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It is up to us to take any opportunity that comes along and capitalize on it effectively and efficiently, because the economic and political situation of Ethiopian people demands it, unconditionally. Stop whining, think positively and go forward with full force, relying on what the society is capable to accomplish.

In my opinion, from reading and listening to what people write and say about the signing of the document, it seems to me, we seriously lack looking at issues by putting ourselves outside the box we are in. That is exactly what I did. I deliberately removed Meles Zenawi and the regime from my mind and decided to see whether the people of Ethiopia would benefit from this election process setup. Simply put, compartmentalization. Folks, unless one is able to rationalize and approach the momentous course of history changing opportunities, without emotion, one would damage, perhaps irreversibly, for foreseeable future the process of the struggle. Therefore, I humbly suggest to you to read the signed document very critically and examine your position. Let us ask ourselves, what it is we want specifically to take place. Do we really know what we want and how it should be fulfilled?

The other additional benefit by winning the election of 2010, if one thought seriously and deeper, would be avenging those who were killed by Meles Zenawi and his collaborators. It is also insuring the release of all political prisoners who are languishing in jail. Therefore, signing the document does not mean abandoning these issues that are in the hearts of the Ethiopian society. On the contrary. Think deeper. Simply chest beating does not help.

Inside Ethiopia, the opposition political forces are actively struggling by accepting the constitution of TPLF. That is, to pursue peaceful political struggle as opposed to armed political struggle. Therefore, their only instrument of struggle, as long as they are on this legal forum, is, the use of election. Election is their armaments. Of course, unless they resorted for an insurrection. Another full-fledged alternative by itself.

Here is what I indicated as to the importance of participating in the election in Ethiopia, in the article of Sept. 22, 2009, titled, Election the Instrument of Struggle:

“Those in Ethiopia, in the field, where the struggle is taking place, have no choice but to participate in the coming election of 2010. I argue that for those who are struggling under the “constitution“ of TPLF, the only instrument at their disposal to remove the regime is election. If not using the only instrument they have, then what? The stumbling block, between the opposition and the reaching out to the society, hence the full participation in the election, has to be removed by using any method necessary. It is up to the opposition forces to create the device to overcome the stumbling block. It is a fact that the regime’s position is not to let the opposition forces win. TPLF is blunt about it.”

Hence, since election in Ethiopia is part and parcel of the political struggle as opposed to the conventional political competition, it is a must to come up with a specified and detailed negotiated agreement between the parties participating in the election, as to how to conduct the election of 2010, starting from the campaign, up to, and including the very day of the election. What we just witnessed, that is, the signing of the detailed and specified code of conduct that deals with the process of the election, is, part of the package of using election as an instrument of political struggle. In my opinion, it is the ultimate vehicle for strategy and tactics combined to be used by individual political parties.

Given the above rationalization, then, the most important matter that one has to be concerned about seriously, should not be, who signed the document, which is absolutely irrelevant and cheap, but, whether the signed document includes all the necessary elements the unfettered democratic election should have. The signed negotiation contains all the necessary elements except it is lacking specified international observers. It appears, what I suggested in the article of Sept. 22, 2009, titled, Election the Instrument of Struggle, is generally contained in the signed document. In the article of Sept. 22, 2009, I suggested to use two instruments of struggle, namely, rebel before election and rebel after election. Here is what is discussed under rebel before election:

“Once an opposition force(s) is determined to challenge the ruling party TPLF, at any sacrifice, start with the demand for the regime to fulfill all the requirements that satisfy the election process. The election process encompasses activities from the very beginning of the preparation to the last day of the election. The demand should also suggest the process to be peaceful and to go smoothly. The demand aught to be for unfettered election process. Let the government and non-governmental international organizations be aware of the demand submitted to the regime. If the ruling regime does not comply with the demand, particularly with the non-negotiable demands that have to do with the right of the opposition forces a must to have, then the opposition force is in its right-full position to call for demonstration whether it is legal or not. Here, the demonstration to be effective, it has to continue until the demand is satisfied. That is why it is called Rebel before election.”

As long as what are specified and detailed in the signed negotiation document are implemented to the letter, starting from the campaign, up to, and including the very day of the election, it appears that there is no need to kick in rebel before election against the regime. Therefore wait and see what would take place between now and the election day.

The other equally critical aspect of election 2010 is whether TPLF would accept the result of the election. Here too, the signed document clearly indicates that the parties involved will accept the result of the election. If TPLF does not accept the result of the election, as it clearly stated in its political program, revolutionary democracy, assuming it is going to lose the election, then the instrument called rebel after election can be kicked in. Here is what is discussed in the article of Sept. 22, 2009, titled, Election the Instrument of Struggle:

“Let us assume, either, a) due to the Rebel before election, or, b) due to accepting the demand submitted by the opposition forces, the regime fulfilled the democratic requirements before the election and the election took place. Let us also assume the opposition parties won the election as in May 15, 2005. Based on what the TPLF stated in its political program, it will not give in. It will repeat what it did in the election of May 15, 2005. Then, this will be the time to use Rebel after election. Here too, once people started to protest by coming out to the streets, it has to continue until the regime surrenders. Perhaps, if the intensity overwhelmed the regime, then there will be a good opportunity to remove it by people’s power. The intensity refers to persistency and the high number of participants. Let us not forget the three million that came out to demonstrate on May 9, 2005. So, there is the potential to repeat it. Of course this would be the critical juncture where determined leadership is required. Perhaps, what we do not realize is that a war is going on in Ethiopia today, between the regime, which should be considered as an invading power, and the people of Ethiopia. In a war the primary concern is how to fight with the right strategy to win the war, not the sacrifices, inevitable to follow, as it is part and parcel of any war.”

Finally, if the election went according to the signed document, the oppositions are guaranteed to win the election of 2010 and change the course of history. For example, All Ethiopian Unity Party, AEUP, one of the signatories, has an already established network among the society from the election of 2005. Therefore, seven months are quite sufficient campaigning time to defeat Meles Zenawi and his collaborators. Therefore, let us decide and commit ourselves to winning in this election of 2010 and remove this invading party, TPLF. Here is an important terminal point. It is incumbent upon the opposition forces not to let the regime steal away the election 2010as it did with the election of May 15, 2005. It is up to the opposition forces to simultaneously prepare the society for coming out and defend its God given right.

  1. Lemma
    | #1

    Excuse me? Change course of history?

    Is this man crazy? I want to know what his PHD is on?

    He has no shame with his nonsense understanding of Meles, he put PHD at the end of his name. Useless!

  2. Fanuel
    | #2

    Dream on Mr Mankelkilot. I have the same chance of becoming the president of Mongolia(and I am an Ethiopian) as the opposition has to win the 2010 election.
    The signing of the document became important only because Hailu shaul changed sides out of mere spite. He has no shame. All the others (Lidetu and Chamisu) have been with EPRDF all along.
    How could Hailu shaul accept Ayele Chamiso’s party as a legitmate Kinjit party? How could Hailu Shaul accept Lidetu’s claim of Kinjits ‘V” emblem?
    You, Mankelkilot haave also said, “..Therefore, their only instrument of struggle, as long as they are on this legal forum, is, the use of election.”.
    Have you ever heard of other forms of struggle waged not once every four or five years but daily? How do you expect, a party leading the people to victory if it’s only method of struggle is a ‘once evry four years election’?
    Whatever happened to strikes, sit ins, demonstrations, pewtitions, …etc?

  3. ደምስ
    | #3

    Dr. Haile S.,

    With all do respect to you and your good will to get rid of Melese may not work. The evil Engineer Hailue is worest than the dictator Melese. The greedy Engineer wants only to grap power by any means. He does not care for our country and especially for poor Ethiopian.

    Your are asking us to support this crazy Engineer we do not believe in. Imagine asking a conservative memeber to support a Democratic pary. Yes we do not like the Dictator Melese; what is the point replacing it by another clueless individual.

    I hope the crime minister put this evil Engineer to Kaliti prison with his cousin the evil Dr. Elani. To make it very clear; I would rather see my family in Ethiopia stay home than supporting this betrayal selfish Engineer.

  4. Dr. Mike
    | #4

    PHD???????????????????????? His name is hagoss not Mankelklot Haile Selassie CK the posting at ethiomedia “The writer can be reached at

  5. Mekdi
    | #5

    Dr mankelkilot:

    When Beyene and lidetu betrayed the Ethipian people you opened your big mouth to denounce them. When Hailu plays on souls of the dead with stand with him. What is the reason behind?

    Perhaps the worst Kehadi is Hailu Shawel so far!!!!

    For the sake of God and Ethiopian people please be fair. We are talking about Ethiopia. Therefore, Friendship and “yewonz lij” should not blind you especially if you consider yourself educated.

  6. Debalke
    | #6

    I thank whoever established this site.

    The most noterious kihidet accomplished in modern Ethiopian history. Keep this for historical record.

  7. aha!
    | #7

    It is a well thought out strategy, which perhaps misses out the push for HR2003-S3457 to rest the foreign policy with Ethiopia and enhancer for the implementation of the 8-point preconditions. To throw insult on a persons inteligence does not take us anywhere. If we have lived for eitheen years of separate but equal, divide and rule policy of TPLF/eprdf, of a multi-layered, hierachical model fo TPLF/eprdf political model sustained by negative forces of disintegration of Ethiopia, I believe you can with stand KAEUP’s leadership standing for unity, Territorial Integrity and Soveignty of Ethiopia and the feedom of the imdividuals from economic and political strangle hold of the country and silent majority for the past eighteen years.

    What I suggest is for you to come up with a counter ster strategy to save Ethiopia from disintegration. If you thing the processes at work with the current regime is not a process of disintegration, then defend your ideolgy of disintegration. Some of the elites want to define this dichotomy as between those who want change and those who do not not want change, that is also a blurred vision. Those who look at solving the crises as union following sessession and self-determination are counting their chikens before they hatche. Ethiopia is a living organic entity not to take the form analogy of union let alone traditional marriage.

  8. Dirshaye
    | #8

    Ato Mankelkilot

    Are you trying to defend a traiter who betrayed mothers who lost their children in promoting his cause? Shame on you!!!

    For the sake of conscience, please stand with the victims whatever relationship you may have with disgraceful and shameful hailu showel who already has bulilt a “Kehadi monumnet” on his grave. Thanks

  9. yikerbelen
    | #9

    Dear Mankelklot Haileselasie, It is understandable from your name “mankelklot” You were one of those who were against joining of CDUP

  10. Ethiopia
    | #10

    Dear Mankelklot Haile Selassie (PhD)

    You are the only PhD holder whom I have seen so far who is able to think out of the box. Most of the PhD holders who posted articles regarding Hailu shaking hand with Meles they sound like they from the land of the Jerry Springer show.

    Thank you so much for your farsighted article in which you advised us to be able to see out of the box in order to bring change in our country. Keep up the great work.

  11. yikerbelen
    | #11

    Dear Mankelklot, I have read your article which you have written and posted shamelessly.You were one of those who were against the joining of CUDP in weyane’s parliament in 2005 and caused for the killing of innocent ethiopians for the simle reason your business amn and ” politician” at at time to be appoint as PM of ethiopia.. when things are totally controlled by TPLF and there is no positiove change at all, you came ouyt and tell us that ‘ We should change the course’s history”. Normally Feudal remninantes are the enemies of Ethiopia and It ‘s people. Ethiopia doesn’t expect any better idea from you and the likes at this difficult time. TPLF has secretly given ethiopia’s fertile soil, so many ethiopia’s farmers displaced and became un wanted refugges in their own country , the election board , the police and military forces are still in the hand of TPLF, millions of ethiopians are dying of starvation, so many ethiopians are imprisoned by Hailu close ally melese’s zenawi and TPLF is being challenged by different fronts , so the only forces which can stand by TPLF and show their support are the feudal remninates. That is really shame. Actually the called hodam and hypocrates ‘ Amhara elites ” threw ethiopia in such a deep political, economical and social crisis and now these the same hodams became an obstacles for the struggle to save ethiopia from further destruction. Who killed CUDP? HIODAM AMHARA’S ELITES. Who are trying to save TPLF at this difficult time? Hodam AMHARA’S ELITES. SO DOWN WITH HODAMS. DOWN WITH HYPOCRATES. Let other ethiopians stand together and fight weyanes. The hodam amhara’s elites were nowhere, they are nowhere. .

  12. JIGSA
    | #12


    | #13


  14. Addis
    | #14

    LOL!!! It is true that the Ethiopian PhD holders are from the land of the Jerry Springer show because they speak, write, and act like the people I see on the Jerry Springer show.

    Death to the Genocidal Dictator Meles!!!

  15. ራስ
    | #15

    ክዲያስፖራ ፖለቲካ ወደ ተግባራዊ የፖለቲካ ሂደት ሰላስሻገሩን አመርኪ ብየዋለሁ::በየዋይታውስ;እስቴት ዲፓርትመት መቆም መፍቴ አለው ለሚሉ ለዘመነ ኢሕኣፓ ዲስኩሮች አታላዝኑበን ነው የምለው::

  16. Muchie
    | #16

    Ato Mankelkilot

    Would you please get out of “Hailu Shawel’s Mender Box” first, Sir.

    Unless you are suffocating inside this “Abe lij yesefir lij” box, there is no any other logical reason to support “Kendam” traiter called Hailu Shawel.


  17. አዕምሮ
    | #17

    የተከበሩ ኢንጂነር ሀይሉ ሻወል ደጋፊ የነበሩ ፓርቲዎችና ድረገጾች- ምሳሌ ኢህ አ ፓ: መኢ ሶ ን: ደብተራውና አሲንባ የተባሉ: ዶክተር ታዬንና አቶ መስፍን መኮነን ከ ዋሽንግቶን ዲሲ ጨምሮ የት ደረሱ? ለተቃዋዊ ቡድኖች ያልሰነፈው ልሳናቸው ምነው ተዘጋ?

  18. Biyaa
    | #18

    Dear Mankelklot,

    I just read your childish tantrum that didn’t even hold any single water but just purposely written to blindly support the worst path of Hailu Shawel regardless of his white lies and solid mistakes. It is your absoulute right to worship the naïve and coward Hailu Shawel, but you have to know that you can’t hide the naked mistakes of Hailu Shawel by writing a bunch of hotchpotch about the so called fake code of conduct and their fake participants including Lidetu, ayele and Meles whom are now married with hailu Shawel. Your goal was might been to defend the sellout Hailu, but your entire article unfortunately tend to cover the terrorist group of Weyane and its 18 years long crimes.

    I know why you are blindly supporting Hailu, it’s just because once you personally hate some of the individuals of course opposition leaders that are very popular among many Ethiopians, as a result most the late EPRP sympathizers and you continuously use Hailu Shawel and his broken path as a weapon to attack other genuine oppositions, while the fact of the matter is that Hailu doesn’t have a single place in Ethiopia and lost his support and respect since even he blindly destroyed Kinijit in favor of Weyane and EPRP. Now, the shameless Hailu fianlly lined-up with Lidetu and Ayele to endorse another political journey for Meles Zenawi and his destructive party TPLF. Is that what you call peaceful struggle, Get a life!

    It is this defect of mind that made you think deserves a reward for hailu Shawel by yourself. This naivety of talking about Hailu, Hailu and Hailu day in day out when I chalked you all the different liars with your lies is the principal defect that played in you. I have heard you many times on your Radio Show that I hate to hear that since you never had any single substance but keep crying to fulfill your tiny interest. You are a total power and money monger along with your almighty creator or partner Hailu Shawel who is now a best friend of Lidetu and Ayele…you still want to divert the issue of peaceful struggle and want to tell us to support the moron Hailu…..Get a life!

    Listen to cowards Hailu’s recent interview that targeted some genuine opposition leaders, people in Diaspora and Ethiopians at all, while he was praising Meles by calling PM meles and he was telling us that the political arena in Ethiopia is much wider and wider than ever, while TPLF is still busy abusing and killing many citizens around the country. Moreover, while Hailu shawel was dancing in the dance floor of Lalibela ball room of Sheraton with Ayele and Lidetu, there are a number of Ethiopians who were addressing human rights disrespect of Weyane at Imperial Hotel the same day.

    I will continue briefing this presentation of his lies and cheatings to the public and his foolish cults in Amharic posted in a couple of days for the record. It is this fundamental reason why and how Ethiopia is losing its real heroes/and herons and why TPLF is still in power due to liars gaining space to fool the most ill informed retirees in our history. You can see the result, why Hailu is getting too many naïve EPRP sympathizers from diaspora and Weyane cadres from ethiopia, regardless they hear him lying over and over in front of their eye and on their ear. Mercy! Mercy!! Wey Agere! Listening to Hailu’s recent interviews and the followers still believing in him, I have never dreamed that I will see Ethiopian some silver hair retiree idiots seeing them smelling his stink for a long, long time. Sad! Indeed! How can Ethiopians take these idiots who are lying from toe to teeth day in day out as humble leaders and even politicians? How many foolish and naïve retiree Ethiopians who claimed to have a Phd but decided to destroy the generation that is underway while they have used Ethiopia as they wanted too, but keep lying and lying for the sake of their belly is this country to tolerate and for how long? These some shameless retirees supposedly being a pioneer and a best role model for the youth like me and others but their daily wish and surrounded by tiny interests of power and money and they give no single place for the best of Ethiopia as long as they found their pillow with full of money and power……. How come Ethiopia will have a future stabled generations with having a bunch of idiot and selfish retirees that are running to destroy the country aside from the destruction that is carried out by Weyane in a daily basis….

    May god bring peace for Ethiopia!

  19. Bekele
    | #19


    The guy is a woyane agent masquarading as some one supporting Hailu Shawul. His last name according to Ethiomedia is Hagos. He is exposed.

    Shut up Woyane agent

  20. yikerbelen
    | #20

    Ato mankelklot, forget your bloody title “PHD” or your ketab. When the richest and the oldest nation on earth became the poorest of poorests and when the ethiopian’s people who have given full access to free education for the pople like you and melese’s close friend kehadiw hailu , but finally the ethiopian’s people have been living depend on an international communities.If you can not see your dirty on your face through your mirror, you need to throw it. If your PHD tells you that the bowing of kehadiwu Hailu to criminal melese zenawi who sophocated and killed prof asrat will change the course of history or it will save ethiopia from farther destruction, Your PHD is not better than ketab. Just go to hell with your trash title. Melese killed prof asrat , but your banda Hailu who waS a minister of agriculture during derg era has killed prof asrat’s goal[ idealogy.When Prof asrat refused to bow to anti ethiopia’s elements, your bloody hailu did to save his business empire and continue lootting the poor ethiopia’s people wealthy shamelessly.

  21. Anonymous
    | #21

    You need to have your head examined. You are one clueless, stupid
    and useless species, for lack of a better word

  22. Agazi
    | #22

    I don’t think it is a good idea to attack each other using vulgar words such as traitor, kahadi etc. We better address the issue when criticizing some of the people who post here rather than attacking their person. What is there to learn if we attack the people as useless and clueless with out backing our accusations up with good solid arguments like the lady @18:30 #21?
    Let us learn from our past mistakes, please!

  23. ራስ
    | #23

    ፖለቲካል ዲፕሎማሲ ማለት ሰውን መዘለፍ ማለት ነው ጎበዝ.?ህይሉ የበሰለ; የተወለለ መሪ ነው::

  24. ራስ
    | #24


  25. Anonymous
    | #25

    Yet Another great article.Timely,informative and moreover logical.
    It is an opportunisric, courageous and unexpectedly bold move that Hailu has taken. few diaspora and locals used to call Hailu ”Gitir” or stuborn in political issue why now some of readers say different now.
    Anyway Goodluck Hailu, and may peace come to our country, end to dictatorship,racism, and cycle of hatred and violence.

  26. yilefegn
    | #26

    Yet Another great article.Timely,informative and moreover logical.
    It is an opportunistic, courageous and unexpectedly bold move that Hailu has taken. few diaspora and locals used to call Hailu ”Gitir” or stubborn in political issue why now some of readers say different now.
    Anyway Good-luck Hailu, and may peace come to our country, end to dictatorship,racism, and cycle of hatred and violence.

  27. Leul
    | #27

    Ato mankelkilot

    Look at your friend. If he bowed these much in front of people, you can imagine what happened after the door was closed.

    Look at these pictures

  28. Anonymous
    | #28

    Guess what??
    Meles will crown Hailu Shawel to be the next president of Ethiopia replacing Girma W/Giorgis. Do you know that Girma is the father of Genet Girma EPRP a wife of Iyasu Alemayhu?
    Meles will make sure that in 2010 election Lidetu, Ayele and Hailu will be elected to give the sembelance of opposition party for international donours consumption. It is clear Ethiopians wil not elect these three guys but Melese will go even to the extent of rigging the vote from its own party in order to make sure that these guys are elected.

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