Good gracious me, Tliqu Dabom Lit Hone? Hailu=Be-Ande Eras Hulet Milas. Shame! – By Dr G Bekele

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The sick betrayal of a Hailu Shawel, who surrendered to Ethiopian enemies like Lidetu Kihdetu to help TPLF stay in power, to let them loot and destroy Ethiopia. But this fake co-habitation or pre-nuptial marriage agreement would soon fall flat. (more…)

The sick betrayal of a Hailu Shawel, who surrendered to Ethiopian enemies like Lidetu Kihdetu to help TPLF stay in power, to let them loot and destroy Ethiopia. But this fake co-habitation or pre-nuptial marriage agreement would soon fall flat.

Engineer Hailu was a gentle man I had deeply admired since he managed to forum AEUP and then KINIJIT and all because he was immensely articulate and spoke to people on their level and strongly challenged the regime fearlessly. Hailu Shawel’s life was defined by patriotism, bravery, courage, optimism and unwavering dedication to his principles to liberate his country, serve his oppressed and starved people. Unfortunately, he now became another puppet along side Lidetu Milasyalew and weirdo Ayele Chamisso to make a spectacle and or a fool of himself and embarrassed all his genuine supporters. He realized that he would not be a future Prime Minister if Birtukan were released; MEDREK progresses and participate in the election. As a result that fear, he jumped onto TPLF’s Band Wagon to join Traitor Lidetu Kihdetu to continue doing his private business with TPLF’s helping hands. In the process too, he wanted the parliamentarian immunity for a safe passage to be considered not susceptible to any prosecution for the money he and his crafty colleaged alleged to have stolen in North America.

What a Messiah’s magical fall from grace folks? From now on, he would be facing alienation, mistrust and loss of respect unknown in modern day Ethiopia. I heard the rumbling of a the sad, lonely factitious, silent hustler, the grumpy and grouchy old man, the dead Monty Python who faked his death only to fall under Meles’s small feet. He failed his due diligence, patriotism, and Ethiopian dignity when he bent like an idiot and shook Meles’s blood-socked hand to offer his services to TPLF’s Dhimmocrazy. What a flawed philosophy? But First and foremost, I would like to confess that I was the one who first introduced a nickname “Lidetu Kihdetu” that became very popular and perfectly fit to that s.o.b. Now, or hereafter too, it is the right time to call Engineer Hailu Shawel, “Anjaneh Hailu Shewoden” or “Willy Wonka”. This erstwhile new Boy on the TPLF-Block, the disgraced AEUP icon has at last decided he is no longer content with being ordinary man but rather be recognized as a Global Statesman and a TPLF Saint’s Agelgay Baria to execute important duties for Meles Zenawi. Anjaw Hailu suddenly has an urgent political message for Ethiopians if only we could work out what it is. Melese’s New War against Ethiopians using Lidetu Kihdetu, Ayele Chamisso and Anjaneh Hailu Shewoden: the Three Bandas is the new “Meskerem Bekele Comedy” but it looks a lot less fun than what we have already witnessed in the past eighteen years. Apparently inspired by the growing tensions between “the secular world and the fundamentalist world”, hereafter, Anjaneh Hailu to most of us only spits “Blood and Filth”. I am sure you agree, although in a nation of freedom, justice, peace and democracy lovers, some important and or certain questions have to be asked. What is this two-faced been doing in AEUP all those years to finally drag them into EPRDF’s Traitors Camp to only protect his own businesses and get parliamentary-immunity to avoid future persecution for the stolen public millions when he was a Kinijit leader? Many asked him about those alleged thefts several times, but who answered?
Is there not a more humane way therefore, to have this TPLF’s new Anja or servant be sent to the gallows or deported to Zimbabwe to join his ex-boss Mengistu Hailemariam: the human butcher? If not, can someone ask him how might the death of 80,000 beloved children of Ethiopia and the 400,000 displaced people in Tigrai and the 200 or so massacred innocent Ethiopians during the 2005 general election and more since then, affected the delicate balance of their power at their recent negotiation to form a team? We have to expose the culture of fear, retribution and often mind-less bigotry pervading our affairs right now folks? I can’t put it clearer than that. Perhaps on his next tour of the West, Anjaneh Hailu will unveil new versions of TPLF’s story and his future ambition to work in the slaughter house in all its political glory: The crafty foreign Embassies in Addis don’t know what to do with this kind of traitor, while they put up for years with all the bad traitors in the EPRDF. Anjaneh Hailu’s loyal supporters may be hopelessly wondering too, if Ato Anjaneh Hailu Shewoden’s interest in politics was and or is a recent development, which is a New Mission to save Meles NOT Ethiopia. Hence can you see what a strange country our Ethiopia is? Few months ago, Anjaneh Hailu and his likes were Ethiopian heroes who were insulted by the TPLF cadres like Aiga and Benyam Kebede of the so-called Ethiopia First, but now are honored by them, the TPLF and some weak individuals that I now dare to call trusting fools. We should denounce Anjaneh Hailu’s devious activities as beneath contempt. Isn’t the reality that this is going to be another way of and or attempt of our nation being more divided and weakened by the devious regime and the west? To the majority of the Ethiopian people, most politicians were and are all the same kind of power hungry opportunists who never cared for mother Ethiopia but themselves. Therefore, those blind followers of Meles, Lidetu Kihdetu, Ayele Chamisso and now, Anjaneh Hailu and the likes will soon deeply regret it for not learning a lesson or two from Lidetu Kihdetu’s betrayals years ago. Moreover too, Anjaneh Hailu seemed perfectly unashamed and unaffected; as he is a weak and frail old man who’s Armour of self-regard cannot be pierced, even by his own sheer incompetence & un-genuinely attitude. He has become a dead man walking in Ethiopia. R.I.P!

He will certainly be a ludicrous distraction for our struggle like Lidetu Kihdetu but the will of the Ethiopian people must not be reversed or deterred. As the Bible says “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians-Six). Perhaps to coin in a phrase, Anjaneh Hailu go back to your TPLF haven with your gung-ho attitude until you too are tried in The Hague’s same courtroom with Meles for all crimes. I should also put this in good perspective. We seemed to be lacking politicians with convictions. This is a very crucial time in Ethiopian history and we really need to stick to each other as glue if we need to save our country from our enemies, their western masters and all flirts like Anjaneh Hailu. Therefore, everyone including political parties, civic organizations, web sites, and regular writers et-cetera had better make their minds up about whose side they are on. This is the big ideological battle hence we need to sort it out before those opportunist, bloody ethnic minded and divide and rule prophets of doom, I call “Herd of Cattle” enter Ethiopian Parliament only to make squeaky and shrill voices and noises to fool the nation and our trusting and also the devious foreign allies. This is such a very serious time for us all that being divided and silent are not a good option.

My fellow Ethiopians, we have to find a way of winning it together, not losing it apart. If we are not very careful, we will all play into the hands of those nasty agendas is to break the historic link between the Tigrai people and the rest of the Ethiopian tribes weakening both, and allowing more divisions as well as allowing TPLF and the trots to crow. Let’s get rid of political flirts and or political prostitutes and the enemies they appease. Ethiopians should develop maturity just to smile and brush our bad attitudes off our faces and not to be nasty to each other to continue to be a game for a laugh for our traditional enemies known as Woyane and or racist TPLF. We have always been one nation and we will always be one whether one likes it or not. Period!

As for Anjaneh Hailu, I do not have to dig far into my postbag to find more complaints directed at him or his AEUP party but I can say that his new assignment from Meles is mired in muddle. He is all mouth who likes pretentious discussions like his new boss Meles. But he will soon be hated just like Lidetu Kihdetu and crumble under Meles’s feet like him as well. The Ethiopian people at home, in Europe and North America must get organized and go for the final burn be it peacefully or through all other means legally available and also possible. We should no longer pretend not to say that. Now, I would not even dare to put my bet on MEDREK while they still are at loggerheads and bickering over a bowl of minestrone soup. They need to put their house in orders very quickly, and swiftly act to start a united campaign to beat EPRDF. Politicians like Anjaneh Hailu, weirdo Ayele Chamisso and Lidetu Kihdetu are wonderful people as long as they stay away from the things they don’t really understand well, such as working for a living as genuine and patriotic politicians. They are a kind of low livered bloody opportunists and traitors who come and go like autumn seasons hence their departure must be taken as a blessing in disguise. Lidetu Afyalew aka Lidetu Kihdetu’s kind very talkative tongue under an empty brain cannot at all replace an intelligent brain of an educated, experienced and seasoned Ethiopian politician. Although, I too strongly believe in freedom of speech, but…imagine the shoe being on the wrong foot? This politically motivated and malicious campaigns orchestrated by Meles all Bandas and some angry folks against other parties like Medrek, Ginbot 7 & all others must be stopped. There is no point of beating hate drums or megaphone diplomacy at this crucial time. The depressing fact is that this regime seems to be holding all the cards. In their current mood, they are confident that might is right and also believe that they have already won the 2010 election if they captured or I should call it tamed the AEUP: one of the top major political parties that has claimed to have about 64 party political offices and a million or more loyal members. Therefore, they will do what ever it takes to secure it by only giving away few seats to the weak and greedy opportunists like Anjaneh Hailu, Ayele Chamisso and Lidetu Kihdetu. In the process too, those treacherous individuals seemed to have been used by Meles before it came to light therefore, loosing our sympathy, we all felt after their surrender, is fully justified. From now on too, as they say, “Beware of the horns of a bull, of the heels of a horse, of the smile of an Englishman?” Anjaneh Hailu cannot fool us anymore because; he is no longer in our court but that of our enemies to whom he foolishly surrendered for his own selfish benefits. I have seen the future and it smirks. A vision swarm into my head hence I say to Meles, this old meatball (Anjaneh Hailu) isn’t very lean and he has passed his sale-by-date to be able to save the regime from falling. We are now fighting a war for our survival against bloodthirsty enemies within ourselves. That gave me the courage to voice my opinion hence are not scared anymore about how I am perceived by those enemies and so-called politically correct writers. The real and undeniable truth is that our political system was obsolete and good for nothing hence must have been completely revoked and these false prophets be removed long ago. Therefore, people in the Diaspora, should not lend a hand to such a despicable attempt to desecrate the memory of Ethiopians who sacrificed their precious lives in war, now suffering in the hands of the regime’s thugs, those who perished and to use it to justify the oppression of our innocent people. Anjaneh Hailu’s conscience is not clear and we have no evidence in fact to prove him right after he bent down like an old time domestic servant to shake No.1 Ethiopian enemy’s blood-socked hand and foolishly accepting his illegal code of conduct’s garbage. Meles is one of those leaders who deviously created all those misfortunes in our beloved country that resulted in Ethiopian votes stolen and hundreds killed by his Aggaazie’s cruel thugs. They are dictators, murderers and traitors who have the blood of innocent Ethiopians on their hands now and during his Guerrilla time in the bushes. They are all criminals, real evildoers who should have been locked in a dark prison. We should not listen to their destructive propagandas anymore. Hence this boneless wonder Anjaneh should be ignored to let him enjoy his honeymoon for getting married to Meles with best men Lidetu Kihdetu and Ayele Chamisso beside him, and signing as legal witnesses.

The most important thing for us now is that they made critical assessment of themselves, realizing why their strategy failed leading us and now coming-up with more ridiculous and an all-TPLF strategy to realize the same goals and ideals they have about false democracy, justice and equality if they joined horns with one another. Birds of the same feather flock together. As it was known from the beginning, TPLF was created by few who are poisoned by tribalism mentality to disband Ethiopian army, create independent Eritrea, divide Ethiopians along tribal lines, wipe out or weaken pro-Ethiopian parties like AEUP that they now succeeded, loot the Ethiopian wealth, disintegrate Ethiopia, and also create a separate Tigrian state. Most Tigrians silence has started worrying many Ethiopians too? The fact that they chose to keep silent or supporting the TPLF meant, they have done the people of Ethiopia a great disservice. Anjaneh Hailu was also part and parcel of this destruction when he killed Kinijit and now sold AEUP to the TPLF as EDP did. He was one of those wolves in sheep’s skin that now joined TPLF camp with all our stolen millions. Anjaneh Hailu or Willy Wonka may have roared as a Lion in some North American and European cities. He may have looked furious, have shouted and bounced up and down like Mohammed Ali. His arms may have flapped in agitation and then in contempt. He may have shown real sufferings from genuine outrage about TPLF’s 18 years miss-rule and atrocities. His hands may have swooped around & scornfully slapped his head. Don’t cry folks? He may have wiped imaginary sweat from his old brow, and then pointing at his supporters in the way you might if you were saying, “That is the father of my child”. These could be a richly satisfying depiction of his real and manly emotion, which was sadly lacking honesty. Sad too?

What a pity that this man isn’t a Prime Minister of Ethiopia but a cursed Anja: a very old man who tumbled down and fell down to planet earth to throw his white towel to surrender and become a prisoner of TPLF. How Alice in Wonderland is that to now appease and furthermore, agree to obey such a ruthless dictator? I am sure no one was aware of his undeserved obscurity than Meles himself. He knows that he should be removed from power not glamorized by Hailu Anjaneh for the most heinous crimes he has committed upon his nation and his country and furthermore, still hell bent on ruling with an IRON FIST. And if there is any justice in this world too, Meles should have been taken to The Hague as a bad criminal to be prosecuted not to continue to fool opposition leaders, the innocent public and Western leaders. He has indeed appalled me because of his wrong decision that runs so counter to the spirit of justice and fair play that one would not normally expect through fake and one-sided code of conduct agreement. God and His Word from every vestige of our lives and we are now reaping the consequences of that arrogance imposed upon us by the west by installing dictators in our countries and appeasing them to be too corrupt and brutal. What do you suppose God and also history thinks about Anjaneh Hailu Shewoden’s misguided, selfish and too ill-advised decision? This was such an outrageous decision that I need someone to ask his colleagues in AEUP for me to try & explain it to the confused Ethiopian people. I really suspect that there is something seriously wrong with some western governments and their biased and misinformed Embassy’s foreign policy generally to persuading such patriotic leaders to contest in a fake election to change nothing in Ethiopia. It makes the west’s words ring hollow. We have now uncovered a plot and plan of an appeasement so odious that it is sure to stun and appall the Ethiopian communities and all the democratic opposition parties in Ethiopia and also in the Diasporas. Appeasement can only mean one thing: the traitorous act or acts of depraved minds. Patriots, history has shown us time and again that appeasing the enemy only invites appalling disaster. Hence your actions Anjaneh Hailu Shewoden would only bring disaster to Ethiopia and the oppressed people of Ethiopia. What about the violations of morality & ethics? Is this ethical and moral to you? Is it really humane? Isn’t AEUP insulting our intelligence and dignity as human beings? How can we say we have matured and advanced when we are witnessing a reversion to the tactics and betrayal of the Stone Age? Have the west progressed too, if they continue to force democratic opposition parties to work with and or be puppets for dictators like EPRDF?

Have the western advanced in justice and democracy that they lectured us for many centuries? Or have they regressed instead? Has their moral and ethical sense been degraded to go bad and so low to support Meles Zenawi, known to be the most brutal and traitor in Africa who has slaughtered over 6 million of his own citizens and threw many thousands into Nazi-style prisons and still terrorizing the entire tolerant nation? Could the inclusion of Anjaneh Hailu be a wicked political tactic but carefully timed devious action to divert world communities’ attention from the recent Ethiopian government atrocities and to also make believe the future election would be free and fair? In general, has our humanity been deadened by the New World Order? Also, is Anjaneh Hailu’s political flirting at this most crucial time based on the model of Joseph Stalin and or a support for Meles meant only for a future business deal and personal protection? Or, is it a landmark case of behaviour ensuring more injustices and the punishment of genocide and the war crimes void by supporting criminals in such reckless ways and means possible ignoring the plight of many millions who have been suffering under these ruthless and brutal TPLF dictators? There is no media coverage or analysis or debate so it is difficult to determine how can we know why AEUP and its leader suddenly gave in without any fight nor before the demands are fulfilled, the harassment, intimidation and imprisonment stopped? Anjaneh Hailu has ignored the human right abuses perpetrated by TPLF. Hence he does not have a clue at all as what regard to the bad political situation and the massacres ordered by Meles Zenawi hence openly encouraged and endorsed the regime to continue with their inhumane atrocities. But 80 million Ethiopian people and Human Rights Organizations all over the world accused him as being Dictator, Brutal, and a leader who has long been in breach of an international convention on all the rights of its citizens and neighboring countries. Meles & Co; doesn’t at all deserve our democrats’ endorsements let alone supports. Others must now boycott the fake general election.

We have truly proved that we are the most tolerant people in the world. We have reached a level of tolerance unbeknown to any human. We are at the pinnacle of tolerance, an absolute utopia. The ruling elites of Ethiopia has procrastinated for over a decade, all the time allowing the national interest and human rights of all Ethiopians to erode to unacceptable levels. And yet, those who caused these downfalls are blindly encouraged, supported, foolishly glamorised and awarded all the time by some opposition leaders who deserted the public for their personal advantages at a cost of 80 million Ethiopians’ well-being. Therefore, anyone can understand that Anjaneh Hailu Shewoden’s full support for Meles Zenawi and his cronies is not to honour his achievement if any, and or a search for justice but purely a betrayal and travesty of justice upon Ethiopia and its citizens. Hence this kind of an odd-show of support for the regime must be challenged and rejected by all of us, including the citizens of the entire world. As for my fellow Ethiopians, the time to push the Ethiopian agenda for the new century was yesterday. The time to plan for this was the day before. We Ethiopians are far behind, because of a bad government, bad opposition leaders, devious western appeasers and wrong advices by some uneducated, inexperienced but I know-it-all false prophets. But with a lot of hard work, unity, patriotic struggle and some help from foreign governments, perhaps we can catch up soon. For now, we mourn for those who lost their lives and those who were injured by the brutal Meles Zenawi’s Agaazie Birgade. We also mourn, for our country in this time of national trauma where millions are starving to death while TPLF is building its businesses to enrich few owners. Now is the time for all Ethiopians to stand up as one and denounce all injustices in Ethiopia. Anjaneh Hailu’s sad tribute to Meles, who kept his country in the Dark Age, created odyssey of terror, walked on our martyrs and people’s blood and finally entered into world’s sea of mud to steal an election that he lost and imprisoned Anjaneh Hailu himself for years, threw Birtukan back into filthy gallows is bad and treasonous indeed. Who shall we trust from now on? And what is going on in Ethiopian politics folks and in the opposition parties too? Is there any cure for these power drunk, power hungry & power hopefuls of Ethiopia? Those leaders we elected, trusted, loved and adored have let us down all the time for no reason. They betrayed our Ethiopia too?

The western government who always used a double standard have propped up unsavoury leaders like Meles Zenawi but overthrown the ones that they didn’t consider sympathetic to them and their devious foreign policies. So, justice is driven back and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets and honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found in Ethiopia today, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice: Isaiah 59:14-15. Meles keeps his friends closer and his enemies like Hailu much closer so that he does not piss on him or are a threat. He did not realize that suicide was painless instead of dividing the public and bribing the opposition. What a silly tactic too, to tame Hailu the Lion? What can you do? Bite your lips and laugh! Yes, laugh!

This was not an ordinary political murder; it was a political murder intended to destabilise and destroy the opposition one by one and in the process too, to make Ethiopia a one party police state in Africa.


The statement Anjaneh Hailu (Willy Wonka) made was an insult to the nation’s honour and integrity hence it is absolutely intolerable. He sat on that platform surrounded by Ethiopian enemies only to look a drunken-man wheezing, staring at the TPLF audience with wet bleary and bloodshot eyes that are not normal. He was sweating profusely, picking his nose, belching, making obscene gestures at his new boss and perhaps too, passing wind on his chair in fear of Meles’s security henchmen. This is why I am really concerned that he appeared to have fallen under the influence of dictatorship to suit his hidden purposes or continue doing his private businesses freely. He said some very ridiculous things because he believed his decision to join Meles & Co; was absolutely right and honourable hence he may still have more things to say to the media to make us believe he did right at last on his own to seek credit. I guess he is suffering of some unnoticeable insanity like Lidetu to make himself look ridiculous. Therefore, I suggest to him that he consult his Physician when working under Meles’s direction with Lidetu as his Senior Supervisor because some side effects can occur, such as mild dizziness, intense nausea, suicidal tendencies, depression, minor chest, nose and ear hair growth, random internal haemorrhaging and inability to sleep without pills or drinking two bottles of Gordon Gin. As some orders from the dictator may be too hazardous to his already affected health too, he better consult his Doctor to determine if this Puppet Job is right for him. Goodbye, Willy Wonka?


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    እውነታው ግን መኢአድ ከሌሎች ተቃዋሚዎች በተለየ ሁኔታ የገጠሩን ህዝብ ጨምሮ ዝቅተኛው ኅብረተሰብ ድረስ የሚደርስ ጠንካራ መሰረት ያለው ድርጅት ነው:: በአማራው ክልል ደግሞ በጣም ጠንካራ ነው:: ለዚህ ደግሞ ሀይሉ ሻወል ትልቅ ሚና ተጫውታል:: ተወደደም ተጠላም ይሄን መቀበል አለብን:: ኢህአዴግም ይህን በደንብ ያውቃል:: ስለዚህም ነው በከፍተኛ ጉትጎታና: ታይቶ በማይታወቅ ትዕግስት ኢህአዴግ የመኢአድን ስምምነት ለማግኘት የጣረው:: በዚህም በአንድ ድንጋይ ሁለት ወፍ ገድላል:: አንደኛው ምርጫው ግምት የሚሰጣቸውን ተቃዋሚዎች ያሳተፈ ነው በሚል እውቅና እንዲያገኝ ይረዳዋል:: ሁለተኛውና ዋናው ደግሞ ሌሎች ተቃዋሚዎችን በማሳጣት የመደራደር አቅማቸውን ዝቅ ያደርገዋል:: ምክንያቱም ከዚህ ስምምነት መፈረም በኅላ መድረክ ትኩረት እንዳይሰጠውና የሚውስደው እርምጃ ከግምት እንዳይገባ (ቢያንስ በውጭ መንግስታት ዓይን) ያደርጋል:: ለዚህም ነው የተቃዋሚዎች መከፋፈል ትልቅ ጥፋት የሚሆነው::

    ሌላ ከግምት ሊገባ የሚያስፈልገው: መለስ ዜናዊ ከሀይሉ ጋር በመደራደር: ለብአዴኖችም ማስጠንቀቂያ እየሰጠ ነው:: ጸጥ ለጥ ብላችሁ ካላገለገላችሁ መኢአድን እለቅባችኅለው የሚል ይመስላል:: ምናልባትም አዲሱ ለገሰና ተፈራ ዋልዋ የነቃ ብርሌ እየሆኑ ይሆናል:: ስለዚህ ይሄ ስምምነት የማስጠንቀቂያ ደወል ሊሆን ይችላል:: ብአዴን በተራው የመለስን ጅራፍ እየቀመሰ አንደሆነ በጄኔራሎቹ መታሰር ግልፅ የወጣ ነገር ነው:: ሀይሉም ሆነ ሌሎቹ የያዙትን አጋጣሚ በብቃት ተጠቅመው ሁኔታዎችን መቀየር ይችላሉ:: ብልህ መሆንና: ዋናውን ግብ ሁልጊዜም አለመርሳት ነው የሚያስፈልገው::

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    Simply Brrrriliant!

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    Simply, all of you should down this fake story. we should side with the right people. Hailu is great.

  4. Alebel
    | #4

    ገና ካሁኑ ተረባ ጀመራችሁ? ወየ-ጉድ!
    ለኢትዮጵያ መሪነት ምን ኣይነት ሰው ቢፈጠር ትሻላችሁ?
    “መድረክ”- የጎሳ ክምችት የያዘና በኢህኣደግ የኣይዶሎጂ የተገረፈ ስብስብ ነው:: የኢህኣደግ ካርቦን ኮፒ ስብስብ ሲሆን በተቀደደለት የጎሳ ቦይ ለመግባት ኣቆብቁቦ የሚጠባበቅ የጠባብ ብሔረተኞች ስብስብ ለመሆኑ ያደባባይ ምስጢር ነው ኣዲስ ታኣምር መፍጠር የማይችል ከመሆን ኣልፎ 24 ኣባላትን ያባረረ-ካሁኑ ኣምባገነንነትን የሚያራምድ ስብስብ ነው:: የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ዳግመኛ ጎሳን መሰረት ያደረገ ኣመራር ውጉዝ ክመኣርዮስ በማለት ላይ ነው::
    መድረክ ራሱ ኣፈንግጦ የወጣው ከኢህኣደግ ጋር ብቻየን መደራደር እፈልጋለሁ በማለት ነው:: ለምን ለብቻ? ሌሎቹ ፓርቲዎች የኢትዮጵያ ጉዳይ ኣይመለክታቸውም ማለት ነው?
    ቅናት, ምቀኝነት መጀመሪያ መወገድ ኣለባቸው
    ሰዎች እባካችሁ በንጹህ ህሊና ማሰብ እንጀምር!

  5. ምን እያደረግን ነው?
    | #5

    የኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲከኞች ይገርሙኛል::አሁን እኒህ ጸሀፊ ምን አያደረጉ ነው? ኃይሉ ሻውል እኒህ ጸሀፊ እንደሚሉን ከሆነ የኅአይሉ ሻውል በተቃዋሚዎች ሰፈር መሆን ምን ጥቅም አለው? ቀድሞ ያልነገሩንን አሁን ለምን ያነሱታል? እንደ እኒህ ጸሀፊ ያሉ ት ናቸው ሀገሪቱውን ባዶ ያስቀሯት::ለኢትዮጵያ ያለቀሱ መስለው እንዲለቀስባትት ያደርጋሉ::የአንጃ መፈጠር በኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ የተጀመረ አይደለም::መደረግ የነበረበት የአንጃ መሪውን አካሀእድ ና ውድቀት ለአባላት በማሳወቅ ቢቻል የአንጃው መሪ ከአንጃነት ወደነበረብት እንዲመለስ ማድረግ;ካልተቻለ ደግሞ አባላት ወይንም ተከታይ እንዳይኖረው ማድረግ ነው::አሁን እየተደረገ ያለው ኃይሉን ምርጫ ማሳጣት ነው::ናለትም እርምጃቸው ትክክል ባይመስላቸውና ወደ ብዙሀኑ እንዳይመለሱ አድርገናቸዋል::መለስም ኃይሉ!አሁን ወደየእትም አትሄድም!ያሉን ሰምተሃልን? እዚያ ስትሄድ በሙስና…:ሊላቸው ነው::
    አሁን መሆን የነበረበት እንዴት ደካማ ጎናችንን እንደምንዋጋና የአንድነት ኃይሉን ማጠናከር እንዳለብን እንጂ እንደ እኒህ ጸሀፊ ያለውን አስተያየት ማራገብ አይመልሰኝም::
    ከማንደእላ የምንማረው ነገር ይኖር ይሆን?

  6. JIGSA
    | #6

    with all due respect it is to early to call him anything at this time it is not fare.we have to at list wait until we see a press release this rush to gudgement is not go na help no case people forgOTEN let me remaind you ENG. HAILU SHAWEL SPENT QUITE SOME TIME IN A WOYANE PRISION FOR ETHIOPIANS CAUSE.HE DONT DESERVE ALL THIS NAME CALLING WE HAVE TO WAIT AND HEAR FROM AEUP AND GIVE OUR OPINION RIGHT NOW IT IS TOO EARLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY PEOPLE PLEASE TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND WAIT FOR A WEEK OR SO.THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE STRUGGLE FOR DEMOCRACY WILL PREVAIL!!!!

  7. Tokichaw
    | #7

    We had enough “Aere Goraw” in the past. It is time to act in a civilized manner as Engineer Hailu did. I know the other option suggested by the selfish people like Berhanu Nega is “Let’s fight and kill each other”, “Aere Goraw” etc. These guys haven’t realized that it is the 21st century. Instead of coming together to fight our common enemy like Aids, starvation, etc., they are more interested to kill Meles Zenawi and his party members. At the end that is the statsfaction they want to get. However they have no answer to satisfy the needs of ~80 million Ethiopians.

  8. Yigermal
    | #8

    What is wrong with talking with government? Ere sewoch please! Why is it a bad thing? What is winning in your opinion? Killing TPLF members or chasing them out of Ethiopia? That is a sick dream. Unless you respect their Ethiopian-ness and right, you will go no where but down. What Hailu Shawel and Lidetu are doing is the right thing. Most of the time winning is getting everybody talk, everybody happy, everybody participate.
    I tell you Birhanu is sad because he was the one telling them to join and talk with EPRDF during the 2005 fiasco and now they beat him. It is sad that we fall for negative propaganda.

  9. JIGSA
    | #9


  10. Tekola
    | #10

    Dear Dr. G Bekele,
    We like your candid way of making your point about everything Ethiopian. We believe in Ethiopian intellectuals like your good-self coming out swinging with all their heart to defend their country and to shred those s.o.b’s who are making a mockery of our country and Ethiopian politics. We do not believe in “politically correct talk.” The time for that has passed or gone. We believe in saying what must be said and saying it in the way we feel it. Only one who is absolutely committed for “Mother Ethiopia” can speak like you do, and we can only encourage you to keep on pouring the fire right over those filth stinking our country. So, we say that you continue to speak however you feel you must speak. In my opinion, you are one of the few who I call true Ethiopian with wealth of knowledge and patriotism. May God be with you and you family too? Great job!

  11. ታዛቢ
    | #11

    እባካችሁ የዳበረ መለእከት ያለው አስተያየት ሰንዝሩ. ከላየ የተተረከው ራይ ቢስ አተካራ ካሁን በፊት የሰማነው አይነት ነው.

  12. Dr G Bekele
    | #12

    Dear Abugida Editor,

    Thank you for posting my article and also for creating that somewhat mouth-watering but unfortunately not yet eatable Ethiopian Dabo. Hope we would all share it if and when it will be ready to eat. Otherwise, you would say, “Begeza Daboye Lib Libun Atahut” and the rest of us would feel guilty. Keep up with the good work!

  13. ewnetun tenageru
    | #13

    I am no admirer of Ato Hailu whom I knew even before his service in the Durge’s regime. He has an assertive and dominant personality which served him well as a business manager but was a complete failure as a cabinet minister. Once in a while he used to turn into a buffoon and a loud mouth in his attempts to denigrate his own friends and colleagues to look better than them. He sometimes appears to be a narcissist who admires himself and needs the admiration of those around him. However, the picture of Ato Hailu that the writer paints here reveals only the tortured insanity of the writer and nothing about Ato Hailu.

    Who is DR. G. Bekele? I don’t know him but wonder what world he comes from. What value is added to our knowledge by this deluge of sludge that he dumped on this forum? Is this one our seemingly unending traditions of dehumanizing any leadership in our country? Is this an attempt to impress us with his so called gift to tag knick names on the names of the people he does not admire? Is it because that he would like his leaders dead or in prison to be worthy of his benign neglect. Where is this anger and confusion come from? Is this not a form of self hate and flagellation? Is this an attempt to rally the troops to rise up just so that he will get a chance to chop the head of their leaders?

    I am of the opinion that this man is just an angry man lonely and all by himself waiting for a chance in the dark to attack anyone anywhere to see if he can recapture his wasted youth or his manhood. We will pollute our mind and give up on humanity by reading such trash as served up by him in this article.

  14. ewnetun tenageru
    | #14

    @ewnetun tenageru

    I totally agree with you Ewnetun Tenageru . Thank you for taking your time to write remarks about the author, Dr G. Bekele, of this disgusting article.

    Shame on Dr. G. Bekele

  15. Mesfin
    | #15

    Great shame on you, Yewushet Ewunetu? First of all, we know you well from cyber space debates that you are a die-hard TPLF member therefore, no amount of pretending to look and sound here make you Hailu Shawel’s supporter that you pretended to be to justify your criticisim of the doctor who is a prolific writer and renowned to be a speaker of the truth as a good Ethiopian patriot. That being said you foolishly exposed yourself further when you used your same name twice and on the second post as well to agree with yourself pretending to be another person forgeting to change the name of the writer. What a bloody fool you are really? Ewunetun Tenagreh Motehal? Dinqem? On what planet do you TPLFites live really? Mewashetm, Machberberm, Mesreqm Ayselechachihu? Egziooooooooo! Motehalna Nefshin Yimar.

  16. helen
    | #16

    Hailu shawel did this to hurt Birtukan Medekessa! Hailu shawel is evil man! These who don’t understand this, you don’t know Hailu Shawel.

  17. ፍቅር
    | #17

    እናንት ሰዎች

    አረ ባካችሁ ጥቂት ቆም ብለን ማሰብ የምንጀምረው መቼ ይሆን እንደው ዘመናችንን ሙሉ ውሃ በመውቀጥ ልንፈጀው ነው ማለት ነው

    አሁን እዚህ የሚታየው ነገር የተለመደ ጉንጭ አልፋ ንትርክ ከመሆንና ነገሮች ከማወሳሰብ ያለፈ አንዳች ለዚች አገርና ህዝብ ጠብ የሚያደርግላት ነገር የለም፡፡

    ቢያንስ እግዚአብሔር አምላክ አገራችንና ህዝቧን በሠላም፣ በፍቅር እና በአንድነት/በዘር፣ በጐሳ፣ በኃይማኖት እና በአቋም ልዩነት/ ሳይከፋፍል የሚያስዳድር መሪ እንዲያስነሳ እንፀልይ!

    ግድ የላችሁም በቅንነት ሁሉ ይሆናል፡፡

    ሠላም ሁኑልኝ!!!

  18. Addis
    | #18

    Dr G Bekele you sound like the people from the Jerry Springer land. Did you get your Dr Degree from the Jerry Springer show?

    You must got your trashy ghetto Dr. from Jerry Springer because you talk like the people of his show.

    Shame on the ghetto trashy author, Dr G Bekele, of this article.

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