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“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy quotes (American 35th US President (1961-63), 1917-1963)

Ethiopian Opposition Leaders Face Difficult Decisions In The Days Ahead, We Pray That God Guides Their Thoughts, Words, Strategies And Their Orders With Great Wisdom.

Politics is Political Scientists say, about people. After all, democracy is defined as “Government of the people by the people and for the people”. But then, among the people, a peculiar form of leadership always emerges. There are great leaders who are naturally charismatic, epitome of great grassroots politicians, humanists, cool-headed, honest, painstaking and intelligent who are dedicated to the great causes of downtrodden masses. These are leaders who are to be reckoned with owing to the history of faithfulness to the causes of their people. Equally, there are nasty and power hungry creatures too like Meles who terrorize their people and betray their country. Although William Shakespeare opines that there is no art to find the mind construction on the face, which as a matter of fact is a reflection of human complexity. Our politicians must create a democratic government that believes by the strength of our common endeavors to achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create each of us the means to realize our true potential and for all of us a harmonious and united community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the very many not the few, where the rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe, and where we live together, freely in sprit of solidarity, tolerance and respect. Our beliefs in social justice have to be true to the beliefs of our own forefathers and ancestors.

Ethiopia’s true and future democrats and or good politicians should only exist to build and safeguard a fairer, totally free and an open society, in which they all seek to balance the fundamental values of our liberty, justice, freedom, equality, peace and harmony in Ethiopian communities in which no-one at all shall ever be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. They must champion the freedom, dignity and well being of all individuals. They should acknowledge and respect their citizen’s rights to total freedom of conscience and the right to develop their talents to the full. They must strive to aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. They must believe that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part all the decisions, which affect their lives. Furthermore, in an honest and chivalrous way too, they must look forward to the divided Ethiopian community in which all people share the same basic rights, in which they live together in peace, harmony and in which their different cultures will be able to develop freely. They must believe that each generation is responsible for the fate of our country and even our planet and, by safeguarding the balance of nature and the environment, for the long-term continuity of people’s lives in all its forms. Upholding these values of individual & social justice, they must reject all prejudice & discrimination based upon race, color, religion, age, disability, sex or sexual orientation and oppose all forms of entrenched privilege and biased inequality. Recognizing that the quest for freedom and justice can never end, they must be willing to promote human rights and open government, a sustainable economy which serves a very genuine need, public services of the highest quality, international action based on a recognition of the centuries old interdependence of our country, all the world’s peoples and responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources. They should also believe that people should be involved in running their own communities. From the year 2010 too, they must be determined to strengthen the democratic process and ensure that there is a just and representative system of government with effective Parliamentary institutions, freedom of press, information, decisions taken at the lowest practicable level and a fair voting system for all the elections.

They must at all times, defend the right to speak, worship, write, associate and vote freely, and they must protect the right of citizens to enjoy privacy in their own lives and homes. They must believe that sovereignty rests with the people and that authority in a democracy derives from the people. Above all, they should acknowledge their right to determine the form of government best suited to their people’s needs and commit themselves to the promotion of a democratic federal framework within which as much power as feasible is exercised by the nations and regions of Ethiopia. Similarly, they must commit themselves to the promotion of a flourishing system of democratic local government in which decisions are taken and services delivered at the most local level, which is viable. They must foster a strong and sustainable economy which encourages the necessary wealth creating processes, develops and uses the skills of the people and works to the benefit of all, with a just distribution of the rewards of success. The people of Ethiopia are very eager to see real democracy, participation and the co-operative principle in industry and commerce within a competitive environment in which the state allows the market to operate fully and freely where possible but intervenes where necessary and not trade. All Democrats will have to promote scientific research and innovation and harness technological change to human advantage. Politicians will have to work for a sense of partnership and community in all areas of citizen’s lives. They will have to recognize that the independence of individuals is safeguarded by their personal ownership of property, but that the market alone does not distribute wealth or income fairly. They will have to support the widest possible distribution of wealth and promote the rights of all our citizens to social provision and different cultural activities. They must seek to make public services responsive to the people they serve, to encourage variety and innovation within them and to make them always available on fair equal terms to all. Furthermore, their responsibility for justice & liberty cannot be confined by national boundaries.

The Ethiopian politicians, forget the EPRDF, but the Opposition leaders, have to be committed to fight corruption, poverty, oppression, hunger, ignorance, disease and aggression wherever they occur and to promote the free movement of ideas, people, goods & all services. Setting aside national sovereignty when necessary, they will have to work hard with other countries towards an equitable & peaceful international order and a durable system of common security. Within the World Community, they must affirm the values of federalism and integration and work for unity based on these principles. Such democrats and their future democratic government will have to contribute to the process of world peace, the elimination of world poverty and the collective safeguarding of democracy too by intelligently playing a full and constructive role in international organizations, which share similar aims and objectives. These have to be the conditions of liberty and social justice, which also are the full responsibility of each citizen and the duty of the democratic state to protect and enlarge. Ethiopian rulers should never be chosen for their superior abilities and not because of their wealth or birth too? And those democratically elected by the people for the people must never use EPRDF’s and those of Colonialist Style divide and rule methods as well. Ethiopian Democrats must always consist of patriotic men and women, who are able and willing to working together for all the oppressed poor citizens and well-to-do Ethiopians, the achievement of these aims and our beloved country Ethiopia. Therefore, let us strive to establish a democratic and just society once and for all, so that where that historical brotherhood of Ethiopians could be strengthened, not weakened. Democracy is a kind of a good legal contract between the governed people and the democratically elected governors. Yes, the patriotic Ethiopian people are a living testimony to the trouble their country is in. Ethiopian opposition forces also say that the country is in a crisis. Meles Zenawi knows that he is in a sinking ship. So, everyone is in agreement that Ethiopia is in deep trouble. Therefore, from now on, it is better if we find the solutions rather than dwelling on the problems.
As now clearly proved, a one party dictatorial system like the EPRDF cannot solve Ethiopia’s multifarious problems. But this doesn’t mean another party can find a solution to the problems either when it assumes power. They are very difficult to grapple with, for opposition parties, however determined or resourceful they may become. The alternative, thus, is to stop fighting for personal positions and tackle Ethiopia’s problems in unison, to deliberate and conduct dialogues so that, from among the various solutions proposed, the best course can be charted to steer the country on the right path. When I suggest that the policies and laws aimed at addressing Ethiopia’s problems should be formulated through joint deliberations, the EPRDF may argue that it has already organized meetings of various segments of the society and civil servants on different issues but those were only to impose rules and expand their power base. But this isn’t what I mean by deliberation or dialogue. I am not at all referring to discussions to drum up support for biased and illegal documents written by government officials and which, beforehand, had been branded final by those who matter nor to ‘deliberations’ where the drafters of the documents and the moderators of their discussions happen to be one and the same and try to steer the discussions only in the direction they had in mind.

By deliberation, I mean to say, a very genuine discussion where goodwill, a sense of responsibility and trust prevail and where priority is accorded to national and public interest so that the best solutions fitting our peculiar problems are sought and implemented. It’s also common to observe good leaders with goodwill whose countries are in a bad crisis situation to declare that their party cannot on its own overcome the problems and that they are willing to set aside their differences with other political parties to work jointly to find solutions to them. They set up an expert body fully interested in such a task; alternative proposals, with all their partisan party persuasions, are fully examined, weighed, selected and finally promulgated for action. This way solution can be found for national problems. It’s by adopting such an open approach that a viable alternative can be secured for both the nation and the EPRDF itself. But for this to happen first the EPRDF must do something important, acknowledge that it has failed to provide the required leadership in order to govern the country. But if it doesn’t have the courage to do so, it should bear in mind that it is headed for another round of failure & downfall.

If all were well at the top, how do they explain the entire muddle they put the country and themselves in now? And why did they ban a free press, imprison journalists and suspend Internet websites sites too, if there was a democracy? As wise men say: “Politicians who complain about the media are like ship’s captains who complain about the big sea”. The EPRDF should not therefore delude itself into believing that its political system and the recent reorganization from a Front of various ethnic parties to a Union of such parties is the start of an embarkation on a different path and of a new brand of leadership it had been following for about 19 years. These measures seems to be a ploy to bolster its very ugly ethnic and racist structuring, which has lost support and whose foundation is being eroded, by another tack which essentially does not presuppose a fundamental ideological or political change. The recent drama of government officials on the fake Code of Conduct & illegal measures that was taken against EFJA, the free press journalists, Ginbot 7 leaders and their imprisoned supporters has been the subject of criticisms by the public and world community. It has created the impression that the EPRDF suffer not only a leadership but also a personality crisis. But we want them to bear in mind what Aristotle had said to Plato: ‘Plato is dear to me, but the truth is dearer’. This should make them reflect more deeply on the fate of the country. In conclusion too, just as the EPRDF and government officials have reiterated that we shouldn’t be unduly proud of our past history, the EPRDF itself must not be vain about its achievements as a guerrilla force; it must admit that its tenure as a civilian government is a flop and call on all concerned to do whatever is necessary to extricate our country from its past & present misery.
In my opinion too, foolishly seeking a short cut to evade such a responsibility will ultimately end in abject failures. EPRDF’s tinkering at the edges cannot improve a totally flawed system too. It is not surprising then that politics at the top drives some people mad. It makes different people mad in different ways too. Some lose their sense of self and reality, becoming just an endless succession of surfaces, smiling and glossy, with no real human core left. Others become hateful, ruthless, reckless, too rude and very angry, treating people around them as malfunctioning machines and sick domestic pets. Others take to the poisonous briefings and the maneuverings with a relish that really requires a good psychiatrist. And let us not forget those eaten up by disappointment and resentment, which find that they don’t really ever recover at all from the mayhem and the madness. Most male politicians and in particular Ministers of our country today appear to have drunk a lethal cocktail of incompetence, arrogance, and dishonesty that inflates them and does untold harm to the country. They come to office and most of the times by partialities with a mania for ‘initiations’ without understanding the consequences. What they never change, sadly, is the bad, old and rotten chauvinistic adherence to the centralized bureaucratic state that is at the top roof of so many problems. There are at least three kinds of Ministers in any government. The first and most numerous, are rabbits, who live in a state of funk. The second are time-savers, who make no trouble, but achieve nothing significant. The third and rarest breeds are those who join a government to get most things done. We Ethiopians need of course, the foremost of that rare breed the last kind of the conviction politicians.

The Ethiopian Prime Misery Meles Zenawi acts increasingly like a cornered rodent snarling at the media for the failing of himself, his appeasers and his colleagues. These so-called ministers & all their blinded cadres always champion ‘centralism against localism, uniformity above diversity, control instead of innovation and above all bureaucracy rather than democracy. Therefore, all opposition political parties and future government must draw up good policies designed to “set the people free” from central government control. “Localism” is the buzzword. I think that there are very good reasons why politics is moving towards the local. People realized that the world has now changed: there are bigger global forces now that affect their lives. That produces a growing sense of insecurity, and people make comfort in what they know-they-shelter in their own local. “Solidarity is no one way street”. If there is to be peace, freedom and development in our society, we have to reconcile our past disagreements and differences, compromise and work together so that every young person, (girls and boys), get their chances to take a decent job that they dreamt of at school. This time we have to make abundantly clear to the public that, now everything is right and just for the oppressed nation.

In the 1940s, people voted for governments to take control of the nation and its affairs. Nowadays, because great global factors are in play, people feel less certain about the role of the nation state, the role of national government, and increasingly, they are taking refuge in their community. At the same time, voters are also more demanding of the public services. This is because we now live in a different world. At the end of the Second World War, ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ service was a huge leap forward but that is not how people want to have their services today. People quite reasonably expect much more responsive services, and that requires the creation of good services that belongs to the people who use them and the people who also fund them through taxes and other contributions. In the process too, our politicians need to set up the right balances between national standards of local control and, having put the standards in place, the pendulum has now got to swing decisively to the local. Hence the starting point is that the public services don’t belong to the politicians-they belong to the people who use them and the people who kindly fund them. What the politicians therefore have to do is, to find a good way of bridging the democratic deficit that has been allowed to grow up between the public services and also the communities that they serve.
Then we will get public services that are better in tune with the needs of the local communities, that, in my view, have to run alongside giving individuals greater choices of democratic systems. However, they must be very careful when giving power to the locals that they do not create differences and inequalities. Because different communities have got different needs. Uniformity of provision cannot guarantee equality of outcome. We have to treat elderly politicians and people in exile too and those who loyally served their country in all areas and fields with decency and dignity in the past and make room for their participation while some remained as sharp-minded today as ever they were before. It would therefore be a wanton waste of their experience and their expertise to not involve them in future Ethiopian governments simply because they are in exile or old. It would also be extremely insulting to all the country’s elders & exiled people to suggest that, when they have past a certain age or in exile, they should no longer be allowed a say in the running of their country. We don’t have to create mechanism of you either die or take leave of absence for retirement. “Age is only a number”. The number of female parliamentarians must be increased too? We must believe that we can really improve all the above, prevent hostilities & then do something about them. Trust me folks, it would certainly work for good. Progressive politics demands a mixture of optimism and realism. Without realism we would never be able to engage with the world as it actually is, in order to build our country. Allow too much imbalance between the two and we either undervalue our potential to imagine what might be or undermine our ability to improve what already exists. Keeping the two equilibrium together, my entire politically conscious lifetime has also meant lowering standards to maintain a sense of perspective. Un-sustained by the prospect of victory, optimism becomes more than wishful thinking and realism curdles into defeatism. Nevertheless, we will have to always take the side of our brave men and women who advocate human rights and democratic values.

We will have to promote moderation, tolerance and the non-negotiable demands of human dignity–the rule of law, limits on the power of the state, and respect for our women, private property, free speech and equal justice. Every Ethiopian have now faced a choice between lawful democratic changes and dictatorial chaotic violence; between joyless conformity and an open, creative society; and between celebration of death in war, murder and the defense of life and its dignity through peace and democracy. We must be committed to defending our society. I believe that freedom and respect for human rights are owed to every human being now and in the future. I believe too, that deliberate murder of innocent civilians and the oppression of our citizens are everywhere still and are totally wrong and evil. Hence we must all refuse to appease the aggression and brutality of EPRDF evil men and women. Finally, “The greatest tool in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” like us, argued the late South African black consciousness activist, Mr. Steve Biko. For us, Ethiopians, losing has become a habit; being in a minority has become a mindset. Therefore, I strongly believe, that it is natural for men & women of mother Ethiopia, to want freedom, health, wealth and happiness for their families and themselves. Hence politicians of these desperate times need temporary & long-term measures to achieve these for the oppressed nation, fulfill the noble and just causes they fight for. That by good nature, hard work, natural talent and diversity, Ethiopia is home to a great people, cradle of civilization and mankind with a noble past and exciting future. Politicians get up & unite to beat evil forces and free Ethiopia from its enemies to make the future yours and ours!!

NB. What was really true in our political circumstances nearly six years ago when I wrote part of this article that still glued into many peoples’ mind and even websites like Professor Tekola Hagos’s it continues to be relevant to our political circumstances to date? Thus, it is particularly relevant since engineer Hailu Shawel, Lidetu Kihdetu and Ayele Chamisso’s betrayals to once more remind the emerging legitimate political opposition organizations’ development, such as the new Medrek and Ginbot 7 alike to review their strategies. It is in the best interest of the People of Ethiopia that political organizations and civic associations present a unified opposition and in solidarity with the Medrek Group from now on, against the treasonous EPRDF Leadership in power and the political organizations that are the individual members of the EPRDF like the fake OPDO and puppets like EDP, CUD and now AEUP. [Reposted November 12, 2009, originally (part of) article posted on Feb. 29, 2004]. END.

Genuine comments from Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia are very much appreciated at:

  1. Teshome
    | #1

    Dear Dr Bekele, your article is excellent and moreover too, timely if our political leaders and democrats bother to read it to learn a thing or two. Most of us pray the day our opposition leaders do politics this way and sopping their bickerings too, over trivial matters? I sincerely hope they read this and think twice from selling the nation to TPLF like Hailu, Ayele and Lidetu Kihdetu did to weaken our struggle. Well done sir. God bless you for sharing your knowledge with us and also encouraging the good cause.

  2. Venito
    | #2

    Right! , What Dr G Bekele has written is all-true and all must be done to save our country and the people need to take this sort of news with a grain of salt.

    What makes me furious is the best interest of charity organizations to exaggerate disasters in third world countries. It is their bread and butter. NGOs have been in Ethiopia for over 25 years. The question is what have they been doing there except perpetuate food dependency to suit their financial interest? Almost 100 Italian Well-fair associations, religious or not, they are allowed to use their money in the northern part of Ethiopia. Especially in Tigrai and not in use of the majority of the people.

    The great mistake is ours too. The people suffering didn’t do anything to deserve their fate. They grow their own food and if the rains don’t come, they go hungry. I don’t think sending them a box of condoms and a pamphlet on population control will help. The country needs education, hospitals, and schools, farming with tractors instead of oxen. Building dams so water can be managed and not for corruption. However, it is difficult to do anything in a country ruled by dictatorship. History has proved.

    Venito Nerini (Ethiopian) in Italy

  3. Beshaw
    | #3

    As we all know the Genocidal Tyrant Meles is a fox who snatches Ethiopians and Ethiopian wealth right and left. My beloved brothers and sisters so is Dr G Bekele.

    Just for your information I have known Dr G Bekele for a long time. I have been reading most of his articles which he has been blogging on various websites. I have watched his interactions among his fellow Ethiopians. Although I appreciate his efforts for sharing his thoughts via his articles without holding his feelings, in real life I found him to be a highly divisive person who enjoys creating havoc, division, and mistrust in our community as the Genocidal Tyrant Meles has been doing it.

  4. kick hard
    | #4

    Long writing or being a big mouth doesn’t help Ethiopia at this moment
    we have to join arms struggle with the opposition in the field because other options have been tried not working so the only option left is to struggle.
    Melese zenawi already told us a long time ago by saying”eprdf took
    the power by arms struggle from the Derg if you opposition want to unseat us then you have to fight us” That is what he said.
    Now world is laughing at us for becoming so silent while our country is becoming land locked and our fertile land is handed over to Sudan
    as well as renting ten of thousands of hectar farms to foriegn countries
    while our people are going hungry. So we have to decide and decide fast and have a plan to dismantle this dictatorial regime.

  5. Change
    | #5

    “When a fox preaches, take care of your geese.”

    Unless we make the efforts to sort out who is working for who we might not be able to be lucky enough to have a strong opposition groups we all wish having those are free to campaign for whatever ideas they stand for. Because some of our well educated people among us whether they are Ethiopians or Eritreans have been working for the Shaebia regime in Asmara ; consequently, they calculatedly have been creating doubts in our mind about our various opposition parties’ intents as the Ethiopian Review editor has been doing it for the last several years. Once that doubt is formed in our mind and we made one of our oppositions group as not performing as expected these Shaebia hired mafias move on to their next target.

    For example, first take a look at our history of the last twenty five years or so, and think about why we are not able having a strong opposition group? Take for instance Dr G Bekele has blogged at least two political articles this week, although he presented himself as a doctor of some sort. If Dr G Bekele is an active professional Doctor who cares for people with some sort of medical needs and with a family he has to take care for how did he managed to have the time to blog two long political articles in less than a week unless he is on the Shaebia’s payroll?

    Think about it is again based on his title on his articles he wants us to know him as a person in the medical field. But based on the articles he posts he also wants us to know him as a canny politician who is able to dissect politician actions with his deep knowledge and experience of various political ideologies.

    Besides, please take your time and critically read Dr G Bekele’s articles and attempt to see why he is the first person who aggressively attacks an opposition group action at a critical junctures of our history. Also, question which opposition group Dr G Bekele appeared to prompt at various points in time.

    I understand that in today’s cyber world it is almost impossible doe us to be well informed about a blogger social background so I think it is our at most civic responsibility to read some bloggers posts such as Dr G Bekele’s post with a grain of salt.

    Who is Dr G Bekele? What has been his political and social history?

    My friends again “When a fox preaches, take care of your geese.”

  6. Zewuditu
    | #6

    What a sad nation we have become since Woyane invaded our country really? I read all the above comments and only the first two are from genuine Ethiopians who sounded to be democrats on the opposition side. The rest of the writers have exposed themselves to be a brainwashed and blinded TPLF cadres who oppose and belittle what the doctor writes. Such people are called “Yechat Tiwuld” by one of my friends.

    For God sake, the above article is only pure educational for all opposition including TPLF/EPRDF, opposition leaders and all Ethiopians who wanted to learn how to govern or rule a country. So, how can one with sane or right mind describe it as divisive, something that creates havoc and mistrust, and one even criticised the doctor for publishing two articles in less than a week. I guess, he/she wanted him to sit idle like him/her and wonder around websites to spilt hair and belittle others’ good contributions. They didn’t even seem to have read it otherwise, they could have criticised the issues not the person who wrote it and worked hard relentlessly and sleeplessly. “Leteqemach Semay Qirbu New” was an old adage.

    As our forefathers said too, “Le-Ahya Mar Ayitmatm” hence we know what these people are. Hope they don’t tell us their “Ene Kemotku Serdo Ayibqel” philosophy too? Who expects anything better from Woyane donkeys any way? God have mercy with TPLF donkeys too please? They need your help Lord.

  7. aha!
    | #7

    Dr. G. Bekele! I agree with your nararatives on individual freedom, which one of the goals of the positive forces of integration, as opposed to those in the negative forces of integration. I also agree if you want to have democracy in Ethiopia, one has to create a condition where the individual is free in all aspects of freedom. That secenario want be realized with current separate but equal , divide and rule policy of multi-layered, hierarchical political model of TPLF/eprdf regime. The solution is not in the camp of UDJP, wearing two hats (one hat for ethnic-based parties and another for national), and Medrek as mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime, with the parties around it of do nothing parlamentarians with ethnic agenda, who were poised for election in 2010, all of sudden refused to attend and/or sign to a code of conduct during election, does not mean they will boycott the the 2010 election.

    So, what I do not understand that you are talking about the magnanimous narratives only to find yourself-under the cottails of the new coalition of Medrek, formed in the image of TPLF/eprdf, destined to form a bicameral parliament with teletafi parties on each side to maintain the the status quo, ethnic federalism and seccessionism, which is at the core of Ethiopian politics to-day. The democracy you are talking about may never exist, where free individuals elect a party to power, that is not ethnically oriented and governs by the consent of the governed.

    While the the solutuion is in the hands of the posive forces of integration of KEAUP and others, a decent has materialized within the positive forces of integration over the signing of the code of conduct, without the support of Medrek’s platform. When the elites loose focus of the major goals, such as the one you touched upon, and condemn each other over single issue, the ones that suffer are the silent majority Ethiopians. Do you really believe Medrek is the solution to to the Ethiopian political and economic crises including private ownwership of land.

  8. Ethiopian
    | #8

    Dear Dr G Bekele, You new article is awesome as always. It was with great interest that I read your latest contributions now and before after your long absence for unknown reason to me. I am always proud of you for standing up firm to defend Ethiopia despite the cadres yelling at you endlessly. As before, your contribution was a source of encouragement and inspiration for Ethiopians resisting the TPLF occupation of Ethiopia. You have always rightly exposed the mortal enemies of Ethiopia and charted the way to fight them relentlessly and without compromise. You have taught the public many things about democracy as well. This is the kind of enemy we need to fight against with all the possible means. If we do not stop them, then they will finish us all including those HODAMS who are now running for petty crumbles from them. As you have always rightly mentioned our disunity has been the strength of our enemies. We Ethiopians are already dying in thousands of famine and diseases like AIDS and yet we are not willing to die for our rights and country which is a honourable death.

    The traitor Meles and his criminal and Hodam associates are exploiting this situation and the arrogance, which the coward Meles expresses, is the product of the lack of action from the population and the weak opposition some of who are throwing the white towel to extend the suffering of our people under the evil regime. In Ethiopia, if you are strong (are armed and command force), both the public and the dictator give you attention and respect. This has been part of our tradition and weak side. Meles’s arrogance and one-man dictatorial rule can only be defused and eliminated through the force of arms. We should not waste our resources, time and energy to legitimise his continued devastation by taking part in his farce elections. The elections are part of his ploy to beg more money from his western donors claiming that he is building democracy and is re-elected to carry on further. Then the so-called opposition who are misused for Meles’s propaganda will finally declare the election was not free and fair and leak their wounds. They would not do any thing more because they have already lost public confidence by going Meles’s way. I feel sad that you have had apparently decided to quit the web sites and were absent to for the past two years.

    Do not give up because the enemy will rejoice and the Ethiopian Camp will lose one of its big voices and heroes. You have been without any doubt, the most difficult and big headache for those traitors and their slaves and sending them a strong killer tremor or quake measuring 10 or more on their treacherous scale shaking their foundation built on deception and treason. You were indeed the best and toughest fighter for this generation and I am proud of you and is blessed to read your publications. I can’t wait for the next one too? Therefore, I once again appeal to you sincerely and wholeheartedly as a brother, to re-consider your decision not to retire from the struggle for the sake of Ethiopia and its unfortunate people. I do not mean that you are completely going to abandon us.

    I am saying, stay in the cyberspace and let our enemies shiver in fear whenever you use your `Words Of Mass Destruction`. Or else they will celebrate it as their victory if a giant like you stop challenging them. Keep the heat on them please! Have a good time. God bless you and other patriotic Ethiopians. No doubt too, history will be kind to you all.

  9. Observer
    | #9

    First of all, I would like to thank the chief editor for letting flow various ideas on his/her website. Thank you Abugida. I appreciate your civility and your political maturity.

    Regarding Dr G. Bekele’s articles I have been reading most of his articles, including the various comments his readers have been making about his articles on various websites. I noted that only two websites,, and , post opposing comments about Dr G Bekele articles.

    Anyhow, I think the issues reader Beshaw and Change brought up to our attention are great. So I think Dr G Bekele’s should let us know who he really is. Because I don’t know which opposition party he belongs or which opposition’s parties he supports except for reading his articles in which he tears apart Hailu Shawel’s recent handshake with the despot TPLF leader.

    By the way, I am not trying to defend Hailu Sahwel because I think Hailu Sahwel is capable of defending himself. And please note that I am a member of Ginbot 7 because I belong in the school of thought that believes “TPLF is a mercenary-controlled group that cannot be reformed. Like apartheid, it should be dismantled.”

    I hope Dr G. Bekele would clear the doubts in some of his readers mind and let us know who he is and which opposition’s parties he supports or which opposition party he is a member of.

  10. Geremew
    | #10

    G Bekele’s hopeless opponents, does it really matters which party or who he supports in Ethiopian politics to make you learn from his excellent article above? Please, try to comment about the contents of his article, I mean the issues he raised in it not exposing yourselves of spying to know who he is and whom he supports. That was the main issue. In case you have not read his article above to as most TPLFites don’t read opponents’ article in good faith too, Hewrote foreveryone that he believed to be democrats and humans. And of course not Woyanes who knows nothing about democracy and humanity. I wish you don’t use an internet to make fool of yourselves.

  11. Queen of London
    | #11

    Guys, I am doing my weekly reading to check out what the men of my home land have been up to. So, browsed most of the websites where I usually get the news about back home. I am learing that Sahwel shaking the hand of Meles is the main agenda among my men.

    Just to let you know that I hate to see and read about the guys of my homeland try to hash each other because it ain’t fun. However, the men who blogged their concerns on this article seems interesting to me because they seem they are chewing the fat. Also, the men and the lady who are pro of the author of this article appears sincere.

    So, guys keep up the dialogue. I look forward to see who will stand out.

    By the by, as my name indicates I am from London so I might share things I know, when and if I think it is appropriate to do so.

    Last thing do not please call each other “HODAM” because it turns me off big time. Keep it cool.

    One more thing I am curious about the remark by Ethiopian that the author of this article stopped blogging for two year and came back about just about two weeks ago?

    Hasta La Vista,
    She is the Queen of London

  12. Aba Jaffar Aba Gobbu
    | #12

    Ethiopians need freedom just now. Then they can create the democracy. We should not forget that Ethiopia is under occupation by forein mercenaries.Our problem is that we could not realized that.We read every day thousands of articles but no body writes the real, de facto occupation. Ethiopians should be free from their fears and say the truth.
    Democracy and freedom does not grow on trees or can be received free. One has to fight for it. …slaves do not know the meaning of democracy……..Ethiopians must fight for their freedom and make their own democracy and justice.

  13. Beshaw
    | #13


    Goodness gracious me Tliqu Dr G Bekele Lit Hone!!!

    I would like to keep this discussion as civil as possible because I would like other readers to get involved too. So, please let us not waste time trying to give each other a nick name. For your information I am one of the ardent enemies of TPLF so I am a member of Ginbot 7.

    I have no doubt that Dr G Bekele would make a great speaker for the Jerry Springer kind of people because he has no class and he has no shame using malicious language; for example, please read his article titled, Good gracious me, Tliqu Dabom Lit Hone? On and make your judgment.

    I have said that I have known Dr G Bekele very well; as a result, I understand his motives when he sprays our politicians with his malicious words. As the editor the who knows who Dr G Bekele next victim might be.

    Remeber the editor spreads malicious rumors on any one who does not share his opinion. As far as I am concerned the chairman of my party, Ginbot7, or the chairman of Andent who is languishing in TPLF jail might be his next targets.

    Believe it or not you will soon say goodness gracious me, Tliqu Dr G Bekele Lit Hone!!! because in due time I will share with readers all I know about him.

  14. Tigist
    | #14

    Beshaw, are you Lidetu Kihdetu’s ashker who barks on discussion forums to bore the public? Yes you are and you are known to many with different name. You are you one of those unemployed (Sira Fet) men who goes around from house to house and spread malicious gossips about people they don’t even know much? You sounded too jealous of this prolific writer for your own devious and hiddent personal reasons as well? In all your comments on this website and probably others too, you talked about the Doctor and what party he belongs that he already confirmed a 100 times that he does not belong to anyone and not what he wrote about which many found to be excellent piece of work than your tish and tosh talk that no one was interested in. Talk about the issues please, Beshashaw not about him. If you have problems in making intelligent argument, better to keep your big mouth shut and watch TV or listen to the music to kill your boredom.

    I am sure Dr G Bekele must have read your garbage above too, but he chose to ignore you. You are not worth a minute of his time. You are waste of time and waste of space in my opinion. By the way too, you are not a Ginbot 7 member or supporter and anti-TPLF at all. You are an EDP/TPLF cadre who tries to fool the readers to justify your false accusation and false claims about the doctor who is not Yewore Quat and Alubaltegna like you. He is doing a good job for his oppressed people and beloved country that hurt you too much. But all you do is go round websites to bite those who do good like him. Only a TPLF and EDP cadre does that. That is your cadre job too, for the past 18 years and more. Therefore, no one is a trusting fool Besbashaw not to be able to read between the lines and know who you really are. I wish there is a website that do not entertain Woyane cockroaches’s personal attack onsuch patriotic and prolific writers like this so-called Beshaw known as Yihdego Mebrahtu the Sebhat Nega Ashker. Get a life aite tegadelty? What a shameless creature you are really? You are boring! Good gracious me, Beshaw Tebesabese. Yeak! I smell a rotten fish in his big and dirty mouth.

  15. Meseret
    | #15

    Dear readers,

    As I have been doing a research in a particular field to investigate a fraud on identities, my finding confirmed to me that individuals who used pen name “Change, Beshaw, Kick Hard and Observer” are and or is the same or one person not four people as he/she tries to make you lot believe. Look at them, observe the styles, wordings used, layouts and the similar substances they, he or she used. What a waste of time to be rude and hateful. As one writer above said, only TPLF cadres go as low as that to suit their purposes. What a shame?

  16. Beshaw
    | #16


    My friends, I do not respond for an insult cause I like to keep my respect to the forum moderators, the readers, and the bloggers, although you have demonstrated to other readers and to me that you are double tongue; as an example, you preach about democracy on one of your tongues and on your other tongue you insult others who have different opinion than you.

    I will spill all the beans I have about Tliqu Dr G Bekele Lit Honelachwe in due course. However, if you keep insulting, you will not hear from me bcause I will leave the forum since Tliqu Dr G Bekele Lit Honelachwe is not as democratic as he has been preaching about it.

    Last word I have for those who have been insulting me it that: Goodness gracious me Tliqu Dr G Bekele Lit Honelachwe. AND readers are noting Tliqu Dr G Bekele Lit Honelachwe is double tongued.

  17. Mulugeta
    | #17

    Beshaw go! Change go! Observer go! Kick Hard go! Go guys, we are fed up of your bere wolde, and dr bekele blablabla. We are not interested about dr bekele’s personal story, who he supports and who he dislikes but logical and intelligent arguments based on his article that I found to be interesting and educational. Pack your innuendos and take them to your kushina and cook it for your supper. Don’t keep on dirtying this good forum please with your filth every five minutes. Find some interesting thing to do in your life. Go Beshaw, go away cadres, go and get a life! Go! And stop boring the editors as well if you don’t debate the issues but always rushing out to demonize the writer. Get lost!

  18. Observer
    | #18

    It is true that “Birds of the same feathers fly together”

    HODAM: as far as I am concerned HODAM means a person whose waist and back turned into a belly because of overeating. So, any one of you on this forum might be classified as HODAM on my books, if you are carrying around with a tummy which is bigger than your overall all body size.

    Beshaw ,do not leave this forum before you let us know what you know about Dr G Bekele.

    Dr. G Bekele, chill down your fans because in my opinion, overall so far the commentators those who appear having different opinion than the author of the article, Dr G Bekele, seems they want to have a clean dialogue to find out Dr G Bekele’s motives for insulting others. On the other hand the pro Dr G Bekele commentators are presenting themselves as people who are not afraid hitting below the west as the TPLF thugs do.

    Tigist, you have a pretty name which I like very much. But you have made me petrified by your words as Dr G Bekele alarmed Hailu Shawel’s supporters with his frightening word choice.

    Pro Dr G Bekele fan: Meseret, Tigist, Queen of London, Geremew, Ethiopian, aha!, Zewuditu, Venito, and Teshome you sound like the Ethiopian oppostions parties Meles like having around him all the time. You know what I mean?

    Dr G Bekele, an alleged suspect of the Shabia thug , as they are claiming is so comfortable insulting others via his ghetto language. I wonder how Tigist is thinking how men might be attempt to approach her for a date or that sort of thing, if you she is so comfortable using words which most decent women are not comfortable hearing and reading them let alone using them?

    Y’all, Please stop shooting below the west…Keep it clean.

  19. Menelik
    | #19

    Here we go again insulting other men and women! Dr Bekele is transformed by weirdo Beshaw from TPLF cadre to Shabian thug too? We are all insulted and our integrity is questioned just because we disagree with Beshaw’s false and unfounded accusation and admiring his article. Every time I visit this page for a genuine and civilized debate about the article, I read Beshaw’s trash against the doctor who completely ignored him. Now, Beshaw is telling Beshaw himself (virtually talking to himself) pretending again to be the so-called Observer to ask him/her stay around only to feed us with Alubaltas. What a rotten mind this weir Beshaw has really? Brgging for Alubalta Wore? Good God, this TPLF cadre is sick in the head. Therefore, ECDF editor should stop posting this cadre’s Yemiqegna ena Yededeb Wore. We all are sick to our stomach. Enough is enough! Beshaw, Observer whoever they call you in Woyane camp, you sounded to be an alcoholic gay or a hungry lesbian who is looking for a sexual friend. So far, no one heard a thing from you about the article but bullshit. Please go to Lesbians and or gays club to satisfy your filthy desire. Shame on you Beshaw! Have a bit of shame for a change please? You have become a game for a laugh. What a sad creature!

  20. aha!
    | #20

    Addendum: Although he was writing from the stand point of the positive forces of integration of individual sovereignity is one of the main goals, by inference of his condemnation for KAEUP’s leadership signing the code of coduct, which I later discovered contains the implementation of 8-point and 6 more as part of the negotiations, where KAEUP has vito power to opt out if the demands are not met and yet organizes and prepares for election and his support for Medrek and Ginbot 7.

    What is latest cry by the coalition Medrek, consisting tplf/eprdf dissidents, TPLF/eprdf retirees, and supporters or core member like Dr.Girma Bekele have in their sleeves to save Ethiopia from disintegration. UDJP and/or Mederek were poised for election in 2010 pending pressure put of the regime to allow for political space, etc., until this document on the code of conduct was signed by KAEUP. Would they boycott the election in 2010 prematurely, or back KAEUP to proceed with the negotiation that is already in place to bring about a fair and free elections, instead diverting focus from the multi-layer, hiearchical political model of TPLF/eprdf.

    I doubt if these parties stay away from the 2010 election, because their fame and livelyhood depend on it; which literally means de ja vu all over again.

  21. Queen of London
    | #21


    Although I told you guys swearing and cursing turn me off, cursing and swearing appears a trade mark of Dr G Bekele and his fans.

    I hate swear words more than I hate Woyannes; please stop using them.

    I have gathered thought the years that democracy would clear the minds of people from all kinds of prejudice and preconceived notion of others. And I thought Dr G Bekele’s article seems to teach more than the 95% of the less educated people of Ethiopia about democracy. However, Dr G Bekele appears to hate people who are attracted to same sex as him.

    Anyway, how could you, Dr G Bekele, be able to teach others about democracy while you are still a victim of bigotry, discrimination, and intolerance?

    Listen up doctor and tell me:

    (1) The difference between bigotry against black people and bigotry against people who are attracted to same sex as you?

    (2) Do you think people who are attracted to same sex as you should not be served in a restaurant were people who are attracted to opposite sex are entertained?

    Finally, Ethiopian men appear do not know how to debate no matter how well they are educated. As far as I am concerned the most educated children of Ethiopia are the list tolerant of others point of views which is the main cause why Ethiopia is still the poorest nation in our solar system in other words on our planet.

    I write very well in a few of my mother tongues but when I write in other tongues such as English I trip so please forgive me for my poor writing skills and very poor compression of some knowledge.

    Hasta La Vista,
    She is the Queen of London

  22. Theodros Tadesse
    | #22

    I really appretiate your writing,it is full of messages to all who have patience to read,the same to some commentators,they are diven to write too much.I amnot against writing a lot,but i prefer to read few writings with great important quality messages.

  23. Melaku
    | #23

    Dear Queen of London, You sounded to be that Beshaw or member of Beshaw

    I must say that I agree with you on most of your points but few.

    First, you did not seem to read the above article but generally admired 95% of it hence you never talked about the issues in the article.

    Second, it was not Dr G Bekele who talked about gays and lesbians but the writer called Menelik shown above. Therefore, your accusation of the Doctor made you sound silly Beshaw and one of his biased opponents. Please think twice before you make yourself sound fool in future. By the way too, are you gay or a lesbian? I say this because I never came across an Ethiopian who strongly fought for gays and lesbians like you before. You also sounded a man not a woman from the tone of your aggression. Are you dear queen of London? And if you are an Ethiopian too, why call yourself Queen of London? Don’t confuse yourself to look and sound white as well. Be what you are and not what you want to be.

    Third, Dr Bekele’s strong words were used only against Ethiopian enemies not friends of Ethiopia as you foolishly thought Queen of London. Remember the Ethiopian saying (if you are Ethiopian of course), “Qomatan Qomata Kalalut Gebto Yifeteftal?”. Yes, his criticisms of Ethiopian enemies are justified and admired by millions. When Woyanne slaughters his citizens, his ridiculing them was nothing really? Therefore, your blinded criticism was just as irrelevant as that of Beshaw and Beshaws.

    Have a nice day brother?

  24. Change
    | #24

    @Queen of London

    You left a big score in my soul. What a smart and a smooth lady you are?

    Although you told us that you do not have as much education as the blogger of this article, you just proved to us that Dr G Bekele Tliqun Dabom is Lit.

    Girl, I think you are smart. I also sensed you must be pretty and sexy.

    I personally do not think the author of this article believe on an individual freedom; for example, in one of his most recent blogs which I do not remember the title he highly demonstrated and exposed himself as a person who is not capable of entreating others point of view. His view is my way or the highway as most of African Hippos.

    He is highly armed with swear and blaspheme. His use of foul language makes him appear he is a man from a ghetto. At times he makes me wonder about his upbringing and he makes wonder that he might be raised by a madam.

    If he was a man with power, I believe he would be more oppressive than the Eritrean tyrant.

    Sugar, I am a London resident. Currently I am in El Salvador visiting family and friends. I will be back in town after the New Year. I get attracted by a smart and pretty lady like you. So, if you will be in town at the time when I will be back home let us have a chat over a cup of tea to see how we can instigate change among our intolerant PhDs, Doctors, and the likes of them in our society to make them tolerant of other views.

    I believe we can influence them and bring change in a short period of time, if we put our minds together. You see sugar what I think is these ours PhDs, Doctors, etc spent most of their life hassling with books so in the jungles of books they lost their common sense and wisdom so all we need to do is we take them back to the jungle and make them look the trees not the forest since the beauty of the forest is deeply rotted in each individual tree. They are very samrt they will see our point immediatly all they need is some one like us to lead them, and to help them to take them out of the jungle of their books.

    Honey, you see when one talks about democracy it is not democracy for the forest but it is democracy for each and every individual trees in the forest. I do not want to bored you by sounding too much like my heroes: Plato, Haile Selassie, Menelik II, and Taitu.

    Check out the below links at your leisure and read about one of my heroes

    Honey will talk to you soon,
    Best Regards

  25. Queen of London
    | #25


    I must admit you have flattered me because you have been very kind to me on your complement. Thank you for your nice words.

    I must also admit you have almost accurately assessed me except for that I am not a smart girl as you start think. If I was a smart girl, do you think I would sit in my bed and use my sleeping time commenting about an article which is written by a doctor who is lost in the jungle of his books?

    By the way, I have learned most of the contents in this article before I graduated from junior high. Tahnk God, none of the teachers who thought me about democracy 101 were PhDs or doctors, but I remember they were persons with deep commonsense and wisdom.

    You are right about my beauty. I am very pretty. I have a jet black complexion, and very long curly hair and long legs. I could keep writing about my beauty until the sunrises, but do not want to make other readers bored. Just in short no matter how I dressed up no man passes by me without gazing at me . Without exaggerating much I am an Ethiopian beauty queen who calls herself “She is the Queen of London” because currently I exist in London.

    I have to decline your invitation to have a cup of tea with you, although I am in a look out for a nice simple man. I am very sorry about that.

    You see, long time ago I have decided not to date a complex man like you who reads deep staff like the books of Plato. I even decided not to date Ethiopian PhDs and Doctors because most of these guys after I gave them the green light and started being sugary with them they appear they do not know what do with me. Some of these PhDs and Doctors appears they need to have a manual in front of them about how to hold a pretty girl hand and how to kiss her.

    Could you imagine how many books they might have to bring with them, if I allow them into my bedroom? You might guessed right they might bring the forest in my bed room with them.

    I am hoping to find a simple man who is carpenter, teacher, construction worker, farmer, Shopkeeper, parking lot attendant, or a taxi driver who is not educated as much. This man could be anywhere from Ethiopia: Welita, Gondar, Afar, Anuak, Meneze, Oromo, Tigray, etc.

    The only measure I have is he must not be a sophisticated man. All I am looking is a simple sophisticated man who can easily wrap me around his arms without a need to referr to a manual about how to wrap a pretty girl in your arms.

    I have to reveal some secretes about what gets me going to you since you have been very kind to me. I am attracted by nomads or farmers from Afar, Anuak, and Oromo because they are tall and slim. I am also attracted by peasants from Menez and Gondar due to their wisdom, common sense and canny leadership skills. I am also attracted by peasants from Tigray and Eritrea because they are the belly button of my proud Ethiopian history. In short I love all Ethiopian men who have common sense and wisdom, but not those who carry an empty PhDs or doctorates.

    By the way, I still think Eritrea is part of Ethiopia, and Assab is the frontier of my mama Ethiopia.

    Regarding putting our minds together to attempt to bring change among our PhDs, and Doctorates I do not think it is possible to change them in our life time. I think it is a lost cause since I believe our PhDs and Doctors are lost in their books. Sometimes I think the only person who might be able to change them is the Genocidal Tyrant Meles, if he successfully finishes dismantling my beloved Ethiopia in which he will not succeeded since the Ethiopian men whom I am highly attracted to would stop him from achieving his dream.

    As you might remember or as you might read some of our history as I did our PhDs, and Doctors are the ones who gave a long life for the Red Terror leader Mengistu Haile Mariam by keeping kissing his ugly black ass. And they are also the ones who opened the way to power for the Genocidal Tyrant Meles and his associates by lack of their skills to collaborate with each other.

    Before I wrap up I must say one thing … although I thought you are very smooth comparing with the other bloggers on this article, I did not like what you said about Dr G Bekele that he is a son of a madam. Because let us assume that Dr G Bekele is a son of a madam as you assert so what is wrong with that? Is it his madam mother fault for her son to turn out the way he has been, although she sent him to school by using the money she earned by doing whatever she had to do in order to provide her son a better future than the one she had?

    My brother I think you are dead wrong by asserting Dr G Bekele is a son of a madam. He might be something else which bothers me the most which I might share with you in private, if we ever reach to that level of communication.

    Just a piece of advice — you might be able to convince several people including myself, if you keep your argument that our PhDs and Doctors such as Dr G Bekele are lost their common sense and wisdom in the jungle of their books.

    Please note that if any one of our current PhDs and Doctors manage to hold on power, I beleive they would not be any different from most African Hippos because it take vision, wisdom, and commonsense to be a great leader not a PhD or a doctorate of some sort of high level technocratic skills.

    I suggest that we should do our level best to keep our technocrats far away from power in order not to let repeat what has been happening in our country for the last 40+ years. Aren’t they the most responsible creatures who lead Mengistu Haile Mariam and Meles Zenewi to power?

    So, let us pray for our PhDs, and doctors and ask our God to give them a visionary leader like Haile Selassie or Menelik II who can lead them out of their dark life.

    Thank you for your offer, but no thank you.

    Hasta La Vista,
    She is the Queen of London


  26. aha!
    | #26

    What we are lacking in the Diaspora, if I may say so from the various comments is the depth of perception of the platform/make up of the paries that are reshaping themselves in the past four years. Then testing each view presented as in this article for example fits into the model for Unity, Territorial integrity, Sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians of the positive forces of integration. It does partialy at the outset and yet aggrandizing, Medrek of the negative force of integration of dissident TPLF/eprdf regime, as its mirror image, and loyalist opposition parties with ethnic and seccessionist agenda, and condemning KAEUP of the positive forces of integration. This nullifies his ideas about liberal democracy, individual sovereinity is the idea of the positive forces of integration was used to justify the Medrek of the negative forces of disintegration as the torch bearer for saving Ethiopia from disintegration. From his lack of depth of perception of the platform of the these parties UDJP and/or Mederk he reached a wrong conclusion.

  27. Fasil
    | #27

    Change, Beshaw or whatever your other name was, you really made a fool of yourself. Now, you started calling yourself sugar, honey blablabla as if this forum is a dating forum. Even if the lady you glamorised exists on this forum, you cannot call a total stranger that way and ask for a date in this manner. You did not need to be in another country too, dude when you are living elsewhere. Guregna! What a daydreamer you really are? It is now clear that Dr Bekele has become a nightmare to you lot if you talked about him every day none-stop for only bashing Lidetu Kihdetu, Hailu the moron and Meles the murderer. If you were brave and what you boasted to us about you were true, you could have challenged him on the Internet. Because you are only mouth but no skirt or trousers, you just lurked around websites like rats to spit venom. I think Dr Bekele is wise to ignore such good-for-nothing sods. Frankly speaking, you don’t only need a hobby or a suitable job but also some medication. Get well soon too? Goodbye change, goodbye Beshaw and good-bye Wore-Bequatu!

  28. Queen of London
    | #28


    My friend Melaku,thank you for agreeing on most of the issues I brought up. You made me feel that I still have some brain cells left in my empty skull.

    Regarding reading or not reading this article — I read similar articles like the one which is blogged here when I was in Junior high so no need to reread same thing twice.

    I am sorry about mixing who say what. You see, you are right I am silly and foolish most of the time. Above all, I am a girl who cares about her beauty more than anything else in this solar system.

    I do not know Beshaw, and I ain’t a member of his gang, but for sure I reread his remarks a few times and keep wishing he writes more. But now I think he left the forum; I have not seen him positing in the last few days. I do not like quitters.

    I have revealed my sex and my sexuality at every opportunity I got on this blog so no need to repeat my sexuality all over again to you. Since I cannot change your mind, and since I cannot help you not to prejudge my sexual orientation before testing me out. Above all, I cannot prove my sexuality to you. So, if you think I am gay and lesbian so be it. Or if you want you can think that I am a fish.

    Please note that gays, lesbians, black people, green people, white people, etc are only people in my heart no matter what their sexual orientation, political orientation, and place of origin is.

    You indicated that you have never come across to an open minded Ethiopian who vehemently defends people sexual orientations as me. Well you must be one of those people who are discriminatory of others due to their sexual orientation.

    By the way, were not Ethiopians one of the groups of people who campaigned the most for Obama? If so, what do you think these black Ethiopian people campaigned for? Isn’t it to create equality for all kinds of people; such as, black, white, and gays in order to create a more perfect United Sate of America?

    Oh well, my friend you must be a parking lot attendant who does not have that much knowledge about what is going on.

    I do not agree with you regarding your statement, “Dr Bekele’s strong words were used only against Ethiopian enemies not friends of Ethiopia”, because a person who is so educated as Dr Bekele assert he is he must be savvy enough to be able caliber his statements in a civilized manner without being vulgar.

    My friend Melaku, please write and behave as a message your name, Melaku, intends to send. Just in case you forgot I think your name is meant to remind you to act and behave as our angels do.

    What do you think will happen if an angel (Melaku) goes to gays, lesbians, black people, white people town? Do you think it will burn down the gays, the lesbians, and the black people town along with the people in it? I hope not!!!

    Thank for reading my comments,

    Hasta La Vista,
    She is the Queen of London

  29. Melsku
    | #29

    Dear Beshaw also known as Queen of London,

    Whether you say you are Beshaw, Queen of London, Change or other, you are one person hiding behind multiple names. You may have thought that you are clever but you really made yourself sound an idiot of the weirdest kind. Thankfully though, you stopped boring us about the writer Dr Bekele and you started getting at loggerheads with me and others who supported him. You sounded a bit funny and gay too? But shame we could not see your talked about beauty on photos. Any way, time to give the editor to have more time to do other things. Hasta Lavista the King of Timbuktu?

  30. Change
    | #30

    @Queen of London

    I have to admit my feelings were deeply hurt when I noted that you have declined my request to go out with me. But it is okay since you are not the only lady who has declined me so far in my life. It happened many times before. And I have no doubt it will happen over and over again until I catch the leady of my life.

    I agree with you that if you let into your bedroom one of the Ethiopian technocrats, doctorates or PhDs the likes of Dr G. Bekele I am sure he would bring the forest with him into your bedroom along with all the animals, and the insects within it. Worst of all, while he refers to his manual about how to undress himself in front of a pretty leady with long legs he would let the Hyenas eat you in a few minutes as he has been letting Ethiopia being raped by the Hyenas such as Menigstu and Meles due to his lack of skills such as collaboration, commonsense, and wisdom instead of him having you for the rest of his and your life time.

    Besides that one of the technocrats or the doctors the likes of Dr G Bekele whom you might let into your bedroom might be impotent as he has been impotent handling our beloved mama Ethiopia issues for the last half century.

    So, I have no doubt in my mind you would be much better off alone in your bedroom dreaming about catching that nomad Afar man with his camels on the streets of London instead of letting a good for nothing doctor let the Hyenas have you.

    Please note that I do not mean that the sex organ of the technocrats and the doctors the likes of Dr G Bekele is dysfunctional. What I mean is there BRAIN is impotent. If there sex organ was the one which is dysfunctional, you would easily fixed by Viagra. However, it there brain which is impotent that couldn’t be fixed with anything.

    Talk to you soon,
    Best Regards

  31. Teddy
    | #31

    Wow, what was I reading on Abugida? I could not believe my eyes. I also agree that some are written by one person under various name too, but I appreciate the editor for having the patience in reading and posting them. I must also thank Dr Bekele for his brilliant article and furthermore triggering all these dramas by dramatists. The person in the name of queen or queer, change, beshaw or other could have made money if it was on stage than sitting on his desk at home or internet cafe scribbling all these childish and silly things. What a shame, Ethiopian politics gone from bad to worse. As the Chinese say, may you live in interesting times comedians and time wasters? Unbelievable!

  32. Beshaw
    | #32

    Abuqida, keep up the good job,

    I have been a silent but regular surfer of your website, You have been a source of information to me since your inception. I have learned so much from your text, video, and image, and so forth posts on your website. Also, I think you utilize great, seasoned, and fair moderators’ who fairly entertain opposing views; for example, you post Dr G Bekele’s blog which is full of abusive and curse language against a person he shared contrary point view about how to handle the peaceful struggle one of the opposition parties attempt to conduct. You also allowed various commentators opinion those who were concerned about the level of blasphemous language usage of Dr G Bekele.

    The Queen of London, I am not a quitter as you assumed. I have been on the side line reading and watching the commentators’ comments on this article for a while after I made my first few remarks. I sat on the side because I was impressed by the superior job Change and you were doing which I could only daydream about. Thank you for all your help. And thank you for developing my ideas further. I appreciate your efforts deeply.

    The Queen of Londa, I need to share some with you thatI love those Afar and Anuak women those ladies who go topless with two great and firm very dark black apples sitting on each side of their chest. I hope they would very soon be exposed for the civilization you have enjoying to make them stop stretching their lips and ears since there is so much pleasure a man obtains form lips of a girl of his test.

    I have known, read, and heard about so many great international stature Ethiopian: scholars, athletes vocalist, and the like who have made and who are still making great contributions in various fields, including art, science, athletics, civil rights activist, and so forth.

    These eternal beloved children of Ethiopia have been making priceless and timeless contribution to advance, encourage, and advertise their Ethiopians brother’s and sister’s awesome beauty, history, culture, food, and all that, including Abebe Bikila, Ketema Yifru, Ketaw Ejigu, Blaten Geta Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin, Professor Asrat, Tilahun Gessesse. Also, Leaders like Menelik II, Haile Selassie. However unfortunately, Ethiopia also has made herself known by criminal Haynes such as Mengistu Hailemariam, Meles Zenawi, and Isaias Afewerki.

    Sadly, I have also encountered very few good for nothing scholars such as the author of this article. I forced myself to share a piece of my mind after reading Dr G Bekele vicious and insulting post titled Good gracious me, Tliqu Dabom Lit Hone?,
    I believe the commentators’ shared so much of their point of view in a way it had never been shared before. So many researches could be conducted and so many books could be written by the timeless Ethiopian scholars about their few good for nothing counterparts based on the ideas the commentators pleasantly and in the most entertaining way they shared with the readers of Abugida; for example, some Ethiopian scholars the good for nothing ones such as Dr G Bekele:

    1. Have been used, abused, and above all outsmarted by the Woyanne and the Shabia tugs.

    2. They do not know how to listen to each other. They do not know how to collaborate, and the rest; as a result, they have got used to practicing a zero-sum political game.

    3. They are not tolerant nor open minded; for example, they tend to discriminate individuals whose political view, social perspective, and et cetera is different than theirs.

    4. They are the most responsible for the tragedy the poor Ethiopians have been exposed for more than 40+ years?

    5. For the last fifty years or so they have been incapacitated by lack of vision, wisdom, and leadership skills; as a result, they have been lead by despots who had barely graduated from high school such as Mengistu Haile Mariam, and Meles Zenew.

    6. Worst of all, now more than ever the good for nothing scholars of Ethiopia need a MESSIA who is educated much less than them to take them out of the mess they have found themselves in.

    7. They are one of the most responsible groups for making Ethiopia landlocked.

    8. They are one of the most responsible groups for the murder of thousands of kids by the butcher of Addis, Mengistu Haile Mariam (መንግስቱ ኃይለ ማርያም).

    9. They are only good in reading, copying, pasting, and preaching about concepts which have been effectively being utilized by the Eastern or the Western world such as: communism, democracy, the rule of law, freedom for an individual, justice for all, and segregation of power of a government. However, they cannot apply these concepts in their mother land, and they cannot utilize these concepts when they encounter with their fellow from their famine stricken mother land. For example, Dr. G Bekele, the son of the madam, and his company do not think black, white, gay, and son of the madam individuals should be allowed to drink from the same fountain.

    10. They are vulgar, offensive, rude, bad-mannered, and tasteless; for example, Dr. G Bekele says that “I would like to confess that I was the one who first introduced a nickname “Lidetu Kihdetu” that became very popular and perfectly fit to that s.o.b. Now, or hereafter too, it is the right time to call Engineer Hailu Shawel, “Anjaneh Hailu Shewoden” or “Willy Wonka”. Please read the full content his article “Good gracious me, Tliqu Dabom Lit Hone” on the following link and make your own judgment.


  33. Queen of London
    | #33



  34. Observer
    | #34


    Allāhu Akbar! God is the greatest! Allāhu Akbar!

    Great observations!!! Great Points!!!. And I hope my treasured brothers and sisters; for example, Dr G Bekele, will take notes, and will CHANGE for the sake of themselves and their people! CHANGE!!

  35. Change
    | #35


    Yes, they must CHANGE! And yes they can CHANGE!

    Dr G Bekele! you need to CHANGE. You must CHANGE!!! I have no doubt you can and you will CHANGE!!! At the time you CHANGE famine and tyranny will end in Ethiopia. So now …….. let all of us…….


  36. gabru
    | #36

    the only way to librate ethiopia is to fight tigrain liberation front gangs and wipe them out from the face of the earth.
    mean while The Ogaden Liberation Front (ONLF) officials yesterday said that they took over control of more Woyanne regime military basses in eastern Ethiopia. at the same time
    Five Soldiers Defect to Eritrea.

  37. Tirsit Belachew
    | #37


    I returned to Abugida to read favourable, better and wise comments about the excellent article above but could only read children’s Kindergarten kind of children’s play. It is amazing too, that Dr G Bekele generated top number of people 35 of us on this article alone than any writer on Abugida recently. This shows that, Abugida is visited not only pretenders like Queen of blablabla, Change, Beshaw, Yared who is an EDP/TPLF cadre but also other TPLF cadres who could not stand the doctor’s strong bashings that made them bleed for years. Few strong articles more would silence them. Therefore go on Dr Bekele, hit them hard. If they cried against the politically correct and scientific article like the above, they would simply commit suicide and die if you hit them hard where it hurts with your words of mass destruction as you did for years. Go ON Dr B, kick these pretenders and time wasters!!

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