Ethiopian Americans in Northern Virginia Endorse Sasha Gong for Virginia House of Delegates in the 46th District

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In a resounding vote, Ethiopian American Community Activists in Northern Virginia agreed to endorse Sasha Gong for Virginia House of Delegates in the 46th District.

In the 2009 general election, in few days (November 3, from 6 am to 7 pm ), Ethiopian American voters will elect there representatives ( Gubernatorial candidates, General Assembly candidates, Congress representatives) in many Legislative Districts across the USA. This year’s general election is significant in our history because we need more representatives who will work hard to ensure universal human values, promote democracy, improve educational standard and support comprehensive immigration policies more than ever. We are convinced that candidate Sasha Gong who is running for Virginia House of Delegates in the 46th District is such a representative.

We strongly believe Ethiopian Americans should vote for representatives such as Sasha who stand for human rights, promotion of democracy, education and freedom in nonpartisan manner. We have worked together with Sasha and applaud her special emphasis on human rights, democracy, immigration, education, health care and transportation. Therefore, we urge our constituents in Northern Virginia in particular those who live in Fairfax and Alexandria (Skyline area and Southern Tower) to join us in supporting Sasha Gong.

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