convicted 38 individuals and three printing presses on charges of treason after they had forgone their rights to defend their cases in spite of repeated rulings calling on them to submit their defense evidence. Some, including Eng. Hailu Shawl were convicted on multiple counts.
    The Second Criminal Bench passed the verdicts saying it had given them ample chance to go on defending their cases, which they expressly rebuffed.

    In their refusal of repeated rulings, the court said they even claimed to do without saying “we shall not have to defend; the court does not have the authority to sit in judgment on our cases”?.

    In view of the seriousness of the charges brought against them, the court had repeatedly called on them to deposit details of their defense evidences at the registrar, it said.

    Responding to their appeals, it said, the court made sure that they had received copies of charges brought against them and that they had been allowed to look again at the audio- and video-taped prosecution evidences that were run in their presence during previous pre-trials.

    The court said procedure number 124 of the country’s Criminal Code has it that any defendant should submit his/her defense evidence details to the court’s registrar upon reception of copies of the charge files and prosecution evidences, and before hearing of charges commences.

    The court said it has just received from the prisons administration a letter of confirmation that it did what it had been ordered to by the court for the defendants, that is allowing them to look at the audio-visual prosecution evidences and to deliberate on their defense.

    All these were in spite of the un-relatedness of the demands made by the defendants to submission of defense evidences to the court, which is a procedure required by law. It said, their refusal to submit their defense evidences is tantamount to not having any, and the court had nothing but to let go of the chance the defendants missed out. The court said it was clear that any defendant who willfully fail to make use of his/her right to defend is liable to face a guilty verdict on the corresponding charges.

    Accordingly, the court found guilty of the first count Eng. Hailu Shawl, Abayneh Berhanu, Major Getachew Mengistie, Eng. Gizachew Shiferraw, Dr. Hailu Araya, Muluneh Eyuel, Sileshi Tenna, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Dr. Befikadu Degife, Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam, Dr. Yacob Hailemariam, Bertukan Mideksa, Aschalew Ketema, Dr. Tadios Bogale, Gebretsadik Hailemariam, Assefa Habtewold, Beruk Kebede, Tamrat Tarekegn, Andualem Aragie, Nigist Gebrehiwot, Debebe Eshetu, Yeneneh Mulat, Mamushet Amare, Anteneh Mulugeta, Melaku Fantaye, Mesfin Debesa, Berhanu Alemayehu, Wudneh Dechi, Abyot Waqjira, Melaku Uncha, Daniel Berihun, Tesfaye Tariku, Waltanigus Asnake, Mulugasho Wondimu, Andualem Ayele, Mesfin Tesfaye, Wonakseged Zeleke, Dawit Fasil as well as Sisay Publishing and Advertizing, Serkalem Publishing and Fasil Publishing and Advertizing organizations.

    On the second count, the court found guilty Eng. Hailu Shawl, Abayneh Berhanu, Major Getachew Mengistie, Eng. Gizachew Shiferraw, Dr. Hailu Araya, Muluneh Eyuel, Sileshi Tenna, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Dr. Befikadu Degife, Dr. Yacob Hailemariam, Bertukan Mideksa, Aschalew Ketema, Dr. Tadios Bogale, Gebretsadik Hailemariam, Assefa Habtewold, Beruk Kebede, Tamrat Tarekegn, Andualem Arage, Nigist Gebrehiwot, Debebe Eshetu, and Yeneneh Mulat.

    The first and second counts relate to trying to dismantle the constitutional system by instigating violence and collaboration.

    On the third count, which is instigation of armed riots, the court found guilty Eng. Hailu Shawl, Abayneh Berhanu, Major Getachew Mengistie, Mamushet Amare and Tesfaye Tariku.

    On the fifth count, direct or indirect attempt to harm the national defense force, Eng. Hailu Shawl, Abayneh Berhanu, Major Getachew Mengiste, Eng. Gizachew Shiferraw, Dr. Hailu Araya, Muluneh Eyuel, Sileshi Tenna, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Dr. Yacob Hailemariam and Dr. Befekadu Degife were found guilty.

    The court adjourned until July 8 to begin passing sentences on the forenamed and to determine further hearings of those defendants who had already submitted as ordered details of their defense evidences.

    It also adjourned until June 18 to give rulings on the claims and counterclaims made last week by some defendants and the prosecutor on the issue of defense delivery.

  24. hailye
    | #24

    This is what “free judiciary system” available in Ethiopia. You Ethiopians, whereever you are, what are you waiting anymore from woyanne? Mr.Lidetu, what do you feel today? Hapiness or what…? A respected old freedom and human rights fighter, who nominated you for election in Lideta sub-city, has been sentenced guilty. It doesn’t matter, He has shown his committment and promise at this age. We are proud of him and he will be a role model for today’s and coming generations. History will keep everything alive! But it is more than shame for woyannes and his puppet judges who give the verdict.
    Finally, you all Ethiopians, please let’s join our arms and fight woyanne members in whatever way we can!

    May God send his Mosses for Ethiopia!

  25. | #25

    Today actually a very sad day for all arrogant Shoans. EPRDF good job. They are so sure that they will be freed by the diaspora or the Gomez Bitch that they refused to deffend themselves, Fools.

  26. | #26

    Kinigit is the worst groups I have ever seen. These peasant Dergue politicians wants someone to overthrow EPRDF. E.U. or Congress or Senate, or Gomez or demonstrating like mad dogs arround anywhere where they gave them shelter. They think the whole world is worried about Ethiopia. The reality is no body gives a damn, especially when you have a good government who brought economic progress,more than Hile and Mengistu combined. Give them

  27. fish
    | #27

    I will quote”Mikael Says:
    June 12th, 2007 at 7:55 am
    Today actually a very sad day for all arrogant Shoans. EPRDF good job. They are so sure that they will be freed by the diaspora or the Gomez Bitch that they refused to deffend themselves, Fools. ”

    Yesterday, actually the day that confirms the strength of the ethiopian ppls.It would help wpoyane to gain some political benefit if they were realesed both morally and politically but woyane did the obvious thing and inside the woyanes are surprised i belive because they think this ppls are not detemined. Do you remeber what Dr. Birihanu”s mother has said” my son will not die twice by applogizing for the crime that he didn’t comite and she said he would rather die than let dawn the ethiopian ppls.” Peoples can pass but the strugle will continue until the woyane and their families pay the price dearly.

  28. fish
    | #28

    Nahome: I am relly surprised to see this kind of comment from you either you left ethiopia or your subsidy is terminated other wise it has to be a miracle a die hard and blined supporter woyane to change a gear 180 degree.
    It is obvious that TPLF minority group and his affiliates are not willing to listen Ethiopian people opinion. They are devastating the country and its history.

    Very surprisingly, a woyane writer says congratulations to Ethiopians. Congratulation to TPLF minority group. Today is the worst day in the history of Ethiopian. Dergue did the same tragedy during 1980s. But one thing is clear. Ethiopian People will never accept TPLF.Majority group, Etiopian people will win soon.

    Stiking to the point if it is a geniuen belive i guess you are a very courgious man/ stress one point you just don’t change your belife to get friends you have to empatic and realy try to see others perspective. Any way it is a very good start.

  29. Alemtsehay
    | #29

    I think this is beyond the boundery, I don’t know what to do. I leave it to God. God will judge!!1

    May God bless the CUD leaders in Kality.
    I really can’t not stop crying to all specially to mother Birtukan and mother Nigist.

    Kids need their own mother. I am a mother so I know how it feels.

    Ye hitsan amilak yifredibih Meles Zenawi!!!!

  30. girum
    | #30

    Well what else do we expect from weyane? If anyone expect them to be free is a fool. the sad part of it is no one is doing anything about it. are we still expecting the west to help us?

  31. lingerew ewenetun
    | #31

    woyane writer Zelalem and others tried to say congratulations to ethiopian ppls.They did not know their minority group. They beilived that Ethiopian ppls are foolish. They think that they are eternal. what took thier mind? Who makes them empty vessel? the very minority group woyane became and thinks as animal. Let me tell you the situation that you are living in. You can not beilive even your shadow at this time. Every true cud leader is in every Ethiopian heart. Cud Leaders Showed thier love to everybody who like freedom and peace. They showed it by sacrifying themselves.History underlined their names. You should afraid thier spirit. Because it is in every Ethiopian.
    Dear woyanes
    I know You have different types of guns. But you afraid Cud more than evrything. Even you affraid cud more than your commanders (Ferenges).THat is why even you are counsulted by ferenges to release cud leaders, you said no. IF you afraid cud this much your age is very short. Please think for your children and family.

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